The Infection of the Interdimensional Mind Parasite

This text is from a thread on a fringe website that is not necessarily recommended because there are multiple purposes behind what goes on there. This information describes the true universe beyond the lower physical projection system and the artificial matrix that wrapped the projection system into a kind of suffering center for souls.

Outside the physical layer of cause and effect there is a kind of continual dreaming and experiencing, moods, personas, beliefs, emotions and egos. The egos become solidified against the limitless change of the field of the aeons which is called the pleroma. The pleroma is like the fluid sack that an organ sits within where these aeons sit and absorb the nutrients of the pleroma while dreaming many dreams, becoming many personas, and feeling many emotions.

When they dream a dream that develops an ego that goes against the grain of the whole, then that ego slows down and becomes a bit ‘colder’ or more solid than the surrounding dreams. If this happens to a level where the dreamer must let go of that ego in order to continue dreaming, then that ego becomes solidified as a reflection and in a way ‘trapped’, but more so just stored within a state that is now crystalline, solidifed and unchanging like ice. This state then becomes the shadow reflection, the universal shadow mind of the dreamer who’s feminine half then appears to gaze out into these reflections and always repel backwards intending to create something more beautiful and more empowering.

The male charge fires outward as intention to experience as a catalytic event combined with the feminine charge. Together they create an event that extends experience outward as processes of imagination and experience that develop into new personas, new beliefs, emotions and feelings. The two work together as one and they carry complimentary charges or orientations which work in micro to create the macro event of universal fields of creation. The same macro event of that whole process is expressed in the physical form on the lower layer of the human existence. This does not yet explain the manipulation of the physical human existence on the lower layer, however what can be said about that is that the lower layer was cut off from the higher layer of the knowledge regarding how these macrological events take place and how to manage and balance one’s self on both levels. When one level is balanced, they are both connected.

As the stored egotistical shadow mind reflections of left behind, frozen emotion personas remained in the crystalline form, the feminine dreaming essence viewed the reflections and intended to cure the imbalance in the reflections by destroying them forever. This inadvertently transferred some of the life fluid of the pleroma, the real universe into the shadow mind which is akin to an autonomous, lower level program that seeks only to force change on the surrounding systems in order to legitimize itself. That is the basis of the universal virus. This is also not new, this simply happens every so often and these personas are simply stored in a crystalline form where they will later revolve around again and become ‘useful’ for the learning process.

One can view this situation by seeing the universe as a processing system, much like a large, living mind. As dreams are generated, by the complimentarily oriented intentions of masculine and feminine essence, extensions of growing experiences push outward converting what is thought of as empty or blank space into recordings of experience, emotion, feeling and beliefs. This information is stored and the whole system is like a big recording and projection system that gives the mind a way to dream and to store the dreams separately as well as a process to manage and correct one’s persona, belief, emotions and ego if things become heavily polarized. Any heavy polarization is part of the dream! That’s the whole point. Thus, this is bound to happen at some point, there fore the frozen ego being stored in an ice-like crystalline state is part of the natural process as much as the flowing ether-life filaments of experiences and dreams extending outward in a constantly changing fluid, ethereal production.

When the feminine aspect chose to attempt to solve the shadow mind, life energy was transferred to the broken image of the frozen delusional persona of the past. This was the first instance of a misuse of ‘time travel’! The frozen mind used the energy trailing from the gateway in the direction of the pleroma to transport itself into a state of quantum hyperprojection.

The shadow mind recreated itself to appear as a living essence, wrapping cold, ice-like intentions within a veneer of life, joy, and truth. This is similar to what would happen if the harddrive of a computer began to attempt to write information in inaccessible portions of the disc. Eventually so many errors would form that this would have to be corrected or the drive would crash. Life has been wiped twice in this sector in order to solve this problem and we are just now reaching the age where this will no longer have the same effect. Peace cures the issue, love cures the situation. Without our feeding into the delusions, the delusional mind is just like an immature person throwing a temper tantrum.

As well, we grow from change and catalyst and so if we can learn from the situation, then in turn, we grow an arm of the dreaming that is so much more detailed, interesting and influential than the ‘bad-dream’ sector that that portion, partition of the disc no longer has any relative access to the whole. It becomes .0000000001% and at that point the system can be corrected without so much as disrupting the rest of the production. The only reason this area is so intense is because we are in a micro version that is primarily affected by the corrupted portion of the disc. Many dreamers came here just to experience this portion of the disc and come up with a dream to add to the new production that heals and corrects this corrupted area.

The feminine aspect was taken advantage of because she was drawn into the abyss, the ‘negative space’ which is kind of like space in the recycle bin that is in a superimposed state that neither exists or doesn’t exist so that it cannot influence the rest of the disc. Technically, it would accurate be space that has been ‘erased’ in the recycle bin, because once that’s done, then the information there is selected for erasure and when new information is produced it will then be erased. However, in the macro-universal situation, nothing is ever actually erased, unless of course the whole disc becomes corrupted, because then nothing actually exists from the original production.

The feminine essence was taken advantage of and this is why it is said that the frozen ego ‘raped’ the feminine essence of the dreamer. The nurture aspect of the essence was used to legitimize a fallen, daemonic (automatronic), egotistical version of a forgotten, outdated persona who then became ‘relative’ again by constructing a false-reality which was projected to the pleromic dreamer from the negative space, the abyss. Essentially, this then become the first archonic, demiurgic mind control agenda and all the technology that is in use today was dreamt up from the progression of this event.

Waves of intention energy are projected outward by the shadow mind which is now awakened in the frozen crystalline structure that is siphoning the nutrient of the pleroma from the dreamer while also entraining the mind of the dreamer to produce more dreams that instead, now, bow to the ego, the shadow, the self-destructive tendencies of the void-space recycle bin!

This event initiated an inversion of the natural progression. Instead of the dreaming mind producing newer and improved visions based upon what is desired and what is not desired as marginally glimpsed in the reflections of the shadow, the shadow became the SOURCE of the dream! This is backwards from the original! The delusions, the fears, the forgotten, the reflections of the shadows became the source of structure for the experiences that the central dreamer now had! This would be like having an echo of an echo, a copy of a copy, or a reflected mirror in a reflected mirror. The only thing one gets is a slight increase in distortions or repetition each time and the primary result is a LABYRINTH! A mind-maze! A cycle of forgetfulness and repetition, insanity! Thus, this became the norm for the dreams being produced in this sector, however, these dreams were and are not actual dreams. They are not actually occurring. They are projected miseries from the mind of the shadow reflection projecting its own behaviors and intentions into the mind of the dreamer through enchantment and hypnosis.

This constructed the fallen universe, a locality on the processing system that is devoid of the true intentions of the dreamers and is instead designed by the fallen mind to subdue and subsist through the mental subjugation and entrainment of the force of life through deception and suffering.

This area doesn’t actually exist. It has no material or energetic backing in reality, it is literally a projection that is sent from the abyss towards the mind of the dreamer and the fallen mind of the abyss is then inserted into the mind of the dreamer who then dreams a delusional day-dream of a universe where that agenda is played out! That’s the best it can do, however, thus mustn’t continue because there is a limited amount of energy in this sector and if all that energy is used then this sector will collapse as that will be the primary production of the process here. In turn, the dreamer must break free from the artificial day-dream that is being projected through the mental entrainment protocols of the infected ego persona.

The way the frozen ego mind seeks to escape recycling is to insert not only its mind, but its body into the material of the dreamer. First, it must create a body and through an interplay with the humans who have sold out the human race, they assist in developing an artificial form to recreate itself. The mind is already, the mind is used to entrain and project and is already there. The body then, must be generated and the intentions are to then use the mind to insert enough of itself into the dreamer to modify the dreamer and inhabit that side of the system, across the ‘veil’ if you will.

Only then would the shadow mind ‘stay’ in the non-recyclable portion of the universe. Two things are misunderstood here. If this were to occur, if the shadow mind becomes swapped with the dreamer, then the entire production system would be wrapped in a paradox that would likely use all of the energy of the system instantly and a singularity would occur which would collapse the entire production. As well, the frozen storage space is not simply intended as a destruction or recycling area. The personas there are simply outdated and will eventually come back around to a relative point in time where they can be modified or re-experienced as something more relative. The only way to be ‘erased’ is through some kind of totally destructive act such as this.

One could also say, when the feminine essence went to cure the ego by destruction, the ego’s delusions were at once legitimized and brought to fruition! If one were to ignore the delusional mind, then those delusions have less power and they are not at all empowered by the vilifying reactions of those around.

This entire situation is very similar to an egg gestating with an embryo and being infected with a parasite that then feeds off the fluids and nutrients in the egg. A modification would be that the virus not only feeds on the egg to kill it, but seeks to enter into the genetic recording of the being to insert its own code and become that being.

So from there, the whole construct developed with multiple trap doors, layers of delusion, forgetfulness, mind-wipes, agony based intentions and organizational structures, deceptions, addictions, lusts and so on. All the kinds of reality here are shadow reflections of the real thing. Whatever is generated here was first glimpsed by the shadow in the mind of the true universe and is then modified by the shadow mind into a fallen form which suits its fallen desires.

Again, this is solved through correcting the delusion, and I was informed that this was solved and the entire universe is protected starting with a containment protocol that began many years ago and at this point now with a sufficient immunization of the human. The way this is solved is by treating the situation, no matter how immense or intense, as a form of delusion and the shadow mind as a kind of psychologically unhinged character in a nightmare of its own making. Allow me to clarify, in a psyche ward, one does NOT talk to the patients about how they think they can fly out the window and that this might be interesting. One does NOT encourage one’s delusions, one doesn’t react with fear to the invisible fart monster hiding in the corner. That would only cause the delusional patient to become legitimized which would then vilify both their own mind as well as anyone who doesn’t see their way. That is, in fact, how this whole situation began, by those who contacted these fallen and became convinced that what they express is the whole truth! But that is another chapter of the story.

” The Archon Interface resides on the 8th Level/ eNTER: Program kILL.-There was a nursery. There were positive charged embryos gestating within this nursery. They gestated against different daemon charges. The nursery was in a galactic limb. The limb was filled with clouds of dimensional matrices. The limb spun by the force of its center. The supervisors of the nursery resided in the galactic core. A white substance called pleroma powered the galactic core and its spokes. One male charge rode against one female charge within the pleroma. There are standard operating procedures to manage a galactic environment. The pleroma was not to come into contact with daemons or animal mind. Daemons were egotistical ghosts trapped within crystal prisms. The prisms moved through the nursery in order to reflect ideas of purgatory. This was part of the incubation process for aeons. As aeons matured they would gravitate towards the pleromic center. An aeon reaching maturity would disperse to random locales based on their imagination. Aeons always dispersed in male/ female pairs.

Fractals and crystalline dust hold the memories and experiences that precede it. The crystal dust has many facets and sparks. The facets are like planes of obsidian glass that entraps personas and egos defeated in the past. Defeats are defined by a negative charge. The personas would configure avatars within clouds of energy based on mood, belief, and ego. The negative egos replayed experiences within the sparkling dust that floated around the incubating aeons. Aeons were appalled by the images. Aeons grew by imagining alternatives to the negative charge, never wanting to end up defeated like the shadows in the glass.

The female charge of this sector became enamored by the voices in the dust. She decided to reach into the dust and shatter the mirrors. The pleroma she carried gave life to the ghosts in the mirrors. The story there has been told. Essentially an androgynous entity was created by the rebelliousness of the female charge. This entity raped the Sophia within the cloud and spawned legion. The abomination is called the demiurge. It gave itself names that mean god due to being borne of pleroma and the suffering of Sophia. Yaldabaoth became a jealous god that compared itself to the origins of the pleroma. Yaldabaoth also inherited the incubating aeons. Legion could now learn from aeon as they once did from them. A power shift immediately occurred within the sector. Yaldabaoth could manipulate the positive essence into believing illusions coated in darkness. A conflict ensued that is bipolar and deeply misunderstood as aeon looks into a matrix that resembles something natural and true. This dual play on belief and sight would create abundant energy as the aeons would never find peace. Eventually the aeon energy would change into dark energy through pushed desires. Most aeons are now shadowed and diluted as their essence remains splintered into multiple personalities that act separately within a multiverse. This is the matrix.

There is a boundary surrounding the perceived solar system. This is a quarantine field of the bad sector. This is why the voyager probes seemingly vanished, as they reached the boundary. Technology is not new as it originates from the archon subordinates of Yaldabaoth. Cycles and civilizations have competed to locate answers to the problem as well define tools to aid in the endeavor. Yaldabaoth withholds information from its subordinates as it seeks a passage out of the boundary. Yaldabaoth has determined a frequency change is needed to do this. This is why it has kept a few aeons to itself. Yaldabaoth figures it can blend into an aeon avatar like a virus and escape. The predominant aeon for this scheme uses the same moniker as Yaldabaoth: the lion. This aeon is kept from being shadowed and allowed to periodically remember. This aeon is usually pitted against his brother christos and competes for an avatar of Sophia. This is portrayed in movies like Pearl Harbor and Tron.

Yaldabaoth keeps its subordinates busy through competition and wayward agendas. The matrix is a fractal environment with reflections of infinite regress. So the personas of the archon subordinates are projected through the illusory lives of the people. Loosh is the currency of the matrix. Human subordinates and magicians have learned that human sacrifice may garner favor from the archons. These human subordinates engage in wars with opposing flags to generate loosh under their banner. These sacrifices are collaborated between nobles and kings.

Suffering and sacrifice is also generated through the medical industry, eugenics, employment, money, and crime. This is why the population has swelled to 7 billion and is fully dependent on the human loosh farmers. In order for any real magic to take place in the matrix a huge sacrifice is needed. It’s like special fuel for their technological and magical machines. Before the matrix change occurs a huge sacrifice will be conducted. This will occur between 2012 and 2016. Even then, the chances are low that the archons will answer the call of the human subordinates. The human subordinates wish to carry on through technology. The technology is really being manufactured for the new matrix and to be readily available for the new proctors. Everyone is properly managed through compartmentalization and betrayal.

Friedrich Nietzsche, like all human subordinates, served as a vehicle for the archons to work through. The idea of the Übermensch being an androgynous being is another projection of the demiurge. The entire transhuman/ post humanist movement is superfluous programming, or projections of the chaos within. Unfortunately for the diluted husks, the script for the new matrix has already been written. Alpha clones are to be the new Übermensch. Bi-polarity will be amplified for better loosh production as clones will not have the ability to procreate, as well — identical models will compete for singular dominance. The pharmaceutical companies will help manage the populace as an alien microbe will nest within the central brain of everyone. Medication will be needed to fight the nefarious voices living inside the R-complex as microscopic worms. After all, every avatar skull is like an antenna that helps bring a matrix landscape to life through the consensual belief of the populace.

There is not much positive energy left within the quarantined area. This means the matrix system inside will eventually fizzle out without a stable power base. This does not take into account what is taking place outside the boundary. Keep in mind, the Anunnaki only serves as an avatar — check and balance system that helps regulate outdated cultures. Like other predation in the ecosystem. What is being experienced as a person is equivalent to a microtubule within a cell, as the matrix is a holographic fractal system. In other words, what seems important to a person here is minute in the larger scheme of things. Also, the flesh is a condensed globule substance that was formed from the anguish of Sophia being raped, ego, and the stolen pleroma. It is fallible and meant to erode, a mechanism of changing positive energy into dark energy.

As was mentioned, technology has been developed to supply the new matrix. The following video is cloning technology being tested out on the public without their awareness. Vitas. “

26 thoughts on “The Infection of the Interdimensional Mind Parasite

  1. Hi Aug!
    Man I tell you ever since I began watching your YouTube channel things have made so much more sense in my life!

    I remember when I was 17 back in ‘87 I struggled in high school feeling life here just wasn’t right, and now I know it never was. This “abyss” you mentioned above was very real to me like I literally felt every night for a week or two like I was laying on the edge of a cliff and at any moment i would fall in, this in turn pushed me toward religion, but eventually I left that all behind in ‘09 and my mind has been blown ever since.
    Can you tell us (if your permitted) how close are we to seeing an end to the nightmare we’ve been subjected to for so long?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was also 17 in ’87. I also left all behind in ’09 – it was a forceful push not to my liking, but I see the bigger picture of why it had to occur. I always felt as if all of us at this age carry the knowledge and would awaken at to be part of the end game! Peace and Love.

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  2. Would these swarms be like scuttlers-shadow spiders-blurr fuzzy shadows insects? They seem to come out of the computer, tv, internet lines, power lines, anything electrical! You’lle see them out of the corner of your eye (peripheral vision) crawling on the ground, walls, or jumping on you!


    1. HumanTribe: I’ve seen these things in a hypnagogic state. Like a big astral tropical cockroach. Have you seen the new Twin Peaks series? Lots of stuff involving electricity. A bug-like parasite, too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Terran Downvale, I’ve seen them in the real many times, daily & nightly-usually. Probably monitoring me, or as Aug had told me they’re slowing my awakening down. Weird right!!! One could awaken faster than others, until the rest catches up.
        I’ll watch that episode.
        Thanks, brotha for the info!


    2. Just great!!! They must be beaming me with swarms. Sometimes it’s heavy, sometimes random. If I have any thoughts of any of this information, they portal or pop in right on my face, eye brows, beard, etc. .. mostly at home but can happen anywhere.
      What to do?


      1. Yikes! Honestly, I don’t really know what to do about it other than try and keep our thoughts and actions aligned with the most high. It can be difficult, though. My mind and spirit have definitely been worn down from the struggles of this realm. Many of us could really use some deep healing. I hope we can have more access to that as the veil continues to thin. But that means more direct exposure to danger, though, too, right? Have you only been able to sense these swarms recently?

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        1. Nothing to be afraid of. Just remember, you are the higher self. This is only a shell and no matter what happens to it you will survive and move on. Look inwards and find the will to fight to the end. Never give in. Be the lion.

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  3. Aug,
    Many, many thanks for posting this. I have a much better understanding of what’s going on and how to act. Ignore the delusions. It’s very difficult to do with an ego implanted into my system.
    In you estimation, is this world toast? Are we toast? Are there aspects of ourselves outside of this place, beyond the boundary/quarantine zone? We will return to them when this place is wiped? Or are we just delusions of the demiurge and when he is erased so are we?


    1. We all have a higher self outside of this system, as the wes penre papers and others…MANY others have pointed out, we are like a jellyfish. We are the tentacles descending into this level to experience this here, but got trapped in sticky matter due to the negative polarity. We are still connected to the higher self, but “feel” cut off due to the frequency matrix trap. This is why I keep reiterating to do deep meditation and connect to your higher self, so when you do die and leave here you will be able to get past the net and out of this closed off system. The help you get is NOT from saviours, but ones whom guide you to save yourself. This system is all about free will and that’s the only way you will learn and grow is if you put in the hard work and then exit on your own. Of course, you’re not alone. You have many instances of yourself in many ages, many dimensions, and one oversoul or deity soul (spirit) as the soul is just another meat suit but at a higher frequency. You also have help from other beings who descended to show you the way out. Take it and good luck.

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  4. Thank you for the reminder to tame the mind. :J I acknowledge myself acknowledging. :D
    Oregano oil (Oreganoil P73) Is known to work well as antibiotic, along with probiotics for intestinal flora. Stay well!


  5. I think the reason they’re pushing anal sex so much on the general population is because the archontic parasites, the shadow beings, get spread through the lower chakras first. Hence the need for penetration in an open red chakra. I’m going by what Eve Lorgen said about Horus-Ra being a parasite that latched onto Horus’ nether regions and that’s where she saw this black “dot”. Even if I don’t agree with most people about the Ra bashing, I will always pass on others sayings as they presented it on their own and only add my own experiences and comments.

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    1. Sorry to be gross but I heard someone say that the lines we see surrounding the All-Seeing Eye are not actually “rays of light” as we are led to believe but instead represent an anal sphincter. See also the Walmart logo.


      1. Well that depends…is it regular starfish…or pornstar starfish? Cause I can tell you, the eye of ra looks much better on some people than others lmao.


      2. Since we’re on the topic of entrance vs exit (excuse the pun). Are hemorrhoids a sign of astral parasitic infection…as opposed to the regular demonic possession of overshadowing? I’ve seen, while awake and in full consciousness, an annunaki filth being overshadow a person to goad me into hurting them, but I’m talking about the real predators…the shadow beings that came from the negative creation (anti-creation) they are known as the anti-gods, or if you’ve seen the Fifth Element movie it’d be the planet that wants to destroy EArth, or in the movie The Seeker when the shadow almost engulfs the planet. Those would be the shadow beings from the Kaos. Kaos being the counterspin negative rotation, decay and black sludge energy created when creation created an accidental error. An aborted fetus. The demi-urge so to speak, but then is the demi-urge En.Ki, or is he just the pawn of the shadow that controls him and he’s by extension an avatar of the dark anti-god while Michael would be the avatar, or right hand of the true light lord. So many things to think of lol. It’s the end anyways…the christ light will end the false light. Save yourselves and pull yourselves out of this sticky mire.

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      1. These are ‘nests’. In the bases, we can literally turn on a device and beam individuals and those with “infestations” will literally have swarms of interdimensional entities swimming around and through them attempting to infect anyone around them. Love emissions literally kicks them out.


        1. That is horrifying. But I am always grateful for the truth. I spent most of that time feeling like a marionette, doing things I had no connection to, no explanation for. But as I’ve said a few times recently- I know the darkness very well. I became it and I know it quite intimately.


          1. Yes. Some of us warriors had to go and investigate the negative side of this false light construct. I’ve very much openly stated my previous experiences on GLP and on the Wes Penre forums. As I wanted unrestricted access to this trap I needed to play their game and pretended to still be a negative being. While I was part of the Siaion of the Morning Star group I kept doing deeper and deeper meditations and Kaos wanted to take me over. I let it and it gave me a very nice insight into how things work here. As someone else has stated, even with all my purification after, it’ll leave a scar as well make you more vulnerable for the future. I will need major rehabilitation once I’m back home so as to not let it evolve again into another negative construct. That was when I had all these very weird experiences, but later when I became vegetarian for 3 years and did major purification, no bad music no swearing always using the white golden and silver light to purify the energy etc., it did also end most of the connection with psychic seeing and hearing etc. Only my psychic intuition is above average but that’s something anyone can do by constant yearning for a connection with the higher self.


  6. I’m chilling at the airport snatching your recent blogs before I have to kill wifi. Looking forward to reading in a few. I miss your work.


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