The Liberation of Humanity from the Fallen Spiritual Enslavement System

All the defense groups need from YOU is the support of the liberation of humanity.

If you support the liberation of humanity, the truth, compassion, increasing self-awareness and the awakening of the collective human soul then you are beginning to break contractual, manufactured agreements with the fallen collective that currently rules this scripted area of time-space.

Without your support of the liberation, you are, by default, supporting the total annihilation of your own species unless you choose to knowingly sell your bloodline over to the dark side for protection. And then, you have to recruit or sacrifice human souls or you will be dropped and then it’s just a waiting period until the One True Creator, the over-soul of the ALL will eventually make corrections to Creation and remove all the destructive tendencies and all the fallen, distorted complex beings that are not in harmony with the One True Spiritual Force of Compassionate Self-Awareness.

The public must openly break the contracts by acknowledging the agreements as illegal, as manufactured consent where a meeting of the minds was not and therefore is unconscionable and illegitimate, fraudulent. They must openly reject in mind and body (therefore spirit) the act of WAR against all life on the planet including human life and innocent life and denounce such behaviors as destroying all wildlife and all planetary resources in the name of GREED and DOMINATION. Such is the creed of the fallen.

Here is an inside look, the paperwork that marks up some of the titles for the inner groups lists the profession as “wildlife management”, humans are considered a form of sub-sentient creature that must be herded and controlled through fear and fire like a wild animal, according to the script. The whole system is defined through a network of mental control systems extending from Rome after Babylon gained the knowledge of stargate technology. They are the same groups, the same people, they do not die they use cloning technology to ‘soul hop’ from body to body.

They have been doing this since then and that is why the timelines were collapsing because DNA is meant to be realm relative and temporally localized meaning when they were transplanting soul and genetic material across time through the higher dimensional cyberspace using advanced technology and quantum supercomputer systems they were literally ripping up the turf of time-space like someone doing donuts on a football field. The ripples from that, as the whole network is connected like a web, began to create undulations that have been whipping events around wiping some events and distorting others to the degree of changing the outcome of world-wars and even bone structure and collective memories.

All of this is related to the secret projects, it began in Babylon and before then, the ancient texts are literally the first disclosure of the secret space program. The reasoning is this, if the defense groups step in and defend you, yet with 99% of your energy and free-will you’ve chosen to accept the debauchery and your own annihilation, even rooting for it, paying for it, and specifically requesting that outcome all along the way, then their stepping in is an act of war. IF you reject the abuse and the spiritual enslavement system and simply consent to truth, harmony, self-awareness, compassion and healing then that is not an act of war but simply the truth unveiled.

Again, this may sound paradoxical as you are not being saved. The idea is you don’t need saving from that. You were never going to grab your concentrated emission rifle and hop aboard an electrogravitic cruiser with a team of trained personnel ready to make the arrests and protect the population from the latest plan to launch an underwater nuke to rupture the fault line. Unless you were. The idea is THAT is being handled by the trained professionals, YOU must denounce the fallen system and the bullshit illusions they are attempting to use to trick you into being their hyperdimensional escape pod blasting your entire bloodline into genetic and quantum dissolution in the process. That is the nature of the fallen.

The difficulty, the threat, the challenge is to your mind, your soul, to you being able to handle the truth of this reality and what has been done here and the true nature of how humanity has been meddled with and experimented on. That is the traumatizing nature of the truth and that is where the threat is. Everyone must see it because it’s the underlying truth of how we got to this point in history. Awakened, Souled Humans are immortal beings that cannot die and have a pathway to life everlasting through the One True Creator above and beyond the false architect mad-man that thought mixing the DNA of two completely opposing beings would provide for some entertainment and nourishment for the next 20,000 years.

Research George William Duffy’s videos on the spiritual enslavement system through legalese, mental control systems. Here’s some from Rohan Lorien on the basics of how YOU have been drafted into the MILITARY. YOU are an ASSET OF THE STATE. You are considered PROPERTY, if YOU identity as the given LEGAL FICTION identity that is OWNED by the one who OWNS the fallen system. Reject that system in mind, body, spirit or they will come for the debt. The word is that this system is being shut down and crashed from inside out.

Talk by Rohan Lorian received on the 25/9/2017.

This is how it works:

1. You are in the Military.
2. The part of the Military you are in is the Merchant Navy.
3. The Merchant Navy operates under the Red ensign (flags act 1953).
4. Your parents registered you with a Birth certificate into the Military.
5. Your Christian Name is epithet-ed with an all capitals Military name.
6. All capitals is a Glossa.
7. All capitals can be used for the name of an actor in a theatrical production.
8. Thou shall not kill – to get around this you are considered to be a actor and not a christian (person = actors mask, Nom de theater= false theater name) in a theater of war. It is all an act.
9. The surname is warned against in the bible as the thing that creepeth. This is the Military.
10. If you hand back all military contracts (drivers license medicare etc) you become postliminary and return to being a living Australian national.
11. Incorporation is the act of putting a man or woman into the military where they are considered dead. A ledger is kept of your military service. A ledger is the stone that goes over a grave.
12. The Money is actually Military scrip or script which is a Military contract to pay.
13. The courts are not civilian but are Military court marshals with coats of Arms. This entire system is unlawful and is considered slavery but you must be postliminary. That’s what I know so far. everything can be referenced.

Wonder why you can’t win it’s because you must follow orders in the Military.

15 thoughts on “The Liberation of Humanity from the Fallen Spiritual Enslavement System

  1. I just want to say that I have experienced so much over the past 7years. All that you write and talk about is true! I’ve witnessed it. For awhile I thought I was going crazy because I saw things that cannot be explained. I’ve been approached by many different people who were the SAME entity if that makes any sense. I have claimed all that you say to be true without ever knowing any facts or that anyone else would know. I’m so relieved to know what I have been through and what I have claimed to be true does in fact exist and their are others like me. Thank you for this info. I knew this was going on! Everything you have said is true! Its something I don’t talk about because its not socially permitted!
    Thanks again!

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  2. live for ever ?
    4. Deaf People/Hard of Hearing People

    I will be adding this to the files…
    If you see a video and you cannot read my lips, just look for written verbiage in the files and USE the search box in the group for specific key words.
    I do the best that I can to accommodate all handicaps.
    The recipe is embedded within
    candida is the Crux the underlying issue of all chronic illness autoimmune disorders cancer disease allergies bone and ligament and spinal disrepair as well as paralysis. vaccines with virus microbes in the ingredients along with other toxins that adhere to the Candida create long-term backdoor triggers to manifest when all of the conditions are right and that is why you have otherwise healthy people just drop from an autoimmune disorder or babies born with birth defects or why some people manifest herpes later on in their life and then marriages break up because one spouse thought the other spouse was cheating
    The key thing is to starve the candida and feed your body because your body is starving and many people don’t know what feeds candida and it’s destroying their brain and body
    Breastfeeding mothers and mothers-to-be should be drinking lots of probiotics because kids are already born in toxic environments because if mothers have very bad gut bacteria so in essence they already are toxic so when you implement probiotics that does detox you it also rebuilds all of your cell structure that have been destroyed as well as your babies and you’re passing on the good gut bacteria and the probiotics to your baby and that is going to be better for you in the long run so you’re not trying to deal with eleventh-hour remedies when your child has eczema or psoriasis or constantly sick
    For those of you who are trying to be creative with your diet and trying to implement aggressive probiotics made in your own home. This is why I talked about a very strict and limited diet temporarily until you reverse all your issues.
    When you can count on your hand what food you eat when your first initializing the probiotics that will incur detox symptoms you’ll have a better knowledge of why or why not you’re getting better or worse. Because if you have too many different factors that could work for you or against you it’s going to be that much harder to figure out what food is keeping the candida alive and what food is not
    A universal diet when doing this coupled with universal HUMAN bodies with a common denominator of aggressive probiotics has a very predictable outcome. Add too many other factors that are not part of the universal protocol you’re going to have anomalies
    Chicken breast/eggs
    Raw nuts
    Raw seeds
    Good oil like Coconut oil, Organic Olive oil, Grapeseed oil
    Lots of home made probiotics using Lacto Fermented kale and cabbage, using PINK SALT.. stay away from milk kefir and water kefir, kombucha and apple cider vinegar.
    What people don’t realize when they’re taking daily probiotics whether it be homemade or supplements, if they haven’t healed their gut, the Candida fights back and then you feel detox symptoms and then you feed the Candida certain foods to offset the detox symptoms. It becomes a vicious cycle and that’s why probiotics in any form taken daily doesn’t do a thing for people if they have not done the initial detoxification.
    Also, probiotic supplements are not meant to reverse your illnesses, only manage them. Too many people rely on silver, ginger, garlic, oregano oil, dandelion root, milk thistle, nyquil, tylenol, amoxicillin, penicillin, supplements of any kind, chemotherapy, cannabis oil, and so on, to manage the symptoms of their underlying conditions and whenever you practice 11th hour remedies such as the above, you’re now working from a grossly diminished capacity. AND, you have no idea what is in the probiotic supplement you could only get 4 out of the main 13 strains that are effective, or the probiotics are totally dead and has other stuff in it that ultimately feeds candida. It is not too far from the reality Biotech altering your supplements, either..
    If you do nothing to aggressively detox and kill Candida with home made probiotics, you will never be able to rebuild those damaged cells.
    People working from grossly diminished capacities have hormonal imbalances and are extremely sick, on medications or mentally ill..
    Home Made Aggressive Probiotics
    *** you can start off with 2 cups a day for 2-5 days and double the dosage every 5 days to over a gallon a day relative to how well you manage detox symptoms and how severe your illness is.
    1. 2-7 large Gallon pickle jars or air tight quart mason canisters (relative to who will be drinking this)
    2. Head of Cabbage Green or Purple and KALE (separate jars) or you can mix and match
    3. Fine Grain Pink Salt in a bag, not in a grinder or Celtic Salt NOT table salt because Table Salt has synthetic iodine in it and that does destroy the thyroid over time. Sea Salt does not have enough minerals, but Celtic Sea Salt is ok and C-90 salt is fine.
    4. Reverse Osmosis Water or Distilled Water (Not tap water), but if all you have is tap water, it’s fine. Well Water is fine too. Spring Water is fine too. The salt and the lactobacillus will kill all pathogens and toxins.
    5. Blender/Nutribullet
    6. Measuring Cup
    7. Fill the blender and Nutribullet/blender loosely with 2 cups of cabbage and tightly with kale
    8. Add 2 (1 pint) cups of water to EVERY 1 TB (15 ml) of salt to every 2 cups or so of cabbage/kale
    9. Blend the cabbage/kale and water and salt together
    10. Pour blended mixture in the jar, you will repeat the process with the same formula. If you find you have more cabbage than water, add more water and salt (modify the water/salt ratio to fit with how much you need). Keeping in mind the jar should look 50% cabbage and 50% water and salt. Make sure you allow enough space at least 1 inch from the top of the jar for expansion.
    11. Cover the jar securely with the lid and if it’s a metal lid, use a coffee filter in between the lid and the lip of the glass.
    12. Let mixture stand at room temperature for 3 days (around 65-72 degrees F)
    13. After 3 Days you can start drinking both the solids and the juice together after dinner and work your way up from 2 cups a day to 16 cups a day.
    14. 24 Hour Ferment: When the supply gets low, (or immediately after the first ferment is ready to drink) start a new batch by using the same procedure but adding ½ cup or 1 cup of the previous batch of fermented juice with the pulp and juice and then use the same formula keeping in mind the formula of 2 cups of water and tb of salt and the jar should look 50% cabbage and 50% water and salt.
    15. The second batch will only have to stand at room temperature for 24 hours before being ready, because of the starter added, which was your prior ferment — then refrigerate
    If your kitchen is hotter than 72 degrees, check your ferment the second day and see how it’s doing and if it’s colder than 65 degres, add an extra day and check your ferment. White yeast may happen and that is ok, due to air getting in. It may smell like acetone or strong like ammonia, it’s not bad, just very strong.
    DO NOT DILUTE AT ALL BECAUSE YOU WANT A HIGH CONCENTRATION FORM OF THIS FERMENT SO YOU CAN START FEELING THE DETOX SYMPTOMS. It is suggested you do drink water, lots of water, but not too much water (people go overboard) while doing this to help flush away the toxins. Detox symptoms are relative to your health issues. You will be no sicker than the worst day of sickness you encountered in your life time, however, new issues might emerge due to future triggers. Those symptoms will include and not limited to: Bloating, flu like symptoms, gas, constipation, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, headaches, rashes, bladder and yeast infections, and an exacerbation of your current health issues like your eczema will flare up, and anything that is anomalous to good health. If you feel sick while initially implementing this, you are detoxing. If you are NOT experiencing detox symptoms, you are not taking enough of the fermented juice and you are eating the wrong foods. If you are experiencing a very severe form of detox symptoms, you may want to taper back, infuse a bit of water and give yourself a day off. If you experience an infection of any kind where it is a bladder infection, yeast infection, ear infection and a sore throat, I would suggest you use MY JUICE to nebulize in the nebulizer, use my juice in an enema as well as douche with the JUICE: You can also buy
    3. Coconut oil is great for superficial topical moisturizing however if you experience microdermabrasion, I would use a little baking soda, and coconut oil and water and scrub your face until you get that dead layer of dry skin off your face. Then either use, coconut oil, and olive oil, and other carrier oils like avocado oil, or argan oil or jojoba oil to really get down deep into your skin and moisturize.
    If you experience Constipation: and this will happen, guaranteed!! You can use your finger or enema with my juice.
    Of course your diet is key , only chicken, fresh fruits and veggies and good oils, raw nuts and seeds LOTS of EGGS and temporarily AVOID: Sugar and sugar substitutes, processed foods, glutenfree foods and gluten, like wheat, soy, rice, corn, grains and anything fried. If you are constipated, and you feel so bloated and desperate and you are independent or do not have funds for enemas. Certified Nursing Assistants use a glove and finger and they pull that poop out of the lower intestine as well as massage the inner intestine to manipulate the anal muscle to move your intestine to make you poop. You will only have to do this until you independently completely reverse your issues and yes, you can use an enema, however, you have the ability to do this yourself without buying products to do this. Once you learn how to manipulate your own anal muscles, you now understand how your body works and this can be done in the shower or bathtub or the toilet. The fear is virtually gone. It’s not pretty or glamorous, but guess how many people are so full of poop that it’s effecting their health? You can get a colonic, but those are invasive and expensive and not many people want a stranger sticking stuff up their butt.
    Dosages: You should have at least 2 cups a day all the way up to a gallon a day, and manage your detox symptoms accordingly. There is no such thing as too much unless your detox symptoms are something fierce and they can be for some people, then just cut back temporarily until you get over that hump of that specific detox symptoms. Your detox symptoms are relative to your sickness. If you have a skin autoimmune disorder, your skin will be affected on some level. is is going to benefit your life and Coach you in this free of charge for 10 minutes, after that I do charge for a personal consultation. you can friend request me and private message me or tag me in a post or comment on my page and we can figure out from there

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  3. Reading your post on Facebook “As a reminder, ANYONE who has information” I can feel some desperation on your part. I can almost feel your pain that you went through, like a psyche ripped into a thousand pieces. The greatest trick the devil played is to make people believe he doesn’t exist, but instead…the greatest trick the devil played is make people think he is God and the monster they see is the devil. Well, if the monster they see is the devil, then be all the devil they can handle. Better the devil you know, than the monster the devil fears. I can almost taste freedom for all now here. I am starting to smile day by day…wake up more day by day. I wish to fulfill my only purpose soon and that’s to bring down the clearing energy. If in my dream/vision I was burning black eyes and reptilian eyes out of beings, what can happen then if that energy descends, en masse, into the physical realm. I shudder at the excitement. The 4 angels of the apocalypse are but a portents of what’s to come….they will allow it to happen.

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  4. As a bodyworker that focuses on what the allopathic medical model terms PTSD, I have worked on people that have been through the types of abuse you endured. I have been astounded at their courage and strength as well as the heart and soul’s capacity for insight and growth. Thank you for sharing your experience, truth, insights and wisdom with the public. What a gift! Also, your description of what these entities are was really affirming and clarifying for me… again, thank you and all those coming forward. Just hearing about these experiences can be traumatic. If we meet it together that synergy really helps. If a person is embodied, I consider PTSD to be a physical injury that affects he mental, spiritual, soul…multi-dimensional levels. We have found that addressing the injuries from a multi-dimensional level is most effective. So thank you for speaking about the multi-dimensional levels of the situation we find ourselves in on our beloved planet. And how do you say to someone, I am so sorry you have had to go through all this? I do feel anger/boundary -about all the abusive behavior – it is not hate as it is also filled with compassion. It is feeling protective of all the children, including the childself in all of us adults.


  5. The hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy movie has many references to the truth. Higher dimensional beings, the mice in this movie, created EArth to learn and study people. They wanted to take his brain at the end to get the answer to their question. Many more interesting tidbit in the movie like how they geoengineer planets.


  6. What if the over-soul of the ALL is already here, in essence. Would you know? Would you be on a need to know basis? Being on the physical we all get compromised in some way and leak info. That’s what they’re waiting for. I have seen some evidence that no more time is given now and this will all end very soon…whether anyone likes it or not or is ready or not.


      1. “Its like a finger pointing away to the moon. Dont concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.”

        ― Bruce Lee, Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee’s Wisdom for Daily Living


  7. Thank you and please consider.

    The perpetrators acted unlawfully.

    37 Am Jur 2d, Section 8, states, “Fraud vitiates every transaction and all contracts. Indeed, the principle is often stated in broad and sweeping language, that fraud destroys the validity of everything into which it enters, and that it vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments.”

    Since Fraud Vitiates All That It Touches why is there a requirement now to break fraudulent contracts?

    Most people are ‘unaware’ of the abuse, distractions, deceptions, distortions, manipulation, mind control, involuntary sterilization, population control, pedophilia, mass surveillance, harmful wireless, fraud, etc.

    I suggest coordinating world-wide disclosure to tell the truth about crimes against humanity, emphasize the critical juncture we are at, the Power of cooperation and freewill consent to change or be changed [extinction or possibly trans-human robotic slaves]. To be love or be lost.

    What % of the population is required to openly reject in mind, body, spirit, the act of WAR against all life on the planet, and denounce such behaviors in the name of GREED and DOMINATION? What constitutes ‘openly reject’?
    Thank you.

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  8. Aug: What about people who receive Social Security payments or healthcare through Medicare or Medicaid? Is participating in any of those programs that require identification with your legal name and social security number considered consent to ownership by the state? Do you have to remove yourself completely from that system to be free or can you still receive benefits on paper while opposing the system in spirit? Some families are stuck with no other choice regarding healthcare. Must people in that position take themselves and their dependents out of that system to the point of denying themselves healthcare?

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