Spencer Eskridge, Cloning, Mind-Control and Energy Harvesting

  • Cloning Experiences

  • Dreams

  • Subconscious Language, Use of Programming

  • Inserted Memories, Implants, Behavioral Modification, Technologically Screened Memories

    • Part of the Matrix, Part of The Programs

  • D.U.M.B.s, USAPs, Testing the Population, Experimentation

  • Implanted Relationships, Friendships

  • Reflections in the Dream Representing the Self

  • Blend Between Dream Experience and Holography

  • Stating Purpose and Speaking to the Unconscious Self

  • Issue of Mixing Dreams and the “Bandwagon” of People Reporting Dreams as Cloning Experiences

  • The Dream Experience an Access way to the Interdimensional

  • Series of Firewalls or Cyber-Mental-Vaults

  • Different Times, Inserted Dream Meetings, Time Dilation

  • Mental Conditioning, Morality, Emotional Context, Depatterning and Reprogramming

  • Seeking Control, Awareness of Loss of Control, Initiation of Progression Towards Self-Awareness

  • Fading Ideologies”

  • Forced Resonance Frequencies

  • Difference Between Lucifer and Satan

  • Goal to Keep People Alive and Make Progress Towards Collective Self-Awareness

  • Training Scenarios, Group Activities, Violence, Conditioning, Strength, Endurance

  • Survival Sport

  • Tests to Determine Conscious Potential

  • Dream Drug, Pain Sensitizer

  • Trauma Testing

  • Synthetic Memories

  • What do you do when you can do anything you want?

    • Spiritual Work, or Material Pleasure

  • Theta Clone

  • Sumeria, Giza, Architecture

  • Heart Centered Compassion

  • True Awareness

  • Quantum Awareness

  • Ruins

  • Energy Harvesting

  • Large Scale

  • Body and Spirit as a Reservoir and Conductor of Life Force Energy

  • Art of Directing, Storing, Cultivating, Transferring, Harvesting Energy

  • The Beginning of Physicality Limited within the Creative Capacity of the Spiritual Force

    • The Initiation of the Construct as a Deliberate Manipulation

    • The Multi-dimensional Extension of Energy from Word-Harmonic Vibration into Phase-Locked Oscillations that are Interpreted by the Sensory System as Material Experience

  • As Self-Awareness Increases the Remembrance of True Spiritual Awareness is Regained and the Exposure of the Construct is Inevitable

    • This creates a paradox as Fear and Ignorance is what enables the construct to exist and thus the timeline itself begins to alter and this has an increasing effect on consciousness which then creates a positive feedback loop with the transformation of the material plane

  • The Spiritual and Physical Realities Merge again and the Change Becomes Universal

  • The Transhumanist Transformation to a Technological Collective Hive-Mind

  • The Most High that Is

    • The Vampire-Parasite that Cannot Be and Must Siphon Energy

17 thoughts on “Spencer Eskridge, Cloning, Mind-Control and Energy Harvesting

  1. You never read my comment about the Bloodline of the Holy Grail, as you said you would. And you did not extend to me the courtesy of telling me why my comment was held up in moderation for15 days, as I requested. And now the main post is CLOSED. This was my first comment and it has been an ordeal to get you to read and post it.

    My comment about the Bloodline of the Holy Grail is outstanding! And it was well written with no expletives. I did not expect this treatment from you. I’ve lauded your site to many as being a goldmine for the truth.

    Also, Aug solicited our comments in his fairly recent post about the Merovingian Dynasty. It was closed when I was ready to comment, so I posted on another which was open.

    Will you release THIS COMMENT now so other people can read it. ❤️ Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t take it personally. If I was in his situation I’d do the same. It’s procedural protocols. If he involves himself too much into discussions then A) he will run out of time to post all the info (non-biased) for you to read, and B) he will end up like I did where he will then have to keep defending everything he writes as it’ll keep getting twisted around by either those who don’t understand and those who want to twist his words for nefarious reasons. He moderates his site and has his own reasons. If you let emotions rule you too much you will play right into the archontic game and keep feeding the parasites. He also said he has a list of people he’s supposed to look out for, for whatever reason it was…too lazy to re-read. Art of War, never let your enemy know what you’re thinking, or what you’re hiding. I’m probably the only one who has stood naked in the dark (bore it all out there without holding back) as I feel assured now that this is it…no more fighting needed. The empire of darkness is crumbling…the vultures will go against their own for energy pilfering. If you do feel special…I’d always double check that the ego isn’t a part of it as true light beings have no use for needing titles or placing one above another. Perhaps in his mind this’d have led him to an argument down the road with disagreements between the two of you and he wanted to avoid emotional entanglement. Take care.


  2. (Anonymous
    August 25, 2017 at 10:25 am
    ORION-Ra: The RA complex does not stem from ORION.


    I have explained why I chose this name/title on other sites. GLP LoP and WPP Forums etc., I started the clearing of the physical in the Orion sector and I’m a front line warrior of light, hence OrionRa Orion (cleansed) and Ra (light being) so Light of Destruction, a fancy way of saying destructor or purifier. Tas Mikagal (Prime Michael) Leader of the front line warriors that are here surrounding this last strong holdout for En.Ki the Fool,and will not take prisoners.


  3. Last night I had the world ending dream. There was a weird energy in the skies and I told them the fire is coming. They didn’t believe me till it hit. The energy was overwhelming as it slammed into everything and everyone. I’ve always called it a vornado, vortex tornado of plasma fire energy. It was like a hurricane slamming into me, but burnt me away and then I felt at peace in the new realm. I’ve had many dreams and visions of what’s coming. You can only only prepare mentally and energetically as nothing else will stop this energy.

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    1. In last night’s dream, that just ended, I called him “the one who shall not be named” or the one. That was his original name as he was an outcast. There is probably a translation for that into a different language and you’d have Lucifer’s original name after the fall. When asked by another why I can’t be watched or interfered with here I told him “dominance”, “can a true being not be dominant and still be good”. In this case I don’t think dominance means to take away another’s ability to express, except maybe to uphold the law.


  4. I hope it’s not too late for you Lisa. It might be for me, I’ve stretched this nearly as far as some would think I could.


  5. The circle with the dot in it is mentioned in the Truman Cash book Eye of Ra in page 30. If YRFT says Ra is a separate being and against the ONE, then why did she ascribe the symbol to him when ancient EArth people used it as his symbol, beyond the eye of Ra etc. I’m not saying she’s bad or wrong, but I have a different idea of Ra from mainstream “theories”. He repented and him and his sister Isis were last here undercover, double agents, gathering Intel and steering events in a way where humanity might be free. I saw all this as a flashback to my memories. Until he was found out and attacked, hence the snake biting him story. The reason his reputation was smeared is because they connected him to other negative beings and also used clones of him to instil fear. They couldn’t bear the dishonour if him switching sides against the darkness. I’m not interested in being believed. In the end all will be laid bare by truth.


  6. I’ve noticed that since I started speaking out against the controllers here I’ve been targeted much more. I’ve been battling constant right ear ear infections, tinnitus (although I know some beings do make a sound when around you), headaches, fever, sore throat, dry cough for months on end, infections etc. As they can’t attack me directly they do it indirectly pretending it’s “part of nature” as their style goes to get away with not breaking my free will. It won’t matter though, the more I get attacked the more dangerous I will become to whomever.

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  7. Spencer began to talk about sexual energy extraction and it caused my body to involuntarily jump. I often have “dreams” of a physically sexually nature with random women. During waking hours I have absolutely no sexual drive yet while asleep it flourishes.


    1. That ancient powerful being is on me, so you know. I’m exercising free will, released all fears, and made it thru the metal barriers without loosing who I am. Is it too late?


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