Be Thankful for What You Have

Think about what is really important in life (family, friends, food, love, your life’s work, safety, health).

Be thankful for what you have, remember that if people around you are always chasing what they want.

Are you read for war? Then look around you and ask yourself if you’re ready to destroy all of that. Protect what you have and there are better ways to do that .

You are warriors, but unless you can love as much as you can defend then you have no place in this. We are like a garment that is worn for protection and health, when one of us is torn from the whole we do the work to pull them back and bring us all together again. The Great Spirit is with us.

The time may be nearing, but we may be thankful enough to only experience what happens in the background or if you have a good enough eye to see behind the stage.

9 thoughts on “Be Thankful for What You Have

  1. I am thankful for something that I wasn’t aware of until now. And it took a mid-afternoon dream to realize that.

    At 4:45pm today as I lay in bed my niece was picked up from my house, my Mother saying goodbye to my brother-in-law as they walked out the door. This must have been just before I left. Soon I found myself in a facility hallway where these entities were conducting an experiment of a nefarious nature on an individual. I immediately went for the nearest door and anticipated that one of them was going to teleport waiting for me on the other side. As I bolted out there was no one there so I continued looking for a way down. I saw an elevator which turned into a door to a flight of stairs as I drew closer. Making my way through the door I proceeded to clear each flight of stairs in approximately one second, not touching the steps but by angling myself off the walls with each leap I made. Reaching the bottom level I eventually found myself back in my bedroom where I thought I had just woken from a dream.

    At this time I had no recognition of where I had just been, thinking it was just late at nite and I was up to use the restroom. Only later when I would actually “wake” would I realize what had occurred. As I walked into the hallway the house was pitch black. I turned on the bathroom light, yet the darkness was still so overwhelming that I went to turn the hall light on but it was burnt out. I went back to the bathroom where the light was now out for some reason. I began to step out into the hallway and make my way downstairs to turn the light on at the bottom when it hit me. I’ve had this happen before realizing this a nano-second before a force grabbed hold of my foot. I began to say “No!” As I woke up in my 3D bed continuing to issue a non-compliance towards what was manipulating my body.

    It was now 5:10pm and the sun was just beginning to go down. I immediately drew an assumption of what had just occurred. The bottom level of the facility must have have been a portal/doorway back to my house. But when I made my way back I didn’t come alone. See, I mentioned the lights not coming on in the astral had happened to me before. When this occurred in the past I could immediately sense the presence of something sinister, always afraid of what was there. Yet this time was different, and I will proceed to get to the point of my story.

    A couple weeks ago I began to read aloud a declaration of non-consent. I would do this several times a day, always when I woke and before I went to sleep. I noticed at the end of the first week during one late night I awoke standing at the head of my bed, yelling “No!” towards an empty space in the corner. I could feel a presence in the room but did not have my usual fear towards it. I was letting it know that it did not have my permission to be in my space. In the past I had always cowered when facing these situations. So this time, coupled with my dream from late this afternoon marked the awareness that a far greater bravery lies within me than I had been led to believe through past experience.

    I am thankful for discovering the courage to tell these entities that this is my vessel and I will no longer allow them to manipulate me. And like I had the clairvoyance to know what was about to happen in the dark at the top of the stairs, may I have the same ability to realize an even stronger connection to spirit next time I travel. To not run out the door and the down the stairs of the facility. But to stand my ground, helping put an end to whatever is going on in these dark places.


  2. “We may be thankful enough to only experience what happens in the background”. Yes! Thanks for this. I have had the intuition that while things may very well get difficult and I am moved to prepare, at the SAME TIME I feel I and many around me will be practically untouched by trouble. I had trouble reconciling both views for a while, but came to something like what you just said. Harmonious heart, love, gratitude, awareness. And as we are creator beings, this is what will be reflected. Again, thank you for all you are doing, Aug.


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