The Heart-Mind Link

I want to record every conversation that is relative to the information but it’s difficult and it is windy with either a slight breeze or a gust literally every second. There have been many meetings and alignments that prove this is an intelligently guided journey, guided beyond mental capabilities. The heart is the center. Humans are inherently ‘evil’, ‘corrupt’ or simply just ignorant of the truth of one another.

We cannot know one another’s mind! The mind is akin to a dial in the dash-board of the car. They simply point in directions or report on values and differences. The mind itself is an analyzing system but cannot actually make any choices.

The living man, woman and child is life comprised of multiple components that are interdependent as if they are weaved together. There are a series of energetic perspectives and the physical body. If one system either energy or physical is disrupted then this will result in eventual disruption of the whole system.

People are educated to believe in the differences of each other through the mind and to judge one another based upon the perceived contrasts under a binary paradigm of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘real’ or ‘fake’ and so on. The test is that we are the aliens next door to one another. Other planets are other planes and the awakened human is a multidimensional awareness that can travel throughout the whole.

To know one another is through the heart because then to achieve this one must overcome the corrupted analysis of the mind and purely accept how others are which is the only way to heal the situation we’re all in. Hating won’t help but creates a greater divide sourced from the initial illusory perception of contrast and difference as ‘difficulty’. This creates a hierarchy of mental ‘corruption’ or programmed reaction based on who can see from the contrast of the mind which initially fails to see the truth or to act and move from the seat of the heart and thereby nurturing the soul. The mind alone cannot sustain a connection to the truth, this is a very advanced biological computer generating contrast through perception.

Perceptions can be deeper and this is where the experience of art is born. The mind that feels, that exists apart from the matter of the situation as experience in itself is encouraging others to further develop the heart-mind link to stabilize and maintain their own independent awareness. Only true self awareness can restore truth and health to this corrupt world. The world is corrupt, but this only means that people are born in a sensitive state that is then overly hardened through trauma and toxification until the mind and the organs are desensitized to the true sensations they are receiving. This is a kind of dulling effect and happens as a result of some changes or shifts in some biological functions possibly due to a variation in weather, nutrients, collective awareness. This distortion has rooted itself into the acceptance of corruption in the way we relate to one another. Living beings are not purely physical beings who think but are beings who are energy and awareness in its purest form without shape, processing, or categorization. Without the link to that highly refined and advanced form the material being doesn’t exist.

If we see that at the core, no matter how badly people have gone astray, ourselves included, we are still a pure awareness at heart, then acceptance is born and the heart can check the mind which restores self-union. Without that, the mind leads always into disarray as the materialistic perspective is inherently limited and incapable of acknowledging the whole truth which is a spiritual concept of wholeness and invisible self or infinite nature.

In short, the materialist science is a study of the finite which is the realm through which the body is formed and the mind is enabled through contrast. The whole truth is of material as well as invisible spirit which cannot be measured but merely ‘known’ from within and this is through pure awareness or the heart, not calculated knowing of the pseudo-intellectual religion of materialism of this age.

So the idea is to ‘know’ (original meaning) your neighbor instead of going to war with them over mentally perceived social injustices. These are illusions or merely guidelines that change with area and perception, not universal or nature law.

Life is a gift and the world is corrupt because of men who used advanced technology to disrupt the flow of time eons ago by sending back cheat codes to themselves which resulted in a paradox that nearly destroyed the collective mind of the plane-ET. Thus, the bio-mind must be evacuated and the path to this is through the heart by matching the signature with the heart of the truth through the knowledge of the divine in the self and each other. There is no ‘going’ to another place but some eternally still energy simply wakes up to its own presence or pre-sense again.

People cannot be forced to know and to know the whole truth before the heart is ready is self-destruction thus we are in a test, a trap, a bind, a game, a dream, a cycle of insanity and self-realization which is all a flux between the pseudo-conscious, holographic nature of the mind which will lead one into separation of the heart or the self of pure feeling if given the right to lead. The mind cannot lead but can only provide information and the heart, the pure spirit is the link to the whole truth that we cannot see mentally and so acceptance and realization of our predicament while also moving towards wholeness and truth is what is required and what tests each of us personally.

The center path is through the heart!