Soft-Disclosure: Infinity Chamber (2017)

This movie depicts the interaction between artificial intelligence and the human mind.

There are many hints at actual research projects as well, if not the entire movie being entirely soft-disclosure based. The devices used to knock the subject out connect on the back at two points which is how the post-initial chairs would connect to the neural circuitry of the body. Many methods were developed and now this effect can be generated across the air.

“Some things are not meant to be computerized”

This line encapsulates the threat level of the computer to the replication of human emotion and consciousness. Imagine a computer attempting to mimic human consciousness. It would be poorly done, right? Now imagine a computer 1,000’s to 100,000’s of times stronger than any computer you know of. Even if it was poorly done and the ‘computer’ was discovered, whatever tactics were used would still likely work unless the individual was trained to guard against psychological manipulation.

The story in the movie is one I have lived, albeit only for a few life times.

Later in the movie, drones scan and pick people up from the sky. This is an automated system and depicts the loss of human control over the process of policing the population.

“To see the drones fall from the sky.”

The issue that is represented through these movies is the way drones, automated policing, scanning, recording, mental manipulation and lack of emotion could destroy society as we know it.

In the movie there is a spinning hypnotic machine that is reminiscent of parts of mind to machine technology. This is the most important key to the whole scene. This technology is the false-awakening technology, when used in this manner.

There is one scene where the mind finds another like him. The technology can release dopamine at points like this to make someone trust another person, everything can be altered and manufactured for the purpose of creating a false reality!

I think it was something more. The whole thing’s tied together, the defense network, the fail-safes. It’s not just the local remote. It could’ve retaliated. Against anyone or anything trying to take it down. If it lost control of its sentinels it would’ve attacked itself. There’s enough fire-power there to wipe out EVERYTHING. We could be all alone in here.

They taught the children of the projects how to beat the AI!

Every secret society member has trained the majority of their lives to overcome the AI!

The only people who get controlled by the AI are those still giving into fear claiming the AI is above humans! Rightfully so, they claim their own right!

In the movie what seems to be the ultimate reality becomes just another dream and this becomes the trend of the machine to mind interaction. This is part of real technology and is called ‘false awakening’ which is a kind of test that has been designed. When a person can overcome the machine doing this they can overcome the nature of the false reality.

Each day is played over and over, or each life. There is actually only one day and within this time the information of several hundred days is placed. This is also in a previous movie.

This dream technology is used to explore, test, condition, train and heal the mind.

Did they ever use that thing on you? The device? “They’ve been trying. I was ready, there’s a way to beat it. It taps into your neurotransmitters, chemical impulses that create memory. It grabs hold of one signal, one piece that constructs that memory and follows the path to that secret. No need to hide the secret, just hide the path, by opening another door.

Techniques are learned to overcome the illusion! It’s all a metaphor for the truth, as well as literal and direct translations from actual projects. Very cool to see this kind of thing. All media is illusion!

Look this isn’t what you think. I’m not really here. You’re not here, none of us are here. I am being held in a government facility. They’re using a neuroscanner on me right now as an interrogation program to reconstruct my memory. All the science fiction is fact! So we’re actually in my memory right now. You’re in my memory, I’m in my memory, we’re in my memory, this is my memory. And we’ve been doing this quite some time!…I just wanna wait to wake up…

This was discovered to be the highest threat to humanity and so this was tested until a solution was found and people were brought up to speed and strength!

The machine merges the gap between waking life, virtual reality, dreams and alternate realities.

Big hint! The machines can assist in generating experiences and thus one can use them for learning or to hone skills!

One issue is the development of certain mental challenges which one experiences in making a stark shift between regular ‘time’ and technologically altered time. In the movie each day begins to overlap completely with the altered experiences until the waking reality and the virtual, dream reality are occurring simultaneously and this could cause confusion for obvious reasons.

As a result of this, individuals should be and were trained on the use of this technology in real life. This movie exemplifies the complexity of the issue if this technology is used for torture or degradation of life! This is the very reason for the projects and those who are brought in are pushed to develop immunity to such machine to mind control!

The control system is very simple in approach. The methods used can be cleverly manipulative and cold, however none of this has any effect on one’s decision making capability. Those who could blame an AI on stupid decisions or terrible behavior are the same who would blame an invisible ‘evil’ spaghetti monster entity for their bad behavior! It’s all a new age scam to get people to continue to pass the buck, to fight with one another over who’s more deserving of kindness from the super evil over lord and those who submit are doing so out of the weakness and fear of their own heart and the confusion of their own mind! THAT is the power of the machine over the mind! None! It’s all hypnosis and is operated by people.

People are the archontic force, it’s a scam, a show, I helped create it at times. Everyone else does too, they just choose to keep themselves memory repressed so they can live a comfortable lie on the surface. In the end, it’s people.

In the movie, the memories of events, the virtual reality recreation of new events and the actual viewing of alternate realities become merged! This is exactly what happened with the machines and shows the true nature of reality.

One can communicate with their unconscious mind and use much more biological computing power than is accessible during conscious experience! The brain is a quantum computer that can view other realities! This is what was discovered! This is what will change the world and already has.

The idea of the machine is something that can be so cold, calculated and methodically emotionless that it can passively drive someone insane! This is all about insanity and how to defend against it! If that still frighens you then you have not seen the depth of human behaior or ignorance! The masses are doing more than a machine ever could!

Eventually, one can just imagine a machine with a computing capacity so advanced that it could design a customized version of experience, multiple layers deep, developed out of only what information the user brings to the situation.

This could take place in a future world with a computer 1,000,000 times advanced as what is today! This could read the virtual dreams and reinvent itself as a computer from current times and only let a person know as much as was required for interrogation. Ultimately one gets to the highest degree of advancement.

On one layer there could be the re-experiencing of the outside world as current reality seemingly continues. This could take place over many years. On another layer there could be a day by day environment within a single area playing on repeat complete with food, shower and bathroom. On the baseline reality the individual may simply be connected to a machine that is dilating time and generating all three layers of experience, in flux, to create the perfect interrogation tool.

What was found with the machine is that DNA is connected across higher dimensions. Thus, two minds can influence one another, what happens in the machine can influence reality!

This sounds deep, but this is not just what has been invented, but what has been occurring since the beginning of time as that is what has been happening here!

A mind effer of an advanced technology virtual dreaming system. Imagine that, it takes an eternity to get out!

This isn’t what you think, we’re in a place from the past that doesn’t even exist.

The memory stays the same, the entry point is what changes.