Humanity on Life-Support in an Alternate Dimension

Compassion, self-awareness, truth and free-will is the answer because all one can do when they’re on life-support, experiencing endless day-dreams and false awakenings is turn to their internalized partnership within the dream and tell them that they love and them and continue forward.

Oh and a lot of people are actually drones that are vehicles for the pseudo-reptilian, hive-minded, spiritually degraded computer program from ‘hell’ or simply ego without sensitivity for the regards of others or ‘feelings’.

Once one is in that life-support situation with endless dreams eventually finding out what actually happened, where they are, and who they are is the challenge. We often resort to default, ‘spy-drama’ dreams which are invented as a way to make sense of the struggle of the situation. The mind invents new realities as a means to cope and bring purpose and, ironically, this then seems to be the purpose but is just a creative reaction to stress, curiosity and confusion.

The challenge then is accessing the right memories that are either shielded or buried by suffering and pain.

“Awakening” from the machine then takes an indefinite amount of time but is dependent on the storyline one develops in their mind and the amount of genuine effort of a non-physical nature is applied towards changing the scenery and equating to a true psychological unveiling. One must develop their own “Hero’s Saga” and complete the story to finalize the journey.

When this occurs the mind frees the self by viewing the truth but then the illusions can no longer persist and the day dreams become centered again on an infinitely familiar realm within and this is the situation humanity has been bouncing through for many decades. It’s not about time, there is only the amount of energy and the degree of change that one goes through as their psyche revolves into the truth.

The true location and the dream-environment is the difference between round or flat Earth!

That is the true meaning of the infinity chamber!

With the new technology that can locate a person in space and time, the infinity chamber can be anywhere in the universe!

What did we learn with the computer systems? What did we find?

We found that what is experienced in the virtual reality system is a reflection of an aspect of the self and the information within us. What we experience as a virtual dream is a representation of what and who we are as conscious information.

You are a conscious memory of the dreaming of your self. You are the information as it’s actively rendered by a higher consciousness peering into this realm. We are realm specific stabilized in this form, yet the computers can act as a computational or virtual gateway into showing what could be or is on the other side of perceptual limitation. This is akin to using a telescope to look afar or a microscope to look very close.

By realm specific and stabilized in this form it is indicated that the human consciousness acts as a kind of crystal precipitate that holds his or her lattice in a particular format which then acts as a resonator or a kind of storage system to then fill in with memories and information. The next concept is that the memories are not ‘filled’ but already formed through the foundation of what is required for the human, IE: the formation of the universe.

For the consciousness on the surface level to interact with other realities then this consciousness must undergo a fundamental transformation of its format so that the information that is active here as the human consciousness can be expressed as higher awareness in another frequency domain of the universe. This means the information is shifted into another pattern. This is basically a fourier transform of the information rendered as consciousness from that aspect of a virutal-mind into a hyper-dimensional counterpart that is capable of transversing the dimensional spectrum outside of the human perception where it is seemingly originated.

Thus at first this is like walking sideways through walls to get to where you want to go, but this is not a violation of any aspect of the physical universe. This is very similar to dreaming and this is why the ancient cultures knew that the true reality is a kind of dream-time. The projects aimed to stabilize this eternal dream-time into a reality that is ordered and perceptually stable like the physical realm but without unnecessary drawbacks or suffering. This means memories can be restored, lives can be lengthened and ultimately the physical realm can be mastered.

What was found is that the aspect of mind that is core to self-awareness is non-local and can be stabilized outside of the physical domain, however this is not without great work! In other words, the mind itself has no formal, baseline domain. Any location that mind is found IS the domain, it is like water that forms to its environment.

The whole process of alchemy, the true sacred work is to transform the consciousness into a faster than light entity who is capable of knowing and therefore traveling the whole of Creation. This is the body of the One, the interior and exterior dreaming of the higher mind.

The awareness is not originating on the physical level of human perception it is spiritual in nature in that it does not require biological media outright. This is what was discovered through the advanced technology experiments.

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