The True Coptic Influence

Tell your family, tell your friends.

Now, for what reason would these images be represented differently? Is there an agenda to create the figure known as Jesus Christ, or is the agenda to erase any traces from history?

This is part of the story that I have not yet begun to release to the public but the time is here.

There were operations that travelled to ancient civilizations. Most of the people you have seen in various videos, used as children for mind controlled operations in special circumstances, have been to ancient Egypt, Rome, and the Holy Land during active periods.

As well, the moon appears to be a kind of artificially created platform for launching mind control operations, it is essentially a base and these on going spiritual warfare military operations were found in an automated program when this civilization gained access to the information in that location. The different areas are viewed as information sectors rather than spaces in a void.

The magnetic field of the sun and Earth combine and create a zero-point quantum tunnel that simultaneously permeates multiple physical spaces and times. Through this, electrogravitic craft are launched at an angle and velocity that is calculated by a supercomputer and the gateway is used to access different times and spaces.

The outer planets, it was explained and concluded, are a kind of mock-up projection of what the solar system ‘would’ look like if it continued passed the moon and the sun. According to this view, the rest of the universe is a projection akin to a lamp or disco ball rotating and shining projections onto a surface. The information being projected into this void space, which is not a void space but an ultra-dense superfluid that is electrogravitically conductive, is what enables the experience of different localities. The space itself is just neutral.

The information, the environments, they are projected from a central server system that sends the information to ‘populate’ or literally synergize and manifest different realities in different areas.

Still, the information is that everything that we see in the distance is not only in the past because of the speed of light barrier but they are part of an old universe that literally winked out of existence and left us pretty much floating in hyperspace.

Previous operations were to locate the bloodlines that were required to relaunch the human race and salvage the lost.

Those who fight against it took the plant to say, “We can do whatever we want, everyone will die anyway and no one will know but us.”

Everything they do is backwards, because they’re seeking their own damnation to escape their self-conscience. It’s the old animal vs man spiritual form and whether the consciousness alone will devolve into a reptiloid, gremlin, beast-like, or mutated form or whether they will be unveiled as an everlasting universal human-form that has overcome entropy by simply healing and repairing faster than the elements break one down.

That’s literally what this is all about.

As we discussed before, Jesus was Coptic. It was the Coptics which the Romans were slaying prior to the Catholic Church being established. There is a Coptic Church venerating Jesus on the banks of the Nile River that dates to 43CE. Egypt was Coptic prior to it being overrun by the Muslims c700CE.