The Farm w/ Frank Zero and Aug Tellez Feb 9 2018

  • Entertainment Society

    • Childhood

    • Happiness

    • Trauma

    • Self-Abuse

    • Dissociation

    • Conformity and Future Programming

    • Self-Abuse

    • Group Suffering

  • Industry

    • Secrecy

    • Cronyism

    • Technocracy

    • Spiritual Enslavement

    • Ritual Abuse

  • Consumerist Society

    • Death and Decay

    • Impermanence

    • Materialism

  • Genetic Engineering

  • “True Self” Simply the reconnected self, the self after reconnection or realization of disconnect which is part of civilized society.
    • Civilization in itself is part of a program.

  • Underground Bases

  • Cloning

    • Underground Chaos

    • Multiple Realities

  • Multiple Wordlines

    • Stitching the Worldlines Together

  • Cosmic Simulation

    • Cosmic Intelligence

    • Technological or Biological

    • Time Bubbles Closed Timelike Curves

    • Consciousness Cloning

  • Synchronicity and Artificial Synchronicity or Theater

    • Projected Time, Holography, Biological Consciousness

    • False Afterlife

    • Timeline Cloning/Segments

  • Thoughts and Consciousness

    • Linearity


SuperWarrior System –

Ancient History


Hybrid Bloods

Royal Blood



Virtual Matrix

Shadow Soldiers

Soul Experiments



Nightly Mind Wiping

The Matrix

Virtual Realities, Truman, 13th Floor, They Live, 2001 Space Odyssey, Recent Shows, Hero’s Saga, Hero’s Journey, The Awakening, Create the Pathway to the True Reality, Infinite Virtual Timelines.


Heavy on the Enforcement and Control, Power over Human

Light on Restriction on Knowledge and Truth

That’s the Game Pleasure or True Power

Eminem, Al Roker

What I think about now to talk about:

True Origins of Spirituality

Spiritual Knowledge

Spiritual Enslavement

Genetic Experimentation in Ancient Times

Mind Control in Ancient Times

Truth of Human Origins

“Heaven” or a Worldline without Hostile Interdimensional Dominance

The Healing Technology

Healing Methods and Trauma-Based Mind Control Reversals

The Awakening program

Artificial Dimensions


Ancient Texts

Spiritual Cleanliness and Fat

Lifeforce Energy

Energy Harvesting

Complicated Dynamic of Creation, Genetics, The Unconscious Mind, The Collective Mind

Genes, Consciousness, Ancestry, Souls, Collective Awareness,

Access to Unlimited Time, Resources, and Energy

The Program of Public Belief and Group Think

Compassion, Self-Awareness, Reality