Silke F on Quantum Synthesis

There are no hierarchies reserved via quantum synthesis, but everything is available to everyone at any time. So there is no elitist power structure over your real essence, but your “Autopilot-Mode” essence, can be modified into some degree of simulated soul essence.

Silke F

“Quantum synthesis”: Your reality is being created on a per person, individual basis. You contain programs that enable this process. Only by corrupting your inbuilt programming can one enable their own reality through the hijacking of another’s. Then the default personal and subjective reality that is normally generated becomes a ‘hub’ or a gateway for others to do so for themselves through the other. This is partly interdimensional and how some groups travel.

One never actually meets another’s world, it’s all self-produced like a shared dream through quantum superimposition and literal synthesis of universal boundaries through consciousness and unconsciousness, matter, time and energy. There are many dreams which people are made to forget through frequency entrainment and distraction.
The highest form of this reality production hijacking is that some races may not even be from this universe but have mentally inserted themselves into the collective unconscious of the human race via satellite or interdimensional computer systems that have literally accessed this world line as a parallel reality to their own that they have traveled to.
However, especially successful individuals in evolution often have a particularly difficult time. Their superiority makes them the enemy of the elite and the system in which they operate on historical level. Quantum soul-synthesis is routed with human dna and based on terrestrial gravity influences, which means that the gauge symmetry you use on earth for your quantum synthesis, urges completely different premises for the interaction between the quantum used by humans and the mind associated with it. The evil is involved in the destruction of quality of life. Elitist circles are not involved in the true power structure of planet earth, because they are subtly misdirected in the wrong direction by those for whom they perform ceremonies and rituals, without noticing that they are their little puppets. The highest elite of all empires on earth is not very smart or intelligent, because they don´t know the bigger picture, so they do not at all understand the puzzle, were they are orchestrated into via data automatisation of their soul trough soul recycling and mind replacement technology, which is something thats very different from mind and dna transfer technology.
In the human species, the “Caudate Nucleus” suffers or blocks receptivity between external and internal, because it is a kind of “Horus” and “Anubis”, so it affects the multidimensional a bit because it is a kind of medically neuronal “Portal Guardian” in the CNS of the human and CNS means central nervous system.
This knowledge is ancient, secret knowledge of how humans are the subject of interdimensional, psionic, biological and genetic warfare between higher dimensional races. The explanations, stories and memories of this can range from experiment based interactions to all out ancient atmospheric war between groups using advanced technology.
Humans possess telepathically acting “Pyramidal Cells” and in fact they are called scientific because they look like pyramids and in humans this area is responsible for neuronal motor activity and movement, but also in other animals. Some animals do not have this area. The gallium docks the Eye/AI -system via digital nano-bots to the “Nucleus Caudatus” and telepathically controls a whole human and other races via interdimensional bio-synthesis quantum supercomputers, which also includes glycopeptide GP120 as a implanted process into the system in the hacked body and infect cells with a CD4 receptor.
This is more interior knowledge is that has been restricted from the surface until this time of humanities increasing self-awareness. The only way to make room for the bigger self that is to be known, is to add more information and knowledge about the universe and in turn expand our view of the universe to make room for a bigger and more aware self. Our role changes when we know what is really happening. Without knowledge, there can only be an eventual entropy of self-awareness.
So in short, our biology was discovered to be tampered with and not such as ‘there’s a mark over here’, there are literal biological, organic and chemical systems designed to limit and transmit information of the self to a collective information server held on out the way frequencies. Something has been manipulating human mind and body. This something exists outside the physical domain so it is playing god, whether a group of scientists from this reality or otherwise.
Here’s a note, if the scientists all have the modifications too, and have since removed or neutralized their threat, then could any of them be responsible for the problem in the first place? Not unless they came into this environment and intentionally gave themselves the modification. So scientists, adepts, intelligence, and social leaders all come to discover manipulation of the highest degree in ways that we only recently have the knowledge and technology to verify. Could this all be a trick by covert groups? Yes, and no, that is the whole point. Of course it’s a trick by covert groups and apparently they didn’t mind altering your DNA either.
So with the biological compounds in the later part of the paragraph, a person can be turned into a virtual server system. Quantum entanglement enables one to have a bouncing ball in one box and an energetic clone of the same ball and box somewhere else. To change one is to exert a force that changes the other because technically they are in th same place because one, can only occupy ‘one’ space. Even if they are apart, the information is still connected. So then what happens if you create an even more complex model and now you have a geometric structure which you change with many angles and folds and the alternate structure changes across the map. So then what if the structure is so complex you have tandem groups of humans born that are essentially the same person operating in different fields and when in certain locations or situations a synchronization could be achieved whereby information could transfer between one and the other.
So basically a complicated enough computerized voodoo puppet, virtual environment from the quantum layer up  works to control the real thing at a distance, which is strange, spooky even.
This universe is actually a nearly 80% simulated multiverse as a portal for a temporary cache of property for simulated souls
So the first part, you can read the previous post and that will help explain. This universe is actually the waiting lobby for another universe. People got bored and decided to make a universe here but that screwed everything up because now people don’t know where to go as we bounce continually back and forth getting kind of stuck on one side or the other as our consciousness splits into two. That’s just one explanation.
Realistically this means information is in a more destabilized pattern as people are relating to another universe, a mirror world the knowledge of which could potentially destabilize one another. The nature of how these are generated as two from one is based upon the use of the system transitioning memory to and from each reality. If we become aware of the process it’s as if we see the corner of a set of mirror panels in a hallway of illusion and the illusion is then broken, like seeing the outline of a painting of a beautiful scenery and remembering it is a representation and likely a rendition of your own or someone else’s interpretation of reality.
When the information of the split becomes known, then the two worlds collapse into one. That should explain how and why the situation has been handled the way it has been. We are creating and destroying universes with collective thoughts and intentions here. Be careful?
in which the movement of time can exist and portals never travel back to the identical starting point
The universe only has a ‘go’ button. Strange, I know, and one can view or even in some ways create the perception of interacting with the past, but everything is in a suspended superimposition from then because it’s just like we might as well be coming from any other time or perspective. Still, we can gain INFORMATION as that will not require any actual change other than your own mind which itself is like a kind of quantum dial of superimposition system based on overlaying frequencies or possibilities, potentials that don’t necessarily have to become the primary focus.
Think about how that looks on a graphical information processing representation where eventually the charts could be aligned to look like a series of overlapping information that creates a cloud of possibilities instead of a clear distinction of what is and what isn’t. This is cloud computing and fuzzy math combined with logic to produce a free-thinking system that learns on it’s own through self-correction. Artificial doubt produces a self-correcting system and synthetically adding a virtual human brain to the equation, brings life to the mix as a reality generation system and observer all in one.
The point here is that the fuzzy logic is used to overlay quantum probabilities which don’t all or any have to actually remain. We can’t actually go back and interact with anything other than the now, but we can gather information by viewing multiple possible realities. We can find another parallel where ‘now’ is ‘then’,  however tihs produces problems in it’s own because of the nature of endless traveling.
However, there are the quantum holy grail of candlesticks of knowledge that are the centerpieces to the traditional route of experience in the universe and these are the background frequencies that have such a dominant role they do not ever leave. These are balanced between forces of the universe because if such high level forces were not balanced then it would be like a giant falling over and would take the whole projected life system down with it.
I’ll go back to the selected reading because this is leading into an  explanation of portal system use and security and that is not yet discussed in Silke’s text which I want to focus on.
which is why historical data, changes backwards in time and generates parallel timelines because it will not overlap interdimensional coordinates, from physical expansion in a quantum field, to design a circle thats routing the internal and external source code.
So this is a closed loop system that simultaneously deals within information outside of itself. It’s like a kleine bottle, that is pretty much how the universe works but if there were a kleine bottle in 360 degrees and also another plane we can’t see.
Time flows in a symmetrical manner like ripples flowing outward. What people think are ‘timelines’, is a swirling grid that expands and contracts towards a penultimate source or negentropic substance of extra-dimensional consciousness. This is consciousness that permeates itself and its surrounding and in that way lives within itself which is also the world. When beings can control this, they can ‘travel’ in this place, without moving.
The idea about time is that it’s organized according to rules and these rules cannot be interrupted without very morbid side-effects. Another way to see this is that if you see historical data as it’s made, that universe, that information, that relativity will not be the same exact data ever again, no matter where you look at it from. In fact, the farther away you view that data from, the more subtly changed that data will be. In this way there are lenses of world-lines and time bubbles that are essentially consciousness barriers in themselves but in a way similar to the wall or handrail of a spiral staircase that revolves in upon and around itself through time. We are bounded, wrapping ourselves up like a snake, unable to see beyond the outer layer of our own path because time is coiling and layering in ways that go beyond the processing power of the human mind.
So imagine if we were not distracted or we could somehow alter that modification to see time different, freely, again. That could and would change everything. Did it?
The internal universe is the core of such a field, and such a field is also the core of the external universe.
The two are linked through an intersection produced by a projection system like a holographic or laser light projection system. This system is virtual but perceptually accurate to itself, meaning regardless of where you come from, this feels real to you, but doesn’t necessarily have to be in the strictest of sense. It also doesn’t mean it is not real.
Demons do actually not exist, because its a term of religion, but good and evil exist because of a very simple fact. Its just about sharing a different view.
This is about cosmic computer processing information in the background to preserve time and consciousness functions. The universe itself develops its own consciousness functions like watcher programs to observe learn about itself. It’s an information processing system.
Some people learned of the tendency of background program generation through controlled insertion of code using organic portals, or people’s minds, however this is covered up with projection of evil or spookiness and in turn those who are not ready to face the truth have no idea what is happening. As well, if a person doesn’t know this universe is living spirit dreaming enslaved to be an information processing system for souls, then things could get pretty weird pretty quickly if they begin to look deeper. That’s pretty much the default anyway.
Autopilot-Mode souls, exist and live in the temporary cache around organic wave functions, so they live in a synthetic portal because it’s not a natural portal, because natural portals use different coordination points that can be calculated by interdimensional trigonometry, but there is not yet such a branch of higher mathematics on this earth because interdimensional trigonometry is more than just very complex.
Because there is a core of information streaming through the awakened human that enables reality generation, then like flies to light beings persist in the ability to ‘ride’ the permeating wave of quantum potential collapse that slides off the path of the soul moving through hyperspace like the wake from a boat. Or like the fish that collect the remains of the meals of larger fish like sharks, these beings instinctually hover around the emission field of the quantum potential wake from the human soul and follow this upwards towards the penultimate source and beginning, end and recycling of time. The goal is not to get recycled by the way, and obviously that may be easier if on has access to their own quantum potential wave functionality controller system, AKA a mind and body.
In some explanations, these bodies were created so that the souls of humans could rise up and out of the corrupt cube system that create a universal level discontinuity and essentially ended the progression of the species.
The last part about the equations required to access portals or use interdimensional travel to reach Earth is for another post and has actually been disclosed on the internet by a prominent individual. The mind is a quantum supercomputer.

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