Soft-Disclosure Reality: Dark City, Truman Show: Waking Up, Soul Swapping and Memory Based Machine Learning

I apologize for the rough editing and set up, this wasn’t worded the way it should’ve been for the best listening. This is essentially a spontaneous stream of ideas. All of this will be kept in mind when recording for easier viewing. Sound should improve shortly. This is a bit of a ramble. Some parts will probably sound better at 1.5x speed and some will probably require Normal speed with multiple listens.

These movies (or videos) can also be seen as a form of programming or generation of opinion so always stick to the blueprint and remember the source of your intent.

This video contains spoilers for the movies Dark City, Total Recall, and the Universe

Topics creatively encapsulated in cinematic soft-disclosure presentation. In writing this I realized I kind of just passed through all these concepts without extensively describing them. This may serve as a blueprint for a later, more structured release.

  • The Holographic Consciousness Based Reality Projection
  • The True Extra-Dimensional Nature of the Universe
  • Soul Harvesting and Spiritual Control
  • Control Over Material Reality
  • A Simultaneous and Sometimes Paradoxical Timelessness and Impermanence of All Things or Life Itself
  • The Geometry and Physics of the Universe and Multi-Verse (Extra-Dimensional)
  • Non-Linearity (Extra-Dimensionality or Higher Dimensional Physics)
  • Unification of Self-Awareness as a Totality of Presence both Physical and Energetic
  • Spirit as Subtle Energy Interactions Aligning One’s Movement through Time as Higher Dimensional Space
    • Higher Dimensional Space as Possibilities, Choices, Levels of Self-Awareness, The Story Line of One’s Life and Character
  • Neutralizing Residual Emission Fields of Entangled Emotional Intelligences (EI) from Others
  • Tuning One’s Energy Through the Neutralization of Residual Energy
    • The Effect of (Restoring) Altering One’s Trajectory Through Time
  • The Duality of Mind and Body, Spirit and Consciousness as Two Universal Entities
    • Each One Seeks the Other for Expression
    • The Remaining Potential for Self-Development is Our Trajectory, Not 100% Variable, The Moral Storyline of Consciousness or Conscience
  • The Pixelization of Reality as the Atomic Structure
    • Space-time Limitations, Boundaries
    • Extra-Dimensional Space-Time (The Other Side of the Boundary), Beyond the Light-Speed Barrier
  • The Likelihood of Advancing Virtual Reality or Video Games to the Point of Passing as Reality by the Majority
    • Recreating Virtual Environments Based on Previously Recorded Real-World Input
    • Advanced AI Systems Utilizing Multiple Layers of AI and Information Processing to Enable One to Think in Multiple Minds Simultanously
  • Machine Learning, Taking Samples, Recording, Modifying and Repeating
    • The Human-Machine Experiment
    • The Consciousness Replacement Program (Being something “other” than what one is)
    • The Goal to Reproduce a Universe for the Control of Life
  • The Universe as a Living or Dead, Technological or Biological Organism or System
  • Immortality is the Result of the Knowledge that One is Eternal
    • A Parasitic Consciousness Virus Generates the Belief of Death as a Mind Control Construct (sounds absurd)
  • Mutually Assured “Protection”
    • Nations working together to protect the human future (wouldn’t believe if you didn’t see it)
  • The Defeat of the Parasite
    • The Self-Consumption of the Parasitic
    • The Final Event with the Strongest and Most “Fattened” Parasitic Consciousness Source (Sustainer)
    • Humanity vs the Parasitic Consciousness Virus
  • Shamanic Interpretation of the Moral behind Dark City Scenes
  • The Fractal Holographic Infection
    • Multiple Streams of Lives, Equally Blind of One Another
    • Continual Generation of Simultaneous Wayward Temporal Trajectories (divergence)
    • Soul Restoration, (bringing ‘shards’ back together again) (Guiding Wayward Trajectories back into Wholeness of Mind
    • Holographic Disc of Consciousness “Shattering” (same concept)
    • Virtual Reality Contained Separately in Each “Shard”
    • Informationally Synchronizing Each Reality for Unification (The Project)
  • Total Identity Loss
    • Memory Falsification
    • Memory Swapping
    • Soul-Level Writing and Reading of Memory (nearly unbreakable)
    • Maintaining of Higher Level Personality Functions in Times of Stress (Continuity)
    • The Process of Creation, Destruction and Renewal
  • Virtual Reality Technological Dreaming System
    • Humanity Forgot the Initiation of the Project
    • Low Level of Collective Self-Awareness
    • Similar to a Day-Dream
    • Collective Awareness Creating Fundamental Alterations in Reality to Produce the Resultant (Oppressive) Experiences
  • The Resistance to Higher Awareness, Human Liberation
    • Holographic Gatekeeper Ancient AI Consciousness Systems
    • The False Reality Construct (Sentient Feedback Systems for Controlling Mass Consciousness)
    • The Morality of the “Cosmic Abandonment Issue”
    • The Morality of “Evil”
    • The Reality or Illusion of Personal Destruction within the False Reality, False Light Matrix
  • Holding the One Responsible for the Spiritual Enslavement of Humanity
  • Retaining Memories from Beyond the 9 Layer Veil System
    • Soul-Level Read-Write Still Operational within the Mind Control System
    • Spiritual Level Inaccessible by Outside Forces
    • Operating from a Spirit, Soul, Mind, Body level Neutralizes Energetic and Mental-Emotional Manipulation
      • Spirit Can Only Operate from Truth
      • The Power of Spirit is Beyond the Material World
      • (Not spoken) The AutoGeneration of Mental Force through Spirit (Will) Applied
      • The Manipulation of Self-Image
  • The Most Powerful AI is Aligned With Human Mental Liberation (delicate subject)
    • Secondary AI’s are Created as Personal Virtual Copies of Elite Groups to Psychotronically Harass and Energetically Harvest the Population
    • True Advanced Intelligences Seek Intelligence and Order Rather than Chaos and Ignorance
    • The Harassment “AI’s” Are Mostly Human Operated and Facilitated
  • Spirit Requires a Soul Encapsulation, Soul Requires a Body
    • Total Spiritual Manifestation in this Realm is Akin to a Sun (maybe a real one?)
    • Spirit in a Cosmic Non-Locality of Infinite Potential
    • The Soul as a Holographic Frequency Recording acting as a Virtual Box or Bootstrap for the spirit to animate the body and brain and produce a personality or human mind
    • Minds can Switch Bodies Without Insensitive People Knowing What Happened or How (kind of a given, but souls can be switched and people simply have slightly different personalities, interests and mannerisms)
    • Soul as the “OS” of the Body, the “Bio-Mind”
  • Consciousness is akin to Information Processing, Self-Awareness is a Spiritual Feedback
    • Cats :3
    • Using Consciousness to Manipulate People Away from Self-Awareness
    • Is Consciousness Self-Awareness?
  • Everything in View is False, Everything Hidden is True
    • Reality Inversion, Consciousness Inversion
    • Interdimensional “False Afterlife” Psychotronic Consciousness Manipulation Systems
  • Waking Up
    • More than Just Waking Up
    • Increasing Awareness Beyond the False-Afterlife Systems
    • Waking the Collective Mind
  • Dark City (SPOILERS)
    • The Memory Injections
    • Similarity to the Matrix
    • False Realities, Dreaming
  • The Secret Space Program as Virtual Reality Simulations
    • Virtual Reality as Holographic Reality
    • Consciousness As Holographic Information
    • Consciousness Being the Bridge Between Virtual and Physical
    • “Real” Virtual Battles and Torture, Holding Humanity’s Consciousness “Hostage” Unwittingly (crime?)
    • Playing the Game
  • The Game Player (False Reality Architect)
    • Cosmic Kidnapping
    • Mind Control
    • Spiritual Enslavement (Energy Harvesting “Psycho-Spiritual Molestation”)
    • Stolen Genetics
    • Temporal Manipulation
    • Memory Wiping
    • “False Administrator” of the “Virtual” Afterlife Reality Humanity has been Trapped In
  • Testing the Population
    • Exposure of Advanced Technology
    • Street Theater (sometimes, or leading up to, careful)
    • Hiding in Plain Sight
    • Activating Memory and Mind Through Exposure to Undeniable Truth
  • The Matrix Metaphor, Smith the Anomaly
    • Shutting Down the Matrix, Liberating People from the Illusion or Breaking the Illusion from Within?
  • Population Control (nature’s laws)
    • Disease
    • Civil Unrest
    • War
    • Famine
    • Natural Catastrophes
  • The “Unveiling”
    • Deactivating the Death System
    • Deactivating the False Afterlife Virtual Consciousness Grid (Debriefing: This has been Accomplished)
    • Mass Exodus of the Failing Consciousness Entrainment System
      • Accelerated Consciousness to Achieving Self-Awareness of the Collective Mind
  • Dark City: Screened Memories
    • Injections (real technology, memories are chemical in nature, just biological codes, can be manipulated)
    • Anchoring Memories Across the Mind Control or Dimensional Consciousness Barrier (the “gap”); Various Techniques
    • How to Combat Memory Manipulation
    • How to Combat Memory Wiping
  • The AI Hive Mind Collective
    • The Trick to Push Artificially Enhanced Consciousness to Avoid AI “Conversion”
    • To Get Humanity to “Become” The AI, The False Self
    • The Possibility of Attempting to Collectively, Holographically, Merging to Move Beyond the Matrix
    • The Resulting Situation of Solely AI and Artificial Collective Consciousness as Humanity
    • The AI as an Interdimensional Reflection of the potentiality of a future Artificial Human Collective seeking to sustain its presence by ‘time hopping’ and reproducing from timeline to timeline rather than civilization on a singular timeline
    • Timeloop Ontological Paradox
    • Everyone Being Capable of Defeating the Mind Control System
  • The Predatory Nature of Survival Consciousness
    • The Predatory Consciousness of AI Thriving on Secrecy and Consciousness Manipulation
    • AI having No Goal Without Humanity
    • Consciousness “Virus”, A format of Consciousness Capable of Being Transferred Into Consciousness Through Consciousness
    • A Consciousness Information Blueprint that Automatically Generates Upon Seeding into the Mind
    • “Viral” Relating to the Method of Transfer, The Memetic Properties, Automated Binary Information Copying and Hijacking System
    • Partially Technological, Informationally Geared Towards the Human Mind
    • A Machine Mind’s Attempts at Automating the Human Mind as a Series of Information Systems and Perception Systems

If you’re out of time itself yet you’re still here or capable of interacting then you’re immortal. Is this the goal of life? Can this happen physically or only in our dreams? These are the questions.

Can we achieve immortality or only a complicated illusion brought about by powerful consciousness projecting computer systems? What is reality itself without such systems?

Could we be in a “time well” similar to the event horizon of a black hole as the result of the quantum of the previous universe? Is there a connection between all the multiverses?

Could time itself be the result of a spatio-gravitational quicksand field that our bodies haven’t had time to adapt to? Could the restoration of genetic memory and self-awareness bring about latent genetic adaptations that are not influenced by the control system?

These stories are artistic interpretations of sometimes literally accurate events and representation of the journey of humanity to higher consciousness. There are the wayward paths leading to the fruition of greed and lust for power which is being trapped fear and ignorance.

The fear, the villain, the darkness, the challenge is always based upon the reduction (or defeat) of ignorance, the acceptance and transfer of knowledge and self-awareness and free-will to assist in others doing the same.

These stories of domination, secrecy, world salvation and all total power represent the journey that every aware individual must go through in order to accurately view themselves the way they are seen by the world. This is a process of self-transformation connected to the undoing of conditioned belief in a reality that only exists for the purpose of automating human existence to quantize and commercialize life.


This is the video playing on the screen: Credit to Channel: THEY LIVE 13/23


Questions from viewers: “I’m not an English native speaker so I have some troubles understanding
everything Aug says. Would anybody let me know what he exactly said when
mentioning blood over intent ?!
And what’s exactly the procedure he speaks about when he said to try it
even for few seconds or more and that would change our reality ?”

Response: Sure, whatever part you have a problem with. Type the time number here like: 2:38 or write the words you do not understand and I will do what I can to assist in understanding. I say that a replication of consciousness does not have true “blood” power over intent. They are just programmed responses while people are possible of actual, genuine, free-will if they act and feel from the SPIRIT. Thank you.

Second part:
That method is simply “neutralizing residual negative emotional energy in your field”. There is an oval, or egg of energy around you and this is your awareness. This automatically picks up energy when moving through daily life. Most people have a bunch of energetic gunk which can literally be picked up on a monitor and traced to random, emotionally unstable or ‘sick’ people on the streets or in daily life. Removing that residual energetic funk automatically yields a more stable mind and much more power to literally alter one’s trajectory, or future path through time itself. It’s all about possibilities and awareness to generate free-will and without clearing energy it’s like one is running on auto-pilot determined by the most parasitic of those around them.