Stargate to the Cosmos ~ Hosts Janet & Dr. Sasha

  • Many topics are discussed

  • White and Dark Hats

  • Underground Bases

  • Celebrity Cloning

  • Look into Celebrity Cloning

    • Matrix is All Around

    • Consciousness

    • Life and Death

    • Mystery

    • Answers

    • Religion, Liars, Deception

    • Money,

    • Accounting

    • Occult

    • Symbolism

    • Subconscious

    • Quantum

    • Physics

    • Time

  • Stasis

  • Accelerated Growth

  • Age Reversal

  • Age Regression

  • Mind and Soul – Correspondence

  • Anything is possible.

Multiple bodies

Projection, Mind and Energy

Physical Matter, Atoms

Computer Translated Memories

Star Gates, Portals

Natural Ability

End of War

Illegal Treaty Owned by Families


Corporate Owned Space Station

Quantum Tunneling

Technical Properties of Advanced Technoogy

Properties and Extra-Dimensional Medium of Higher Space



Celebrity Cloning


Temporal Operation, Paradoxes, Alterations

Agreements Commitment

Thoughts, Intents

Soul Unveiling True Self

War, Awakening,

Ignorance to Knowledge. Ignorance Virus