Human Cloning in the Digital Universe

This is what my direct involvement with these projects have shown. It’s literally as simple as an informational system. When one interacts with causal sources of experience that are formed from an inorganic intelligence matrix, this is like one video game character going over to the ‘AI’ video game domain.

It’s literally choices, actions, energies, frequencies, ideas, intents, associations. That’s the process of ‘conscious’ quantum cloning which you are referring to as digital cloning.

Not only is ‘quantum’ or digital cloning possible, but we are literally cloning ourselves into whatever space-time we choose through our actions.

This situation became polarized due to the high energy involved and now there are two major universes, the primary organic and the inorganic. Each one becomes a reflection of the other and they are like two sides of an equation. One is replicating the other, and the universe, through consciousness in this way, acts like one big cloning reservoir for souls.

The database records and ‘keeps’ individuals, immortalizing them through this system, yet if that system is unstable (on lose soil) then it will not be able to continue without taking up more energy than it sustains and this is like a black hole or a collapsing system that will take everyone in it down with it.

This is what has been talked about in the ancient texts or ‘scripts’.

3 thoughts on “Human Cloning in the Digital Universe

  1. This came up about 3 weeks ago for me as I was able to identify instantaneously with how much artificial we are dealing with in the duplicate. People, food, products…identifying with my own container changes morphing back and forth…organic items are a scarcity right now. There are things labeled as such but are full of nantechnology which is not on the label. I’ve a keen eye for it and discern and be aware not only of imposter individuals but all things you are putting into, on and surrounding your containment vehicle.

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