The Incomplete False-Reality Spectrum of Biological Consciousness

This is kind of rambly…

How much is .9 equal to 1?

How much is a part to a whole?

What is the base numerical set for the spectrum of creation in this universe? What is the human set?

What if the universe and the human set were slightly offset or possibly that Earth or an overlay system was offset from the universe and humanity?

If the numerical ‘wholes’ we are using and reaching through a specific set of component parts to the whole, are matched for another universe, what would the results be of using that set in this universe? Think energy efficiency and the completion of cycles. The mind is integrated with this. You can’t count to 9 without first using the mind to know of numbers.

What we do with our body, is also taking place in our mind. If we are achieving a set of completion through a number sequence that is partial to the whole, then what we are completing will always remain incomplete in this universe.

One could liken this to the necessity of creation beyond this universe.

In other words, this is just like the difference between .9 and 1.

If we are using number sets that are inherently incomplete, then the difference between a complete set using say 10 and a complete set using 12 would be the difference between .9 and 1.

How would this play out? Would the blinds not close after 10 swipes instead of 12? Would time stop? It means that we would be missing the mental aspect of where we are and what we’re doing here.

Reality would be like a fleeting dream instead of something where each event, day, moment, thought, expression, action, experience, is a forefront reflection of itself throughout all of time and one’s mind and experience throughout itself.

We are making incomplete projections that reflect back to us as a general lack of efficiency and inability to navigate in the higher sense of the universe.

Here is the real meaning.

Where one would normally map out the plot of a story and see a beginning middle and end, they could map out character roles, timings, foreshadowing and so on to make the story ‘complete’.

If we are mapping out this reality, unconsciously using an incomplete pattern, then the end result will also be incomplete. This is a story without resolve and would require another ‘go around’. This seems to be tied in with the cloning as this enables a kind of short-cutting of the process through which one gains greater insight to their own self-awareness and free-will.

This seems slightly confusing, but the idea is metaphysical. It’s not that we are not creating extra actions to fill in the numerical placeholders but that we are not completing the perceptual and intellectual expressions to work to define the self and generate that all inclusive ‘larger picture’ that comes to fruition throughout and at the ‘completion’ of the storyline.

This short-cutting of progress leads to a repetition and this tends to overload the conscious mind which tries to physically, cognitively grasp all of the involved parameters. This is equivalent to the mind-wiping scenario whereby the code given to people as a subliminal insertion to recreate and limit their reality destructively effects their perceptions and self-awareness to the point of literally generating a false-reality of self and perception.

Together these realities create the consensual false-reality universe which is 100% scripted as part of a plan for indoctrination and control.

Simply through number systems the edges of reality are shaved off and people do not see the inclusive nature of space-time beyond physical consciousness and gain access to the information of higher space which describes that ‘storyline’ in higher dimensional glory of truth, self-awareness and spiritual purpose.

That is the stemming of the human mind to become an asset, a part, a component of a physical reality matrix that is based upon incomplete and deceptive blueprints or ideals.

The very notion of time and history is contained within and contains this programming method as the control system is based upon the agreement of a consensually scarce and limited system.

The scarcity is simply a free-will generated aspect of society here and there is no such concept in the larger picture. These ideals, these outlooks, stem from a mental-spiritual control system that is used to influence the mind into accepting the ideals that go against the organic system. Could the organic system be a trap? Could the whole thing be a self-generated dream with no real threat?

In other words, it’s as if, because the number ‘9’ has been erased from a numerical system that people are on longer capable of counting and therefore seeing or perceiving beyond the previously known number.

What we are looking at is a period of extreme informational exposure as people not only learn that there are numbers missing from their comprehension of the universe, but that very quickly they will have to learn of what this means, why it has happened, who is involved, how to avoid destruction, how to accelerate beyond the resistance and how to accurately see what is truly to be seen.

This is all incorporated into and tied together with the oppressive control system using deception and psychotronic warfare tactics.

Often through this system, there are many layers used and the truth will be disguised as deception while the deception is disguised as truth.

What does this really indicate for us? That we have to look at the format, geometry, numerology, outlooks, ideals, and every aspect of what we consider our commonly accepted consensus reality.

What is happening is that people are generating the reality they don’t want as a result of mind-bending subliminal programming and that this was the first “CERN device” as they used these programs and advanced technology recovered from ancient civilization, to literally program the population into creating their own divine afterlife and a recycling program for whoever is still in the system.

Whether men or machine created this nefarious system, at least we can say that the machine can’t create itself and so at some point we must’ve come to this level of advancement and made a choice to give up free-will over to an automated system.

This system is based upon the incomplete numerical set because the whole set cannot be replicated and cannot be contained. What this means is that in order to harvest energy from humans a false human environment had to be created.

The next step of this is that a false time-matrix was created as well and this has the capability of producing a ‘false awakening’ or the experience of becoming aware of the trap in a way that is carefully designed as part of the trap.

This system is designed to function as a feedback reflection synergy for the human energy and so the system not only can only create based upon what it is given as input, when it does create the result is a replicated false reality, timeline and set of personal experiences and mental-emotional routines that repeat the same information on a loop.

The system isn’t necessarily articulated in it’s methods, it’s that the technology and methods used are reflective and consciousness based and therefore as real as the mind makes it is as detailed and real as it’s going to be.

Thus, we have a system which can be overcome by first overcoming the illusion of self and the generation of false ideals or corruptible principles, and awakening to the true nature of reality here.

Because of the nature of consciousness, true awareness of what is cannot be attained through biology. What seems to occur is a mix of a higher dimensional experience and being in the body. This can be dangerous or entirely a trap because these ‘higher realms’ that are where the mind-brain (soul) can experience ‘fulfillment’ may simply be another extension of the same false-awakening reality trap by such a techno-dream system.

If that is true, then would this possibly be indicating that since there is a reflection or replication of the real thing, that there is a real experience?

Instead of liberating the soul, in that sense, to achieve higher awareness, if that is the trap then the truth may be in annihilating the soul in that this frequency based holographic recording of experience is the long-term storage and identifier system used by the techno-matrix universe intelligence.

These are just ideas and the intent here is to expand on what has been done, how deep the deception, manipulation, or simply false-reality goes, how capable we are if we simply begin to interact based upon the blueprint of a more accurate or complete reality (of intent, thoughts, words and actions), and how the mind is an interface for multiple realities and that through the manipulation of the mind control groups have literally created false-realities that people perceive as complete, continuous, and all encompassing, although stricken with suffering and ignorance.

The true threat is wilfull ignorance, acceptance of suffering, loss of self-control, forgetfulness, blindness and acceptance of the illusion.

10 thoughts on “The Incomplete False-Reality Spectrum of Biological Consciousness

    1. They won’t have long. This closed off sector is going to burn soon. This is why they’re going nuts now. Death pangs for kaos so to speak. Total purification.

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  1. Well. Let’s make a new number. Take an 0 and fill it in with a sharpie. We will call this number complete. No more back to 1 or the breakdown to 10. I am about tired of the cycles. We need to be able to learn from the joy perspective rather than, “how much pain can I cause myself before I fall apart.? I’m talking to myself as much as my other selves here. :)

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    1. i concur. Cycles ended. Suffering is just not an option to which I will repeat. Not sure how I’d even go about that as it was a stage in the process which was overcome. That necessary pain gone through in awareness and knowing in spirrit is how this is possible.


  2. Hi Aug -I have a query. Let us say that the entity labelled “Aug Tellez” ie “you” [ meaning you in the Taoist sense as merely a form within this dream like simulation “Universe”] finds himself back on the original Source or “God” timeline. { and..for the sake of this discussion lets say that “you” are doing everything right – i.e. you eat organic food- are heart centered, ignore the ego etc etc – Q: Once one is on their original Source or God timeline [ not the AI simulated Archonic false soul stealing timeline] can one meet AI “clones” on that Source timeline?. Another way of putting it is this.. do the Archonic false timelines seamlessly blend in with the Source timeline or are they utterly separate and distinct “realms”? – The second question I have you also may be able to answer. Your info pertaining to the “UFO” phenomenon I find water tight [ and Ive studied the phenomenon for over 30 years in all aspects including ancient texts, reincarnation, etc -] Yet your info is utterly ignored by mainstream UFOlogy. Linda Moulton Howe in a recent interview with Grant Cameron actually also proposes a similar theory [ that this is a simulation] but her view is that the Archonic Greys [ bio-bots ] are here to “help humanity” – The CIA guy I met told me 1/40 humans have been abducted globally and chipped. Are these Greys here to help or hinder or are there multi purpose Greys from both “teams” here

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    1. I will reply as he is isn’t. This is from my own perspective. Greys are the biological suits for negative entities, robots, dominated species under the reptilians. This is a false light reconstruction of what was here before, but all we see is only an illusion. As Wes Penre has said, the 4% universe or what we can “see” with our limited perception. To take a page out of Xee-a Twelve…this is a corrupted universe trapped and closed off from the light. As long as these negative beings, archontic AI, can take our energy they will survive…once the energy stops flowing they will cease to exist. Be in the world but not of it. Every interaction here is meant to drain your energy to feed the system. Look at Jupiter Ascending the move….you are but sustenance to them. Matrix movies. This is why it has been judged to purge this system altogether. It’s a failure. True light beings go home the rest will cease to exist.

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    1. Clones breaking down and possessions and walk-ins taking over their shells. These beings know they won’t last much longer.


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