Nature and the Holographic False Light Reality (Duality Consciousness)

Question: If let’s say I am at the beginning of this conscious awakening journey and to start getting used to the knowledge of this world as holographic simulation (on one end temporary perception as not real, prison planet of the mind and etc.) then why do we feel good when we get in contact with the nature we feel better, why do we seek relieve in nature if this world is not real, so nature is fake then? These concepts of holographic world create depressing perception while agreeing on the mind control by ai from other dimensions and the whole system but once again the nature brightense the perception and we want to connect with the nature and the perception changes again. Since our dna has been altered and modified to please those systems by falling into their traps and give them our energy that means before the modification why were we here in the first place if this world is holographic simulation. As far as foregn ai intelligence controlling the mind to get the energy out of us as their food – I clearly agree and what requires is learning of self control by changing personal life completely. As far as though keeping in mind as holographic world meaning oh it is not real, illusion then that shakes up the perception of existence here and if to stick with that concept by keeping it in the mind contradicts the connection with nature on this planet which is something sacred and makes by connecting with it makes the existence happier.

It would seem nature is encoded with the spirit of life but this is, in a way, trapped within an illusion. It is as if this process is being used and tapped for ulterior motives.

Holographic relates to fractal simultaneity and reflexive multiplicity. What happens in one portion is reflected throughout the whole.

Holographic also relates to the nature of the inverted parabolic (cardoid) system of projecting information from the self, into the environment and back into the self as a feedback loop which generates the next phase of one’s reality.

DNA modification most likely indicates that this was required to BE in this place, in the first place. The modification is the recording and transferring of human DNA into the false light matrix which would otherwise have no effect.

What is sacred is that which cannot be defiled. The eternal essence is incorruptible. Trying to feed on that essence in a parasitic manner would always result in the death or healing of the parasite.

This is the same situation here, yet it is drawn out over very low energy and information processing levels as if people are in a dream state and thus the perception of that occurrence seems to take place over millennia. This is taking place over “33 days” real time.

In addition to the previous: what if this world has been created by us from the beginning before our degradation, since we come to the realization that we create our present but many of us do not know that anymore or have trouble accepting it?

It would seem we ARE the essence of what IS, IE the true ‘presents, presence’, yet everything else is fallible including subjective memory and recorded history.

This is synonymous with the concept that we are in a stasis system and experiencing a virtual environment. We are truly home, yet the perceptual system that our minds are entrained within is a ‘false environment’, or simply a system designed for the purpose of mimicking the real system well enough to maintain a population of souls for personal energetic extraction going layer by layer to source of the infection or in this way an ‘energetic leak’ within a quantum membrane or barrier. Someone is taking energy from us, through an artificial universe and using it to power their reality.

Or to correct a little as far as (before the degradation) of course before degradation, because the degradation happened here when we came here after creating it, and as far as other planets and worlds were created by other beings.

This is seemingly an aspect of the ‘time paradox’. By creating it, it deceptively created the false history of our own manipulation, enslavement, and false afterlife.

And may be that is why we find the relieve in nature in this hijacked world because we created before.

It would seem that nature acts as an energy barrier. In this way, yes you can achieve coherence by emitting residual trauma into a mass field of information and energy processing. Yet this is not the solution as there is still the previously discussed scenario and thus this is like the colorful wallpaper or the hanging crib toy to keep the child occupied and relaxed.

And I guess not only our world got hijacked but now we are getting hijacked.

It’s information. If the information that comprises this reality is tainted the sooner or later we will have to confront this possibility and the possibility that we, ourselves, have become involved in part of this charade.

We are in the beast, those who are not of the beast will be vomited out.

28 thoughts on “Nature and the Holographic False Light Reality (Duality Consciousness)

  1. I’m one who has disconnected from that life completely. I own nothing but what’s in my car, live renegade and that’s how I like it.I work as I need to via self employment gigs. The family setups…all friends all 550+ LinkedIn colleagues and connections mean nothing to me. All social media accounts except YouTube I deactivatef. It was all part of who I thought I was and that false identity and all it’s trauma no longer exists because it is not in then reality I have created for myself over the past year. For awhile I was living two lives and I freed myself from the need to continue that. Once you see how the setups worked to further the trauma, delay the unraveling…it was liberating to rid myself of all the unnecessary feelings that were haunting me of the guilt unworthiness shame and targeted situations where I would take the blame until I was convinced as it all fell apart every attempt to recover I was fed bait fell for external happiness that were Jeckyl Hyde scenarios. These continued triggers of targeting over my entire life were to reinforce everything that I knew I wasn’t and I fought. I fought til I almost had no more. Literally scathed from existence a year ago. I got my last taste of trauma in duality form with an imposter who mastered an original essence being with intelligence by design but here the goal was to further drain my essence. Love Bite New Predator. The illusion came with difficulty on purpose and the end it was blatant in my face so I’d get it. I so I would SEE IT ALL Get it and GET OVER IT .
    I’m on a damn mission here!! No more distractions! The song above was created for a victim mentality. Spirit knows no such thing. Reptile brain was made for self pity. Move BEYOND.

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  2. ” Some people get up at the break of day
    Gotta go to work before it gets too late
    Sitting in a car and driving down the road
    It ain’t the way it has to be

    But that’s what you do to earn your daily wage
    That’s the kind of world that we live in today
    But isn’t where you wanna be
    And isn’t what you wanna be

    Give me one more day, one more day
    Give me another night, just another night
    I need a second chance, second chance
    This time I’ll get it right, this time I’ll get it right
    I’ll say one last time, one last time
    I’ve got to let you know I’ve got to let you know
    I’ve got to change your mind, change your mind
    I’ll never let you go

    You’ve got to look at life the way it oughta be
    Looking at the stars from underneath the tree
    There’s a world inside and a world out there
    With that TV you just don’t care
    They’ve got violence, wars and killing too
    All shrunk down in a two-foot tube
    But out there the world is a beautiful place
    With mountains, lakes and the human race
    And this is where I wanna be, and this is what I wanna do

    Give me one more day, one more day
    Give me another night, just another night
    I need a second chance, second chance
    This time I’ll get it right, this time I’ll get it right
    I’ll say one last time, one last time
    I’ve got to let you know, I’ve got to let you know
    I’ve got to change your mind, change your mind
    I’ll never let you go

    Just give me one more chance, one more chance
    Give me another night, just another night
    With just one more day, one more day
    Maybe we’ll get it right, you know we’ll get it right
    I’ll say one last time, one last time
    I’ve got to let you know, I’ve got to let you know
    If I could change your mind, change your mind
    I’ll never let you go ”

    Songwriters: Bernard (gb 2) Sumner / Peter Hook / Philip Cunningham / Stephen Paul David Morris

    New Order – Krafty (Official Music Video) – YouTube


  3. It’s interesting as I ventured off the beaten path down a dirt road in Northern AZ yesterday and just sat out on a tree stump looking around at this copy of nature so dull and dense compared to the original – brighter, brilliant, abundant version we long to see instead, but remember. It gets more difficult to enjoy this version because of the veils that dropped and I see what it really is.

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  4. Greetings Aug Tellez,

    I’ve recently learned of you from a young lady by the name Aluna Ash and have been overwhelmed by what you’ve had to experience! I could not have children due to a botched surgery I had while in the US Navy! All because I wanted to give this guy I was dating children! Well, the guy did not work out, and I’ve never met anyone since that I wanted to share my life with, so for the past 13/14 years I’ve stayed to myself. Sleeping around is not safe!

    But that is not what I wanted to discuss! You speak of the upcoming technology that will be revealed soon! For the past 6 or 7 years I’ve heard other guys say similar things! Hearing you discuss what’s coming causes me to believe you more than these guys that talks about what supposedly is to happen! (Medbeds, Food Replicators, etc) Yet years continue to go by! Especially when they discuss the change over to gold backed currency!!! And everyone is supposedly getting $20 million dollars. Yet that hasn’t happened either! (But 10-15 years down the road, money is no longer needed). So what is the truth! So many contradictions are being stated!!!

    I want to help so many, but don’t have anything, and I mean, nothing to give!!!

    People continue to die and Ascension is continually held up due to the Dark State or deep state (black hats) is what these guys are saying, is the hold up! But I listened to your message today (Elite, Bloodline, Ritual, Abuse, Celebrities, Politicians, Presidents) at the last 7 or 8 minutes where you say the dark hats are the good and those that are called the white hats are the evil ones to watch out for!

    How do we know! I am trying to focus on going within! But it is difficult due to being unemployed for over two years and not having the nutrition needed to focus!!!

    How can I focus and meditate to put myself in that place where I can be one with my Spirit and grow to be a stronger more focused positive energy and not keep having rejection, or anger affect my essence!???

    I have been aware of a lot of some of the Ascension information for years, but did not realize it was real! As I grew up in a home where my parents are sooo religious, that they don’t realize they have been lied to about some of what is in the Bible! I haven’t gone to church for over 30 years! So how do I get myself ready for the amazing changes coming when I can’t feed myself in a healthy manner, to focus and get myself healthy?

    Thanks for any feedback. Take care of yourself!!! Lots of Love Always!


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    1. Don’t read into the cryptic part too much, it more or less means there is a deception that means we can’t be sure about who is who.

      Listen to your feeling, don’t ignore but don’t let emotion destabilize your focus.

      Negative ions are healing and found in forest, river or beach kinds of areas away from em pollution.

      Ascens ion is a difficult matter to discuss. There are multiple layers, technological ascension is a good starting point. Humanity is heavily technologically intermixed consciously and collectively and so a portion is cybernetic.

      Anger teaches control and self-awareness, without control anger teaches destruction and misery which can be repaired and healed with self-awareness.

      Most information will have some degree of misinformation and often there is outright disinformation.

      What we’re looking at is a multi-dimensional reality system like the sparkles on a diamond the form of a large rotating mandala pattern emerging as the result of interdimensional ‘sono lumin essence’ generated or transduced by pure intelligent awareness.

      The human contains the potential for self-awareness and this is thought to be the ‘higher mind’ or the ‘soul’ by some.

      What we do with our mind and energy, focus and thoughts determines how much feeling we have at a default baseline. Most issues are a result of hemispheric imbalance and resulting stress complicated with situational circumstances that are potentially the result of lack of focus and the acceptance of illusion or lack of self-accountability at some point.

      If we are on the viable timeline then all souls are removed from the system from here on out.

      Those that die are part of a class of slightly out of phase souls that are together and there are then those that transfer alive.

      Those that transfer alive are alive in Earth mortality and are alive in eternity.

      Focus on improving health by reducing unhealthy decisions regarding quality of food when applicable, sleep timing, eating time, exposure to artificial light, sugars, caffeine, and so on.

      You can read Jack Kruse for more information on artificial light exposure and circadian rhythm, mitochondrial relationship.

      “A lack of full spectrum solar exposure during the day, or getting man’s light at night is the most common reason for disease epidemics today, and in my opinion, the and most overlooked issue in all of medicine these days. When blue light, RF, or microwaves affects melanopsin adenosine biology is altered. ”

      Thank you for reading, you

      Listen to your spirit with your feeling. What you focus on

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      1. Thank you for responding! Just awakened by frequency interference! I used to walk outside daily for 6 miles, now I can’t, due to the area in which I live! I sometimes will almost get hit by drivers that don’t care I’m out exercising, and of the sky is full of chemtrails!!! I will be fasting til the 1st of the month since funds are tight. Thank goodness for water! Then again, with everything being poisoned, how thankful can I be!!!

        Thanks again for your feedback!


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      2. I echo Orionras comment there, thankyou for your great well written reply. Savory is in my thoughts I hope good things Manifest for her this September and beyond.

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          1. Thankyou you as well.

            I just felt it extremely wrong, and unacceptable , you are in the situatoin you described, considering there are evil fuckers left right and centre who have controlled the banking system and seem to be in league with the interdimensional 4D astral realm false busllshit gods so called gods. And that theres supremely rich people here, and everythings so wrong, I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on talking on this topic but I wont
            Instead. you fasting until the end of the month. Out f fucking necessity, And you be such a trusthseeking awakend refreshing person. If you ever need help message me here or wherever you see Adamspiritualwarrior on this blog. take kelp.
            For What It’s Worth
            Liam Gallagher
            In my defense, all my intentions were good
            And heaven owns a place somewhere for the misunderstood
            You know I’d give you blood if it’d be enough
            Devil’s on my doorstep since the day I was born
            It’s hard to find a sunset in the eye of a storm
            But I’m a dreamer by design and I know in time, we’ll put this behind
            For what it’s worth, I’m sorry for the hurt
            I’ll be the first to say, “I made my own mistakes”
            For what it’s worth, I know it’s just a word and words betray
            But sometimes we lose our way
            For what it’s worth
            Behind the lens is a poison picture you paint
            And let’s not pretend you were ever searching for saints
            ‘Cause I’ve been crucified for just being alive
            Somewhere in the crossfire of this whispering war
            Seems that I forgot just what I was fighting for
            But underneath my skin there’s a fire within
            Still burning
            For what it’s worth, I’m sorry for the hurt
            I’ll be the first to say, “I made my own mistakes”
            For what it’s worth, I know it’s just a word and words betray
            Sometimes we lose our way
            For what it’s worth
            The first bird to fly gets all the arrows
            Let’s leave the past behind with all our sorrows
            I’ll build a bridge between us and I’ll swallow my pride
            For what it’s worth, I’m sorry for the hurt
            I’ll be the first to say, “I made my own mistakes”
            For what it’s worth, I know it’s just a word and words betray
            But sometimes we lose our way
            For what it’s worth
            Songwriters: Liam Gallagher / Simon Jons
            For What It’s Worth lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc


    2. Hello Savory
      I was wondering , do you have a paypal account or something? Or is it possible via Amazon? I want to help you with what little I have to help you this month. Or I could send you some powerful nutritional supplements, or you could order them yourself. I was thinking outside in the garden before, something that would really be powerful help and support to you, is capsules of certain brands of Kelp which have low toxic metals and are very very nutrient dense with so many good things in.
      Best wishes Adam X

      the benefits of kelp – by Lawrence Wilson, MD

      Why Kelp And Not Other Iodine Supplements? Why Kelp And Not Other Green Superfoods? Why Kelp And Not Other Sea Vegetables? A Very Yang Food And …

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      1. Hi Adam,

        I do not have a PayPal account presently! Someone hacked it years ago! So I stay away from it, until I can hire someone to help me fix that. What is the name of the store or website for the nutrition. For some reason my stomach bloated from eating some rice i had in the cupboard for almost two years! So I’m fasting until I feel better. Waking up with headaches the past few days.

        I also have a question? Is kelp a hybrid food? I read where it was? Just curious! That was my go to food until recently!

        That you for caring. It is near the holiday season, so maybe I can find someone to hire me for a Xmas job!

        Thank you again!

        Lots of Love and Understanding!!!


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        1. Kelp a hybrid food? I don’t know the answer to that. I just sense its extremely nutirentin dense Savory and will help. I mightr be wrong. But if my intel I wrong. Buy natures way or solaray or endomet and start taking kelp each today this will powerfully help you Adam.
          I was very sad youre fating until October 1st. THIS ISNT RIGHT.


        2. Hi again just to clarify I meant its not right and just about sums up this reality were in. Whats wrong with it. Some people are so without money they must fast until October 1st. And of course theres people in even worse more dire situations too. I pray all this gets fixed and solved soon. If Thomas Williams and the Manna World Holding Trust stuff is for real . Then everythings going to be fixed soon X.
          There she goes
          There she goes again
          Racing through’ my brain
          And I just can’t contain
          This feelin’ that remains
          There she blows
          There she blows again
          Pulsing through my vein
          And I just can’t contain
          This feelin’ that remains
          There she goes, there she goes again
          She calls my name, pulls my train
          No one else could heal my pain
          But I just can’t contain
          This feelin’ that remains
          There she goes
          There she goes again
          Chasing down my lane
          And I just can’t contain
          This feelin’ that remains
          There she goes
          There she goes
          There she goes
          Songwriters: Lee Mavers
          There She Goes lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Grou


    3. Hi Savory hope you are ok.

      Category: Health Matters
      The Borax Conspiracy
      Available Diets and Supplements to Counteract Life Style Diseases
      Water Treatment Tech

      Available Diets and Supplements to Counteract Life Style Diseases
      (This is a pretty long pdf and I haven’t read it all yet but has some pretty useful valuable info in such as to make thyme and herbal pestos/pastes and using lemon peel and other things that all aid detoxification, and various ideas for nourishment, but I haven’t read it all or put into action all these things as of yet.)


      1. Savory here, all is well as things can be… Still seeking work. But trying to work with the retrograde energies the Universe is going through now! I am very very patient and doing well. Have grapefruit, raw beets and watermelon in the fridge. Happy to have that. Yes, there are many that do not have that. So I am not complaining. I must keep my Spirit high and positive. No, not artificially high. But by keeping love and over/innerstanding in my heart.

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    4. Hi again Savory you seem a very nice genuine pure person with nice energy I think this gelatin information will be of help Adam

      Fine leaf purified gelatine can be a very calming anti inflammatory gut repairing soothing brain and joint protective food item. Buy a packet, put all 24 sheets in a jug, add boiling water, stir vigorously with a spoon and scrape the bottom to avoid it congealing going to waste. Let it cool and stir again then drink. This is why ramen stock soups in Japan are so powerfully healing. The mountain villages with lots of centenarians, active and robust gardening into their 90s, drink gelatine rich hyaluronic acid mineral rich bone broths. It will nourish your joints and soothe and calm and activate your parasympathetic nervous system. If it’s affordable get Great Lakes gelatin which is pure and better and easy. If using supermarket gelatin only use the purified fine leaf as other types have impurities. As with everything, glyphosate exposure is a concern with the fine leaf gelatin but hopefully levels aren’t too high and benefits outweigh risks. I’ve never experienced any I’ll effects though it’s been a while. I might drink gelatin today actually. Amazon order too.


      1. Thank you for the link for the gelatin! I’ll try it at the beginning of the month! Have a great Thanksgiving sharing time with family!!!

        Lots of Love everyone!!!

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    5. ”If you say run
      I’ll run with you
      And if you say hide
      We’ll hide
      Because my love for you
      Would break my heart in two
      If you should fall into my arms
      And tremble like a flower”

      David Bowie – Let’s Dance (Live- HQ Vid & Excel sound).mp4 – YouTube


      1. His Black Star video is quite interesting…full of symbolism. He’s no different than the other useless parasites in Hollywood that have sold their souls for fame and fortune.


        1. The astronaut reminds me of Alalu. How many times must these garbage parasites re-tell the stories. If they think it’ll save them from being wiped out by hammering it into the psyche of the trapped ones they’re mistaken. This is chaos magick as it stands…symbolism and intent. They bombard the senses from birth to death with what they want you to believe as they try to erase the truth. They want to replace God with god. How many times must he fall. They’re also trying to equate Jesus with the fallen shining star, now become the black star, En.Ki the golden boy. Not the same being. One was an avatar sent down to awaken the trapped beings and the other is an archontic mind controlled fallen annunaki playing god. These mind parasites enhance the negative traits in beings hence the rampant egoism inherent in the fallen ones. A grandiose vision of themselves, placing self importance above others. This is the chain that extends down through every controller on this level…watch the eyes and energies of the likes of rockefeller rotschilds soros obama clintons etc etc. very mechanical very egotistical and the agenda is quite clear.

          The flyers gave man their mind. When you protest (awaken) they demand you do not (counter with programming and threats). Don Juan Matus


        2. Indeed. Im no David Bowie fan and think a lot of his stuff, output, career, even thought I haven’t been a devoted student of his because id get bored. I felt a lot of David Bowies stuff was hyperinflated crap. Someone on Tapblog while we were discussing Bowies Blackstar video etc, she said he was a Zionist act. I agree, We have to wonder who actually ‘david bowie ”is/was and what the agenda has been with him like with so many others in the music industry. EMI has been an MI5 operation apparently. Has all or most of 20th century music been an MI5 Establishment creation? probably a lot yes. I don’t think George Michael or Sting are. Though I thin George Michael came under a lot of pressure and attck and his death is very suspicious.

          But back to David Bowie yes his Blackstar song and video is highly interesting and suspicious and IHS Black Sun Jesuit stuff being said in there, Just like this months ”Stephen Hawking” (who died decades ago this is was a clone front pushing fake Demiurge black hole artificial construct physics). Book bookshop windows here in England ”brief answers to the big questions” with a black sun on the cover. Note that Hawking . ”Stephen Hawking ” esteemed physicist has several times been a guest on Jeffrey Epsteins Caribbean pleasure island. if the truth of physics suppression wasn’t disgusting enough. What goes on at Epsteins island IS TRULY REPULSIVE and I crave the day all know gthe truth and these vermin are arrested. You mentioned somewhere whether on email or on here about SSP disclorure. SSP Disclosure must happen even if Trump Nazi factions are driving it. The truth about suppressed nikola tesla physics, Star Trek Star Wars interdimensional SSPs and free energy. And how old age pensioners in winter must decide between eating and heating.

          Back to David Bowie. Im not a huge follower fan. But he does display some serious talent when performing live and I do think he sold his soul and did a Rodger Morneau type yputrube deal with the devil for his gifts whatever they are. But Bowie was good in a few songs, and Live. But youre right, he sold his soul, was a useless waste of space and a Zionist Frankfurt School Act. In many respects.

          But he did do some powerful wonderful performances like above Lets Dance Live and I sent it to Savory just now.

          Look at this strange Bowie video. Tilda Swinton is a bloodline illuminati like Bowie and Matt Damon and many others now im realsing. good song though. Weird and haunting. Good song.

          ”Waiting for the first move
          Satyrs and their child wives
          Waiting for the last move
          Soaking up our primitive world”

          The Stars (Are Out Tonight) Lyrics

          Stars are never sleeping
          Dead ones and the living

          We live closer to the earth
          Never to the heavens
          The stars are never far away
          The stars are out tonight

          They watch us from behind their shades
          Brigitte Jack and Kate and Brad
          From behind their tinted window stretch
          Gleaming like blackened sunshine

          Stars are never sleeping
          Dead ones and the living

          Waiting for the first move
          Satyrs and their child wives
          Waiting for the last move
          Soaking up our primitive world

          Stars are never sleeping
          Dead ones and the living

          Their jealousy’s spilling down
          The stars must stick together
          We will never be rid of these stars
          But I hope they live forever

          David Bowie – The Stars (Are Out Tonight) (Video) – YouTube


    6. ”But when the night is falling
      You cannot find a friend (friend)
      You feel your tree is breaking
      Just then
      You’ve got the music in you
      Don’t let go
      You’ve got the music in you
      One dance left
      This world is gonna pull through
      Don’t give up
      You’ve got a reason to live
      Can’t forget
      We only get what we give
      This whole damn world, could fall apart
      You’ll be ok, follow your heart
      You’re in harms way, I’m right behind ”

      New Radicals – You Get What You Give – YouTube


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