Truth, Knowledge, Self-Liberation

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The idea that Earth is an experimental civilization. The origins of each component from different layers of an informational energetic multidimensional universe.

The truth of the origins of humanity, consciousness and the universe must be known. Knowing the whole truth too fast results in a chaotic destructive effect. The physical lay-out of the universe may not contain all the ‘moving parts’ of the whole multidimensional universe.

The mental constructs which have been warping humanity’s mind for multiple ages is most likely moving out of phase and in this way ‘out of view’.

Truth is inherently challenging to the persona. No persona is complete. One could say each persona is actually formed out of an image that is generated to fill the gaps of what we don’t know. In this Earth society, or previously, this shaped consciousness more than the knowledge of who we are and what is happening. Truth must be known because we are at a biological limit where those who haven’t begun to see would be overly stressed attempting to know at a later time.

In short, the events that changed everything already happened. If people are launched into a world that is openly understood as being far beyond what Earth society is openly now, then their knowledge or lack of knowledge here will no longer be a possibility they have control of. In other words, the only chance to do it is here and now, later will not yield the same results. If everyone knows, it will not mean the same as for those who knew and lived their lives in knowledge of the truth while it was hidden.

In that way, it’s as if this society only exists, more directly the reality that is believed in and followed, as a virtual construct supported by the confused persona’s that do not have enough accurate information, knowledge and truth to consciously operate in the full available spectrum of possibilities. Those possibilities, that reflects the larger reality and they are always present and related to the nature of consciousness, the origins of humanity and the universe.

In another way to put it, it’s as if when those of the surface society are shown the truth, they are no longer apart of that false reality that only exists in the minds of the ‘lost’. They are ‘lost’ in the sea of consciousness because they do not know how to orient themselves and navigate in knowledge and truth about themselves and reality. This is related to the purpose of certain programs to avoid mass panic. It’s not a game, some things are veiled for the purpose of avoiding catastrophe. This is not the same for everything, but in a way, how many nefarious activities have been disguised.

Knowing is not a linear process with certain limited events. This is an accumulative process that results in awareness of one’s self without consciousness collapse or inversion after enough energy and intent of self-awareness has been maintained over a period of time with an amount of energy relative to the one waking up.

Enough ego to know the self but not so much to overturn awareness into recycled consciousness data.

The second half of the slide-show may be a bit distracting but the information is overall relative.

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