The event in question is prepared by learning to discern between true and false on a soul-level of awareness meaning that this is beyond the simple consciousness that we use for daily life.

The state that we are in when we must have our wits about us and defend against the artificial intrusion of holographic light consciousness entrainment is outside of the consciousness parameters. So we must be able to essentially ‘resist’ the illusion in the dream-state, or the state between fully conscious in this word and passing through some other levels of sub-conscious or interdimensionally relative state of awareness.


It is either a system that targets the human when they are passing through these intermediary states or it is capable of generating these states through subliminal suggestion and hypnotic trance inducing scalar machinery.

Some of the images are from the following references:

DeTURTM Desensitization of Triggers and Urge Reprocessing Published by Elwin Curtis –

Elemental Quaternity – Reality and Consciousness Symbolism Published by Kris Nelson

Consciousness is Central to the Functioning and the Objective of the Universe Sandeep Gupta –



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