Jerusha – montauk mayhem.

Disclosure by some one directly involved with the secret experiments. Advanced technology is used, gateways were accessed, interdimensional intelligences and epigenetic abilities were weaponized. Experiments led to ripping a hole in the structure of space and time, however this is a cartoonish laymen’s explanation. Portals are opened through extreme  traumatization to the point of activating the central nervous system and thus spiritual system’s near death experience which seems to act like an ‘eject’ button for the soul.

Entities were located and either forced there way out or were released. Plans were formed and quantum hijacking of the collective field through technological methods involving mind control, spiritual attacks, genetic replication, consciousness replication, ritual abuse, the generation of alters capable of operating in virtual realities, the splicing of different species and so on. This is the system that was written about years ago as the technology of the fallen and the plan to take over the world. No one is who you think, everything you know is given to you to paint the picture. The obvious truth is what is happening as is directly apparent to your awareness. There is a consciousness virus that is organizing events to reproduce itself through our emotional charge and subliminal indoctrination.

Everything has changed, according to the story, power has shifted and this is no longer permitted. However, the darkness that was let into this realm will not leave peacefully, thus the real work begins in getting everything done that this society needs to understand, before things get too out of hand to maintain stability in the artificial world.

The virtual indoctrination reality that only exists in the minds of people is doomed to fail and it will take their ego and their identities with it if they are still connected. Please share this work, this is the information of one aspect of the programs I was involved in.


5 thoughts on “Jerusha – montauk mayhem.

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    You have more important things to worry about than arguing on the internet so your mind clone is corrupted and placed within an animal hierarchy environment.
    Dii quello che pensi e scrivi quello che dici modo che sia indubbio non ingannevole o usato come parifrasi o segnali o contro-versetto per concetti degli oscuri.(senza pensare al resto che gia’ ha il peso).I social sono re-inseriti ultimamente con comparse e arruolamenti pagati con moneta astrale discendente.Non diamo opportunita’ strumenti perle ai cani e porci:essere chiari trasparenti coerenti e cauti.


  2. Read and learn and use your inner discernment. Not all is as it seems. This is all a game. Unfortunately brute force couldn’t be used to take down darkness, it had to be played in games of chess. That’s what happens when Light gets trapped in darkness. The game is over. The Love must rise as the Truth descends and it suffocates this Kaos here. No more time, no more drainage. Focus all your energies on ending this now. Doesn’t matter the beliefs…only your will and intent. You know the power in the words. They fear it now…the wave is almost here.

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  3. Seems Aug’s site is becoming inundated with those that are threatened by his words and are spreading New Age BS to confound the information. Keep the words pure in their state. Truth will no longer be co-opted. Any being that tries it will not like the consequences.

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  4. I have to say that someone kind of loses me the moment they talk about Crowley as a Satanist. He was a Kabbalist this is a huge difference. And he said “Do as thou wilt” only according to the the law which is love, and a will fortified by love he never said do whatever you want but just that in love there are no controls over the will which is your power. Now did Crowley live this to the fullest, hardly lol, but he tried in a way that was transcendent in his own way. He did overcome of sorts “duality” if one has ever read his works, and he felt this coming age would see an end to control where love became the law as a force of the will and also humanity would be set free by the coming of the “divine child” or “son” that brings freedom to mankind. He also rejoiced in Babylon as the apex of all spiritual adultery and blasphemy because she as a civilization would produce this divine child, he was able to see how Aug has described that somehow the utter most debasement of consciousness would lead to purity, it was revealed to him that out of the muck of every abomination would come a great purity in spirit in understanding this son of God who he attributed to the coming of Horus or true divine sight from above and below . As Aug has illustrated well this is the truth of what is happening for it is only when we have a polarity of the bottom of the barrel of sorts in regards truth that truth that can actually enter, where you get utterly the most debased consciousness alongside of one that can be liberated simultaneously. Now Crowley rightly understood that what is being promoted cosmically at least while he lived of sorts was a race to the bottom, like his line on do not think any God right now will deny you the license to be high as hell on drugs lol which is true, and he did understand that this was to dig into the depths of his own abasement to hopefully come out on the other side in that a perfection of the universe was going to come through this. But like anyone he got lost in that though what he understood had a lot of truth in it, and he strangely could see two sides of a coin outside of duality far beyond the consciousness of his day, though still flawed in living it properly, but there is a reason why this matrix will tell the world Crowley was the wickedest man to ever live and scare people away from ever reading him. Yes the elite hated that he openly revealed their secrets, but even he himself didn’t even know what he was revealing a lot of the time for his visions were hard for him to even understand. One of them that reveals this is his 30th Aethyr, where he is shown that the name of YHVH has been broken to pieces on a black cube, who Crowley understood was the highest form of God of the Father here like The Bible states as a Kabbalist though he understood this connected with lots of other imagery/consciousness, and he writes in his notes what the hell is this black cube this is some evil shit lol, but then with certain disclosure we know that those at the highest levels in their rituals place a black cube on a Bible as a major part of rituals that attempt to control this reality. And then we see here the differences in what Crowley called the White and Dark brotherhoods of which he illustrates their thinking openly. Satanic and what is described here is an aspect, Luciferian of sorts is the White though Crowley inadvertantly reveals much of the White brotherhood he was never aware of for they follow that Bible too in their own twisted ways for they do not realize they are in a control system themselves as to their perception of their “light” and “truth.”

    The issue I see with some of this stuff is it spits the Christianity lingo, which is also in deception in its perception distortions of the words of that book. That is what this age of freedom will clarify as to the “son” which hey even Crowley foresaw this age will be a revelation of the “son” which is apparent in Jesus but not as has been taught. So I think this info is good, and yes there is the element of truth that was shown in Jesus Christ, but we have been deceived even as to that. ALL belief systems are compromised and programmed, and I hate to say it this woman is still in it to a degree for there is a truth to that but it is not in any Christian doctrine as it stands right now. I say this as a person who also had experiences where Jesus protected me from dark shit as a child, but my consciousness had to come out of Christianity which is a piece of Babylon in order to come into any higher understanding of that universal force of truth and even understand that book in new ways that I have never heard taught ever and do not require a religion. This is a big hurdle for people that have experiences as children with Jesus via trauma, I know because I have been through it, though one really needs to move on into the bigger picture, and for one stop buying the elite’s scapegoat for evil as to Crowley and even be open to the fact hey dude may have had some thoughts that were highly valuable for even a “Christian” to ponder, his own amazement with his own visions which really reveal some intense stuff reveal he was never involved in the types of things that are being revealed though he did reveal a lot knowingly/unknowingly, and if anyone is going to speak on something as truth well you might want to start stopping throwing around Crowley with the control grid elite and a Satanist because you start out with a lie in your thinking right there it shows you buy hook line and sinker into it and have no problem talking about other people you really have never looked into for one and stop thinking your long held belief system holds every truth ever put forth in existence and is all you need revealed spiritually for these two attitudes go hand in hand and are in fact part of the problem of consciousness infection right now.

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