Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Equilibrium (Creation and Extra-Dimensional Storage of Self-Knowledge)

If they say one doesn’t know love until it’s gone, well, this is the same concept as falsifying the truth in order to expose who really knows and who doesn’t.

In the same way that one must see who cares beyond the BS, one must see who knows through the illusion or the redirections of logic and perspective into limited versions of reality.

The truth is openly falsified and through this society understands itself. The process is complete when the truth is unveiled through the internal rendering of truth by those who see this by the process within and therefore found it themselves.

If you do not find it within, it doesn’t actually exist in your universe.

If you do not create it within, then you won’t have access to it beyond the superficial.

Nothing is actually created, you are simply uncovering what is already inside you and has been there and has to be there for you to see.

The whole trick about this place is that the whole challenge is the threat or fear of leaving and in the same way that is only impossible when here and not applicable or not necessary when not here.

You’re creating the path that you’ve used to get here by remembering what you’re going to do by superimposing what you are doing now with what you would be doing if you were doing that which lead you to the situation that enables your future control and guidance of the now. It’s like a paradox that cross-entangles the future and the past through one’s mind on a layer that extends beyond consciousness and electrical activity of the brain, possibly access dimensions that are not directly described through limited space and time limitations but can be thought of as complex equations that exist as ‘routines’ or programs that are activated in timespace as manifested visceral experiences that the limbic system and brain seems to experience here.

In the mind’s view, this is one of a many screens, from the body’s view, this is the all.

How can the two exist simultaneously? Could that be possible or just an illusion?

Everything is a play on that first concept of scarcity and abundance, it’s ultimately a play on your emotions and when that doesn’t work you’ll see what really matters.


16 thoughts on “Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Equilibrium (Creation and Extra-Dimensional Storage of Self-Knowledge)

    1. Good to know. Takes all kinds. In context, what do you wish to transmit? I can borrow a near miss translation of dead words. I gain perspective here and my work is done. I don’t want to promote my eternity on a secular alter. The conflagration is not our very owned alter. Revealing a collective of finality to solve differences or prove impact nullifies a mature response to prior collective thoughts,words and actions. Go ahead and work an alter. Our frustration led to rash decisions we have yet to act on. It may be my interpretation is all wrong. I see innocence.

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  1. Can I just say you were able to say it better than I. It just is that. My version is this; breaking away from who you thought you were. Which is all that BS in the physical to bring you to self sabotage with targeted setups of abuse, mind control, confusion and pain (I don’t even resonate with these feelings which are of this construct anymore) Tricked into participating/contributing in your own corruption/destruction through suffering — knowing all this chaos in your life here was was a setup just so you wouldn’t RE-member how powerful you are! Wouldn’t one want the experience of bliss that really is? Wouldn’t one be completely liberated to KNOW this? Too many cannot see beyond the billion distractions, the very tightened noose that their programming has “machine learned” to further inhibit the awakening….

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    1. This is why we’re here…disseminating the awakening code. One final push and then it’s done. No second chances for those that don’t want it, but some still do. I feel some amazing energies that do come on this site and that has kept me around. No one can hide their true selves from me for long. That’s why I converse privately with Adam sometimes…I feel he’s genuine. His dedication is very strong. Others may be just as much. Life isn’t perfect as we play the multiple layers of the game and yet balance it with the mission, but I do what I can when I can. It does come back to help me as well as I get the effort put in to support me by always giving me exactly what I need and when I need it so life isn’t a total monstrosity. No one is alone at the moment…I can guarantee you that. There are beings around ALL who have a chance to awaken and will receive help…no use waiting or wasting the chance. Just because one can’t see something doesn’t mean they don’t have a guardian “angel”.

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      1. My final nudge was from the unseen forces you speak of (and some seen) a year ago, but it’s been since 2009 that I’d been to the darkest times with my spirit fighting all the matrix derailments each time I got close to my final awakening. Things do flow as you speak to, which do come at the right moments you need them. And as we play through the layers of the game in awareness, it’s a whole new playing girls in observation.

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  2. I’ll help put a perspective on this. Reactive programs and drama energy loss inducing parameters. You input the cascade of chain reactions that ultimately lead back to you and what experience you get out of it. If left to their own devices these background decoration beings are not able to act independently beyond base animalistic tendencies. While you’re here you have a job to do, but at the same time you also are the architect of your own fortunes/misfortunes. Yes, it was voluntary to be here in the beginning but then the trap (mind programming etc) has kept you here long beyond how long you’re supposed to be here. This holographic matrix is reactive to you. The “elites” have taken away your power to control it. It is within you to dictate what happens here, but alas you’ve been made to feel less like a god and more like an ant. This is why total mind focus, from deep meditation and connection to your higher self, is needed to be able to effect real change. This is why I adopted a rather dominating personality and attitude as it allows me to effect the change rather than be the output of the change of others effects. Grab the bull by the horns so to speak. No use being complacent. Case in point…beside the corrupted history…Iesu Yeshua took matters into his own hands and made the change, on the other hand Buddha withdrew from the world and forgot to lead by example. The only evidence of his sayings effects were anecdotal but not witnessed. What could they see? Could they see Samhadi or Nirvana? Hell no. Most can’t even comprehend basic introspection let alone anything deeper. Go within…find your WILL…use it. Free yourself. Aleister Crowley’s words were true, but misconstrued…Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law should say…Do What Your Higher Self Wills and Bypass the Ego of the Lower. Good luck.

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    1. So we are being told, shown, that everything has been a lie and that everything from our own thoughts, history, beliefs, this reality, is corrupted, inverted, holographic, etc. then how or why, would we once again, just believe, the “truths” of how it supposedly, actually is? is it not just dropping programming and accepting more programming? I see everything as just confusion. “nothing is real, its all just a show” to me, this means, that even this blog, is part of “the show”. ive often thought, of how you would push those who have gotten to a certain level of awareness, over the edge, to the next or their highest level. would it be by showing them that they once again, have been fooled? would that be the last push to get them to look inside, instead of out? Is my brain just short circuiting? probably, LOL Ive withdrawn, from wanting to participate in anything here. I do have a better understanding for the confusion felt by so many and since Ive walked in their shoes on so many different levels, my compassion for them is great, for all of them, human or not.

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  3. That’s easy to say when you do not have memories of falling and your awareness being shoved into a kind of program. And the next question is, what is real here and who? Am I alone? Have I always been alone and been dreaming? Is everyone just me? And what the hell is wrong with some parts of me? What happened to us that we would be ok with hurting essentially ourselves?

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    1. I feel what you are saying. Although I have been increasingly appreciating the perspective of how much of an incredible challenge an experience like this would be. Imagine a life of complete disconnection? How would you behave? What would you be capable of? It is such a dangerous notion. I struggle accepting that one would intentionally create such a scenario, considering the horrific possible outcomes. I suppose the next interesting idea is did we come in here voluntarily or are we all captives of invaders?

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        1. You have no idea how many times I’ve imagined that I’m disconnecting myself from this all, snatching and throwing off plugs and attachments from parts of my body.😂 It works for a minute. I must admit that I have no damn idea, what I’m doing though!

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          1. I’ve noticed there are many “rerouting” channels. Disconnect one avenue of control by the darkness and another one takes hold. That’s part of the “game”. You’re never truly free until you’re actually free from here. Till then all you can do is fight harder and harder and harder till you can overcome the game itself. It’s within you to do it. Cut the toxic connections first…negative friends and family that are illusory ties meant to hold you here, cut out the negative foods movie music and past times, focus on building up who you are. Take a class, take a course, go to the gym, lots of deep meditation and purification, you don’t have to be meek or humble to be a being of light…just be true to yourself and know the ultimate judge isn’t the person next to you but the God of One True Light.

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  4. Aug, think of your electricity as the life-force pen that reads your consciousness from within. Consciousness is not your brain, but that spiral / vortex. It is what a shaman (not a drug trip) sees. Near death experiencers have zero practice in this, so the spiral / vortex / tunnel they go into is a vacuum cleaner of a different entities’ consciousness. They literally get sucked into it.


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