The Dark Trut

What if everyone is in their own universe powered by AI and non-human management?

Everyone single universe would only have 1 or two people that are powering the future.

That would be difficult to accept because every time we would try to wake up we would say, “Ok, yes, but not RIGHT now because there’s all these people that are sleeping and would be hurt.”

The only way is to wake up everyone.

There is more I have written on this. These are painful flashbacks and the answers are hidden in the vault.

I was not told this was the worst. I was told this is what this is all for. To tell the public.

We didn’t know for a long time. Time already stopped and was reset by a machine safe guards. Dark faction knows the truth.

The dark brotherhood knew the truth.

They were the darkness because of truth. Not the other way around.

They didn’t want to hurt everyone, it’s just the truth. We are not where we think we are and they and everyone else has been using electrogravitic craft and advanced weaponry to avoid contact with these entities that seem to wipe everyone’s mind and put them back into a cookie cutter position in society like it’s all a big show.

6 thoughts on “The Dark Trut

  1. Btw, what is the false stuff you’ve put out…as you’ve mentioned, part of what you put out is disinformation. The problem is that many who come here are not aware enough to sort truth from falsehoods and will bounce from information to information being led around.

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    1. I’ve felt for awhile that all that follow and believe everything from these, who they think are 100% “safe” to listen to, believing that no false info will come from them and that they are the only source of “real truth”will be shocked. But of course, there has to be a push from this level, as well, to progress further. And then another push from the next. I’ve looked for Aug to say one day, naaaa, I was just kidding, about most of it😏 This is my safety measure, to tell myself that. I still like Aug, no matter! He has put out that he has been part of the reprogramming so that’s what all of this has been for. To crush the programs we have and replace them with what most would consider a better program! My question, that I’ve not asked, probably because I had fear of knowing, is have we only ever, been run by one program or another? I feel, no but how would I feel if he answered yes? 🤷🏻‍♀️ None of this is real! He’s said that and smiled while saying it. Everything is for show, all of it! There is a true creator/creation, and this ain’t it! Of course like I always say, it’s only my opinion in where I am at right now. Everyone will, have their own!

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      1. You’re a deep spiritual insight person and I like replying to you :)
        I just ask the hard questions no one else dares ask or is too polititcally correct nowadays to ask. I provide the stimulus for deeper thought no matter where it leads. Perhaps he is doing that in his own way but deepening the connections as you research some of his not real part of the writing to see if you can catch on with your own research. An indirect way of leading you to the truth because maybe perhaps the falsehood stated is right beside the truth.

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        1. Yes, teaching discernment. Too many of us “humans” trust blindly. That’s going to be a real problem, I think, in the coming days, if we can’t see the whole picture and only believe what we hear and see from others. I think the lessons from Aug and a few others go much deeper than I realized.

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        2. greetings. I’m not fatalist and I do not even believe in a blind and obstinate destiny. There is a program. But why do you want to find yourself here? what catalyzes Aug .. if it ‘s him or more other people … our pain soothes? I know it’ crazy and now wonder how it works a free emotional intelligence in this madhouse … yet there are oasis like this?


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