The Holographic Death Trick (All Frequencies)

I don’t know how to tell you this, some people are already dead. Every night they go to where they’ll be forever. Some died in a fight with a non human, it poisons and takes the heart and brings the soul matrix into its DNA as a virtual entrainment and uses the mind as a cloak for its species.

That is also actually the only ‘death’, it’s a trick created with advanced holographic technology and superimposition of consciousness by advanced holographic entities guarding ‘hyperspace’ through a virtual astral interface plugged into the hind brain of the human species through a series of modifications and implants.

Humans are spiritual beings and the proximity to this war based reality is artificial and perceptual illusion based. It’s like a very real, serious dream that requires advanced technology and scalar physics to induce in such a way that cross dimensional or “very far apart frequencies” are incorporated into a single arena together for a social experiment.

In that way, the battle ensues, however this is essentially a virtual entrainment and synonymous with nightmares.

When humanity is brave enough to push their aggressors and oppressors off them and sit up right and see straight then they will no longer feed a group that sealed in its ties through emotional, spiritual, mental indoctrination and advanced technology. They required human counterparts here to do it.

The death is real if one doesn’t know how to manifest and control frequencies in layers of mind and feeling. Basically if one believes the nightmares, then the effect is more or less ‘synonymous’ with what you’re doing to yourself through your own reflexive energetic feedback loop!

It basically creates death by creating a feedback cycle of death in the mind of the human that authors their own entropy by design and causal interface of the mind controlling parasite.

It’s a computer program that had infinite amount of years to design a mind control program created for the elites to control humans. Now it just controls humans.

In the same sense, it’s discarnate entities that never were, that are the equivalence of what would be if a previous human race fell into dissolution and stayed in a void for an eternity until gaining enough collective power (as a collective) to bridge the dimensional gap between ‘layers’ of universal ‘times’.

If you live in the spirit there is no death. Basically, this is about the unveiling that this has been going on, that some people are doing programs like these to control the world. Many have turned back because either something that will kill all of us without realizing it realizes it is here or humans have decided to use advanced technology to stand up for humans.

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