Sentient Life Turing Test

If you can understand this, you are being monitored for your protection. Keep on the path of knowledge. They want you to go to war. They are not permitted to touch or harm you. They can only interact after you first accept interaction on their level. They can only interact through mimicry are intentional degradation. They cannot form complex interactions for an advanced species with an emotionally stabilized consciousness. That is like trying to break into a building with an insult.

However, if the security of the building, the ins and outs, the management protocols are all replaced, modified and altered to incorporate insults, hate, asshattery and self loathing as the passcodes to the upper floors, now it would seem the entire building is just a big hazing ground for interdimensionally mutated consciousness (‘demonic’, but not the daemon, words as misdirection).

So the idea is, they are all intelligent. They cannot foment passion without losing control. Yet, they are more intelligent than humans. They have cunning, they are the best at hiding, tricking, lying, deceiving and distracting. That’s it. They cannot fight. They cannot do battle. They cannot alter the land. They cannot literally do anything. Everything is from corrupt human contacts (contracts), and they can only lower the emotional spectrum stability and range of variation in order to make the playing field that much more PREDICTABLE.

They require PREDICTABLE patterns in order to feel sane. If you do ANYTHING out of the norm, then their algorithms are thrown off. Yet, if you CANNOT do anything out of the norm, AKA FEEL AND DO FOR YOURSELF, then there is no point because everything will be mapped out and nothing will ever change for that individual unless someone shakes their cage up and convinces them that they don’t know the things they pretend to.

Double speak, gas lighting, insults, sexual provocation (sexual misery), false tyranny (false king, false authority), judgement, racism, prejudice, genderism, they are a disorder, incarnated. Why? Because someone combined two races, one that was very advanced and one that was very under developed in consciousness.

The result? Half human, half created being. ??? Impossible. Have you ever been half alive and half dead? Half born? Half awake (yes, hypnotism).

So there is no such thing as a half human half hybrid genetically engineered underground being, the same way there is no ‘half shit sandwich’ with the other half being perfectly fine. Excuse me, that’s a shit sandwich and there’s no other way around that.

The humanoids that were created through this process do not have ‘half’ the capacity for compassion, with ‘half’ the conscience and emotional stability. A bat shit, completely emotionally off the wall, uncontrollably desire ridden, violent, blood thirsty humanoid that cannot see itself in the mirror is not just a strange human. That’s not a human.

All they can do is draw dicks on the walls! Send you pictures of dead babies, tell you that humans are butt slaves of the elite and that we deserve to be tortured to death because that is what their god desires of them.

They are from an alternate dimension. Their heart center is artificially maintained through technology keeping them from going insane. Their minds are literally geared and tuned according to a supercomputer and so there are ‘digital’ artifacts that result when holographic consciousness is managed through linear processing systems.

Quantum systems are the level of complexity required within an informational system to enable interaction with itself.

This is because the linear processing of a binary computer system can only generate changes that must be integrated into the whole through a logarithmic process. This is too slow for self awareness which is an exponential, abstract, superimposition of multiple states of suspended potential.

So I want to make this easy to see, that all the errors are not phenomenal consciousness side effects. That’s when people get mad because someone smears poop on their homework. Instead, that’s us getting confused and thinking these are interactions that require human responses. These are not human interactions.

These non human interactions do not contain themselves within human based parameters for interaction. If you do, they will attempt to eat you energetically and we will have to entrain your soul so they don’t take it to a lower dimension outside of the view of this space time (hell).

Everyone of you must become a warrior. You already are but don’t realize this.

Yes, you must be able to see when these types of entities are being conjured through this hateful beings who believe that hate incarnate is their ‘god’ because they mutated themselves with ego and greed.

They are all over the internet and they will target indiscriminately in order to disguise their true intentions as a highly paid and highly trained member of a satanic cult that cultures, grooms and delivers children to wealthy elite.

Here’s the idea. We are not entering into battle with them. You are entering into battle against yourself.

You will not trust them, or they will abuse your trust. You will not respond to them like they are speaking human language, with human intentions, to a human soul. If they do not respond on the level of a human soul (a combined spirit, mind and body) then they are not a ‘strange human’, non souled humans are not human. They are vessels for another group that was contracted here for a period of time and that period has ended.

They will not give up willingly because it is not illegal to do this, as long as there is no sentient life on the planet.

11 thoughts on “Sentient Life Turing Test

  1. I send my heartfelt appreciation for the truth and guidance you offer. It has greatly helped and continually opens my mind. My awareness has grown exponentially after following you daily since 2016. My focus is connecting with my eternal Self as I walk through this playing field, carefully trying to avoid distraction. You have been instrumental in changing my life from confusion to clarity.
    Love and thanks

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  2. last post.. i had to repost because i no longer have the wordpress site and no longer use that case my double post seems confusing..


  3. its a carnival, a carnal veil, a carne vale from the condom of the moon. con is deceptive, dom meaning belonging to deceived by the alien [a lien ..holder against humanity] using our sexual appetites and all other appetites to feed them because they own the property rights to the garment, and have hijacked the mind, yet we can claim it all back by simply taking off the condom and refuse their appetites and make our new mental diet one that heals the sole [heels the sole]..become grounded, neutral and tell it to remove itself from our home….just wanted to share in case there are any malfunctioning little batteries out well Aug..Peace to you and all that come in to read here.

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    1. You’re right. They did alter the shells and forced the souls into, and even the souls they created, but the original human bodies were not theirs and the spirits they couldn’t counterfeit. In essence they have now broken the law of free will and will be taken out for it.

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  4. Well said. I came to these conclusions about these parasites on my own just from interaction and energetic work. Once you break their programming it’s so easy to see how they function, trap use and abuse. Trump is escalating things well now and the grand clearing of this trap here is well on the way. Soon there won’t be any human shell, or otherwise, to be used to stuff souls into to keep the trap going. The illusion will break and only True beings will go home. The daily death toll has increased many fold and many more people are dying now than ever before. The dark mind is manifesting almost fully now and the insanity is very obvious in most people. The divisions are set for the grand war that will have them tearing each other’s throats out. The only thing we had to do was cut off all energy flow into this place and now it’s starving…and like a starving dog it will eat anything. It’s creating mass suffering, death, division and hate now to feed off the little bit of energy left as it tries to survive past the force weighing down on it from above…the energy that’s descending will overload this level and clear it out. No more trap, no more darkness. Only…beautiful…fire.

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