Cloning Centers

Homebase for a multidimensional human society.

The base was assaulted from within by a human group who decided to create a world of enslavement through the insertion of a viral code into what we know as the creation system which produces realities out of possibilities input by a living source of DNA.

This became an experiment to resist the infection, to develop immunity and to correct the damage while realigning the human trajectory back to the patterning that is required for the ‘exit’ scenario of this temporal genetic construct.

A copy of your mind is held in a quantum supercomputer in another dimension, if the base is taken, this ‘non local’ firewall will be accessible and the entire history of humanity could be compromised.

We are intelligence, spiritual beings. It doesn’t mean we blow up if they invade, it means we become them.

2 thoughts on “Cloning Centers

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