The system is set up to target anyone who attempts to expose or refuse participation.

The only way out is in.

Tell the truth and the people must know.

If the gate is opened, they will attempt to rush the population to beat you to it.

That is the war, the chaos beings get sent backwards into the realm as the humans are called up to the gate.

The whole point for them was to wait for the humans to open the gate to try and rush the place and go even higher.

This, to them, is a hevenly realm. It’s literally just food everywhere.

If they go higher the universe will wipe this sector, again.

11 thoughts on “Security

  1. Selflessness is more important than getting stuck in the service to self vs service to others trap.

    Case in point. After the nasty climate change and indirect attacks on me I have had a nasty cold this past week and I finally got back to going back to work tonight. Both the afternoon shift and night shift team leader gave me stuff to help me out…cough drops, vitamin c mix, coffee mix, and some money for more neo Citron as I’m broke and always have been. As I’m putting more effort into others now without ever wanting anything back in return the good beings are stepping up. The universe isn’t blind. Everything you do here now is being tracked and recorded. Put in all your effort. Selflessness vs service to others. Selflessness is self sacrifice knowing it may cost you everything. While service to others only means putting others first but it doesn’t mean it’s always with good intentions or with a thought out outcome and it may backfire if not done right. Selflessness first then work on yourself (service to self) to be better so when you finally help others (service to others) you can do your best.

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  2. “The whole point for them was to wait for the humans to open the gate to try and rush the place and go even higher.
    This, to them, is a heavenly realm.”

    THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS!!!!!!! I can personally vouch that this is 100% TRUE, I experienced this at the other end of chaos (there are kind of two ends of sorts, one at the top and one at the bottom or basically the “chaos polarity”, which is why I think the idea of going up/down in this realm is really kind of pointless no matter what direction you go there you will be the inner is what counts, the bottom of sorts of chaos enslaves humans to the extent that we are in chaos and patches together enough coherence to maintain it from dissolving but it is destabilized chaos and cannot stand and yes allows for a lot of feeding . . . the other end is the “heavenly” chaos). And this goes to spiritual ideas around this, because in all spiritual texts universes are created and destroyed via chaos, so one end has a power of creation or pulling form from a void in newness (heavenly) there are no limits and the other more a degeneration of that original form into chaos. Now I went to a place on the “heavenly” end where something felt that it was finally getting access to a “heavenly” realm. This shit was so crazy that the chaos I was in I was going through so many parallel earths in rapid chaotic succession that I could not actually get to a destination at a friend’s house 40 minutes away in 8 hours . . . and 8 hours only got a town/HWY/street signs/direction aka North/South/East/West to actually stick and freaking America soil to come back lol. The street signs were lies, I could get no help in asking for help in where to go, my phone navigation of where I was and going was useless. Now I stayed calm in this trying to just focus and hopefully makes sense of what I was experiencing and well I had enough cash for gas to keep going awhile and figured eventually something would stick and it did, and I knew intuitively I was going to likely pass through something that would put this to an end and it did but it put a being to an end back into its own chaos chasing me down to try to gain “heavenly access” of sorts, I could even see in my minds eye and feel the excitement and insanity of this energy while I was just emotionless and staying calm but the maddening excitement of getting to a “new frontier” in a way was definitely creepy because chaos like that is NOT FUN but these energies were having a blast envigorated into more insanity by it . . .I just wanted to get to my friends house lol that was it and out of the insanity though to those energies they felt they were gaining more power the more chaos that came in to destabilize the environment. I was seriously bumrushed it was crazy, I saw that they were following me thinking I was leaving this place through some sort of gate I shit you not what you just said is so on point in how they viewed it, and in the end well I just came back here to the ground of a stabilized reality and thankfully so and they went to the “next level” which was just back to their chaos they literally can’t get through there are controls, and well from my perspective controls that expect this sort of thing to happen.

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    1. All the levels are controlled. From below the EArth plane to well above the EArth plane. The lords of karma resided on a much higher level plane of existence. The astral is nothing special and death wasn’t a way out…only focus built up before death, deprogramming, would allow awareness to be retained. The fall in awareness after the genetic downgrade of humans was to limit seeing the other levels while incarnated into shells.

      Science Section:
      Science Paper #1: Exploring the Unum, the Building Blocks of the Multiverse

      The Unum, as depicted in Figure 3, has an ovoid (egg-like) shape with an onion-like, layered metastructure with fuzzy boundaries, separating the domains. The entire Unum is a limitless plenum (the combination of space, including matter) of energetics organized as a super-continuum. Thought, as energy and infinite potential, can via emotion (which is a form of energy as well) and intention work itself in interconnectivity and, in singularity or in unison respectively, manifest in matter. The denser the energy, the more work to make it manifest. On certain levels, you create what you want with your thoughts, emotions and intentions only, while in our dense reality here on Earth, we often need to take additional steps to make things manifest in the physical.

      To understand how the Unum works, we need to take a tour into each of the 7 superdomains, one by one, to see what is there and what is its function. This has been done via ENS, and with help from certain extraterrestrial beings, and the following are the conclusions made by the scientists involved. These experiences more often than not show to be very coherent with each others, and if six to seven people perceive and experience the same, or similar things, the evidence after a while will be considered quite solid:


  3. Recently I have come to a new name(title) for myself…Exodus. it is time for Exodus from this place. As I am nobody and nothing, yet everybody and everything I feel it’s time Exodus happens. We all go. Look within for the light to find your way it’s there and it’s getting stronger. Soon you won’t be able to resist it. Like a fire that just wont go out. A yearning for truth and to return home out of this hellhole

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  4. It’s quite weird. As soon as I began posting tons again I got targeted indirectly with being sick over and over. A nasty cold as the Canadian weather here changes up to 20 degree Celsius a day difference for example +10 one day -15 deg C the next. The body can’t cope. They can’t target me directly but I’ve been struggling with stuff like this for a while now. As well, two people have committed suicide in the last 4 months from my work yet my job doesn’t have that many workers. If I am the target it won’t work it only reflects off me but one guy just shooting himself in the head sounds suspicious after all I’ve been through all my life. The last guy was much younger and he took his life but I don’t know how. This is a warning to those targeting me…it won’t work quit wasting your time.

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      1. Suicide was never going to be the way out. Back in 2000 when Y2K “didn’t” happen and my civilian spirit inside got rescued this shell was automaton (without an anchoring spirit) and only had base energy. The level of despair and depression was constant. I (physical) fell into a deep suicidal depression myself and became a psychic (energy) vampire draining beings around me to keep going…at some parts I was quite close to offing myself and not continuing. That was when I found Joy of Satan and a dark being was allowed to take over the shell and keep it going…the trap was laid and the rest has been talked about before as I told the truth on here. I posted that maybe 3 weeks ago.. Have never lied about who I am or why I’m here lol. After having studied that entity I’ve gotten a good glimpse into their tactics and strategies…very amateurish and easily seen in the public eye if you know what to look for. They all use the same themes, symbolism, mannerisms, energies, tactics etc as most of them are nothing but thoughtforms of the demiurge itself…just an extension of his will. Creativity is only inherent in the diversity of creation.

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    1. With regards to targeting, just to say that please don’t bother trying to contact me via the email address I have as squirrelinadress… as I don’t own/use it. just precautionary like you say. Aug drops hints and riddles, which is the best way to be bot-proof.


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