The Go Boundary

The boundary of the universe is a one way mirror. Your own distorted reflection beamed back at you from the perspective of an overlord is what keeps you from getting out.

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    3. The Battle of Armageddon

    It may seem like an easy task to take down the few Anunnaki still on Earth (believed to be 300+), loyal to Marduk, by the force from such a large number of Nibiru soldiers. However, this is not the only ones who are going to be taken down. The Nibiruans will kill their own here on the ground, but spare the Lords. Lord is a title, earned on the Home Planet due to bloodline. They are royalty. LPG-C says they never kill a Lord, no matter what crimes he has committed. It has occurred, though; in war casualties happen. A Lord can be punished and sentenced by their law, but not killed. However, there is death penalty for their “common people”, apparently. This strikes me kind of funny for a race that has almost completed Oneness.

    So what will happen within the next few generations is that the Nibiruan Ša.A.M.i. will come down to Earth in spaceships and land here, fully armed and ready to fight? They are, according to Dr. Bordon not only here to take care of their own disobedient race, but also to kill off anyone who has sided with Marduk; whether it’s people in the governments, industry and trade, entertainment, education, banking, or any other institution and organization. Not only that, they will also kill regular people on the spot, whom have sided with Marduk’s policies; wittingly or unwittingly, by intent or action. As A.R. Bordon of LPG-C put it, “they are not very forgiving.” Marduk was left here on Earth to rule us and to get a chance to repent and become loyal to the Kingdom while he was here, but from where I sit, it must have been quite predictable that Marduk would not “repent” during his 1,000 years of more or less unchallenged dictatorship here. He is not closer to the Kingdom now than he was then–probably even more detached.

    The Marduk side includes a big faction of the Global Elite and Military Complex, which is the major problem for the Incoming. The Military will side with Marduk, most of them deceived, thinking the intruders are the enemy. The Military will fight until last man to protect countries and the world against this invader force of giants. The Ša.A.M.i. may communicate first with the United Nations and the Earth in general, before the attack, but who will believe them?

    Dr. Bordon has said to me that in his meetings with the Ša.A.M.i. they are telling him they feel responsible for us humans because they created us and now want to help us stand on our own feet and become sovereign, which means the Anunnaki will eventually leave Earth for good, in our hands. Apparently, Bordon has, in his own words, established a personal bond and friendship of sorts with their leader, the son of Nammur/Enlil/YHVH/YeHoVaH, whose name is Nannar, the person who took over after Anu as the King of Nibiru in the 1400s. They are very angry and disappointed at the Anunnaki who were left behind. Instead they did the opposite; let power and greed take over, and continued interbreeding with humans. In addition, they continued their wars, created diseases and different scenarios to divide and conquer. Now they have to be held accountable, says the new King.

    Figure 1: The Battle of Armageddon from an artist’s perspective, where the King of Nibiru and his
    “angels” come down to fight the “Last Battle”.

    Marduk (equivalent to Satan), in his pride believes he can defend Earth against the Lords from Nibiru. He is well aware of what is planned and very savvy in Biblical Prophecy (after all, the Ša.A.M.i. dictated them). Just like what it says in the Bible, Marduk thinks he can win the battle with the help from joint military resistance, world-wide. He may declare Martial Law to fight this “hideous Invader Force”. World leaders may ask civilians to take to arms as well to join in to “save the planet”.

    No matter what the Nibiruans will tell us before they land, Marduk has already used his Media propaganda machine to the fullest and will fool most of the world population. The reason he is so certain is because he has manipulated and mind-controlled the masses via Media, Hollywood, education and more for so long to subconsciously build a mind controlled population of obedient soldiers, who react like one on trigger words that bring implanted thoughts from the subconscious up to the surface of the analytical minds in people. These phrases, repeated in Media over and over, will have people take combined actions to save the planet. It’s very cleverly done, and this is one reason I am never watching TV and reading newspapers. Although I am aware of this Agenda, I still don’t want the influence from the Media, because I know how easy it is to bury things in the subconscious, even when we think we don’t. After all, the Media is one big propaganda machine and the truth I need I do not get from the mainstream media.

    This is one big reason why I’ve said for so long that people need to stop watching the news and read the papers, or at least keep it to a minimum. Headlines and a few subsequent lines in the paper is enough to understand the overall purpose of an article. Same thing goes with new technology, like the latest cell-phones etc. Aside from being tracking devices, they are also altering your frequency, so that you will be more receptive to what the Elite wants you to do when time comes. HAARP is another great example, where the government, via a giant power station in Alaska, is sending out ELF (extremely low frequency), which will have a large amount of people vibrate in a frequency range which is meant to be common to all, a frequency which can then be used (and is already used) for programming. This is done in combination with the Media triggers mentioned above. Then, when the perpetrators so wish, they can use this frequency to steer the masses in unison into a devastating war. Hitler did something similar, less sophisticated but very successful when he managed to manipulate the majority of the German people to go to war.


  2. Unicus/Robert Stanley the man who met En.Ki and lived to tell about it.

    The few pages posted below give us important insights into the unintentional birth of the mental parasite that is the Archon infection. It is important to realize that consciousness is the key to creation on every level of existence. And, we need to understand that the small group of radiant beings that intentionally ventured into the forbidden zone were creative gods of the Cosmos. At that time they were working peacefully together. They were “Builders of Worlds” which included our Earth/Gaia.
    As we read the pages below, it is clear that a small group of our space-faring ancestors were traumatized to the core of their being when they intentionally entered a “forbidden zone” located somewhere in our Universe. As a result, our ancestors unintentionally created the parasitic, negative thought forms that we on earth call Archon or Lord… among other names, such as demons, etc.
    I used to think that these parasitic entities were external or alien to our Universe. However, after researching and analyzing this topic intently for decades, I now realize that these dark entities are a holographic fragment of our multidimensional selves – body/mind/spirit. Therefore, we can and must cure this illness of consciousness ourselves:

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  3. This one had me laughing out loud:

    Enhanced Footage Of Memorial Service Reveals Hillary Clinton Was Actually Reciting Ancient Ritual To Summon Cthulhu From His Slumber
    FYI. This is a satire site.


    It may have looked like Hillary Clinton was reciting the Apostles’ Creed along with the rest of those gathered at yesterday’s memorial service for George H.W. Bush—Trump and his wife excepted. But the truth appears to be far more sinister: enhanced, slowed-down, zoomed-in footage of the event revealed that Clinton was actually reciting an ancient cultic ritual to raise ancient god Cthulhu from his slumber.

    As others around her dutifully cited the Apostles’ Creed, Clinton’s eyes glazed over in a trance. Her voice took on a cold, eldritch quality, “at least more than usual,” according to witnesses. “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!” she began, as others in her pew shifted uncomfortably. “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!”


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