The seventh seal

Yashua bled out every pore in his body before being mamed to the point of being not recognized as a man and his back strap ripped open. Bearing witness to by his stripes we are healed. His parents on the roman census his blood dropping onto the mercy seat after bearing the weight of this fallen world under the golgotha skull mount. His dna revealed and rocks crying out in silence bearing archaeological proof to every biblical event. He is who he said he was and is waiting to come back roaring like a lion putting everything simulated and counterfeited back into proper order.

He didnt die for robots but so that humankind could be rectified back to the soul of Adam the first superhuman. After the walls built the deepstate and patriots civilians all activated sleeper cells. Satanic supersoldiers gov. And intelligence Agencies. Hi court of pennsylvania. The us trust fund.

And luciferian agendas will be at war. And whats been hidden in bases brought to light. Archonic nests and captives set free. Their strongholds that have been playing out for hundreds of years are weakening as well as the church of Satan. The sons of belial the sons of darkness reaching a culmination with the sons of light.

Every state is run by different factions different corporations. California owned by china. Other states ran by secret societies and private interests. Montauk nazi training bunkers had us programmed for such a time as this. To see peoples heads cut off and not bat an eyelash. To be puppets turned on and off.

The first exodus was about slavery and this one is too.

There are already lists of who is allegiant to fighting for their country and who is not and who are survivors.

Living in pure truth and nonfear in contentment beauty and happiness is your own wall of solace and the love of life and the divine plan ur sanctuary. Preserving that the only right priority.

Lists are made For post apocolyptic events. All trust has been crippled in america and the stage set for Tribulation.

Apathy is your worst enemy. It doesnot strengthen.

The frequencies of the annunaki coming back will be like a emp and personalized assault on your brain gridlocking you into their hive if the holy spirit doesnot cover u and block them out as this is their last and final attempt to enslave the children of man.

Why do u think we bled out our noses as kids all the time? We got stronger with each biopsychic battle. They need to take over your mind first.

Souls in this realm either serve the kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of light even if they claim to serve neither.

As the battle and end of the age has not been subjugated and completed its cycle into dissolving in the heavenly opening of 7000 yrs.

May G-d be with you all.

Nabarus reverse orbit is a piece of hardware that will synthethize with 5G and clouds completing the hive it left behind. Not many people on earth know how to combat its tendrils and the takeover of their consciousness uploading ports.

The Great Awakening

11 thoughts on “The seventh seal

  1. For those feeling stressed out and wish to project their consciousness past this disgusting false light trap…this is the most beautiful piece of music with perfect harmonic resonance for the spirit:

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  2. Aug, how have you been? It’s not a sin to open up and connect with the people who follow you. If you need an ear or someone’s time to listen or for support I know many here are happy for what you have done so far and as it’s a selfless giving without asking anything in return…this is my way of returning that energy back to you and saying you’re not alone.

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      1. I do what I can. You connect better with people, I’m too intense as Adam puts it. I help by exposing the game rather than with the personal awakening. My main objective is to hold and bring down the new energy. Your writings were also a code for me to awaken, but now that I am…my intensity overwhelms me to push forward…to break the darkness in the most extreme way. I tried going quiet and falling into the background, but sadly I can’t. I gave myself over to my part of the mission wholly.

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  3. This is what a human vs an overshadowed hybrid elite globalist scum wannabe looks like. The globalists are the precursor to the actual NWO. OF course, both sides are being used to corral humans into groups for better control.

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  4. The book of Revelation is not just a teaching, it is a force in action, like all of Jesus’ teachings. Darkness knows this is true and it fears the Christ energy that is embedded in the true contents of the Revelation. David Koresh had been identified by Darkness as a threat. This is because Koresh is a True-Light being. In fact, he is a projection of a Divine Amoeba (Attas). All Amoebas are ultimately parts of the Divine Mother. The leader of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, began openly interpreting the book and attempting to open the seals. Although Koresh did not have the “key”, his ties to Jesus made him a target for attacks from the agents of Darkness. Koresh, in fact, was a decoy for the one who would later unlock the seals of the book. It was not time yet for the exposure.

    Koresh pleaded with the authorities to let him finish unlocking the seven seals of the book. Unbeknownst to him, this was the very thing that caused the BATF to rush the compound and burn the residents therein. The order to kill Koresh was issued by an Olcar (Olcars are the highest ranking Anunnaki Reptilians).

    On the day the Branch Davidian compound was stormed and burned, I was travelling interstate. I was aware that certain beings were on “stand-by”, ready to pick up the consciousness of Koresh and others. I felt so hot, as if my whole body was on fire. I knew that they were being burned. Later, I heard the news about the storming of the compound that confirmed what I inwardly knew. Indeed, the consciousnesses of Koresh and all the others were released from their physical bodies before they died to minimize trauma to their spiritual bodies.

    It is generally accepted that divinations are from God, but bear in mind that in this Virtual Reality the Usurper feigns to be God and causes much confusion in so doing. One of the reasons for this is that the Usurper is now so deluded that It now thinks it is THE CREATOR OF EVERYTHING.

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    1. The Djedi/Jedi Unicus or Robert Stanley talks about are the “olcar” that Amitakh talked about a long time ago. Beings that were second in command to the Annunaki elite. These beings were purely psionic based hence the abilities they used. The Xee-a Twelve writings were very simple…but all the info is there if one has the gnosis to look past the words and connect the dots.

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  5. This is truth, Aug, brother in soul of the Living God, the only creator. We must remain covered by the perfect 23 chromosome blood shed for us by the Most High in the form of His Son Yeshua, price paid by beating death.
    The frequencies. Repeat to yourself, brothers and sisters: NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER, I AM COVERED BY THE BLOOD OF THE MESSIAH CHRIST. Re-blogging. LOVE – our DNA – carries us. Thank you for being of service to others. Just LOVE. That is OUR portal home.


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