Multiverse Power

Could this be what happens when one uses their full capacity and potential within an extra dimensional multiverse?

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  1. The Twelve Universes Are Pentagons

    Amitakh Stanford

    (republished from the Nara site)

    5th March 2006

    This Virtual Reality is based upon illusions within illusions. The Intelligence that created this Virtual Reality employed geometric designs in formulating the illusions at the smallest level of existence. Most people have difficulty accepting that the physical world, and especially the Earth and its contents, are illusional. The common argument against illusional existence is that since the world can be experienced through the five senses, it must be “real” and, therefore, cannot be illusional. A problem with seeing through the deception of the Virtual Reality is that the illusions are so real in appearance that it is hard to comprehend and accept that they are not real.

    One of the more surprising illusions that I have exposed is that the sun is not what it appears to be. While it looks like a sphere, it is in fact a rapidly gyrating cube that is spinning so fast that the atmosphere around it combusts and burns. This burning cube is fuelled by a vortex that is created by its motion that sucks in the surrounding atmosphere.

    The “cube” of the sun is hollow. It appears empty, but there are repeating geometric patterns inside of it. It only burns on the outside of the hexahedron. The illusion of the spheroid sun is formed by the gyrating hexahedron that is burning fuel outside of its six sides.

    Astrophysicists cannot adequately explain why the planets travelling around the sun in our solar system are on a single plane. Pluto is the only exception, but its orbit is very close to the plane that houses the other planets. In fact, all the planets in all the solar systems of the physical world are on planes. This is because if the planets were to go too far outside of their planes, they would be sucked into the vortex and eventually become fuel for their respective suns.

    The Evil Mind rejected correction by the Light and went on to form Its own creation, which I have called the False-Light creation. The Evil Mind wants to preserve Its own creation and maintain Its own survival. Every thought that Darkness projects is embedded with the “instinct” of survival and self-preservation.

    When I look inside the atoms to see how they are “constructed”, I can see repeating geometric patterns. Inside of these geometric patterns is what I call “Matter”, which “manifests” as thought forms of Darkness. Darkness created “gravity”, or the force of attraction, and embedded this force into Its thought forms so that they would gather and cluster. Darkness also embedded Its thought forms with adhering qualities and then began projecting Its thought forms.

    These thought forms began to cluster into tiny spirals, with the main concentration of them clustering near the centres of the spirals. These spiralling, concentrated thought forms of Darkness are what I refer to as “Matter”. Once thought forms were assembled into Matter, Darkness set the tiny spirals into a spinning motion, which created the illusion of the thought forms being pseudo material.

    Since Darkness is obsessed with survival of Itself and Its creations, It protected Its pseudo-material spiralling thought forms. To preserve these thought forms, Darkness constructed a set of elaborate shields that protect each of Its thought forms. The first shield around Matter was constructed from energy within the thought forms by projecting the illusion that there are two tiny equilateral triangles around each spiralling thought form. These triangles are on the same plane, that is, they are two-dimensional. The triangles are set into opposing spins, so that they appear to form varying degrees of six-pointed stars, except when they intersect, at which point they appear to form a single triangle.

    The Earth and the other planets that orbit the sun are all hollow. They all appear empty inside. However, they are filled with repeating symmetrical geometric patterns. The “heart” of the Earth is a hollow symmetrical solid – an icosahedron.

    The Earth’s icosahedron spins so rapidly that it is not impeded even as it turns through the Earth’s crust. As each point of the icosahedron touches a point near the surface of the Earth, it “paints” a portion of the illusion of a material point. The Earth’s icosahedron paints these points in rapid order, so the illusion appears to be continuously solid, liquid or gaseous. This is an illusion. In fact, any point on the Earth is only as material as it is perceived by the viewer.

    The “painting” of points by the Earth’s icosahedron is analogous to the electron gun of a television’s picture tube that illuminates dots on a screen and leaves the appearance of an image. The images appear to be in black and white or colour, three dimensional, and in motion. The illusion of motion is just the rapid showing of a series of still pictures that appear to move. But, when the electron gun stops firing, the illusional motion picture disappears.

    Beneath the crust of the Earth is what is sometimes referred to as a “parallel” Earth or the inner Earth. The inner Earth’s points, and all points of the Earth’s crust, are “painted” as the gyrating icosahedron hits them. In fact, all of the planets and moons contain spinning icosahedrons that form their respective illusional spheres. All are hollow, and all have “parallel” inner worlds. Darkness used hollow models for creating Its illusions. One of the reasons for this was to allow small amounts of material to appear to take up vast spaces. Darkness premised Its Virtual Reality on waste, and the more space Darkness could take up (waste) the bigger It seemed to grow.

    Some have speculated that Jupiter could one day evolve into a sun. This cannot happen because the “heart” of Jupiter is an icosahedron. Suns need to have hexahedrons for “hearts” in order to burn like stars.

    I have written earlier that solar systems are on planes because the planets could get caught in the vortex of the suns if their orbits deviated too much from the plane. This is only part of the reason. Another reason is that Darkness devised the physical and astral worlds to sit atop planes. That is, It used a two dimensional model. This is for ease of maintenance and also well suited for Darkness’ nefarious purposes.

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  2. You’re right, Aug. If you were to show the whole truth to the trapped and un-awakened beings their minds would shatter. It takes a lot of development to be able to hold even a fraction of what the truth really is. Very few even begin to scratch the surface.

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    1. Hexagon storm on Saturn…upwelling points of energy or stargate? This goes back to what Wes was saying about the council of 9 on Saturn’s rings and how they are the gatekeepers of the jump point gate to and from the peshmeten (Robert Morning Sky) or this sector of space. This goes back to Yellow Rose for Texas and how she is showing that the armada coming in now has to come in from outside of the sector as the gate is blocked off on Saturn. We may not see it all if we can’t see the frequency that she points out on the SOHO recordings yet above our heads there is war going on.

      Everyone has a piece of the puzzle. This is why I’ve been devouring all the information everywhere.

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      1. (CNN) — NASA said Friday’s rocket and satellite strike on the moon was a success, kicking up enough dust for scientists to determine whether or not there is water on the moon.

        An artist’s rendering shows the LCROSS spacecraft, left, separating from its Centaur rocket.
        An artist’s rendering shows the LCROSS spacecraft, left, separating from its Centaur rocket.

        “We have the data we need to actually address the questions we set out to address,” said Anthony Colaprete, principal investigator for the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, mission.

        It will be awhile before all the data from the satellite can be analyzed to determine if there is water on the moon, according to LCROSS project manager Dan Andrews.

        Andrews said that “the spacecraft performed beautifully.”

        NASA crashed the rocket and a satellite into the moon’s surface on Friday morning in a $79 million mission.

        NASA televised live images of the LCROSS as it crashed into a crater near the moon’s south pole.Video Watch as NASA reacts to “successful” crash »

        Minutes before its impact, the satellite guided a rocket into the Cabeus crater in an effort to kick up enough dust to help the LCROSS find whether there is any water in the moon’s soil.


    1. Totality (Andromeda)

      For other uses, see Totality.
      The Totality was an ancient cosmic organism that formed with the birth of the universe itself and was a dark matter based lifeform that consisted of 94% of the cosmos. During its existence, it began to become aware of light matter based creatures such as organic based beings and that they had the capacity to develop sentience. However, the Totality became convinced that these lifeforms would never experience the true depth of the universe as it did and thus sought to uplift them by making them one with the Totality.

      The Totality eventually became a menacing threat to the universe that conquered the Andromeda Galaxy, leading to the evacuation of the Kelvan Empire and the destruction of the Makers when their sun went supernova. It began to work in the Milky Way Galaxy through its avatar known as Norinda where it attempted to bring about a galactic cataclysm in order to spread war so that the survivors would embrace the Peace of the Totality. It first attempted to do this through the Jolan Movement on Romulus and Remus, but failed. It was later encountered by James T. Kirk in the early 2380s where its campaign ended due to the intervention of Joseph Kirk who sacrificed his life in order to end the menace posed by the Totality. (TOS novels: Captain’s Blood, Captain’s Peril, Captain’s Glory)

      Star Trek Wikia – Andromeda Galaxy consumed by the Black Goo



        PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal (1996–2000)
        The Creeping Darkness/Power

        A mysterious field of darkness inexplicably appears in the home of an Argentinian family and starts to slowly expand. A single mother begins to lose control over her psychokinetic power and asks the O.S.I.R. team for help.



          Black oil
          Character arc

          Black Oil

          Affiliated with Colonists
          Purity, more commonly referred to as black oil, and called the “black cancer” by the Russians, is an alien virus that thrived underground on Earth, in petroleum deposits. The virus is capable of entering humanoids and assuming control of their bodies. It has sentience and is capable of communicating. It was revealed to be the “life force” of the alien colonists, which they seemingly used to reproduce their kind, as well as infect other alien races in order to conquer the universe.

          The Syndicate in cooperation with the alien Colonists developed a delivery mechanism that would be used to introduce the virus into an unsuspecting public upon colonization. Africanized bees, extremely aggressive, that would sting indiscriminately, would carry the black oil virus through a transgenic corn crop specifically engineered to carry the virus and to attract the bees. The bees would be released on colonization and the infected human beings would become a slave race. The Syndicate, however, secretly tried to create a vaccine to protect themselves, which they code-named “Purity Control.” While the Purity Control project ultimately fails, a rival Russian shadow group was successful in developing a weak vaccine that eventually fell into the hands of the Syndicate.

          The plot to cooperate with the alien colonization plan was implemented with the aim of being given access to the black oil for the transgenic corn, in order to perform experiments with it in an effort to develop a vaccine. This attempt was semi-successful, as the “weak vaccine” administered to Scully while in the Antarctic alien ship was able to cure her infection and cause the entire ship to depart its underground residence. After the events of the 1998 film, the Syndicate, as well as Mulder and Scully, learned that the black oil can either take over a host’s body or incubate within other life forms, including humans. Once infected with the gestational form of the black oil virus, a human host gestates the immature alien form after 96 hours, or sooner if the surrounding temperature is raised significantly, killing the host in the process.


          1. Lucy (Lucifer) Movie Black Goo scene

            (Btw I have seen and felt this negative entity. It is what I have trapped inside and learned from about the game…it’s my own “scar” as someone called it…my own burden to bear. It’s the corruption of this place made manifest…the mind of Kaos. When the light mixed with darkness it created a monstrosity. Even if this place is a mind trap…the energies at interplay here are all real)


  3. Until I overcame fear I had to avoid the Marduk issue. His specialty is fear and his weapon is fear. Now that I have overcome it I will be attacking him just as much as En.Ki Lucifer. Better the devil you know, and now the devil you don’t.


  4. Ability to see on all the frequencies and have a hand in most of them, ability to manipulate. I don’t agree with Wes that En.Ki/Marduk play Shiva, but if they do that’d explain the connection between Shiva and EA/En.Ki/Poseidon/Ptah/Prometheus/Odin/Zeus etc. Almost all the “gods” in religions and mythogies are based on flesh and blood or slightly higher vibrational frequency non-humans. The difference between the ones that are worshipped and the ones that come now is the second group has realized their folly and wish to do good. These beings were lesser creator gods and most of them got corrupted.

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    1. I still doubt that they “realized their folly” and “wish to do good”. I am not sure what, but for me, somehow I am not able to digest the propagated idea.


      1. Then who has been helping everyone to awaken? Thousands of years of time loops yet the awakening is greatest in this little pocket of time in the last 20 years. Do you think it’s by chance that all the pathfinders all awakened at this time to lead? The strongest programming is in this century yet the greatest awakening is in these last 20 years. Nothing is by coincidence here. The only other possibility is that this is all part of the game and then the game resets and everyone is back at square one. Even Aug said in the beginning that he won’t go full steam ahead and tell everything unless he knows that it’s the truth that he knows. I have thought of this and have come to one conclusion…the truth doesn’t need belief. The truth just is no matter how ugly it may be.

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  5. A little while ago I was seeing those patterns. Everyone was a version of someone else and there were only so many. 26 faces, 12 types, both sides and the full versions of both. Scary stuff and everyone thinks I’m the devil. Foolish mortals.

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