Bad Perception

It seems to get worse because now you can see what you had never known. You choose.


5 thoughts on “Bad Perception

  1. it SEEMS, to get worse. Im sure for some it will be heart wrenching. these will probably be the moments, when others see things as getting worse, when we can be the most help. be the examples, you spoke of. some will only say, “well thats what you see in your reality, mine is perfect”. others will say, ” i told you so, finally, yay, people are finally seeing the horrors and corruption I said was there”. I’ve been through these two scenarios in my own mind already and reminded myself to not be like these. I can’t imagine having to learn about everything at once.


    1. Do you feel that the closing out is near? Even normie culture seems to be shuddering as well…spacey and all the hollywood evil coming to light..most people know something is wrong…sadly 99 percent will just go to mall, or amazon, or swipe on an app..rather than do the work.

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