What was the last card?

It’s like elements of physical life become rides in an amusement park on a multidimensional level. the golden ticket to each ride is the care and required self knowledge to be able to handle the twists and turns and energy range.

Someone hijacked the systems in place to safeguard the completion of cycle so that each ride completes its track and the ‘people’ on board each time are given the option to stay or continue. That systems been on a delay and is realigning with our current situation as the completion is not a location but a series of events and a range of consciousness to access a new timeline feature kind of like a hidden pop up doorway in an interactive choose your own adventure script.

The script is the plot and the land is the script. Whoever controlled the land in the past gained access to various relics and geographically positioned access points which were ‘gateways’ to higher consciousness as the consciousness that was ‘inserted’ into the fields there by the individuals in proximity would directly gather and coalesce only to spear upward and spiral into the ether passing through every other cell system simultaneously and literally painting the background of the foreground of this physical, temporal, materiality capped reality.

By circumventing the range of consciousness in this port holes of the planetary mind, the universe was set into a quantum time locked disarray of consciousness. There was not enough consciousness ‘time’ in the collective time field to map out synchronistically with the ‘planetary time’ in the manifested reality.

Some aspect would have to be recycled into the abyss which was like a ‘sacrifice’ of the sub set routine mind of this universe but only to stave off the entropic ripple from entirely annihilating this civilization instantly upon approach.

So a quantum negentropic ripple was sent back through the system on both sides. This would be a see saw, jaws of life with us in the middle each time jumping from one end to the other like joint fluid or more aptly one of those squeezable stress toys where the eyes and ears pop out when you squeeze it. Without an ‘end’, consciousness has no where to go. So, like the smaller, local, but equally sized brain, the multiverse ‘invents’ a place for consciousness to go, based on your previous processing patterns which are all kept up in the simultaneous and self recursive fractal pattern that you exhibit as a single expression or continuous emission all the time.

Without knowledge of this, people have been programmed, by beings without the ability to maintain their own biological core in this reality, to recreate these beings in an pseudospiritual afterlife that is the result of a life spent living with the artificial, chemical, elemental, paradoxical, insulting, spiritually dead, non self aware and dualized (insane, limited, flat, non extra dimensional ‘living’, in the real) consciousness aspects (input and output) of undead, materialistic, physically defined, egotistical, desire based, illusory and ultimately self annihilating principles of the physical world lived for all the wrong reasons (which becomes a trap for that consciousness).

The ability to jump off the merry go round is a survival tactic for interdimensionally aware beings who would otherwise be trapped within a revolving door that would use their energy for the generation of power in another system.

This is QE projection system.

Back to the metaphor, everyone’s on the roller coaster, it’s been going for generations now and the control operator is a skeleton with a beer in the bones where their hand was. What are we going to do?

The people who set up the gig are smoking crack in the back of the train, hoping to get a big sight when the front blows into whatever barrier is in the way with all the people weighted in it.

Get it?

The only way is when we calmly connect with one another and move towards the access gate to trip the safety shut off and activate the break and communication relay system to end the ride.

Soon you’ll realize there are no such thing as amusement part rides.


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