Honey Honey

You ready?

What they call “manna and honey” from Heaven is the process of ritual abuse whereby an innocent child (virgin) is taken and frightened, traumatized, to death. The glands are then harvested and a intoxicating elixir is produced from the pulp.

What you call religion was simply when this was discovered. All the sacrifices, all the offerings, all the gifts. They take it, beat whoever doesn’t have enough, and then go in the back of the temple and have sacrificial orgies with ancient day crack paste and alcohol.
Everything you’ve ever been taught about society was by a group of dudes that figured out how to get all of you to pay them to rape you to death. Yes, when your bloodline is no more, that is ‘death’. Thinking that just because you exist and there are more of ‘you’ in other states
Is defunct. Unless you are aware of what is happening, the future is owned by someone else’s bloodline. This is about changing that so that others can get out of the system.
All bloodlines are controlled, everyone’s name is recorded, everyone’s genetic history and their ‘spiritual origins’. It’s all part of a plan and a genetic experiment that we think is a part of ‘life’, it’s not, it’s a one time experiment between multiple civilizations.
They held all this from you so that you would never find out what they did when they discovered advanced generation tech. Bio immortality for raping everyone for thousands of years, that’s it. Their DNA mutated, they’re a sub human race, cannot leave this environment.
This is not about anyone in particular, but the system itself. You are guilty if you permitted this so do not throw blame like monkeys throw shit.


10 thoughts on “Honey Honey

  1. We are shaken, not stirred, on ice.
    a moon rock, artificial device.

    Trapped in a land where all become president
    by gaining office through an Oval testament.
    cemented with two thieves on either side of our tomb.
    the eyes lie, ears confirm, our body, is their moon.

    they will burn like dross,
    a rolling stone gathers no moss.

    There is no other way.
    Their light is a pseudo-day.

    Their crimes are against life
    They hear us coming,
    glowing like the middle on the edge of a knife.

    The Mimic Kings of drag Queens
    will sink into entropy,
    sucking and fucking
    like pixels on laptop screens.

    They forgot where they placed their keys.
    random memory leaks, craving honey for bees.

    They want the rite of passage,
    yet they deny the message,
    which states, there’s no room at the inn,
    because they’re an empty vessel- only having no origin.

    In other words, it’s alright to find rhyme and reason, just don’t let it go to your head.
    I was told to stay away.
    Sometimes I don’t listen.

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  2. So much of your early material seemed so good. Sad to see this meltdown. You bear at least some responsibility for managing to turn yourself into a kind of raving idiot who has lost their moorings.


    1. After rashly, and regrettably submitting the post above (and awaiting approval) I realized what a mistake it was, and sent a personal tweet to Aug asking him NOT to let it be posted. Apparently he did not read the tweet in time.

      In the interests of clarification (and public record) here is the text of that tweet (with some minor editing):

      A few days ago I submitted a comment to your Honey, Honey
      blog post – re-actively, and without suitable forethought.

      Please DO NOT approve it.

      Children are not the only innocents. Innocent Adults who are
      slanderously mis-accused are also being victimized.

      When you place ALL persons of responsibility within religious
      institutions under the category of rapists and pedophiles you
      are being just as evil (and working against truth) as those who
      demonize all men.

      The gross generalizations and blithe hyperbole of the first four
      paragraphs of that article evince irresponsibility, insofar as you
      are encouraging others to see from a perspective that does not
      correspond with reality – for the sake of self-righteous titillation.

      Yes, there has been pedophilia in the Catholic Church, the
      Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Children of God, but to imply
      that Martin Luther, Confucius and tens of thousands of other
      decent men were just trying to set up alternate orgy clubs is
      just plain wrong.

      But, nevertheless, my comment, as worded, was irresponsible
      on my part and not reflective of the general respect I have for
      you, and the benefits I feel I have received from your posts and

      I don’t actually consider you an idiot, but I felt you needed to be
      taken to task for going off the rails with that post. To point out
      actual cases of evil is a service. But to claim it is happening on
      a far grander scale, and by people who are innocent of such
      false charges, is to magnify evil and engender or encourage
      extreme cynicism in those who are not well-acquainted with
      real life and human history (the young looking to you as a trusted
      source of truth.

      On the other hand, one should never just blurt out a response to
      a post (as I did). My doing so was immature, impolite, disrespectful,
      and inconsiderate.

      I’m Sorry.

      I sincerely wish you the best in all things.

      -Blake Conley

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      1. Perhaps the evil is as large as he says, ask why the words of religious leaders are allowed to spread in this archon controlled grid planet..all religions may at root be demonic cults

        Something to consider


        1. Tim,
          Christians have known (and warned others) about the existence of “the principalities and powers of darkness for two millennia. Jesus called out false religious leaders as “whitewashed tombs”. So, if you plug this into your train of logic, archons “allowed” people to spread the word that we should consider the possibility that there is a negative-entity hierarchy that has a measure of power in this world [which is primarily a power of deception].

          One strategy of deception is to persuade your opponent, or prey, that you are more powerful than you really are. If you can convince them, for example, that your friends are actually your enemies, then you will gradually come to live under an ever-present cloud of suspicion and paranoia. If you are led to believe that archons have so much control that there is no such thing as a gathering of religiously-minded individuals with essentially pure motivations, or no such thing as a human voice allowed (by a higher, greater positive power) to utter truth in the public square – then, it would seem to me, the archons, or dark entities, have managed to persuade you into seeing them as utterly dominating the minds of nearly all of humanity. Capitulation to cynicism may simply serve their agenda just as much as the assumption that such demi-beings do not exist at all – if one is granting them, in one’s mind such an exalted status, based on hypothetical supposition [You did begin your sentence with “Perhaps”].

          Aug Tellez uses the phrase “what if…?” a lot in his videos. Generally, I have no problem with this. He was apparently given conflicting information in the programs and, being highly intelligent, he naturally attempts to tease out various possibilities of what may actually be the case. I usually enjoy listening to these speculative forays, while bearing in mind that, given the premise of speculation, and the possible agendas of his handlers, many of his guesses (and potentially all of them) must, or could, be wrong. But the mental exercise can be fun, all the same.

          But the blog post above was not couched, or framed, in (the) terms of speculation. It was stated as being definitively true, all-inclusive and over-arching. Anyone presuming to contradict the veracity of his statements was to be considered a supporter of an evil system the scope of which was staggering. The claims were unsupported by evidence, but anyone who questioned any of them was likened to “a monkey throwing shit”.

          In my opinion, he is taking terminology and activities characteristic of a relatively small group (or groups) and projecting it across an entire canvas. Just because some sick group of people misappropriate Biblical terminology does not mean that the original or traditional use of those terms had those connotations [People hijack terminology all the time] or that any significant percentage of people identifying with those traditions engage (or would even think of engaging) in such practices. I mean, talk about “monkeys throwing shit” – Aug is taking the shit from far less than 1% and throwing it at millions of otherwise relatively clean individuals in slander [smearing].

          Growing up in the 60s, I attended Church regularly for the 19 years I lived with my parents. Never once did any adult, pastor, youth pastor or summer-Bible-camp facilitator even so much as hint or suggest anything of a sexual nature – and neither did any of my peers mention to me anything of the kind. Certainly, as mentioned in my previous post, there are conclaves, (some of which are shrouded by a religious veneer) in which abominations take place. But Aug’s claim was that it is universal and that all religious enterprises are merely covers, and victim-gathering-zones for the unspeakable. However, this degree of darkness is only in his mind – not reality.


          In the process of awakening, one learns that, for example, there is such a thing as “the deep state” that the psychology and machinery of propaganda have steadily grown over the years and that there is a lot more corruption out there than one could previously have imagined. But does that mean that discovering & processing/metabolizing more negativity is, in and of itself, the definition of ‘waking up’? If that is the operating premise, then that would explain why there seems to be almost a click-bait-competition, in the alternative media, to produce greater and greater “revelations” of darkness [“You thought you knew how bad things were, but listen to this!” or “Everything you’ve been told up until now is a lie – except this!”] And the corresponding assumption, on the part of the audience, is that: The greater the revelation of darkness, the greater the awakening and spiritual heroism of all those willing to take it on board as true. As this mutually-affirming, echo-chamber dynamic continues to spiral, unchecked, the Good is effectually obscured and the perception of reality is left behind.

          Just as the mainstream media either lies about or mis-frames everything regarding President Trump, everyday life has long been portrayed by them as being essentially a grand parade of catastrophes. The billions of decent positive convictions, decisions and actions, made daily in our world, go largely unreported. For the sake of money & titillation, news is skewed in favor of negativity (and pushing agendas, of course). We have been entrained to focus on the negative so as to amplify it in our minds, consider it normative and make mistrust, suspicion, and despair our default settings.
          But, beyond the necessity of becoming aware of what evils actually exist “out there” (or quasi-exist in a semi-illusion) – what if the process of awakening also, necessarily, involves the laying hold, and incorporation, of a greater good that is more real, more prevalent, and more powerful than what those merely awakened to darkness have any idea of ? And that those voluntarily deciding to see darkness even where it isn’t, or possessing a far greater power than it actually has, risk effectually cutting themselves off from enjoying?

          Please note: I am not advocating that anyone join a religious group, as such. Other than belonging to an internet Alchemy forum for a while, I have not been a member of any group for over 30 years. But I do know that there are millions of decent people in many such groups – even in (what they consider to be) positions of care and responsibility – whose honor warrants defense against spurious allegations from darkened imaginations.

          Basically, Tim, the logical structure of your post was circular reasoning which amounts to “IF Aug’s premise is true, then what follows from that premise must be true” or “IF one accepts the premise that humanity is under nearly complete control by dark entities, then it would follow that all religions would LIKELY be demonic cults. No evidence was submitted to support these propositions. It is just extreme, negative supposition. Have you ever had anyone, such as a presumed friend or family member develop a negative imagination toward you? They decided to assume the worst about you, regarding something you said, or did – or as a general ongoing policy. You tried to explain to them that they misinterpreted your words or your actions or took as true the false gossip of others. How did you feel when you suddenly realized they weren’t interested in reality but, in fact, WANTED to cast you in a false light? Perhaps they just wanted to create a false moral high ground for themselves. Perhaps they wanted to see you squirm, beg or dwell in permanent “audition” status. Perhaps they wanted to create a justification for absolving themselves from having to bear the responsibilities that a relationship would cost them.

          As Reality makes further and further inroads into the illusion/delusion, the activity of blithely making false, unsupportable accusations will be more exposed and less tolerated (by the power behind Reality).

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          1. the evidence is all around you that all systems are corrupt, if you choose or wish not to see that or call it false, unsupportable..well then that is your choice.


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