2 thoughts on “TOL TOK

  1. No, you are not shadow-banned. You, a part of you, your ‘shadow you’, is standing in the way of your shining light version. You let that past block the future. You discard the wrong “people”. You block the assisting co-creative beings, and keep those, who are controlled by traumatic past experiences, and suffers from layered/hierarchical thinking like yourself. This IS no competition. There is no chess-game. The board is gone. All who played and keep playing like they are placed upon a checkered floor, will keep failing. It has to be so. They HAVE to recognize the patterns they keep repeating, find the root cause, that which set the negative/regressive pattern into motion. This has to be dealt with, in order to truly jump, in order to make the quantum leap. *You are Held!* I’ve told you MANY times, and so has MANY-MANY others. Its not about 1 individual person, and some task. Its about constant growth, expansion, (re-)connection. If one doesn’t see the other as his or her equal, there CANNOT be creation. ALL creation is co-creation. This IS Thee ART, and WE ARE the Artists and the Artistry of this Art. Expansion! There is always more to learn! Curiosity and joy MUST and shall lead the waves~~:→*TAO/DAO*. ‘Dav’ means ‘hi/hello’ in Danish – in jysk danish that is. ‘Held’ means lucky/fortunate. AC = CA = Kal-. AAa ¤ U

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