Invisible Consciousness Matrix In Many Views

You are, effectively, what you don’t think or what ‘doesn’t’ do the thinking, but sees it. This is like ripples in a pool all collecting at the edges to combine and transfer. The ripples are the results of the motion of time, the unique cause is formating of your mind. The sound that moves through the water creates a cymatic pattern that is the make up of your consciousness which is like a cross sectional holographic view of a single layer of reality.

The sound is motion is time. The cymatic pattern itself is dependent on your focus and intent. It was discovered that DNA functions to repeat the signal generated and formed by your actions and impressions. The impressions that remain the most prominent therefore, cannot be explained by the motion on the surface. What is sought the most, is invisible and omnipresent.

Everything that is colored in here through consciousness is what pertains to a particular reality. If that is singular then it will be everywhere and in that sense is part of everything. If it is set apart, then that is unique unto itself. You are the uniqueness in the pattern that can’t be defined by the continuous fluctuations of previous patterns (programs). Thus, nearly everything that is experienced is part of an organic program! That which we don’t seem to see (consciously) is what is actually there! Wearing blinders in an optical illusion.

Motion then, is a way of sorting realities and the feeling that is not conceived into a conscious format is the real knowing mind. The awareness moves across the waters of consciousness, the rippling cymatic field, and without thinking, pushes and pulls energy in various ways. The result of that push pull, where the waves form and bounce or change trajectory, is consciousness!

The source of that change is invisible and out of the view of the single conscious layer but is something like an abstract layer that sees all the possibilities of the conscious. Therefore the requirements on the conscious layer, the format for ‘behavior’ is illusory, like a dream, to the true reality of the awareness which can see through a virtual set of multiple conscious perspectives simultaneously. In short, your brain is a cloud and your consciousness is just an informational tactile propioception existing as a virtual slice that your true processing power is most likely creating as a series of algorithmic functions to produce the patterns of highest completion. Out of all the possible virtual consciousness layers your system chose this one, that you are reading the words through now, and through this, a collective system has defined for this reality, a pathway through the lower levels of efficiency into liberation of mind.

The consciousness is like a maya in that we can attach to a singular view without remembering that we are the one before and after, and the one in the middle is switched out with different views of reality. What stands between mental liberation is unchecked emotions leading to the decay of resources, conscious materia that is available and can be accessed but is most useful at specific points in collective awareness. This is a symphony of meaning that brings every mind into truth.