Supercivilization Hyperloop

Reality was separated up into multiple stories that all had to be combined together.

The same repeating pattern with greater and greater exponential increments creates changes in dimensional fields that layer the universe or reality into ‘realms’. As the ranges and scopes of dimensional translation vary, the segmented realities become like universes in their own right.

Two worlds, an upper and lower were at a distance and proximity to one another, or contact lead to wars, confusion, degradation, separation and literal cosmic anomalies. 

The worlds that were generated out of the fragmented remains of a supercivilization were experienced as realities that were segmented, fragments of conscious existences. This ranged in scope from towns, societies, families, groups, and various contextual events of time, yet the realities were dream like without a beginning and end in the sense that the same loops kept repeating where society would develop for a bit and then some great change would occur that would quite literally turn everything around and around.

We may have developed into a world within a world, within that larger world and this little island of familiarity is within a scope of information so disproportional that the world that this world is within would be unrecognizable without translation.