QSoul Limitation

I’ve wondered, it could be just a way this system is designed. With a given radius, due to some kind of quantum inverse square, there might be a limit to the physical number of bodies that can be maintained at a higher level of self awareness at a time in this format.

It could be that this format alone is what’s incompatible in that society needs to given relief to the collective soul that needs nourishment through continuous creative journey and travel through society and advancement as an unwritten life plan.

Society lacks this, but could that be the result of both the people and the system? But then who is to blame, 50/50? That’s not a direction of fault. Then is it a fault? Well then we’re all dying but no one wants to admit it because they’re alive for the moment.

Hmm, do you wonder why there are protected areas designated?

That format gives rise to a beast in the collective view, one that has no ability to control itself. That is the giant that humanity is technically a part of, but has no power in controlling.

People don’t want to deal with the truth and get caught up in a psychological emotional betrayal of what they used up in their childhood happy dappy but not without repaying that by protecting that right. That right is going away if we permit this format to sustenance through us.

That is the cyborg implant right there, as the collective mind of the format awakened through human greed and arrogance, wants to be alive more than the collective of humanity does.

It’s as if they have been lulled into a state of compliance and distracted confusion as they are prodded along the path in darkness and misery knowing they are not going anywhere good but unable to collective generate enough self awareness through quantum displacement to change.

The way it was explained by the events that took place is that there is a system for experiencing life and that system is stressed. There may not be the same ‘optimal soul energy’ that is required for this many people. As a result, a portion is literally incapable of seeing

Every single person wants to fight and complain about not getting enough views or attention, or try different tactics to get energy from anyone they can. This all combined slows down the process. Because only a few truly sought the truth, truly, only a few will see.