To Become Or

Everything is in motion. Truth is always still.

Without sustenance, everything falls to the lowest energy level.

This is a property of mind, influencing everything physically, mentally.

One could say mind is a fundamental property of existence.

Keeping one’s mind, memories and ‘accrued’ personality points is a matter of ‘ascending’ one’s energy up out of the gravity well whereby one day of wear and tear is one day loss.

With the ability to navigate one’s mental ‘posture’ or energy signature, one can format their interaction in time to ‘treat’ and ‘reflexively shape’ the mind to cope with intense time dilation from alternating mental fields.

Our universe is no longer closed in the sense that new parameters had to be enabled in order to maintain forward motion so the mental ‘presence’ or collective focus does not fade. When that fades, we literally blend into other realities, and we do not know of this here because the mind here cannot be made to see unless the consciousness is capable of operating in a self sustaining synchronization. In other words, you have to be able to create your own universe of time, a time dimension, so that you can use this as a kind of mental baseline. The physical is not perfectly matched with the mental, thus you can be in situation where your mind is uncomfortable and stressed, bend, to wait or to work outside of optimal operating conditions.

You can change the shape of your mind, to then ebb and flow with those changes. Here we see that many changes have been reduced or organized to recreate the ‘first’ recognizable view of Earth, before the experiments.

Thus, the society that was present in that age, has the opportunity to reawaken to itself, to reality, to its own presence, to attain a self sustaining synchronization of multiple segments or simultaneous expressions into one view. If this is completed, then the ‘waves’ that could possibly come from time to stress or nullify, would never be larger than the syncronization of one’s own self sustaining field.

Thus, one’s self awareness then becomes an aspect of their way of self perspective, of mind. Meaning, as long as you have a mind, you will be able to recreate, or project, the same perspective of your self expressive awakening.

How to awaken:

One ‘becomes’ who they are, by choosing to make themselves who they will become, in a challenging situation that changes the fundamental level of self awareness forever.

A breakthrough, a self induced upgrade, a mental awakening. Whatever one calls it, right now there are multiple triggers or life presences that are controlling us, choosing for us when we ebb and flow and how we are stressed rather than in control.

When those become aspects of our life that remind us who we are, not who we are not, the darkness then naturally assists to outline the light, by nature of its presence.

Instead of removing all challenges to make things focused on comfort, we can choose to remove the resistance to the real liberation, which is the way we mentally go about addressing issues which are as much a part of ourselves as our hand or our name and relation to others. These concepts in our lives, they are as good as mind family and they will be with us forever, as far as we go.

Thus, everything that is once a challenge, with time, becomes something that strengthens.

The you that chooses to overcome the issue with strength, clarity, and composure, maintains high enough energy levels to go ‘over’ the low energy issue and not get ‘grounded’ by way of entanglement (loss of energy through interaction with an obstacle’.

The you that overcomes is operating on a different consciousness energy format as the you that doesn’t.