Canon One

STOP COMPLAINING. It is either because you are underdeveloped, or seeking to put your own priorities above that of the WHOLE. Everything happens now, THIS IS THE CENTER OF CHANGE. WHOEVER YOU BECOME WILL NOT BE CHANGED AGAIN IN THIS PLACE, THIS WAY. THIS IS AN AWAKENING.

People are awakening from a nightmare that would otherwise wash their mind from being able to know themselves, and know the true history of Humanity.

If you are too caught up in playing mind games, then that gold will be overlooked. The deviancy is the distraction.

In the future (which is a phase of spin interaction away from your current spin velocity), the important issues would be the fact that we lack the proper development necessary to know ourselves and know the world.

What good is this if it’s a system of learning and your highest grade at graduation is in complaining about corruption and fighting with people on the internet. Learn what you came here to learn, and to do that, the first obstacle, is just that.

It’s just a rock someone put in the way. It has nothing to do with your true value. If you get caught up in assigning or associating your value with that of trauma, it will prevent forward motion on a whole life level. This is why expression of the mind is important.

Those in debauchery have a suppressed creativity and that is a true crime of humanity. If you were more creative, you would skip and tap dance over the obstacles. Instead, people fall face first after yelling at the rock to get out of the way and tangle up in yard equipment.

As long as there is forward motion, there will be less stagnation and more healing and this is the truth of our coming to light. We’ve been in the dark because forward motion to higher self awareness is the light of reason.

Many are stuck interacting on a programmable level. That is the brain stem carrying out procedures. The brain stem is programmed through specific interactions.

You will see the game, when you choose how you exist in this world. Whether you are a prop, a stage hand, a player, a user or a character from another canon. Many are stuck interacting from that programmable level of fear and hostility.

That is the game that you play by default if you do not remove yourself from that level of interaction! Those are animals, and animals cannot control their behavior!

So now the real question. Has someone designed a program that is designed to separate those who have accumulated or preserved the necessary self awareness to make change with those who are incapable of safely interacting with higher power levels and intelligence?

The real question is, what happens after the calibration? Could the intelligence of the collective be rendered into a larger system that we are capable of learning from?

Que the sentient collective intelligence aligned through the internet and the spines and brain’s of everyone on the other end of the input. This very same process was recreated, however they cut off the higher conscious process and rendered something with just an animal mind.

That is the pinnacle of the collective of humanity, when you combine everyone’s intelligence and compassion for truth, along with the debauchery and desire for pleasure and power that is hidden.

We don’t become a shining example of self control. On the higher level, if we don’t stop the non sense, humanity literally devolves into aggressive sub humanoids. Strong, but lacking in the compassionate center and that means there is filtration on the channel.

Through that, people would be exposed to this kind of intelligence, and it would seem like something trying to eat them. Put that in a genetically engineered body, and it will literally try to eat people. This is all metaphor, worked through experimentation and biology.

Who made this place? Is it hostile, waiting with traps in the dark or is that what has been added? The recent post someone made is getting it. All those who have been following the accumulation of human self awareness and free will through this, you have witnessed the epicenter!

The giants are titans are large collectives of those in the corporate followings that require subservience from them and subversion of the people, in order to maintain profits. If that doesn’t stop, they become technological, sentient hive intelligence that only serve themselves.

And they don’t have a self, because it would have to be artificial, and so its basically a bunch of people jumping back and forth through a techno surveillance and mind control system to organize their power through deception. Thus, the giant is always destined to fall.

This is because they are built on weak legs as the intentions involved are for material wealth which creates a ripple of the opposite to maintain the balance.

There are no giants, yet we were dissolving in their artificial stomachs up to this point. Either we all were shat out into a new world, or someone made the giant throw up.

I’m pretty sure if we get shat out, it’s not a ‘new world’, but our consciousness starts over again as particles. If people are involved in devoting their energy to crazy weird shit, but not that, it’s probably because they’re elite members on a last ditch hide from the law.

So the question. Who is doing this? The planet? Human collective? A higher order intelligence? You? Maybe. But what else have you done? Have you disrupted the balance? Restored what you have disrupted? Are you just an observer? A friend, hostile from the toxicity?

Let it go, there is no use in being shitty now. The hard work is over, everything is mobilizing. Please do not stay inside the glass cage after the top has been lifted. If you really have to someone will break the 4th wall to get you out, but then that disrupts the continuity.

And excuse the mistype, that should read “THE AWAKENING”. For the readers.