Energy Liberation

Complaining makes liberation move further away. Appreciate others, simply know where to place them that way there are no unpredictable changes. Each soul is counted but they are capable of interaction at different levels at different times.

The goal is to get everyone moved up consistently and with stability that way we are not threatened to fall back down with an unpredictable change or disruption.

Imagine that we advanced so fast for the past hundred years, that people aren’t ‘zombies’, they are literally not fully connected from the conscious level because we should not have that number of population yet.

Then, if there is a collapse, the people around do not share the same abilities or intelligence and so without the core of necessities, we could end up with a lot of people and no way to get back to ‘civilization’.

Thus, we are pushing upwards constantly and mending the layers as we go because we are pushing through ourselves and if we are not stabilized our society is fleeting and cannot stay at a consistent level of advancement.

It is observable. People are being put under more stress, mental and emotional, than their neurochemistry and bodies are designed to handle. Is the food, or is it the mental emotional toxicity? Are we burning out because of how we’re living at a baseline or the extra activities?

The only solution is to move ourselves up above the energy level of the problem, without hostility, without bringing harm to others.