Mind Eater

When there are magnetically induced disturbances of the mind that influence the energy field, this then takes time to manifest and heal as a process of synthesis of the mind state through the energy and chemicals.

The change is subtle and takes place over time, so your consciousness does not ‘see’ the change as an event but an eventual reformation. The universe is a bio hacker.

Your feeling, the energy of your mind, is just as much another aspect of your neurological system, a whole body extension of the nervous system in the immediate area.

Your feeling is encoded in this and your feeling is the result of a sum total variation between possible versions of your self in a hyperdimensional reality that this would can only fit into as a memory or personal creation.

Who you are here is who you aren’t overall as this is the one that stands out as the sum total variation to bring about that distinct initiation of self awareness. Are you a sun, or frozen shards?

The operation of your neurological and extra physical feeling system is part of the process of the operation of the universe. You are all co designers of the reality here, that is what that means. If in your feeling, collectively, you choose liberation, that is what you get.

The first issue is that people are convinced to harm themselves, to bring harm to others, and to shun knowledge in favor of repeatable, simple, easy reality options that lead to their own mental distortion. Know that if you don’t know, it’s because you do not want to know.

What you feel and how you feel it, how you place the energy in your life through your mind and actions, determines what level of access you have to the universe. Forcing the gates open results in a diminishing quality of energy. That is part of the history here.