Side Swishing

Fake news -> Blank Slate – > Customized Consciousness People become the products when they consume that media. This is serious, what if we are travellers here and we go back to a ‘home’ realm after. And if the fake news mind wiped the species to the point of mental collapse?

Then from that other perspective the light would be dimming and doors falling through even though everything was new. This society has been used as an anchor trap to tie into and tap the surrounding life (in a way that influences other realities so as to produce a disruption).

Quite literally, this society was used as a tap, and then after a tool injected into the neck of the sister society, was used to drain not only those here but the surrounding until catastrophic discontinuity began to distort layers that take a very long time to generate.

Someone literally pissed all the energy of the mind place Earth human reality genetically condemning the species. The main idea here is that it may be impossible to determine where one’s mind is in the future.

If those people know everything they know from being told by fake media, then they will be as drones who have no connection or capacity to know life directly, without requiring a manufactured process of hearsay and deception to quell their fears and pacify their critical minds.

There is no reason to allow fear to control the mind that would otherwise overcome that obstacle and neutralize that poison. Of course, people must become immune on their own, not simply protected by a parent consciousness. You have to choose and then allow that to play out.