SATAN IS WHEN THE INTESTINAL WALLS ARE TOO THIN TO HOLD UP TO THE ACID BECAUSE THE MIND TAKES IN TO MUCH DESIRE (FOOD) THE COLON IS THE FINAL FRONTIER, THE SAME WITH THE INVERTED 3D SPACETIME OPENING UNIVERSE, IF YOU GO INTO A BLACK HOLE, YOU’RE INVERTED, THIS IS LIKE TURNING YOUR BODY INSIDE OUT Most of those who have seen, experienced a soul death at some point in the past 40 years because the ‘alien’ invaders are in the food and the frequencies we bath ourselves in daily. If we don’t respect the balance of forces in the temple, then the Mind is overrun with the fecal matter malformed thought BS of continuous worrying, thinking about linear projected SHIT.

Unless you’re surfing the energies within yourself and reconverting the fallen energies of spacetime to hyperconscious universal will, then you’re just sinking into an inverted gravity well of consciousness which will eventually have to be climbed out of by discovering all these things in an internal apocalyptic awakening. On the other side, we are simply feeling and seeing, “Why are we in pain? Why is there always pain? Why don’t we get what we put into life, back out of this in spiritual return (fruits, good works)?” 1) Because someone was literally kidnapping children and stealing their ‘spiritual essence’ mining it, harvesting it, like an inanimate resource. 2) Now that the stranglehold upon the biology of human, the corrupt corporate poisoning and dumbing down of society, as a war tactic against humanity, is coming to the open, as the actual spiritual war and degradation, we can influence the outcome with our will. 3) If we remain lowly in energy and intent, even though now the truth is coming out, then we become the creators of our own future energetic mind prison. If we realize that this changes nothing except that now we can see whether or not we are fulfilling our life potential and accessing the true power of knowledge, self awareness, free will, compassion, and truth, then this is the awakening that is dreamed for ages. That is the paradoxical nature is is the remnant of the satanic inversion system.

One would think, if we go forward into truth, that we are avoiding something, but this is the inversion. If we remain and continue to plunder in fantasy land, we will lose our connection to truth. Only by going forward with our true potential and avoiding falling into the sideways energy traps of the friction grid potential (a drainage system to simply run you in circles), does the light hit every surface and thereby heal this for all of time, from all sides. Everything we do now is like the core of the projection spiral, every motion you make here is amplified and projected outwards many times over, everyone can see every motion from this time, forever.