Human in Liberation

By universal delusion I mean the lens of the universe is at a distorted angle in regards to the receiving and emitting ray. On either end you get those light spikes like viewing a light source through a screen. Those spikes are virtually insane levels of consciousness projection.

In other words, viewing through your brain, the entire reality, from one of those spires on the side, gives you an experience that cannot be achieved purely through physical arrangement. IE: It only exists in the mind of the viewer as a projected cross reference of the physical. These levels sustain themselves based upon the gyrations of the physical and energetic selves. Parasitic consciousness sustained themselves on it, however, this led to them using it up, instead of creating eternal structures and remotivating the universe.

Through that abuse, the universal engine of mind, energy, and matter almost froze solid. If it is shocked in that state it can shatter. This is the connecting concept that transfers the experiences of the individual to the whole. Our entire reality went through a collective trauma experience. Thus, everyone who sees the self and knows the truth, has gone through that experience as that is part of who we are, there is nothing else but illusion and denial. Strength comes after choosing truth rather than the illusion of success through decoherence. Coherence of one’s mind as a self sustaining, self correcting force of self awareness is the only true output that achieves any form of useful change.

The projects were the epicenter because for anything to happen there, for any information to get out, for any one to overcome, they would’ve had to overcome the direct and most brutal assault on humanity’s intelligence since the beginning of time. That is why the changes took so long, but are also irreversible for those willing to move forward. That is a difficult process, but the system has been adjusted and the collective mind is slowly choosing to look over these details and stay and process with compassion. That is the first time any large enough group of people have been faced with this task in a way that influences the rest of society and all individuals on the planet. It is true that some society may stay the same, each mind on the planet will alter and is lightening as a result.

Remember, my first video in 2016 stated that I had reached what is called “The Awakening” through which I was given the choice and the truth. The systems that had managed human consciousness for so long and had locked us into a war through the underground, was becoming ineffective at manipulating us. Make note here, this was largely due to the influence of those with the power to overcome the horrific darkness that was the artificial tool used against the human mind. Only those who had faced such darkness within themselves could overcome the impression of which around them.

Those who assisted humanity are hidden, no one has access to any information other than what is purposely released. I informed you in 2016 that I was informed years previous that those who would destroy everything to gain for a few no longer have that capability.