The Natural Human Option

Natural law is in effect for those who accept. The idea is that you can use natural law but you also must be self accountable. In natural law, free will must be accepted. Natural law cannot be denied on the basis of ignorance. Everyone clearly sees natural law around them.

The basis of change is exclusivity. If you don’t want to follow natural law, you have to sign up for it, sign up your children, to imprint and identify them through their involvement with that modified, auxiliary system, rather than the natural law that is directly apparent.

So the system we are involved it, that we are supposed to breaking free from, is technically operating under the basis of voluntary free will.

There is a catch and that is that the voluntary part is involuntary on the basis of not being given direct and persistent clarity of choice.

The choice is disguised, hidden behind a series of automated systems that have user guided management but systematically seeks to search, engage, degrade, and infiltrate any and all available resources holding the human soul as the highest.

That system was in part operational due to the manipulation of the human imagination and the interactive fields that dynamically integrate changes in the mind and emotions with changes in time, collective consciousness and synchronize in a wholeness of cycles.

This disrupts many things. What we are facing is that we have become mentally and emotionally disconnected from the natural timeline of the human race. If we use up too much time and energy just to get to the next day then we will end up with a temporal imbalance.

We are using this choice to turn away from the falsely voluntary, manufactured consent, free will abusing, deceptive system and realize our own self accountability and involvement with any form of connected darkness and to disconnect and dismantle any aspect of engagement.