Titania on Fire

All these events were by design. That is part of the hidden history you are not aware of and the people are now shown an opportunity to know. Our history is a fraud, the major twists, the big turns, they were advanced acts of covert terrorism and subjugation of the human race.

The ship was switched out for an insurance scam. There was no “Titanic” the whole thing was a fraud for murder, just like the majority of major events.

The purpose of this is to begin to think about and understand how major events could be faked, manipulated, or how the public opinion and perspective, of these events, can be entirely manufactured if all of the information comes from controlled, corporate sources.

This events was a major building block for the necessary components of the industrial human enslavement protocol.

These events are being shone through now so that we can know the truth about how Humanity has travelled and who has been doing what this entire time.

Be wary of any cosmic ‘scapegoats’ that, ‘made’ people do it. There are no scapegoats but the true self and if you are viewing and choosing based on what you feel in the place of the true self, then you can heal.

If you wanted the world to know the truth, you did something right.

The second aspect of this concept and what can be placed within the section of Phase 2.3 is related to our understanding of the dimensions of space and time, or more specifically, the malleability of your consciousness within that collapsible and expandable framework of physical and the energetic substrate of reality.

Once this is more closely understood

  1. You can begin to understand how you are capable of interacting, moving, healing, knowing, and assisting in the mental liberation of Humanity, throughout ALL OF TIME.
    1. The concept of “ALL OF SPACETIME” is beyond our limits for understanding. The living entities who operate on this level of reality can ‘host’ simulations of this entire reality inside their neural network.
    2. The focus here is on what we need to know and what we can do right now. You are part of an entity system, otherwise you would be as numb as a fingernail or flakes of skin that fall off. Instead, you scream “OUCH” if something hurts you, physically, mentally, or emotionally, and that is because these partially conjoined components aspects of your being here, are complete, whole, and eternal versions of your perspective of self in true reality (Without limitation).
  2. History was altered, we are incapable of understanding our true reality without knowing this.
    1. The nature of what was used and how, the methods and interactions, are beyond the limits of the framework of this model of reality (the stuff you do all day in ‘society’, that is determined by not you).
      1. In other words, you would literally become something more than human, by definition, by exposing you to the complete truth of the nature of reality and the possibilities, the technology and the interactions.
        1. Your small cycle ‘lfe game’ you’re playing here does not ‘spool up’, add up, or contain enough expandable variable slots that enable the mind to expand like a Buckyball (buck eyeball).
        2. If one were to simply pick up the information sphere, the literal noo sphere of your mind, your life, your information (soul), and drop it into a reality where all those truths are in the open and your interactivity and choices are not dependent on your knowledge and ability to discern on THAT level (way beyond), it would be traumatizing beyond belief, to say the least. This is in part, what we were exposed to. An entire society, an entire civilization, where everyone knows everything that we are lied to about here and it is soul crushing to know that even now, people are still growing up with their mind manipulated and their potential reduced to that of, quite literally, nothing but a business meal.
        3. It is not just corruption, Humanity was blanketed in an age of darkness so to stifle its growth, reduce its awareness, and enable those who pretended to be truly powerful (using tech and deception), to do what they wanted, at the expense of the entire species.
      2. As you understand the nature of the oppression and manipulation. You begin to learn of the Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge, the Awakening of the Saga of the Human Soul.
        1. What went on long ago.
        2. Where we come from.
        3. How life is brought here.
        4. Natural gateways inout time.
        5. Starship potential.
        6. Reality simulation.
        7. Soul nexus reality memory recording and relay system. (big universe soul movie projector).
        8. The malleability of the dimensions of consciousness and how consciousness functions as a gateway for advanced reality control.
        9. How we interacted in the past, the experiment of today. What we gained, the strengths, the losses. How you can always gain and shift the overall probabilistic curve of ‘loss’ and regenerate new spacetime pathways.
        10. How to heal the brain, the mind, the damage from trauma, memory loss, nutrient loss.
        11. How emotions and emotional combat is the number one tool of mental emotional soul abuse on Earth, second to sexual abuse.
          1. The focus is not that “they are doing this”, it’s that, “you can control the outcome, and always do”.
        12. All of this is to and will assist in the mental liberation of Humanity.