Broken Haus

The ergonomics of each house hold appliance, furniture, cleaning system, or various daily use system, is designed so the people who using them are met with pains, aches, disease, and tiredness of all kind with frustration and poor design to inhibit self control, induce injury.

In short, without pointing out every thing, each product is brought up for design and is not permitted to surpass a level of interactive efficiency, ergonomics and effectiveness of design while also participating in assaulting the mind, damaging the body and inducing frustration.

EVERYTHING is designed for this, and when a new design comes up, (EVERYTHING was designed between 1940’s and the next few decades), it is used in secret, out of the public view. The common design of this society is OUTDATED, FRAUDULENT, and HARMFUL to human life.

This is ALL by design and those behind it were prepared to take this as FAR as it had to go to ensure that THEY were on TOP, even if that meant making the TOP NON HUMAN.

Non human is synonymous with ANTI HUMAN because they lead to the same DEVOLVED STATE.