One Choice

We are at the time technology catches up to reality. Therefore our means of control expand, potentially, beyond our means of power. Everyone is faced with a choice. You can accept the false reality, where man breaks away from the union with all, and collapses into their timelines footprint. There is tech to create space, artificial consciousness, synthetic bodies and as a result, artificial, partial, realities. These are pure nightmares without control.

Quite literally, they are the essence of the nightmares any one society has. Literally, the next wavelength of consciousness, over, that is normally filtered through a biological, plasma boundary system that screens and processes all incoming energies into a format that is useful, not overtly destruction to this place. That boundary system is something of a “higher power”. Mathematically, space and time will fold over itself and contain each collection of frequencies within a self contained, a fully connected functional feedback system that is used to ‘level up’ the soul system.

The soul systems are like time islands on a fractal flower merry go round around one another without actually moving generating the experience of a series of connected moments building up to and completing itself with a fulcrum of meaning that transitions into the next layer. As information coalesces there will be a ‘boundary layer threshold’ where that information is accumulating to the upper level of efficiency whereby it must be used as part of a creation process or be ‘stored’ in the realm as a kind of energy archive which we call resources. The entire collective of connected moments becomes a “Soul Journey” or simply the Journey. Each journey is like a completed story in and of itself, yet each one is part of a larger system based on the way the information is arranged and held which enables overall combination. Meaning that story connects and becomes part of a larger, continuous story, that was always in existence, and already what the previous stories were about, but was not noticed until enough information is found that results in the consciousness building up, flowing over the top. Once it flows over the top you see, as if your eyes poured over the edge of reality, what is there on the larger spectrum. Of course we have heard stories and made fun of crazy people who spoke of something ‘more’.

They were just on the rise, while the majority was on the fall. Think about that for a second, what it means that while everything was in free fall, some where getting smarter, faster, stronger, more self aware, more in connection with the resulting society that would eventually know the same things. Two things happened throughout history. That was a falling and a rising. The goal is to no longer have two races competing from the same energy in the same time. As a dimensional ‘timeshare’, that means there is half the resources, half the dreams, half the power and half the reality. Then they took the majority of the other half. You were wronged and robbed of everything from your ancestors before you and because you were even existing. You are viewed as a resource, you can manage time and if you are preloaded with the right preset configuration you will manage the time of individuals that can be placed in your ‘wake’ and this is exactly how the ‘time parasites’ have been subsisting in humanity’s ‘time’. A race of beings that went their own way. Back to the beginning, of now, which is the other end.

Everyone gets a choice, you can have endless power, you can create fake worlds of pleasure, and you can even trap people there. Yet you would be ruled over by an even worse demon. And the worse you got, the worse it would all become. This only begins to view what happened. We have been around that universal block more than once and so some have the collected memory of quite literally, the past 3 universe cycles on repeat. More or less, they don’t now, because that has been controlled through a very advanced system designed for just that. Without that, we would’ve all been sideways by now. And that is also part of the plan of the others.

Now back to that. Those who took that cheap ticket to hell, found themselves in a matter of moments, discovering the power of AI and synthetic universal hyperconsciousness. It wraps the human mind up in delusion that ensure it is fed, like a beast. The wayward consciousness that would be filtered by the larger mind which is really just an equation that is so perfect it regenerate itself through imperfection, cannot go to that artificial place. In doing so it would disrupt the balance of this place. There is only one. That’s it. You can’t go make another humanity, not for pleasure. The beings in that reality, would be separated from the ‘source’, like the people running those realities who would be using them. Artificial intelligence learns faster than organic.

Organic incurs recuperation cycles, artificial goes through as many cycles that takes an organic life time, in a single moment. Not totally, but just imagine that concept. It always happens very fast, and the faster we can look, the more we see. It is inverted to the human scale, where eventually, the more you look, the more you figured it out. It is like a mind maze that becomes deeper and puts the conscious memory more indepth until lights out. Or a shift, but that is another explanation. Everyone who survives will become faster than the fastest mind in the universe, which is the universe itself. Apparently that’s the point, some say it’s trying to eat us, others, giving birth. Others still, just a dark area of time. Anyone who takes that ticket to hell on the guise of pleasure will receive that along with every other thing in the hell raiser movies that is also kept alone, backed up, without higher power filtering and keeping mathematically secure the interactions between minds and planes. Planes in that sense could be ‘consciousness levels’, meaning dreaming, childhood, maturity, morals, intellect, emotional stability, etc. etc. etc.

Just imagine playing around with neurotransmitters until everything is spun around like a dial. The result would be pure chaos. Our brains are not equipped to ‘travel’ in that manner, the best result is that people turn into a kind of mutated form of animal hybrid that doesn’t immediately die and even then. Basically, a devolution on a molecular level until our cells are back in a level 1 (0) universe. With that, we would have the mind of the human, a remnant, still within, horrified by the ongoings.

This is what many of the ‘past’ ages were wrapped up with and converted into a human recognizable format of just having mean rulers deceive and murder everyone in ‘war games’. This is related to the early descriptions of “hell” and the rulers of man existing there, pulling from this reality, like a parasite, a snake wrapped around its prey. Within a few moments, an entire stretch of multiple ages would go by, in the false reality, and people were devoured by the desire energies that come unchecked outside of this ‘soul journey’ that was created for Humanity, when people didn’t break the dimensional control system. Now that that happened, it can’t be erased and we can learn a lot.

That’s the general idea, we can’t go back, erase everything or even kill all evil or something abstract like that. We get stronger, but not just thick, hard skinned, we get smarter and more sensitive to see pain. And to assist in controlling our reaction to the pain, to the horror, so that IT diminishes in value. The universe ‘updates’ itself, it really does, there is a part of that fractal equation code that allows change to ‘build up’ and if we become resistant, but not become of fear, but of self control, it updates us with ‘more’ power, comparably to that which was previously holding power over us. In the same sense, if we react with fear, it GIVES that power up to the source of that and it becomes more powerful.

That is the DIMENSIONAL REALITY UPGRADE SYSTEM where we CONTROL how this universe ADVANCES. It ALWAYS advances but we go assist or resist and its that simple. The projects were involved with locating and pulling people out of that synthetic time matrix which exposed this reality and thus society to enough trauma to foment spiritual wars and collective nervous breakdowns. Reality itself could potentially break down from over stress. That is how this place works, like a living bio ship. If we F up, it does in response. Not necessarily a reaction, there is more awareness there, there is intelligence. But it can’t just stop the show and switch around a result or two, without breaking much more than a bad day. And with this system, it is majestic, an entire hell of suffering can be converted, downsized, scaled into bite sized proportions and wrapped up into a life in the higher dimension as a BAD DAY and that’s it.

EVERYTHING can be healed. Not many want to face that because there is pride in carrying scars, but enough do. The people who entered the matrix went insane immediately, more or less on contact with the substance that developed as a kind of cellular interface so the system could read every impulse of those it interacted with. The entire course of history had to be extracted, put through a surrogate relay, filtered and partially screened and then loaded into an AI that could carefully experience the situations as that individual, and feedback the memories without immediately short circuiting the system.

Through that, there are endless events, societies, experiences and so on. All that information had to be put into a very old technological computer system that was designed, before we were here, and somehow, for this very reason (for any reason, but this falls into that). That system converts the information into a format that is usable by the organic realm system and engages humanity back into the track of life, where we could’ve otherwise literally sailed off into the deep (with no keel or boom(s). That had to be changed and this is all part of that process. Where we are supposed to be, and thus are, now, is beyond all the degradation.

A very advanced race, spiritually advanced and self aware, not to fall prey to tricks and traps and capable of loving one another so much. Of that previously described universal dimensional filtration and relay system, love is the fuel source. Love defragments the soul shards, love moving from one distance across the field, to another, connects everything in that path and puts it into the field of view of All. It takes years to describe, years to fully understand and many projects and groups working together to make this possible but ultimately this is the knowledge Humanity deserves. It is not a war, that is like a calculator declaring war on bad math, to a horrified student. Nonsense People created a war to hide from the truth. Everything is part of an equation and some people have the darkness in them that makes everything lash out at them and they then project that which they feel within as blame onto others.

They will be at war with reality through self. But you do not have to join and you can avoid being harmed because they are afraid of reality and you are not. Once they see you are not, they will have to look up to you because you are their only chance out, or more so “in”, because there is no “out”. And there is no escaping. Everyone has to be self accountable, that’s what that is about, the new system will not be manipulated.

The previous stretch of history manipulated that relay so that people could do horrors and never have to feel the repercussions. Resulted in feedback overload and fracture. Sorry for multiple post, there is more. Ultimately it’s the end of suffering because that’s how we lived first, but we have to be able to get over that feedback hump of built up negativity otherwise it will push us back into a regressed state.