Information Security

The reason people who were not involved are troublesome is two fold:

It was projected how people behave, those not actually involved are going to try and act like they are involved and this is going to result in automatic disinformation, this can be useful and has been used. When the time does come to tell the truth, those people will have to stop, they do not know and are going off of internet rumors and intuition.

There are people telling us what is happening and all others have to do is listen and not interrupt. The other aspect is that those who are supposed to be here acting as information sources, become 1) Gatekeepers (over confusion of real events, which is almost humorous, but highly disorienting for the collective) And, they attack others for giving relevant information, claiming that they couldn’t possibly know that much or be of honest intentions, simply because they would rather be getting attention or wielding what they imagine to be, in their deluded haze, a superior amount of power. That is part of the mental distortion and has to be remedied without completely shutting down the emotions of those who want attention, but without giving them what they want as that slows the entire process down after the point where it is not necessary. Before, it is necessary.