Advanced Technology

Technological Advancement

During WWII developments were made involving electrical generators. This sounds vague and there were many other details regarding the scientific knowledge, yet the idea is that very simply electromagnetic, non-Hertzian “Teslian” energy fields were discovered to have been responsible for propagating energy and consciousness in dimensions that were not previously observed. Everything from DNA, consciousness, hidden or regularly unobservable natural phenomena, time, even mass could be seen to exist as part of this hidden, latent, scalar-wave frequency as a pattern is found everywhere.

If one could determine the particular pattern of frequency and location then this can be replicated and anything can be influenced using these non-Hertzian generators.

Radio-frequency alone was developed intensively during the 60’s and 70’s in America and this was discovered to interact with consciousness to influence emotions, cognitive capacity, memory, cognitive function, biological function, health, pain, comfort, pleasure, and all forms of brain-activity.

After the knowledge of advanced technology and the occult sciences of all parts of the world was combined, the ability to target and interact directly with the human soul was refined. This was a mix of psychological tactics used to manipulate or expose the hidden psyche and technology that could manipulate memory, emotional states, wakefulness, and even dreams.

What resulted was scalar technology that could not only influence a person to take on a particular role or response, but technology that could actually put a person to sleep and locate their consciousness to contain it and transport it to a new location.