Thought Experiment Earth

Use this as a thought experiment. If this is true. If it’s this advanced, then there are visible effects (seen overall) from simply not thinking in a negative manner. That is the point. It is a battle over realms held currently in the mind.Quote Tweet

The [cabal] want you on bad timelines. On bad timelines you are slaves to the [cabal] hive. Focus on the good timeline that you want. This destroys the [cabal] plans.


Information Security

The reason people who were not involved are troublesome is two fold:

It was projected how people behave, those not actually involved are going to try and act like they are involved and this is going to result in automatic disinformation, this can be useful and has been used. When the time does come to tell the truth, those people will have to stop, they do not know and are going off of internet rumors and intuition.

There are people telling us what is happening and all others have to do is listen and not interrupt. The other aspect is that those who are supposed to be here acting as information sources, become 1) Gatekeepers (over confusion of real events, which is almost humorous, but highly disorienting for the collective) And, they attack others for giving relevant information, claiming that they couldn’t possibly know that much or be of honest intentions, simply because they would rather be getting attention or wielding what they imagine to be, in their deluded haze, a superior amount of power. That is part of the mental distortion and has to be remedied without completely shutting down the emotions of those who want attention, but without giving them what they want as that slows the entire process down after the point where it is not necessary. Before, it is necessary.

Timewave Hyperconsciousness Boomerang

Events earlier can influence the later. This is reversed from normal causal flow in that they occur inversely. This is like pouring a rope out of a cup that flips over in the air and edge first to fall is then the last to touch down.

This is also similar to wave dynamics in that the light changes wavelength through refraction which redirects the propagation of energy. The process through which this occurs results in a reflection of the angle which produces a symmetrical but altered continuation.

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Rotoscoping Reality

Two realities so similar they can’t be consciously separated, create within the mind a parallel world view that constantly shifts back and forth between the possibilities.

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Healing Aug Update PT Day 5

Thank you Ashlie

And thank you those who have supported my healing process and made a commitment to giving me a path to walk.

Thank you to those who supported this process. I have completed almost two weeks of therapy and have seen much improvement. Building up my muscles out of balance with the joint capacity resulted in shifting the form forward and requires retraining and joint strengthening.

I have about a month and a week scheduled at about $1800. I plan to go for around 2 months of therapy and if this can be applied to sports massages and a couple of months of some amount of the 7 to 15 different supplements I take regularly for joint, muscle and other issues, this changes everything.

If Ashlie had not noticed me in pain and done this, I would be overlooking the issue and preparing for another, final, slow decline. I cannot repair this injury any other way and already rebuilt it once.

Thank you to Ashlie and thank you to those who have continue to support me through rough times regarding my work and the stress involved with this information.

When I first began to bring my work to the people, in 2016, the message is ‘the war is over’ and that ‘good people are in the position to make a better future’.

Thank you so much for caring and choosing to remain centered in these times. What’s important is that we remember that this is all secondary to what’s really happening within your mind and body that no one can see or feel but you and how you communicate and feedback your own knowledge to heal or to allow others to deplete you.

Please do not be stressed by the work and the difficulty that is a part of sharing with others. People do not know and they have a right to be able to question what they are facing and who could be attempting to work free will out of the equation.

Self thought and the inspiration that motivates us to communicate and share our inner most feelings with one another is a golden pathway, a bridge that can carry us from our deepest place of despair and break through the dullness that surrounds forgetfulness of our true nature.

Humanity is more powerful and part of something larger than just what people are told but the truth is always the most challenging aspect of reality.

Part of seeing through the ways of deception is choosing to no longer react accordingly with a role that is submissive to mental and emotional manipulation through insults, ridicule and those who would mock others for choosing to avoid a path of strife.

It would seem the manipulation ‘drama’ is designed to draw out the tiniest bit of reactivity to any psyche and exploit that until they are ‘pulled in’ to the fray. I choose to avoid that, I was not involved before and will not be now.

Thank you.

Parasitic Past Time

A parasitic mind ‘steals’ its way into paradise, by overwriting that of another. This is done by blaming others for its misdeed and demonizing them in order to hide itself, laying corrupt seeds in the minds of the people who then turn on one another while it feeds on their suffering.

Healing Aug Physical Therapy and Vlog Series

a string of injurious events and chronic pain

this is extremely painful and embarrassing for me to do

a friend started this, a few days ago, because of last months injury and here I am with a bone fragment sticking out of my joint (3 days later I can feel the swelling isn’t going down)

I need to start physical therapy probably today or tomorrow or at least get checked. If it were minor the swelling would’ve began to shrink everything back into place by now.

Only about 2,000 more would be about enough for a month of physical therapy. After surgery they give you about 2 months of therapy. One month should be enough unless I literally ripped everything apart.

This was done in a few days to a week, and so I may start physical therapy and either keep this going, or use the proceeds from this one and start another one for the second half of physical therapy.

I told people I would do a video log for that and I very much do not like to show my injuries or ‘film’ that part, however it seems if people assist in the healing process then they have that right, for the most part.

So I may begin physical therapy and being filming a v log series “Healing Aug” in the first week and possibly start another one unless everything is gained before a day or two which is around where I would have to begin the therapy.

They are a 150 dollars or so a session and so I should almost have a week or two that I can pay with money I have saved up and so this just may work. Lot’s of pain, can’t really type without making the tear worse so I’ll have to do things more audio visual in terms of recording plainly.

As well.


Transparency and Liberation

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I wrote a scene in a screenplay about 15 years ago. It takes place in a penthouse NY condo with a secretive wealthy man who wants to meet a professor in the works of cybernetics. When looking out his window, the humans look like ants in some kind of controlled fashion with roads and such. The professor is a bit awkward and uncomfortable with such extravagance and declines an offered drink. The old wealthy man is here to lecture him, a kind of warning that he cannot take control of his empire by allowing him to teach humans what they are and thereby offer them another degree of freedom of self-awareness. He has his grandchild over to play. She is very precocious and wants to meet the professor and show him what she is working on for her science project.

She leads him over to two aquariums with ants in them. She says, “Watch this.” She drops sugar water into a smiley face in one of the aquariums. She says, “My father says that represents money.” The ants cluster round the sugar droplets and from a human observer’s point of view looks like a smiley face but made of ants. In the next aquarium, she turns on a very hot bright light and puts in a filter that shines down on the scattered ants. After a minute or so, the ants scatter from the hot zones of the light and from the human perspective form a frowny face.

The rich old man said to his grandchild, “Come play puppets with me, darling.” She giggles and obeys. He puts his hands in the puppets and says from one puppet to the other, “You will do as I say or there will be consequences.” The other puppet says, “I don’t fear you. I am just as strong.” The little girl giggles and says, “Grandpa, those are just your hands.” He uses string puppets now to continue the lesson to his grandchild. “What shall we do now if we have no meaning or reason to fight?” The other marionette, responds through grandpa’s bad transviliquism, “We will create a reason for purpose’s sake.” The girl giggles and says, “You are just pulling their strings grandpa.”

“Humans need purpose and meaning grandchild,” he says. The professor doesn’t say anything. The old man simply says, “You can let yourself out. I’ve enjoyed our chat.”

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The Time Entity and Genetic Hopping

A time entity stalks humans through time, seeking the ‘gold’ that is their dreams, hopes and creativity, the free willed power to change time by adding possibilities to reality, seeking to parasitically leech and alter that power by subsisting on the extracted suffering.

The beings that participate in this process, when all of time, dreams, behaviors, intentions are added together, are not organically relative to the human soul. They are from outside the sphere of relativity and cannot provide for themselves temporally and will fade into low consciousness when the human hosts die or rid themselves of the parasitic infection.

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The Truth Knows

What if “God” is the truth and the truth is hated by most. What if in being “God” the truth doesn’t have to love or continue to consider those who hate the truth. Yet, what if, in knowing all, the truth also opens a pathway for every single soul to know themselves in the light?

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The Undefinable

There is a meadow.

In the meadow there is a flower that has defensive thorns protruding from it and a spicy pungent odor emanates from the thorns crinkling the nose and stinging the eyes.

Eye’s and noses are attracted to this flower, sinking over the bulb’s opening, seeking an answer to the madness.

The more one looks, the more their eyes burn and their nose begins to run. Tears will eventually stream from the eyes as the jaw clenches in pain.

The tears that fall from the eyes, run down the nose bridge into the mouth of the flower and around the base at its roots. The longer one stays, the wetter the flower becomes.

Until one is eventually grasped by the flowers leaves that grow tendril like vines around below. From the outside, the flower has grown taller than the one performing the sensing act. The small nuisance has become a collection of pains each with their own thorns and poison.

The roots have grown in and around the footing of the observer, making it more difficult for them to regain their momentum and continue onward.

From the outside now, the flower stronger than the person. Directly beside this scene, a gentle soul bends down to smell the roses.

Water the right flower. We are all in the same meadow, but we only see what we want to see, whether that is painful for us or not.

One Choice

We are at the time technology catches up to reality. Therefore our means of control expand, potentially, beyond our means of power. Everyone is faced with a choice. You can accept the false reality, where man breaks away from the union with all, and collapses into their timelines footprint. There is tech to create space, artificial consciousness, synthetic bodies and as a result, artificial, partial, realities. These are pure nightmares without control.

Quite literally, they are the essence of the nightmares any one society has. Literally, the next wavelength of consciousness, over, that is normally filtered through a biological, plasma boundary system that screens and processes all incoming energies into a format that is useful, not overtly destruction to this place. That boundary system is something of a “higher power”. Mathematically, space and time will fold over itself and contain each collection of frequencies within a self contained, a fully connected functional feedback system that is used to ‘level up’ the soul system.

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