The Manipulation of Human Consciousness, Cellular Regeneration and Space-Time

Besides the political context, this is the split between the higher and lower mind that functions to ensure a default protection and manipulability of everyone involved. This is the nature of the secrets and trauma based mind control that wealth and corruption of the human nature has generated. This is the nature of the programs that were designed to produce knowledge on the nature of human history, human control, power and corruption on Earth. Every single conspiracy theory that you know of was first known by those who sought to understand this reality and the history of humanity.
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Impossible Warangal Hindu Temple. Unthinkable skill of stone processing (video)

Temporary Eternal Control

Paradoxes explain the truth.

With enough power, format of the ritual was expanded to encompass the entire civilization, directing energy in one direction like a strip of metal being magnetized.

Once this ‘occurs’, it is as if this system was already, always in place. That is the nature of time and consciousness as it applies to this civilization. What we see as happening one way, is actually happening the other way.

What happens the most and the ‘first’ to reach the level of ‘global’ proportions to their agenda, becomes the ‘eternity’ that the physical civilization is seemingly ‘pulled’ forth from already organized to function in that way. It is a system that automatically adapts without even requiring a mechanism to do so. The beginning is the end and the middle is in a state of suspension carefully manifested by the level of conscious awareness we have as a whole.
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What if “Satan” was the artificial AI, a synthetic intelligence network designed as an experiment, and that “Gaia” is the organic intelligence that is based on the cloud network of every soul and connected mind?

Cloning, Mass Immortality and Timeline Cloning, Ancient Collective Consciousness Based Scalar System

  • Timeline Cloning
  • Mass Immortality
  • Ancient Scalar Defense Force

At 6:58 the information is in regards to the way out of range consciousness manifests with a strobing effect which is the result of frequency decoherence between our anchor of space-time as the physical body, and their anchor of space-time as a subjective continuum consciousness itself creates.

A False-Reality

What if this reality is kept in the basement of a very large organization that runs the soul trading facilities on Earth.

What if people were literally genetically copied, and in this way kidnapped and placed into a virtual simulation system that effectively recreates that individual’s conscious experience.

What if by escaping this place and returning to real society one would be condemning themselves by initiating a real-time transfer of the experiences here into mind of the real you.

Would it be worth it?


What if each mind holds a view of the universe that is equally accurate? Is each mind in the universe or is the universe in each mind?

What if the internet is being used to make a mirror image and create a virtual reality for the purpose of storing literally every data point on this civilization for the use of others in the future?

What if the increase of total data generated and added per day generating a system-wide virtual that is capable of real-time monitoring and an archival system?

What if that archival system was combined with a larger system that was previously found through the discovery of an older civilization that possibly used partially or totally natural geological materials to build powerful yet simple devices that emitted and influenced consciousness the same way that the Earth generates a magnetic field?

What if biological immortality was determined to be a viable path? How would you inform the world?

What if Earth is a containment system designed to rehabilitate reprobate minds that are otherwise incapable of accepting the truth of reality?

What if the trauma of the programs is not to traumatize the individual directly for that purpose but to prepare them for the future trauma that will be experienced on the surface civilization of the planet?

Technological Relay-Interface for Virtual and Mental Planes

Virtual systems can be created enabling a technological interface that connects directly to the ‘mind’ as a biological organ. The title refers to the original concept which I edited out of this talk. The information is connected because it’s all part of the same larger system utilizing energy and intent to influence the universe or access information.

The “House Party” concept will be defined better in another one which will talk about the methods used to access temporally non-local artificial dimensions for the purpose of diplomatic or research-military exploration. Ultimately, the metaphor is simple but won’t be gone into this one. If you have the capacity to see all of time and go anywhere, how do you determine where and when to go? You build a house in a vacant lot and play music the reflects the dimensions you want to interact with. Then change the house with an artificial dimension created with powerful temporal field distortion generators.

Field distortion generators have been designed to interact directly with the atomic level of access to space-time. The information accessible through this method is related to the fundamental quantum space-time coordinates for a given entanglement that, through this highly developed system, is always managed from multiple angles with multiple operatives and technicians present.

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Doyen Fraser Energy Healing: Human Activation S2 E3 (Thyroid Stimulation)

Doyen Fraser:

Please listen. The hormones, the secretions, the glandular systems, the neurotransmitter and precursors, these are the ‘fine tune dials’ for one’s reality.

These secretions are named for their ‘secret’ nature in that they are the hidden formative orders that animates or shapes the human experience.

Life itself is brought into the system by the source of life itself. What we do after we meet capitalism is not necessarily related to the source of the source of our source. Instead, we are essentially playing ‘bring your child to work’ today and pressing a bunch of buttons, pulling a bunch of levers and throwing a bunch of switches because it looks and sounds cool. The feeling, however, is a general loss of energy, equilibrium, focus, strength, clarity, and spiritual power.
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Trauma-Based Mind Control and Amnesia Walls

This is a little all over the place. The use of trauma began thousands of years ago as part of an old world order.

These traumatic experiences are largely virtual in that they are technologically generated and simulated to the individual. For all intents and purposes, the experience is mentally accurate, however the difference between biologically accessible reality and a technologically altered version must be understood in order to move to a better space.

These could be considered other ‘times’, ‘planes’, ‘realities’, or virtual simulations that are as accurate as the real thing to the brain.

Trauma is used to create amnesia walls which separate memory and cognitive function.
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The Use of Temporal Dislocation and Mind Control in USAPs

I get a little too metaphoric and carried away in this one as this detracts away from the clarity of the explanation. This is basically about the use of temporal manipulation as a fundamental aspect of the USAPs. I’ll organize the information with more clarity.

The sound is improved but for the second part I didn’t check to clear the mic and friction distorted some of the later audio.

Explanation One: Events are sent back through time in informational format, through some advanced consciousness based computer systems. The result is that the memories and experiences of non-local events.

Explanation Two: The individual is brought forward and interacts with the future events by creating a gateway and transferring consciousness ‘forward’ to the non-local event.

The way the universe woks, through lensing and perceptual bubbles, may result in both explanations being equally viable at either side.

Note: Organizing this information for presentation is more difficult than other topics so there are multiple shorter, edited videos that may be connected together.


Transcription of Aug Tellez’ Video “The Use of Temporal Dislocation and Mind Control in USAPs”

SO saying how there is an acceptance point. There is the acceptance of one’s involvement with the program, and that for that particular program they’ll speak on here and honestly a lot of what goes on, everything that takes place technically or chronologically takes place before that point of acceptance. The formal documented, but the person’s mind who makes the act of acceptance is not influenced by the fact of it happening. So either events are being inserted. Maybe there is a better way of explaining it either events are being inserted into time actually I guess. So there is two ways to look at it and they might both be this is why it is so weird why it is all 50/50 it’s like whatever you want to make it there’s so much being taken away and so much is being given that nothing is happening at the same time so with the screen memories it could be that and I’ve seen evidence for both everything is possible everything every half measure every sidestep we’ve taken to short cut it and the full measure of everything that one could imagine they could all be possible they have all happened happening now. Either they’re sending the information back through a system that’s capable of pretty much entangling with non local environments by basically matching a frequency in a remote area and recreating it in a controlled environment and using that as basically a quantum gateway to influence one collective system upon another you get a system like I told you all intelligence systems begin to operate like artificial intelligence. That they’re bending space and time and putting memories which are actually events that are happening. It’s confusing even the explanations that kind of expose how it could be created as an illusion are confusing it makes sense of the situation because of how confusing it is the way advanced technology and consciousness works So say then they are inserting the memories but they are happening mentally but they are actually happening from a point after they are experienced technically meaning the information is generated and exists first you know a year or something whenever the event actually took place for them but they are experiencing it whenever the event is actually coming back to them in their life years before or as a dream or whatever it is it’s tucked away in their consciousness memory their recording pattern their hologram little by little. And so that’s one explanation the other explanation is that they’re all happening as they’re remembered there is no time distortion dilation in that regard whether its possible or not both events are used for everyone and both events and everything its all done its applied to everyone, everyone involved goes through the same system but again just like how all these methods will be used. Or say Okay you want to trick somebody take three methods and pick the best one and use the other two as decoys so he doesn’t know what has happens when it happens. That is applied strategically to everyone’s mind and everything so in the same sense the people using the system to do the darkest of dark they are pretty much hiding behind people who are using it for what you would expect a system like this to be used for ultimately liberating itself liberating the mind and because it has to be kept this way because no one knows who anyone is because of a couple different things I have talked about from the memory wipe of the whole system at one point to the system that is going on individually which is apparently as well shut down by now or deactivated that it has to be not permitted but nothing can be done to stop certain things until everyone is on the same page everything has to be hidden now because again people are collateral. Someone wants to know the truth alright they’re going to expose something in just the manner that it will literally destroy the minds of the people who see it. It’s a game of who’s first who’s going to beat them to the punch like I said before what if everyone on the dark side is so good that they have all the people over there on the good side inadvertently producing influence that assist the dark and everyone on the good side is so good that they’re utilizing the dark side to inadvertently reconvert all their influence and all their events into change that influences or helps reinforce the good or the light and the trick behind that is that in a split second its like there is an intergalactic interdimensional war that destroys the universe and rebuilds it it’s happening every second if you will but the result is that nothing has happened it is perfectly the same it is 50/50 They neutralize each other so it is as if nothing happened but our memory is as if it is erased or right out of time or its happening in this you know displaced type of energy field its like we absorb the energy from these events even if they are not on our time.

Thanks to Lindsey.

Consciousness Based Holographic Reality, The Extra-Dimensional Self-Awareness

The Past is a Program
Self-Awareness is through Free-Will

There is a Virtual and Material Universe

This civilization is a combination of two universally unique civilizations, yet complimentary

Your Self-Image is Virtual and Can be Liberated or Limited

The True Self Functions through Multiple Planes

Which Parallel is the “True” Reality? Which is the real outcome? Time and consciousness is malleable.
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The Public Disclosure Reality Show

You can’t see you’re all being tested?

How people interact with each other based on the truth of cloning, advanced technology, temporal changes, corruption, and the Three Phases of the Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity, will determine what happens next.

That is the event. Everything is being put into place now, that’s the whole point. Everyone is being observed and organized.

That’s the system, it’s happening. Do you want to be seen as someone who saw the information related to the take over of their civilization and turned away or actually produced a beneficial influence?
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Stargate to the Cosmos ~ Hosts Janet & Dr. Sasha

  • Many topics are discussed

  • White and Dark Hats

  • Underground Bases

  • Celebrity Cloning

  • Look into Celebrity Cloning

    • Matrix is All Around

    • Consciousness

    • Life and Death

    • Mystery

    • Answers

    • Religion, Liars, Deception

    • Money,

    • Accounting

    • Occult

    • Symbolism

    • Subconscious

    • Quantum

    • Physics

    • Time

  • Stasis

  • Accelerated Growth

  • Age Reversal

  • Age Regression

  • Mind and Soul – Correspondence

  • Anything is possible.

Multiple bodies

Projection, Mind and Energy

Physical Matter, Atoms

Computer Translated Memories

Star Gates, Portals

Natural Ability

End of War

Illegal Treaty Owned by Families


Corporate Owned Space Station

Quantum Tunneling

Technical Properties of Advanced Technoogy

Properties and Extra-Dimensional Medium of Higher Space



Celebrity Cloning


Temporal Operation, Paradoxes, Alterations

Agreements Commitment

Thoughts, Intents

Soul Unveiling True Self

War, Awakening,

Ignorance to Knowledge. Ignorance Virus


  • When one remembers the material plane, they forgot the higher plane. When one remembers the higher plane, they know the forces behind the material plane.
  • To improve your memory, rely on it more.


  • Two minds cannot share the same path to eternity. Both will end up with a temporary day-dream.


  • Everything is true, if you condemn yourself in mind, then it is true.


  • Boys will be boys, men will be men, it is what it is. Stay above the squelch line.


  • Don’t get involved in BS. Ask questions, be thorough, be specific, be mature and direct. Everything is according to a different system now, that was part of the set up of the dark. Instead of it being ‘just what people do’ to fight and argue it is recorded and not acceptable.


  • The meaning of the holographic consciousness system.

    If a person dies, the entire universe ends with them, from their perspective.

    This is the meaning behind the adage, “If you save someone’s life, you’ve saved the world.”


  • The ‘space station event’ is another check-point. Research the secret space program. All the dark stuff has been made as a distraction.


The Nature of Duality and the Human Mind

What if animals live in two worlds of day and night while the human can see far enough for their concept of reality to exist beyond their perceptual boundaries. Thus, what is two things from a limited perspective becomes one continuous occurrence from a higher one.