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The separate streams are woven back together.

They are given the eyes of Creation once and through another and this is passed to all in the line.

The lines are kept separate but continuity is created where there are no bridges to advance the saga of the Soul.

Everyone sees at once and through another, in line and one after the other.

The single is viewed from the whole and back again and this interweaves the consciousness to give everyone root access to the sim(sum) total knowledge of Humanity.

Remember when this was just science fiction?


Anderson Institute Reappears


Informational resource from beyond the now.

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Disassembly Line

Remember, I said in 2016, the system was being dismantled and the input was disconnected from the underground control grid. The discord and infighting could be used as an interface to power that system. If people choose to not fight humanity but to heal, it powers down forever. This was because of group efforts to rescue and disrupt the ongoing secret operations involving an underground human trafficking industry, genetic engineering programs, breeding programs, human cloning technology, consciousness transfer and memory suppression and simulation. Advanced technology, developed in part from previous work derived from WW2 mind control and electrogravitic technology.

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Secret Sex Industry by Dr Sue Arrigo


High Consciousness Trial

Consciousness stays behind a critical level required for self sustainability. The game of the previous age has been to convert the force resulting from the motivation to achieve higher self awareness into a profitable commodity for them which generates suffering for the whole.

The system has been advanced so far that it is no longer about individuals but the fact that the placeholders for their positions contain set in grooves that anyone’s shoes can fit if they are willing to degrade themselves and others to promote the energy conversion system. At that point, it’s the invisible strings of desires acting like intelligent filaments entering, manipulating or pulling on people’s minds and cross wires with specific feelings to get them to produce wayward action that does not need anyone in particular to continue the process.

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Human in Liberation

By universal delusion I mean the lens of the universe is at a distorted angle in regards to the receiving and emitting ray. On either end you get those light spikes like viewing a light source through a screen. Those spikes are virtually insane levels of consciousness projection.

In other words, viewing through your brain, the entire reality, from one of those spires on the side, gives you an experience that cannot be achieved purely through physical arrangement. IE: It only exists in the mind of the viewer as a projected cross reference of the physical. These levels sustain themselves based upon the gyrations of the physical and energetic selves. Parasitic consciousness sustained themselves on it, however, this led to them using it up, instead of creating eternal structures and remotivating the universe.

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Energy Phase 2

Spool your energy up so that you can do the work that needs to be done to live in health without being overcome by the stress of the requirements.

You should be spending this time wisely conserving and clarifying your energy, your mind and body, eating properly, going to bed early and keeping your C rhythms in synchronization with nature so that your mind can also participate and contribute in the higher reality that is.

All of this has been brought about by a higher reality, by those of this society who have travelled so far to the past and future with their energy that they are everywhere at once.

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Server Upgrade and Activation

You have to have more love than those who are trying to take your love away to remain, in control.

Those who would otherwise want to use the server’s energy platform to pull life force through a scalar quantum tunnel vacuum generated by cutting off the individuals supply after isolating and attempting to infiltrate.

The next part is the sticky part. They do not have physical forms, they operate through the invisible mind to impress upon the physical mind and manipulate human interactions to move the energy spectrum variation into the negative density where fighting or survival is the basis.

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The Camouflage of the Invader

The invader has camouflaged itself so as to blend into the environmental background and become part of the underlying neurological interface construct that the nervous system uses to orient and stabilize itself against in nature and time through consciousness.

In short, it has become part of our consciousness, part of the piece of the informational pie chart that our self awareness is only a minute quota of net processing. The overmind of the specie’s itself has become time hacked before there was ever an open path to using that kind of power beneficially, in society. Yet that is untrue as this power and the arrangement of neurons, organs, and movable necessary natural elements has been used for thousands of years.

What we may be witnessing is the process whereby an informational lifeform impresses itself within a body of information so as to become ‘clear’ and pass the information through itself to blend into that body of information and become no more than a single vector of thought in motion, consciousness and intention that is buried multiple layers deep.

This may be a process that happens all the time, as much as the waves crash on the sea shore, as much as humanity sweeps itself forward with life changing discoveries or applications there is a great attractor and before that a great ghost conveyor belt that pulls in the electromagnetic force of one’s mind and memories with the same power that allows your body to rest against what is known as ground.

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