Spiritual Advancement, Compassion and the Imitators

A Summer Conversation With Bibi Tinsley, Blair Hornbuckle and Aug Tellez

On a beautiful afternoon in August, 2017, I spent time chatting with Aug Tellez and Blair Hornbuckle. The conversation lasted for hours, and the simulated sun set behind my chair, as the afternoon turned into nighttime.

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A Jornada da Alma e o Despertar Simultâneo – Aug Tellez & Felicia Noel


Self Observation, The Metaphor of Reality, Time and Extra Dimensional Awareness

Someone within you is trying to wake you up.

Life is a Metaphor

Metaphor, Perspective, Subjective, Perception, Time, Eternity and Illusion

The Truth of this Society: The Truman Show

  • Fossil Fuels are not from ‘dinosaur bones’.
  • The internal combustion engine was chosen in place of magnetic drive engines that could potentially run for thousands of years
  • There was a committee to handle non-terrestrial affairs on Earth
  • That committee sold out humanity for technology and in my opinion this was all a trick of the unconscious mind being played over the ego
  • Sexual intercourse was used per “Beta” programming to transfer and receive covert information by adept, psychic operatives of secret groups that infiltrated every major authority establishment

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The False-Reality Show


  • Interdimensional Overlords-Architects

  • Non-Human Archontic Entities

  • Religious Organizations

  • Bloodline Elite

  • Secret Societies

  • Corporations

  • Governments

  • Private Militaries

  • Public Militaries

  • Political Groups

  • Media Organizations – News, Actors, Celebrities, Performers

  • Industries

  • Medical Organizations

  • Mafia

  • KKK

  • Gangs

  • Counter-Culture

  • Black Bloc

  • Protesters, Trending Group Think Managers, Crisis Actors


Pent Up Energy from Suffering and Abuse is Used in a Parasitic Energy Feeding Process

Pent up energy, deception, suffering, abuse, shame, ridicule, emotional torment, gas lighting, etc etc etc, this is all an parasitic energy feeding process!

The longer you allow those feelings to persist, and the more closely they are associated or connected to a certain traumatic event or relationship, then the more the initiator of that event or that relationship is fed through that transfer of energy!

Your negative perception is literally the transfer of positive energy over to the other individual! (Negative and positive could be transposed here depending on your definition, for instance: in electrical engineering negative electrical charge is a surplus of electrical load. It’s a ‘positive’ ‘amount’ of charge, backwards from an initial assumption at least in physical terms. This is not necessarily important here.)

The idea is that there are networks of etheric energy that connect everyone. This is an INTERNET of CONSCIOUSNESS, similar to the electrical internet the soul and consciousness NET is connecting EVERYONE. This is one way this reality is akin to a HOLOGRAPHIC SIMULATION, however the full explanation removes any shadow of a doubt!
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The System Wipes, Reboots, and the Nu System

This world has been wiped multiple times. That is considered a “system reset”. This was due to gross disturbances in the energy of the whole system. These disturbances are imbalances and are a result of the particular way this reality was altered through quantum experimentation, the creation of artificial life, vampiric energy systems, interdimensional parasites, and the creation of a false-reality overlay that embedded itself deeply into this systems memory storage and energy resource layers.

It’s easy to view the system as a kind of advanced computer system because the two reflect one another closely.
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Soft-Disclosure: COMA (2017)

What did we know about life after death? It seems like a strange dream.

Eventually, we learned the rules. Learned to find our way. Gather the essentials. We learned to survive. The world is comprised of broken memories, and we are as broken and lost as the world around us. Will we be able to gather enough strength to find our way home?

Will we ever wake up?

They killed us. We found out we are immortal. We live after death. But not like you think. It’s like a dream, an undying, never-ending dream. You have to make real what you want to be, otherwise there is only a dream of reality.

There is a video that may be released soon that speaks on some of this. Energy is what differentiates the realms and differentiates who is powerful enough and knowledgeable enough to traverse and continue holding together in the energy realms.





This I was shown directly, unveiled before me, a control system so in depth that the very acknowledgement of such a system shatters every perception previously held of a reasonable expectation of doubt or consideration of apathy regarding the methods and procedural registration and legal enslavement of the human race.


US Special Operations Forces and the Militia [people] of The United-
States of America
The Operational Attempt to stop the Illegal takeover and surrender of the 50 Sovereign
Nation States of North America, known as The United States of America
~A. EXPLAIN, and demonstrate to both members of the US Military and the People of the United
States, that there is an attempt to SECRETLY and ILLEGALLY TAKEOVER and QUIETLY-
SURRENDER, The United States of America back over into the hands, of the British Crown.
~B. PROVE, beyond any shadow of a doubt, to the Members of the US Military and to the People of
the United States, that the attempt to takeover and surrender this Nation to the British Crown is illegal
and an act of absolute fraud. And in so-doing, show them that their prayers to GOD to save this Nation,
have been answered.
The individuals, and activities of the entities that will be identified and
discussed, within this report are:
The Royal Family Members
at the very top of world control, i.e.
“The Tribe of DAN”
, who are
the framers and architects of
, consisting of,
City, the District of Columbia’s City-State, and the City-State of the Vatican,
and their Melita,
“the JESUITS”; this conglomeration more well known as,
“The New World Order”
(N.W.O.) ; – The
3 “Unclean Spirits” identified in the Book of Revelations;
= [London City] /
= [City-
State of the District of Columbia] /
= [City-State of the Vatican] –
~D. And
the American Warriors
at the very tip of the spear
, who stand in opposition of, “The Tribe
of DAN”


The Trajectory, The Great Shift, The Unconscious Mind and Eternal Self-Awareness

The whole point of the coming shifts are that we are in a temporal distortion field which is being energetically constrained so that consciousness is at a very very low level of activity and power. What this means is that if the restriction is removed, power returns and the natural baseline level of awareness and activity shoots upward into an exponential increase.

The whole concept of the control system is to have people ‘pointed’ their energies towards destruction, deception, ego, or materialism so that when this great launch occurs, they will ‘bounce’, or ‘leap’ into the ‘future’ of a much higher power state but this will only result in a mass, intense mutation of their own energies and even physical form because their trajectory would be pointed literally towards self-destruction.

The entire idea behind preparing for this shift is to let go of the attachments to the mundane, to let go of fear, hate and aggression, to see one another as beautiful, truthful, compassionate sources of pure observation. Only that which is perfectly cleaned of the hard, rigid structures of indoctrinated, dogmatic thinking will be able to ‘soar upward’ without having their wings automatically clipped by the very nature of their flight path heading into dangerous, treacherous, or completely ontologically unreasonable (paradoxical) reality.
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Deprogramming Video: Objective Subjective [ASMR] [BINAURAL] (A Pathless Journey)

Cues, subliminals, textures, layers, overlays, and hidden truth brought to the surface.

Choose that which you seek to experience more of. The vulgar creates more vulgar and profane. The profane can never see the truth of reality and the self (the illusion and the truth).

You are dreaming in the machine, time to wake up now. We love you. Everything is beautiful in the ugly truth.



Fiona Barnett MKULTRA Mind Control and Ritual Abuse

Please research the early videos I have released along with posts and the initial interview.

This information is step one of the indoctrination process.

Those who are participating in ‘disclosure’ yet do not speak of these issues are personally involved and invested in covering up the trail. I was there, I saw them, I know how they look naked and what kind of activity they like. Everyone who was involved is on a list and will have to either redeem themselves by proving themselves clear of infection thus altering the very reality itself through pure spiritual intent or they are proven to be merely a puppet of the parasitic essences that are controlling them and are actually the majority of what guides their vessel and mind and thus bars them from receiving a sentient human status. Those are ‘organic robotoids’, they are considered automatons because their chemical desires are stronger than their mind.

That is actually how they are attempting to harvest souls. If you are involved with people who ‘disclose’ the spooky wooky system yet they are actually covering up these ideals and do not have direct experience or they do and are hiding it, then your consent of their involvement in your life is used as leverage to represent your acceptance of this kind of activity in the world. Strange, but guess what, if you don’t personally, directly acknowledge this kind of manipulation through manufactured consent and revoke this illusory consent by acknowledging this and other tactics as illegitimate then that is used against you.

What you don’t do is used against you. I’ve witnessed this directly, read the early posts, research Max Spiers, James Casbolt and Donald Marshall. This is the kind of stuff they use to fragment the mind. Continue reading “Fiona Barnett MKULTRA Mind Control and Ritual Abuse”

Silke F – Hyperdimensional Controlling Groups, Earth 1, 2, and 3, Genetic Memory and Mass Mind Control

I have posted some of this information before, this is from Silke F. She has memory intact! I met her some years ago in the flesh through the process in which I was briefed on all personnel in this realm who are involved. She is one who retained nearly the most memory of anyone in this realm.


Think what I’ve said before is rough? Having troubling trusting and believing that this kind of stuff is possible or that someone could know so much or be so “important” to you? An operative (along with other teams for peripheral work) scripted the entire Human reality from death to birth for the past 500,000 years and every thought and impulse was designed by some guy working with a supercomputer system puts out the power of an entire bloodline and simulates neurological connections that manifest physical experiences. Nothing happens unless it’s preordained or true to eternity.

HCG´s [Hyperdimensional Controlling Groups] monitor everyone and if you teach to much thats outside the allowed intelligence and awareness zone, the HCG create what many I´s call gangstalking, gaslight activity and highly organised disrespect. Humans just still exist because all races in this universe protect each other against 3 hostile species and one of these 3 destroyed earth 1996, but a second earth got created 2011 by using a reality implant and the missing years created a black hole thats opening portals and CERN is actually the project to close this portal, but they just open it more by accident.

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