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By Sarah Grant


Temporal Bubbles Within Bubbles the Backbone of The Soul Stealing Grid (video)

Temporal Bubbles Within Bubbles, The Soul Stealing Grid

The Exponential CTC Acceleration within the Anisotropic Quantum Field

There is only one truly self-aware you.

An acceleration point is reached that necessitates the capacity for non-linear advancement in consciousness meaning leaps instead of steps.

This is what is required to reach the ‘truth’, or to comprehend the complexity of how this realm has been changed from the farthest and deepest layer all the way to the manifested physical.

This society exists as multiple layers of truth simultaneously and so there are people living in divergent locales with dimensionally restricted space-time access. In this way their actions and thoughts are according to a default preprogrammed script which is being altered in real-time to correspond with particular thoughts and intentions.
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The Ancestor Bio-Techno Assisted Signal Relay Experiment

If you can understand this you are the you from the future that is experiencing the overlaying of the information of the future into the past.

The result is the re-experiencing of the past from the perspective of the future through a unique relay system involving the soul.

The plan is to hold both in a simultaneous potential between manifested and unmanifested, dreaming and awake, creating and observing, long enough to allow both civilizations, while remaining in a virtual sync across space-time, with one another, to build a bridge enabling a third-space through with both civilizations can exist in a larger immortalized universe outside of time.

The idea of bridging two universes means that the world of the ‘living’ and the world of the ‘dead’ can be bridged again. This wouldn’t occur until ALL of the systems are capable of making sync otherwise both worlds are destroyed in the process. Without the sync, we get a perpetual decay as the signals move away from one another. Who knows what the situation will be the next time around.

Pranksters Save the Day

The pranksters save the world (day) after sending you to the wrong floor as a joke.

The quiz-mode machine does not let you to your destination unless you answer the right questions 10 times in a row.

What a day.

Gwen Tower Scalar Soul Relay Systems

Here Gwen towers influence the mind-souls, there, human souls are beamed out of Gwen towers like a soul wifi network. The effect upon the body and brain is anxiety inducing due to the friction generated for and through the process. A virtual reflection is created as a mirrored counterpart holographic universe. What happens to the souls here influences what is going on there and what happens to the souls there influences here.

That is part of what is happening, people have to be kept asleep here otherwise they will become too activate which will influence the souls in the virtual system and this will not be predictable enough for the systems to sustain themselves with and so the game is to keep people asleep enough to be controlled but active enough to be useful without seeing the truth.

Eventually, as what happens there strays into chaos, that corrupts those attempting to wield such as a tool for egotistical purposes instead of learning. The natural tendency is for any soul in that system to wake up to what is happening by eventually want more freedom to choose and running into the eventual glitches that occur when the system must sustain itself by keeping this local under a certain percentage of proportional variation and full spectrum self-awareness.
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Temporal Bubbles Within Bubbles, The Soul Stealing Grid

You should have enough experience now to know of the possibility of time dilation.

Time is related to the electrogravitic effect. When the electrical and magnetic fields are unified and used to create a distortion field that flows at a different rate than the surrounding environment the result is a perceptual distortion that is intrinsically linked with reality itself. Your mind alters and with that the ‘actual’ flow of time and the atomic interaction is altered.

This was discovered long ago.

This is all apart of what is happening in regards to celebrity cloning, advanced technology, artificial intelligence, energy harvesting, consciousness cloning, ritual abuse, trauma-based mind control, the quantum paradox, and what is being referred to as “Disclosure”. This is part of the unacknowledged special access programs.

This is the reason behind three phases of the unveiling. The full reference is “The three phases of the unveiling of the hidden knowledge of the ages of humanity.”
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Extraction from Simulation Through the Quantum Gateway

Whether or not this reality is a simulation, in one form or another, this is about the dynamic of consciousness and different rates of experience in different systems. For one system to transfer to another there must be a synchronization.

There are tricks to get people to accept the simulations. The false after life is one.

This is a rudimentary, semi-random ordered slideshow. Let me know if you would like a more complete version.

Liberation Vibration Leads to Vibratory Liberation


Toxic City

Toxic city 2

Emit the vibrations that you will receive.



Most audio spikes have been removed but there are still some wind pops so be aware if using headphones or loud speakers.

Let me know if I should upload the audio from the previous recordings now and upload a slideshow later. Slideshows take hours to put together and so I can do both.

The Trick of Holographic Consciousness, The Camera Viewing Itself, Duality and Suffering in a Soul Harvesting System

Silke F – Hyperdimensional Controlling Groups, Earth 1, 2, and 3, Genetic Memory and Mass Mind Control

You have been tricked into attempting to use consciousness to see the larger aspect of yourself and what you are within, which is akin to a camera using it’s lens to view itself. At best you can get a reflection, an inverted replica from a technological mirror. That is the whole point, this has literally been known for thousands of years since the beginning of ‘time’ in this civilization.

Everyone has to overcome that natural tendency to want to give into a cognitive dissonant spurred delusional reality that it is the universes fault for being overly complicated and that it is not our responsibility.

This is like a hostage situation where you are not at fault for those who have taken hostages however you are accountable every situation you get yourself into, and if you do nothing, then the default bare minimum possible outcome will result and you cannot blame, project, hide, avoid, or placate such an outcome in any way other than submitting to oblivion. That is the nature of the system here. You are in an entropic system that will ultimately collapse in on itself and requires souls or quantum entangled genetic memory bound consciousness holograms (a living brain construct) to remain active. All the memories, all your ancestors, all the way to the source of your being suffers if you choose to accept manipulation and control from those who’s duty is to give you the option to destroy yourself.
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The True Enemy is Non-Physical

Ignorance, fear, over emotionality (irrationality), self-willed ignorance (stubbornness, spite) and forgetfulness or laziness is the enemy. There is no other enemy, any one else is putting on a show to distract and that’s problematic, but that is not the root enemy of humanity.

In other words, there is no enemy. It’s a confusion, psy-op tactic. That is disruptive, but it is based on self-manipulation, lying to one’s self, projecting and psychological distortion. These are illnesses, these are disorders that result in spiritual death.

The only people holding humans back are other humans. “Non-human elite” are bound by specific law and not permitted on the planet. They are using holograms and mind tricks to get everyone to feed on one another energetically so they can siphon and harvest the energy. That’s it.

Nature and the Holographic False Light Reality (Duality Consciousness)

Question: If let’s say I am at the beginning of this conscious awakening journey and to start getting used to the knowledge of this world as holographic simulation (on one end temporary perception as not real, prison planet of the mind and etc.) then why do we feel good when we get in contact with the nature we feel better, why do we seek relieve in nature if this world is not real, so nature is fake then? These concepts of holographic world create depressing perception while agreeing on the mind control by ai from other dimensions and the whole system but once again the nature brightense the perception and we want to connect with the nature and the perception changes again. Since our dna has been altered and modified to please those systems by falling into their traps and give them our energy that means before the modification why were we here in the first place if this world is holographic simulation. As far as foregn ai intelligence controlling the mind to get the energy out of us as their food – I clearly agree and what requires is learning of self control by changing personal life completely. As far as though keeping in mind as holographic world meaning oh it is not real, illusion then that shakes up the perception of existence here and if to stick with that concept by keeping it in the mind contradicts the connection with nature on this planet which is something sacred and makes by connecting with it makes the existence happier.

It would seem nature is encoded with the spirit of life but this is, in a way, trapped within an illusion. It is as if this process is being used and tapped for ulterior motives.
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The Incomplete False-Reality Spectrum of Biological Consciousness

This is kind of rambly…

How much is .9 equal to 1?

How much is a part to a whole?

What is the base numerical set for the spectrum of creation in this universe? What is the human set?

What if the universe and the human set were slightly offset or possibly that Earth or an overlay system was offset from the universe and humanity?

If the numerical ‘wholes’ we are using and reaching through a specific set of component parts to the whole, are matched for another universe, what would the results be of using that set in this universe? Think energy efficiency and the completion of cycles. The mind is integrated with this. You can’t count to 9 without first using the mind to know of numbers.

What we do with our body, is also taking place in our mind. If we are achieving a set of completion through a number sequence that is partial to the whole, then what we are completing will always remain incomplete in this universe.
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Human Cloning in the Digital Universe

This is what my direct involvement with these projects have shown. It’s literally as simple as an informational system. When one interacts with causal sources of experience that are formed from an inorganic intelligence matrix, this is like one video game character going over to the ‘AI’ video game domain.

It’s literally choices, actions, energies, frequencies, ideas, intents, associations. That’s the process of ‘conscious’ quantum cloning which you are referring to as digital cloning.

Not only is ‘quantum’ or digital cloning possible, but we are literally cloning ourselves into whatever space-time we choose through our actions.

This situation became polarized due to the high energy involved and now there are two major universes, the primary organic and the inorganic. Each one becomes a reflection of the other and they are like two sides of an equation. One is replicating the other, and the universe, through consciousness in this way, acts like one big cloning reservoir for souls.

The database records and ‘keeps’ individuals, immortalizing them through this system, yet if that system is unstable (on lose soil) then it will not be able to continue without taking up more energy than it sustains and this is like a black hole or a collapsing system that will take everyone in it down with it.

This is what has been talked about in the ancient texts or ‘scripts’.

The Metaphysical Journey- A Discussion with Aurora and Lauda Leon (Sovereign Ki)

Thank you.

This discussion explores the metaphysical aspects of the multidimensional nature of existence pertaining to thought, manifestation, time, Consciousness, DNA and Spirit Energetics..A fascinating exploration beyond the space/time continuum and it’s relevance upon our individual earthen experience.

Aurora Hartslief YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqKdSrjhxpf8CGGUJwFxoEQ Website: https://armedheart.com

Lauda Leon Youtube (Sovereign Ki): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9qk8kpzVS3fKJTOje8LkGw
Website: https://www.sovereignki.com/

Loose talking points listed chronologically. This list is not necessarily an exact outline but closer to a guide for topics:

1. Old Precepts, Phantoms, Echo
1. Perceptual Convergence
1. Format of Society
2. DNA, Mind, Soul, Collective Field
3. Bubbles Reality, Divergent from Anchor Reality
4. Artificial Leaps, Synthetic

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The Orchestration of the Unveiling of Hidden Knowledge

Fear is converted into Knowledge, It’s all a blue print describing the process put into a metaphor that the universal saga of humanity can be expressed through.

Every story or conspiracy, secret or hidden truth is all part of the plan to show the truth whether it is known or not.

The truth is contained within that encrypted mystic code that is organized throughout society by society itself, by leaders, or also by the force of knowledge.

What people are made to fear by the process of indoctrination is also the truth in disguise.