Mr Mrmory

There are things on my mind that I don’t feel equal knowing.

Someone lost their eyes in the 1700’s due to a technological malformation and as a result I have the memories of a fellow who lost his sight without any tech to remedy the issue and spent his days without vision in a foreign land without the medical tech or communication system required to request and receive assistance which would’ve been too far out to help in this case anyway.

This is a ‘fluffy’ ‘teletubby’ kind of memory, not quite terrible, not very quaint in the scheme of things.

These are more of bag thoughts that don’t go away. Nightmares, no, but ways things gone that we know could’ve gone better with more training and better safety measures in place.

We all feel reasonably responsible. This is the kids version of the memory.


Non Permissible Threat


Online Alignment

There are vertical lines and there are horizontal lines.

Sooner or later you’ll know whether you’re a wavy line.

The Breath of Time

There are those in the mountains that have been doing this since the first humans were here.

They control time.

Apparently they disappear whenever someone gets close enough to them or they turn around and then there are inanimate objects around but no living people.

“Now and again, it is necessary to seclude yourself among deep mountains and hidden valleys to restore your link to the source of life. Breathe in and let yourself soar to the ends of the universe; breathe out and bring the cosmos back inside. Next, breathe up all fecundity and vibrancy of the earth. Finally, blend the breath of heaven and the breath of earth with your own, becoming the Breath of Life itself.”

– Morihei Ueshiba

There is Only Addition or Multiplication

Subtraction or division doesn’t actually exist.

We do more to make ourselves who we want to be rather than do things to alter or take away from stuff we don’t like.

A Teslian Twist of Freedom

What if the individual groups are too big to be forced to fit in a ‘one size fits all’ system and as a result we feel caged, categorized and minimized? What if it’s a Teslian system and only when the two opposites, ‘two enemies’ see each other through a common goal is freedom?

Freed Ohm

To walk away from the matrix does one have to walk away from the one’s still trapped? Or are they freed when you free yourself as that is the same moment everyone does the same?

Space Time Net

From MK

Humans are “Electrical Beings” that walk around wearing a biological suit with an “Organic Computer for their Brain”.

Your “Soul is Memory”. Which without you don’t exist. This 3-Realm can be seen in a number of different ways concerning the “False Space Time Continuum” tricking the little Hobbits with “The Grand Illusion”. The price of admission to the magic theater is of course your mind! To see the “Spaces In-Between”, said Lovecraft. To be or not to be is the question?

Humpty Dumpty asks Alice, “what’s your name”? Your “Electrical Signature” reveals your “True Identity”.

The Crown bows to the Heart and discovers a hidden Key. “Mystery of Mystery’s”, said the Blind Man.

Each of you in this class are getting real close to a profound truth regarding your incarnation into this hell hole! Ascension means your coming up out of the box or grave. All of you are being called back home. Doesn’t mean your going to die right away. But it does mean your no longer controlled by “Deep State Programming”.

You can see behind the curtain understanding for once that it’s all “Make Believe”. Behind the “Green Door” is the Beast 666 Matrix which is operated by A.I. Systems that feeds data to Vault 7.

President Trump last month activated a “Global Intelligence Gathering System” connected to Jade Helm and the “Mapping of the Human Domain”.

Earth is being attacked by a hostile and implacable Alien Civilization from another dimension. The “Watchers” reported back to MOM and she decided to help “Her Children” from the “Big Bad Wolf”!

Many fake humans walking among you that were created by the Aliens. Note: Human Clones are perfect biological copies of existing humans, complete with “Transplanted Memories” and do not know they’re clones! The Entertainment Industry are loaded with them too.

Almost all world leaders and CEOs have been cloned. Boy’s become girl’s and girl’s become boy’s. CIA “Face Off Programs”. Right brain left brain. Two peas in a pod. Each a thief robbing the host of free will blocking communication with Spirit. Hence you’re cut off from “Source”. Once you understand the purpose of mind parasites and demon programs that constantly attack the thought processes it’s like getting over a head cold. Blow your nose and be done with it!

Love has always been the correct answer. When you say no to evil it will have no power over you which restores “Lost Memories” pertaining to Alpha Omega GOD Codes. Nothing exists outside of the Circle. We’re making a new movie and it’s going to be called “It’s Your Story”. Which is the “Greatest Story Ever Told”! Your “Spirit” is ageless! Please don’t cut yourself off from “Source”. Your credit score does not define who and what you truly are as a “Free Spirit”! The Matrix lies and feeds the “Ego Virus”.

Ghost the Past

Don’t let the past hold you back and make you a ghost here.

Maybe it’s that if we fully manifest here in materialism we become a ghost in the spiritual.

Maybe this isn’t actually a ‘game’, or a ‘prison’, it’s a process and like any other process there is an amount of devotion of energy and resources required for the completion of the process.

If we allow fear or distraction to slow us down and take up our mind to reduce our options then this threatens the process by disrupting the 5D ‘painting’ of feeling and intent in life. That painting is a ‘proof’ of soul, if you will, and regardless of how, that is where the difference is shown.
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Disrupted Comfort Inversion

The Center of Being

Children Used to Map Multiverse with Quantum Computer

Volunteer children used to map multiverse with ‘soul’ powered quantum computer technology used to access parallel worldlines. The other method was to restart time using the DNA of the child as an anchor for the computer to reset the local environment to. Essentially, a frame rate is taken through measuring devices in the physical world and this is cross referenced against someone’s DNA. Within a local area, and apparently the entire civilization, a temporal distortion ‘net’ can be initiated and then released which will ‘snap’ the consciousness of those in the field back to the moment of initiation of the net (right before). I mentioned two different technologies, however it is important to know both as there are many methods and technologies we aren’t even ready to accept the possibility of, let alone their dominating influence in the universe.

Beyond the Horizon (Archive)

Countersteering Chaos (Archive)

Quantum Temporal Project