Anno Domini

This is ALL on THEIR timeline THEIR world. It DOESN’T exist in this world unless you let them stay in fake power to become real power!


A Show of Willingness

We have to make a show of willingness to accept clarity and use cleanliness to assist in others finding cleanliness and clarity. That is how it is.

Darkness to Strength

Thaw the Ice

Healing Compassion

The ICE Wall

Programming yourself from outside of the fake self ego time trap memory loop
Breaking the loop through compassion
The frozen ice wall of souls in the bases ruled over by a dementor collective hybrid warped mind false god minions that can’t see their own position in the universe and are in false positions of power.
The nature of the collective, healing the collective through each nation gaining access to advanced healing technology.

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Feeling to Knows

You have to live as if you are in all realms. Trying to live just as the human based upon what others think of you (eg0) will lock your persona into a frozen memory archive image of a false reality that is not fit for anything other than continual delusion.

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The Opportunity Of a Timeline

What I am saying is that this whole thing is propped up with fear. When you lose fear and wilful ignorance, you are migrating out of the gravity fence and that is a process of awakening to the truth of reality.

Reality is not based on fear! Nor is perception reality! They altered perceptions through fake media and started BS wars with people we didn’t really need to!

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Underground Base, After Life Programming Mind Slaves, Undead Techno bVampire Population

They do this before your soul enters this society. There is a scalar buffer zone that literally keeps people from seeing the truth, and as they come to this society this system filters their soul into a computerized matrix that is populated with the artificial soul collective of the fallen.

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Stolen Blue Purity Internal (eternal)

Every way you look in time you are seeing the remnants of those who fell! They fell so they cannot feel!

Because their mind is elsewhere while their spirit is here! If your mind is elsewhere it takes one eternity to track back into time! This will also produce layers!

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Sometimes I’m an Asshole

To break the loop, don’t feel fear, don’t feel angry, don’t be lusty and provocative!

This is all the traits of the fallen and the farthest to fall!

Have fun!

It’s ok! Sometimes I’m an asshole! :J Bkaaaaww.

Where there is fear, there is confusion! Where there is confusion, there is anger! Where there is anger there is strength! Where there is strength there is intelligence!

Be free!

False god Tech Reality Mental Control Spiritual Matrix

The mark of the beast is a tech society installed into this world as a modulation pack (falsified upgrade). Your tech is spirit higher.

This tech? It makes the whole planet age in a reversal temporal matrix that causes death and entropy.

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You don’t break the time loop by crashing Earth, you break it by staying in and forcing them out! They are parasites and cannot stand under their own power. Just feed them your self and get over with it or stand up and tell the truth!

Spirit Strength

Yes, everyone you see is involved, The only reason to not know is to continue the same.

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False gods

The only way to conceive this is if you took a bqaby, grew him or her up and then cut their throat while age regressing them so they could see what they lost while losing the strength of ego required to cope with the experience. Their soul would shatter and that’s what they did.

This is what we experienced more or less, everyday in the advanced space programs.

They take our souls and ship them to distant temporal outpost where the memories cannot reach the living. This world, it’s all a stage they’ve made to rape humanity through tech and mind control.
This is because who stole the tech don’t want to give it up (they’re addicted to you, well, your stuff). They are only in power, because in this world, this life, you gave them all your power.
If they are permitted to do this. They gain more dark energy than humanity’s soul has light energy and thus they are the permanent rulers, yet, they become the gatekeeper that humanity can never see beyond. The middle man, when in reality, they are a parasite over the eye.
Neurologically projecting into the hyperbolic cascade of time and consciousness through the bio tech hijacking of the human soul via DNA corruption and installed quantum temporal sync to maintain a mind control “container” that traps the soul for eternity while they rule here.
They are the parasite on your neck, in your spine, on your back, in your brain, in your nerves. They are stitched into the field of Earth, you pay them, pray to them, give them your flesh, your children and your fallen. They own you, tell you what to do, how to feel.
All because you can’t tell the truth here and now where the loop begins, they rule you forever and you never leave their gaze (meaning they’re always in your mind, in your DNA, ruling you from the inside, like a born slave). They are false fear, false ego, falseness, perversion.
All you have to do is stand up to them here, boom, the time lock is broken forever.

How do you think those from the bases got here?

You must accept the truth, we are silly stupid things if we follow ego. Ego is the dark sun, it will align you on a path to fall into the crook.
They want you in his arms, he can molest your energy that way (literally time locking and ‘mind raping’ for an eternity in the bases). Don’t fight the illusion with anything other than truth. Don’t fight your position, the energy is real, the visuals are not.
The resulting system is the Most High Truth, Self Awareness, Compassion, Knowledge and Free Will showing you the way, all the while this system runs active in the background, trying to kill you and trap your soul. That is the dark universe, the entire world split with the tech,
The people who are supposed to inform you of what is going on are the one’s who lied about this. If they only told the truth, this wouldn’t have to be happening.
That’s it, their lies and greed resulted in the near loss of an entire human Earth colonization project.
This is how you are colonized. They found the tech and decided to play god and made an ”underworld’ army of their own.. Now those entities are stuck in their collective, feeding on their souls, their minds because their minds are pure strength without higher consciousness.

Fake Heaven (hel0

All the mansions contain passive scalar transceivers and can generate access to the ‘holy waters’.

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