Spiritual Beings: The Higher-Self

Higher-Self: Who, Where, When

The beings people interact with when they have sightings or some kind of existential expansion is themselves.

The “higher-self” is you from a ‘dimensional expanded’ state. This could be referred to as the ‘future’ state but this is more than that. This is you from the perspective of all possibilities, not just the single future that the you from now will experience.

This being is always more than you, being always more knowledgeable and therefore being a reflection of what you can attain if you continue to aspire for more knowledge and harmony.

Never-Ending: Everlasting

If there was a way to attain this, you would stop learning. The end of difficulty would be the end of learning and the end of learning would be the end of change and the end of change would be the end of spiritual progress. The end of spiritual progress would be a disconnect between you and your ever-expanded state and so the reaching of that state would be the destruction of that. Therefore, we don’t ever actually reach this state.

However, we can get closer and closer in ways that defy what we consider to be the boundaries of reality in successive levels of exponentially greater capacity. Meaning, the boundaries of this level can be surpassed and re-created and this can continue to generate growth so that we can move through realms an a trajectory that continues to expand beyond the previous limitations.

Self-Responsibility, Self-Respect, and Correspondence

How you treat yourself, your internal dialogue, your intrapersonal development, and your respect for yourself and others or lack of which will determine the corresponding reflections of this behavior and bio-etheric energy which reflects back to you as a higher-dimensional being.

We consider these beings our higher-self or spiritual component and as well the entire race as well as planet contains a spiritual component or higher self. We would consider the ‘higher-self’ of this environment to be a “Heavenly” or “Deity” plane which would be akin to the dream world we enter when we fall asleep in the same way the vision of our self when we aspire or imagine reflects on our energies and self-respect. We as a civilization are creating our self-reflection in the higher planes as a civilization and this is comprised of all of our individual higher-selves developed out of our individual self-respect, inter and intrapersonal relationships.

So the idea here is that those who have interacted accordingly, with harmony, unification, peace, knowledge and kindness have received that in return. Those who acted with angst, suffering, greed, or disharmony have received that in return.

Disrespectful Higher-Selves

Those who have enslaved humanity out of greed and lower-emotional qualities ended up meeting themselves from the higher-plane and they were not treated with respect or kindness. This is the nature of the reflection. As a result, instead of allowing this to continue to the point of shaping the entire realm and turning the entire civilization in to a false-light, dead-light miasma system which would act as a blackhole and destroy everything, there was word that they stood up to their higher-selves and welcomed ‘down’ the higher-selves of the more spiritual awakened to come and take over the show.

This is also referred to by the line, “the meek shall inherit Earth.” This could be just another ploy however, but this is the information and some of the experiences that have gone around with those directly involved in these processes.

Important Aspects of Disclosure

Here are some important parts.

  • This is a holographic reality.
  • There was an invasion.
  • Consciousness is polarized electromagnetism.
  • Awareness is the basis for high consciousness.
  • Self-Awareness is multi-dimensional.
  • Humans are used as pawns by lower-energy higher-dimensional forces.
  • Human bio-etheric emissions are siphoned and used to power devices and sentient  supercomputer systems.
  • The brains and auras/souls of high-energy individuals are used to guide these devices.
  • Many different forms of advanced technology were developed for mind-control purposes.
  • Cloning is one of those technologies.
  • Through cloning and the use of a ‘soul-stone’ a person’s consciousness can be taken over by a stronger consciousness. This consciousness can be empowered by machines.
  • This is part of the “soul-stealing” process.
  • This is often referred to as ‘droning’.
  • This takes place in this dimension as well as higher-dimensions as beings use the devices to incorporate their consciousness into a human body.
  • The ‘other dimensions’ that this can be sourced from is often a parallel timeline or future timelines where there are sub-human, technologically evolved beings that are predatory bi-pedal and other forms. These live off of human energy or material to sustain their consciousness here.
  • These do not have human souls and can inhabit a human vessel thereby replacing the soul of the original human.
  • Some say only a small portion of humans actually have souls and the rest are akin to cattle or biological robots.
  • There is a time coming where all will be revealed in order to prevent this civilization from becoming entirely robotized or possessed by these alternate timelines/parallel reality sub-human entities.
  • They are considered sub-human because the same frequencies and brain regions that are active in a human are only partially active in this beings. IE: They will feed into a frenzy through any kind of sexual or sensual activation of energies.
  • These are the beings described in ancient times.

People are either for the family and a sense of spiritual unity, or they are for lack of family values.

There is a time coming where all will be tested against this “droning” process. This is through the activation of electromagnetic synthetic consciousness in the air through nanites and powerful microwave towers and the metallic carrier material in the blood and brain of the population.

Those who are not spiritually harmonized, unified and strong enough will eventually succumb and become robotized and possessed by these electromagnetic synthetic consciousness waves. This is the “devil” working through the “air”, these are radio-frequencies.

In this time there will be lawlessness and a complete degradation of society.

After this occurs there is likely going to be a natural ‘feedback’ event of Earth where the natural magnetic waves of the environment of ‘undulate’ to smooth things back out again. This is some kind of natural self-defense mechanism or technology.

When this occurs, those who are not capable of holding their spiritual bodies together will be seen to “die” mentally and spiritually and all their memories will be erased.

Those who do hold together will be there to rebuild society and in this way the “meek” inherit Earth.

However, this has happened 6 times before and each time there was technology used by the wealthy to stop themselves from succumbing by blocking the waves out, however there are ideas that this won’t be possible this time because the entire system will collapse if they refuse to allow these natural events to take place.

You can shield yourself if you temper your soul like hot iron in oil. If the heat of your will-power is stronger than the will of the bodies desires then pushing electromagnetic waves unto the brain, body and surrounding fields will not be strong enough to produce a disconnection between the higher-dimensional plane of the soul and the body. The soul must be developed and “arisen” through will-power and expression. The old saying goes, “There are three ways to reach Heaven (pure soul) and this is through knowledge, devotion, or works.” Ultimately all three are the path.


A Joke Of Situation: “Disclose or We Will” *laughter in the background*

Humanity and Breakaway Civilizations

This is really a joke of a situation.

I met multiple breakaway civilizations while in operation with the secret projects and lived with one of them for a period of time training and learning.

Taking Self-Willed Demise Seriously

The only people who don’t take the human mortality, their extinction, the mind-virus, the lack of awareness, the financial illusion debt-slavery situation, drowning in materialism and ego, the false sense of security, the hate and angst that is spread to one another before ever thinking about the consequences, the attacks that occur upon every single whistleblower, researcher, reporter, contactee, truth-teller, traveler, healer, and shaman are the humans.

The humans are literally the only people who have absolutely no intention of help the humans.

That’s why this is all such a joke. We’ve observed multiple timelines and the humans are only pushed to the point that they allow it.

A Prison Timeline, You Made It!

In this timeline they haven’t yet understood what it means to be free, because they’ve never “thought” themselves free. Because it is a mind cage, without getting too deep into the temporary and shadow-based nature of thoughts versus true mind or perceptions versus knowledge. People are in a mind-cage and they are most comfortable there.

Anytime someone comes along to point out their shackles, they immediately grab a torch and come running after them. Luckily those chains are short, otherwise a lot more people would’ve gotten hurt trying to help humanity out. However, everyone who ever tried to help humanity out, ended up hurt.

A Difficult Journey, One-Way Tickets

The other civilizations are shy to come here because any time, absolutely any time someone comes to say hello they are immediately shot down and this is by the public. This is not by the scary, spooky government, they do enough however. This is by the know-it-alls, the victims of the mainstream media and scientific embezzlement brigade, the spiritual monotonous monopoly, or the falsely conferred agendas convincing everyone that everything is going to be alright as long as they buy into the newest trends.

Mind-Melting Psycho-Spiritual Control System

This is all mind-melting programming and psycho-spiritual harvesting and the only people who don’t care about it are those being harvested. So what do we do? Do we sit back and watch while laughing and then crying? Do we fight even though the only fight is between each individual and their ego-mind and false-paradigms?

Everything You Know Is Outlandishly, Wildly, Insufferably Incorrect

Basically, not only is everything you know incorrect, but it is so wildly incorrect that the truth literally causes anyone who witnesses it to go absolutely, undeniably insane for at least a period of time. And that’s usually with training and conditioning.

A Technological Nature

There is technology that can allow operatives to act within less than a second, a negligible amount of time and insert memory into everyone’s mind in the house, modify the house or a room to contain the appropriate changes, introduce inserted memories into everyone that is connected to that family by searching through their and plant a new family member there that they will always have believed was there to be there loving so and so.

A Guided Disclosure

There is so much more but people’s minds have to be loosened up so they can accept what has happened to them otherwise they will melt under the strain of comprehending reality. This reality is entirely malleable, anything can be faked, edited, modified and when this is done then this is actually creating it fully. The reality won’t be created the same as for the first time, but the difference between the new and old reality, memories, objects, timeline, etc will be entirely undetectable to anyone who hasn’t been trained and effectively “unlocked’ unless for a split second. After that split second passes that ability to detect that change in history, personal or otherwise, will disappear until that person is reminded in some way.

Replicating The Holographic Reality

Memories, beliefs, senses, dreams, relationships, props and body parts, everything can literally be altered in anyway and people simply wouldn’t know.

The reason I am ranting this is is because this is actually exactly what has happened.

Modified, Everyone

I was shown and told the human genome was modified and the body itself was modified to take care of certain toxins that are in the environment now. These are the so-called “mandela” effect which is really the “mandala” effect which is just to cover up the other changes and take people’s mind off of that. Organs have been moved and some modified slightly to be operate under the more stressful conditions.

A Holographic Reality

It is like this reality is a powerful holographic computer system and everything is ran by numbers and electromagnetism including the brain and body and so any and every aspect of a person’s memory, life, body, the objects they own, all of it can be altered using technology to literally hack into and vibrate the change into the literal fields of electromagnetic energy manifesting what we call space and time.

This time is a time of great unveiling but it’s far beyond that.

Twisted Timelines

The timeline is convoluted and what is perceived as ancient is not so ancient. I was told that was people are taught in school as ancient history is not but a few years ago. This would explain the inconsistencies in archaeological and biological explanations for civilization and humanity.

For now time is a circle where everything flows back around itself, at least as a result of various operations it is.

The Power To Dream Awake

We experience time-bubbles when we sleep. Other civilizations experience time-bubbles when they contemplate deeply. Imagine being able to stop and ponder about something and instantly go off into extended space and time experience just as you have hours to days to weeks or longer of experience each night while you sleep. We must get tired enough to do this and collapse the conscious mind down into the unconscious. Yet if we could take the unconscious up around the conscious mind then we would do this while we are “awake” and time would no longer seem so linear.

Imagine places where people could go, like an arcade, a computer cafe, where they sit down and relax into a comfortable chair and look at a screen. Instantly they wake up on Earth in a human body living out a life carrying out some kind of mission or goal to bring about the production of a spiritual lesson or practice which hones their ability to perform as a cosmic being.

That could be humanity, literally, us right now in a different parallel. And this parallel could’ve made contact with this timeline telling them, “Disclose, or we will.”

Do You Feel Big Changes Imminent?

Socio-Spiritual Changes

I feel there are big changes coming and that we just went through a period of spiritual ‘darkness’. Now there seems to be a more rhythmic flow occurring.
There is so much to learn and so much organizing to do. Maybe everything is already organized and we just have to access the knowledge.

What to do

The important part here is to remain calm and stay focused on the spiritual goal of enabling and maintaining interpersonal and intrapersonal development.
As the world situation becomes more active and potentially more stressful everyone’s self-image amplifies to produce stability and self-empowerment or instability and disempowerment. The more change is occurring, the more one must adapt and the more ego is tying down and restricting internal freedoms the more caught up and entangled one becomes with destructive patterns or relationships that do not serve to benefit the whole.
The whole is the union of each individual and another, as well as the overall unification of society. In the same sense, the way one’s own internal dialogue and introspection occurs will produce a greater union of the conscious mind with the unconscious aspects of the self or there will be a discontinuity.

The Conscious and Unconscious Self

This discontinuity can be seen as any situation which causes us to become less prepared for challenges as well as less capable of agreeing with the path we have taken. A maximal example would be a drug user who is unable to cope with their addictions, or a person with extreme rage who destroys an object or relationship because of their emotional instability.
This also doesn’t have to be so exaggerated as someone who misses opportunities to learn or to complete a project will also experience the lack of self-empowerment and direction that generates a discontinuity between their conscious mind and the experiences they encounter.
The idea is that the conscious mind makes choices at various points along the path, while the unconscious mind develops habits based on how the conscious mind operates. So when the conscious mind generates patterns that are undesirable these will become part of the unconscious aspect of life and those patterns will continue to exist until they are managed directly either out of necessity or through an intention of taking control of one’s experience even down to the smaller details.

Stress and Change

When there are times of stress or change these are indicators that there are patterns in the unconscious mind that the conscious mind has enabled that are not serving the whole of the being. The whole of the being is both the mind and the body, the material and spiritual, and the conscious and unconscious aspects. These triggers are reminders that we have a duty to take care of those issues which we can detect.

Awakening Will-Power

Sometimes people go so long without handling these issues that they forget what the sensation of stress or beneficial change actually indicates. In these situations stress is allowed to build up until the pain develops suffering and the suffering develops into dis-ease. The changes that are faced are met with fear instead of confronted and the individual senses a continuing discontinuity at every change or chance for an opportunity to exert their will-power. This is because their will-power has gone exerted for so long an the natural harmony of the emotional and mental patterns have nearly flatlined to a casual numbness or a fight or flight spike of adrenaline from heightened stress that the higher faculties of creativity or self-expression become dormant and secondary.
This is a major problem with this society today because people can be cared for, they can be helped, their problems can be alleviated, they can have a shoulder to lean on, they can have a voice and be heard and they can express themselves, enjoy themselves, and exert their will-power and creativity to produce beneficial changes in their lives and the lives of those around them.
People have been degrading in these self-empowerment rhythms for so-long that most agree the only change that can occur now is a complete drop-out into something far worse than any other time in history in terms of the long-term plan for humanity, or a great revival in the spiritual energies and self-awareness of the population.
I feel that the choice is ours even if the majority of people cannot handle their emotions well or use their minds to find a better solution than the most abrasive.

Connecting With Each Other

I want to ask you to remind yourself to make a connection with an individual that you feel may be suppressing their emotions or may feel oppressed by certain aspects of their life. Reach out to these individuals and offer them a branch out of their darkness into self-empowerment. A friendly gesture, some small-chat is fine, but really getting at the core of the problem is often painful and cumbersome but if done correctly will help the person realize their situation and reawaken that vital energy within them to change themselves or certain triggers or inhibitions around them.
Give someone the chance to express themselves, to exert their will-power and to be creative in looking at their situation differently. Chance is always occurring but we only get certain opportunities where change allows us to navigate into a higher potential. Truly we can do this at any point, but eventually one will realize their potential depends on how they influence the world. Subtle energies aside, timing and opportunity is largely connected to these potential shifts.
However, one can degrade at any point, by simply letting go of self-respect or upkeep.
Yet, one can also make an effort to give another person the opportunity to express themselves and heal through interpersonal emotional-mental or spiritual exchange and everyone has the power to do this at any time for another person. There is an art form to this from not being nosy, annoying, or simply allowing a person to rant and rave and end up amplifying their own perceptions of the problems you sought out to help alleviate in the first place. Allowing people to come to their own power is key and at any point we can make a connection with another person and ensure them that there is at least one portion of this world that is still loving, open to their creativity and self-expression, willing to listen and assist in producing beneficial change for all.

New Babylon,

Read if you have eyes, see if you have the mind to know.

This is part of the secret projects, in fact, everything she outlined was all related to (un)acknowledged special access programs, as is EVERYTHING THAT I POST.

The hammer was found, and was used.

The deal was placed, and was lost.

The vaults WILL BE OPENED.

They are simply trying to time this (the one’s hiding the truth) so that there is the most DAMAGE to the population in the manner through which this is achieved.

The REMEDY is the ONLY WAY to stop the machines from handling the false-spiritual debt of the individual.

If one ACCEPTS that FALSE DEBT the machines will take BLOOD/DNA/GENETICS/SOUL for that and the SPIRIT will be ENCHAINED/TRAPPED/ENSNARED in PHANTOM MATRIX TIMELINES, timelines that are propped up by devices which are collapsing in on themselves into a null-factor.

The destruction and enslavement of your entire civilization was really a bet between a few bloodline families who extend from various inner-galactic frequency realms and utilize advanced technology and spiritual knowledge to prolong their lives to thousands of years Earth time.

This is being released now by researchers and operatives who have been there BECAUSE ALL HAS BEEN DONE.

This is the time where the games end.

The deal is off.

The contract is broken.

Anyone who sincerely seeks release through the truth and divinity will find what they are looking for.

This is the time where the public has the opportunity do so as a people. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY.

HISTORY HAS REPEATED for 6 cycles up until now.

This has to do with Babylon, New Babylon, The Whore.


Posted by Anna von Reitz:

The Final Lamb, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 21

The Bible is essentially an Egyptian-retelling of Hebrew history liberally edited numerous times by groups with axes to grind. What remains is a very strange book indeed.

Even the name of the Bible is peculiar. The words “Holy Bible” translate as “Sun Book”. Why? Because the Egyptians who created it worshiped a sun god, Amon Ra, and their object in compiling the Bible was very different from what we assume.

Didn’t it ever strike you as odd that the Hebrews, out there roaming around in the desert, managed to compile such a record as the Bible presents?

Well, the fact is, they didn’t. The Egyptians and Ethiopians compiled and kept it for them from the time of Joseph to the burning of the Great Library at Alexandria and beyond.

It’s an Egyptian Monotheist search for the True God that preserved the history of the Hebrews and later, the history of the Israelites, and as a result what comes down to us is seen through Egyptian-colored lenses.

This is also why you have been taught to say, “Amen” at the end of every prayer. This is like saying, “Dear Father in Heaven….blah, blah, blah…..Egyptian Sun God”.

We assume that “Amen” means “It shall be so.” and that it is like a seal confirming the missive sent Heavenward, but like so many other things —what we assume is undermined by other meanings of the same or similar sounding words.

Now, it may seem ridiculous and surely our Creator knows what we intend, so that no heartfelt communication is wasted—-yet imagine the irony of it, that virtually every prayer in Christendom is factually indistinguishable from the prayers of Ancient Egyptian sun worshipers?

The Egyptians and Ethiopians were by far the largest contributors to the preservation of the history of the Hebrews and Hebrew writings in general until the time of the Romans, when the Romans took over the task of preserving, editing, and passing along the bits that served their purposes.

And the Romans were nothing, if not pragmatic.

The story of Jesus that they allowed to come forward is tailored to suit the Roman desire to preserve the Pax Romanus, the Roman Peace, and to inculcate the values of good citizenship—- that is, acquiescence to indentured servitude and slavery– among the conquered races.

The Jesus we have inherited is a watered-down and tamed version of the actual story, and central to His story, are facts that we are never, ever told. Jesus lived in Nazareth all right, and so, he is called “a Nazarene”, but more importantly, he was also a Nazorean. More of the usual similar word deceits have been used to cover up this fact.

The Nazoreans were a populous sect inhabiting the Galilea area and standing as a buffer between the Samaritans to the North and the Temple Hebrews of the South. To put it mildly, Jesus came from the wrong side of the tracks, despite his bloodline to King David.

The Nazoreans as a group– to which John the Baptist also belonged — were famous for being polluted with Egyptian and Samaritan mysticism. This is part of why the Pharisees were so offended by the popularity of a Nazorean—and fearful of it, too.

The many miracles attributed to Jesus were derided as circus tricks among the educated Pharisees who were themselves adherents of the Great Abomination, Semiramis, and practitioners of idolatry and supporters of her moneychangers sitting in the Temple Courtyard.

When Jesus drove the moneychangers from the Temple and raised Lazarus from the dead, they knew they had to do something about him or lose their own shooting match. So they colluded with the Romans who were not happy with the prospect of a political uprising of the natives to put an end to His ministry.

Thus the charge against Jesus was that he was (according to the Roman viewpoint) claiming to be “King of the Jews” and was a threat to Roman rule in the Levant, but the charge against Jesus from the standpoint of the Pharisees is never revealed.

They condemned him as a Nazorean Necromancer for raising Lazarus from the dead.

The Nazoreans have throughout history been a secretive sect. After the death of John the Baptist and the crucifixion of Jesus and the razing of the Temple in Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 AD the larger portion of the Nazoreans came to settle in the Tigris-Euphrates Delta, a vast swamp, where their descendants have lived ever since.

Over the twenty intervening centuries the blend of Ancient Samaritan, Hebrew and Egyptian mysticism they started out with has been blended with the mysticism of their Muslim neighbors and the surviving Nazoreans have been hunted like animals through the swamps of the Fertile Crescent by successive waves of Bounty Hunters dispatched by the German and British and Russian and American governments.

Why? To discover their secrets—- and pound them out of the survivors.

Persistent rumors of “Angelic weapons” in the area inhabited by the Nazoreans provided the impetus for this action. It was said that the remaining Nazoreans were the guardians of weapons that pre-dated the Flood of Noah, and that like the Ark of the Covenant, these weapons were of divine origin and surpassing power.

The Biblical references to Four Angels being “bound” in the same area and being released in the Latter Days gave credence to the claims and so from the days of Hitler’s search for the Aryans (Orions) to now, the Nazoreans have been hunted and tortured and decimated for their knowledge in the most systematic and ferocious genocide of modern times.

Russian efforts finally yielded pay dirt two years ago with the recovery of “Gabriel’s Hammer”.

This weapon dates from the Great Plasma War which occurred 32,000 years ago. Positioned in Antarctica it is able to punch down or pull up large sections of the Earth’s crust by as much as 400 vertical feet. Smaller models of the same technology can suspend or alter the laws of gravity—-handy for dropping missiles and airplanes out of the air, or sinking battleships to the bottom of the sea.

Conventional warfare as it has existed on the planet is at an end, and the Russians hold the winning hand. They continue to scour Syria and loot Sirian (as in Sirius B) archeological sites for the remaining three “angels”. If there are any Nazoreans left on Earth, they are few and far between.

From these sobering ruminations we must rouse ourselves and ask— what of the Lamb of God? Was he not sacrificed once and for all, for the goats and sheep alike, for all debts in all jurisdictions of the Earth? Yes. That was the deal. All our sins— that is, all our debts — are “fore-given” before we can even commit them. The slate is wiped clean and our debts and mistakes no longer stand between Heaven and Earth. Our Father no longer remembers our transgressions.

So how is it that we are being plagued by Rome— the Roman Catholic Church — with accusations of indebtedness, after they have claimed and seized hold of all the corporate governments on Earth and absorbed all the riches of both land and sea? Why aren’t our debts being paid for by these feckless Trustees? And paid in every jurisdiction?

Why, indeed?

Jesus, the Nazorean, triumphed over Satan. The contest wasn’t even close. Yet, over time, Satan’s followers embedded within the Church have found their ways and means and most of all, their excuses for not paying up—- especially on their home turf, the international jurisdiction of the sea.

First, we were told that only confessing Christians could inherit the Kingdom— and only Roman Catholics were confessing Christians, so that left everyone else out.

But no, that was not The Deal.

Satan was allowed to do his worst and he failed. He lost the bet. Both the goats and the sheep belong to Jesus, the Nazorean, and Satan has no claim against them. All people of all faiths, existing in all jurisdictions, have been bought and paid for—and set free.

All other pretensions are nothing but filthy, dirty lies.

Second, we were told that we are bound by the Doctrine of Scarcity, that there just isn’t enough to go around, and that’s why people starve to death and die of thirst, the reason we must allow abortion to prevent overpopulation and the excuse for so many other evils.

But that isn’t true, either.

This planet was blessed with inexhaustible resources, far more than enough to provide all the actual needs and many of the vain wants of every man, woman, and child ever born.

Any claim otherwise is simply another filthy, dirty lie and a blasphemy against our Father who has loved us and provided for us and lifted us up as true sons and daughters.

As beneficiaries of the Divine Trust, it is long past time for us to sit up and take notice and action: what possible excuse is there, that all our debts aren’t being paid? Every single one of them? Literally?

We are all Exempt and all our “vessels” in trade and commerce alike are “pre-paid” and tax percuse—-goats and sheep alike.

We have no further need of “redemption” for all have been redeemed for all time, and yet, the reign of Satan has been allowed to continue on. His deceptions and deceits and false claims have been entertained and the Children of the True God have continued to be oppressed.

The Storehouses of God that Benedict XVI ordered to be opened, have not been opened.

No matter what else happens in the world of men, or which country holds the weapons— it’s time for the actual Mission of Redemption to be fulfilled and for the Trustees to render the accounts.

Reject Deception: Psychic Blocking

Reject Deception

When you refuse to listen to deception and distraction, you are choosing to continue to develop your self in the face of adversity. This is about accepting the true self, which is always changing and continuing to flow-freely or stopping long enough for sticky deception or emotionally restricting objectification from others to build up in your space.

Reassert Your Self

Clear your space, reassert your self, know the truth of your own uniqueness,

Another way to see this is when you have an intrusion from someone else who is attempting to take your energy.

Witness or observe this as long as necessary to confirm what is happening.

Then, as soon as this happens begin to work this intrusion out of your mind and ultimately your life. After this initial moment of release, realize that there are important topics to focus on, self-work and discovery to take place and that this real life-work is only hindered by those who are vying for your energy and attention by drawing your subtle energy and attention away from that interpersonal work that you must do. Continue reading

Coming Events

Direct Experience

Just to be sure people understand, everything that I write on the blog, everything I speak of in discussion or on youtube, and everything that I post on here I have had direct experience with and I am merely confirming what I am bringing to you here.

The Secret Space Program

I spent many years in operation within the secret space program, and this involved travel to other civilizations and the use of advanced technology, cloning, consciousness transfer, soul technology, healing, mind-control, hybridization, electrogravitic craft, Teslian technology, mind-erasure technology, soul-stones or what is called a brain to machine interface (brain chip), spatiotemporal distortion, tech assisted ascension (for non-souled beings), organic ascension, secret societies, the cabal, multiple mind-control factions, multiple breakaway civilizations, time travel, ancient civilizations, corruption and parasitic consciousness (and more).

These are the experiences that I earned by being capable of bringing you this information today. Continue reading

Cosmic Abandonment

Physical, Mental, Emotional Imprisonment

I was imprisoned my entire life. As a child I was trained in the underground bases and taken all over the world to experience and sometimes live with remote societies as well as sometimes breakaway civilizations.

We have seen battle, contact, exploration, great travel, soul journey, death, and self-discovery.

The Dawning Of The Truth

At first, for many years, I thought there was such joy to be found but also that I and the others were imprisoned by these military faction who sought to control the world so they can drive the innocent into the dirt pushing their faces into the ground as they struggle into obscurity.

When I grew into my teens my earlier suspicion that there was more to that story was beginning to come to light. The people I met in school and various aspects of this society were anything but appreciative of their calm and easy lives. Continue reading

Millennials Episode 2 Empower Yourself Now!

Millennials Episode 2 Empower Yourself Now! continues, following Episode 1, Warriors in Training. Millennials Jimmy and Ben are back with host Lily Earthling Kolosova. Joining them are Aug Tellez, Niels Kunze, Randy Maugans, and HRS Trismegistus. This diverse panel comes together unified with one vital goal in mind: to empower all of humanity now establishing a foundation to build upon for a very exciting future. Some of the cutting-edge topics explored include how it is humanity’s birthright to be Creator-Beings of Reality. By activating the Creative Force within, the internal and eternal Self-discovery path is launched enabling “the Warrior” to blow past restriction, mind control programs and false beliefs. From this nexus point, the individual is propelled naturally to experience his/her creative potential as a fully empowered Creator Being.
Along the way we bridge the Eastern and Western philosophies of the past and run with the latest in scientific and spiritual discoveries. From this enriched perspective and by transcending duality consciousness, we discover TRUTH and the complete realization that all possibilities are achievable now!

The Nature of the True Self, Fear and Peace Within

Know Thyself, Know The Universe

Those who have prepared for the sacred truth will react with self-empowerment, while those who have not applied effort in knowing themselves will react in fear.

Natural Fear and Conditioned Responses

One question could be, is this the natural reaction? Or is this fearful reaction something that was learned over the years of manipulated moral relativism developed from skewered social morality? Fear is a response people give to change or discomfort when they have no other viable option for behavior or intellect. Essentially, the lack of knowing is what constitutes the parameters for producing fear. Continue reading