Completion of Program

We are the last to receive the opportunity of liberation. Do something meaningful if you want to. Assist in the mental liberation of others if you want to provide the highest benefit to yourself and those around you.


The Highest Purpose is to Share the Truth

You have to share the information yourself, every link, every quote, every conclusion. You must manually share the information with real people otherwise the shadow bans, the topic bouncing, forum sliding, redirection and misinformation will drown the truth.

If that’s what we think of the truth, then that’s the truth!

Consciousness or Civilization

The theory is that if you take people and just put them together with no instructions they will turn into animals.

In that theory, someone had to come along and plant the seeds of higher intelligence through a functional system that carries itself through us as much as it works to enable us to remain coherent through it.

Did civilization enable consciousness or did consciousness enable civilization?

The Brain Machine

What if the brain generates, not the perception of time, but literally a bubble of a temporal universal envelope existing within spacetime?

What if, each one being born, passes the torch of the time bubble and holds it open too.

What if no one was born and the bubble shrank!?

Ritual Abuse and Eating of Children and Advanced Technology Veiled Experimental Social Mind Control Program

It’s true, apathy is lethal. Any one who participated in the eating of children to achieve a ritual ‘high’ as part of a second layer of non public government activity will be categorized by a team as part of an immediate, covert, hostile and civilization wide threat to the human species.

The only option that exists for those in that position are to participate in the unveiling of the corruption and the exposure of this veiled system existing beneath or directly behind what we know as society.

Directly under that layer, after a slight credential and security check, one is permitted, with appropriate interests in that field, to directly observe the advanced technology scalar mind control demonical AI ancient soul stealing grid.
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Sight to a Reflection

Imagine no one gets out alive. They just take a version of you that was always on the outside and insert it and extract it to generate the conscious experience of that.

What if this is what enables a quantum entanglement, a spiritual transfer of information across dimensional barriers that enables the safe transfer of the human soul out of the physical universe as a closed circuit of space time?

Approved Genetic Modifications

Because some will do this in time. This will first be managed and performed in secret so that it may be controlled. Now this is the process of the disclosure of important information regarding the future of humanity.

Beasts and Instincts, Free Thought and Compassion

Imagine the animals are essentially stupid beasts. We might think they enjoy us but we really just catch them on their good side, we feed them and shoot the predator types.

Then imagine that we share with them a spark of divine love and the entire bio sphere changes to adapt to a complexity that couldn’t be there otherwise.

Humans, as advanced terrestrials that are really extra dimensional self awareness, could be the destroyers, the seeders, and the guardians of eco systems.

Maybe this is far fetched but I’ve seen stranger things.

Imagine that, the spark is free, it can be contained and passed eternally and the act stabilizes the multiverse by holding the relative aspects together.

Morality, Political Correctness and Truth

Morality and political correctness should not be crossed otherwise people will become confused about what is appropriate and what is true.

Homemade Afterlife

When this occurs, the mind recreates in the afterlife the love and balance that was found in life.

Through this, the afterlife contains a reflection of every friend and truth.

If this is not done to preserve one’s consciousness (sanity) then what one does not bring forth will leave them empty.

I was informed the field would be down around now. Those who pass through in spirit will have to pass into a resurrection after a holding space. They will be funnelled from a closed off area of the space time field that is collapsing here.
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Check Point Stamina Boost

Check points in place. You’ll see that which you thought was a universal law acting as a barrier between you and some activity or achievement become invisible and then non existent as nothing replaces confusion and hesitation and you are simply staring plainly, straight at your goal with nothing in between.

They Have Their Insults, You Have Better Ideas

Do you get it?

You know what the most bad assed and even down right cut throat, rough neck, straight sighted thing you could do?

Not care about the insults intended for you or others like you by people who you did not request assistance from.

Now if they’re communicating, that’s one thing. But if they’re just throwing insults.

It would be more insulting to be a person who is naturally insulted by those kinds of people than to be insulted by those kinds of people.

That doesn’t make sense, but you get the idea.
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Accrued Points

It’s as if the simulation was initiated while real life is taking place in the baseline reality.

It’s as if it was done to intentionally bump the individual from their reality.

It would seem that someone then goes up the tube and uses their soul as a gateway.

Every presence here is an exchange and the loss of the truth. It doesn’t have to be that way, however this place is inherently like that. It is modelled to induce entropy through it’s numerical and geometric alignments.

These are first entered into the system and then the universe is permitted to be until sentience appears.

These alignments were to purposely harvest energy through the ‘waste gate’ as if that was the output of a generator. The society and our bodies became the energy generators for the makeshift extraction matrix.
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Change of Time

This is a time of change. Disposing of ‘smart’ phones may be highly advisable if not mandatory in the coming times. They are used to access your mind and when the grid goes up your DNA. This has been defeated, however, it doesn’t make the process any easier for the first time.

Your dreams will be used to deliver to you important tools and deprogramming necessary for your self awareness and safety.

Quantum Reverse (captions)Is the human body a product of ancient advanced occult chemistry?

This is what we found. This will be difficult to see at first.

Firstly, I’d like to propose the possibility that human neuro-transmissions have a specific design. The deign inducts hidden scalar fields that are manifested in the neurochemistry from the interaction of electromagnetic dynamics in social collectives. A form of scalar interfereometry and quantum signalling ins transferred to the mirror neurons.

The human is designed to phase out aspects of reality that are no longer useful and to phase in aspects that are beneficial. This process is not just particles, things, or stuff happening (events). When this is done and ‘creativity’ pulls the human towards pulling or pushing one aspect of reality to or away, then these are like calculations done by the universe to figure out what the next step is or should be. This is not like a computer calculating an outcome from variables in a given set. This is all aspects of the universe, through a quantum consciousness, interacting now and always through the mind of the one that sees beyond what their particular limitations are.
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