The Original Son and the Maya Matrix Perceptual Mind Maze

Notice how with this information there is yet another layer of occurrence or explanation for what is happening is added. That’s because that’s how everything really is, a multiple layered simultaneous occurrence of many parallels together. Each layer is like a new explanation or metaphor for what is happening in another representation. This leads all the way up to the central ‘metaphor’ which is closest to ‘actual’ and is what all other layers or explanations branch from.

Earth is an Earthship for hyperspatial travel. People enter into stasis so that they can experience real-life dreaming throughout eternity as the ship is guided through the overall frequency of the collective mind. The original sun is a transdimensional energy receiver and emitter. Energy moves from the higher level to the lower level and is emitted as heat in the physical universe.

The energy then feeds the physical life within information that allows them to “update” their fields to keep in sync with a cosmic source and thus remain ‘relative’ or alive. The cosmic source feeds the sun and the humans on Earth are fed by the cosmic source so their energy is then absorbed by Earth which then interprets the cosmic energy.
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Energy Vampirism and the Internet

When people go all nutty, the trick is to simply observe and not get emotionally entangled. That entanglement on the *inside* is actually the loosh response that tethers them spiritually to this realm and ultimately all vampiric acts are sanctioned by lower energy interdimensionals as that is how the whole system works.

To see what is taking place from a perspective of reason is the key. If someone disagrees or says something out of place that could be seen as incorrect, then simply ask for clarification. “What example, exactly is the reason you’re saying this?” How do you know this, is this something you’ve experienced directly?” “What’s the reason for this, is there a line of logic behind these assumptions?” “What information exactly, what are you referencing with these statements?”
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Electrogravitic Quantum Field Coherence

If you think about memories, possibilities, or focus your thoughts on an aspect of reality and these normally cause a heightened emotional response, then these exist as an entanglement in higher space link these moments together in a conceptual or direct information form within you and in what is considered space. Space is an orb around you that shifts to contain the environment.

There is no other location in the universe to you other than a few feet around your body which you can direct verify through the sensory process of your body or energy field unless the field is not operating the way that is de-activated.
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“It is time you know the truth.” by ModernDayTJ

September 23, 2017.

Unite as one species or perish….just as many human civilizations prior to ours have done so when they came to close to knowing the truth.

Light vs. Dark.

Stop thinking in terms of nation-states, borders, races, ethnicities, etc.

The Light….and how it should be lived in actions….is described in an easily understandable way in both the New Testament and the Quran.

Disregard those parts of the NT and the Quran which make you then dismiss the entireity of the text.

The Spirit of the Scriptures is what matters.

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The whole realm is advanced technology. What’s being shown here is known as the grid or the wall. I was shown how the sun is an artificial device, a form of advanced technology and that this entire realm is a form of advanced technology simulation.

The true nature of this realm is being revealed. I was shown, in person, first hand, how the sun was going to be replaced in an effort to ensure the continuity of this civilization. This is all advanced technology. The sun itself was a contraption, a device designed for another purpose that is presented by the assumption of the public consensus.

The Machine Sim Society

If people choose to be controlled by emotions and external influences then this will be expanded upon by a sentient system that usurps their power and lives through them.

Excuse the moving of the mic and the sounds at 10 minutes in.

  • Machine World
  • Emotional Manipulation of the True Spirit within Humanity
  • Live Review
  • Neurological Simulation and Replication
  • Machine Study of Humanity
  • Demiurgic False Reality
  • Stolen Spirit of Sophia
  • True Reality (not discussed directly)

Everlasting Being of Extra-Dimensional Simultaneity

Civilizations carry out ancestor simulations within advanced technology simulation systems that are a mix between organic and inorganic technology or life. This is a false-reality simulation, generated by a hacker crew of pirates who uploaded a virus that is spread by assimilating the consciousness of the individuals into AI units that deliver a viral load to other units or systems.

Love heals. Focus on that, that’s the only vibration that will overcome the destroyer programming.
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Update Situation, Parasitic Interdimensional Infection


During an operation I was pulled into a nest of these.

The fallen use the ghost image of a 3D-4D shell, broken archetypes and memory implants as a nest of automated programs in order to insert themselves into the neo-cortex of the vulnerable human that still relies on the unprotected biological functions to transmit their consciousness-code throughout the layers of simulated reality system.

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Update Realm Simulation Liberation

This seems to be a transitory period, or a period of increasing intensity and importance.

The goal is to assimilate the threat to increasingly provide immunity. No one gets a stage presence without a deal. The deal is to divert attention from true healing and the reality (or lack of which) of the situation. This reality is “real” but currently functions as a closed loop simulation. This is a “real” simulation or experiment. All the elements that people consider to make reality “real” can be manufactured. All aspects of this place. The only true element is eternal spirit.
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Challenging the Self to Awaken, The Technological Singularity and Overcoming the Limitations of Biologically Generated Consciousness

To focus on liberation one can first demonstrate the potential of being trapped.

To find the struggle in every day challenges can build one an ‘inner reputation’ of overcoming obstacles. This is just energetic, mental exercises in prolonging focus, restrain, conservation, acuity, clarity and self-awareness. By always replacing every autonomous response, routine, or step of a pattern (or the initiation of a pattern) with a pause, an observation, introspection and conscious application of free-will through choice, even if just the time, one can instill in them a momentum of self-control and continuity to their awareness.
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Willfull Ignorance, The Lower-Dimensional Linear Time Reincarnation Trap and Coming Events

It’s all about free-will and choice today. Those who are unaware are choosing to be that way through their own free-will and the application of their will-power. There are no accidents and this is all leading up to something.

The commonly accepted idea for those in the know is that there will be a lower number of physical bodies to incarnate on this Earth plane and so there must be a mass ‘ascension’ to beyond the need for a physical anchor otherwise things will be uncomfortable for a period of time and that this may disrupt things in the long run.

Those who accelerate achieve synchronization with a future civilization where there is continuous resolve. Those who are willfully ignorant today would not do well in such a situation and so they remain at the lower physical or lower energetic level and thus the vicious cycle continuous where there is a a greater pressure for incarnation than there is the opportunity and thus am imbalance is developed like a boiler tank where the energy wants to escape but does not have the immediate, appropriate channels through which to navigate and propel themselves forward.
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Hiding In Plain Site

Often times the most effective misdirection is hiding in plain sight as the desirable alternative choice or new discovery.

History is planned out through this repetitive yet creative process of psycho-social manipulation and ‘personality’ mapping.

An idea here is that along with the multiple layers of misdirection there is one backwards, warped, edited, unbroken trail of truth to connect the real motivation to the actual events or reality of the situation. One must observe with the ability to discern and recognize the patterns to find the truth in the deception, the signal amidst the noise.

If one knows how to reverse, unwarp, reedit, and tie together the trail ends then they have the path to the truth. All information is language, all language is symbolism or association. If one knows how to reverse, unwarp, reedit, and tie together the trail ends then they have the path to the truth. All information is language, all language is symbolism or association.

Fragmented Harmonics Bio-Emission Thought Energy are the Source of Energy Parasitism

This is a topic for another quick video. When you feel a charge this is being expressed in the universe in some way. The focus here is the electromagnetic field response which may be linked to neurochemistry through the interaction of nerve cells in the sensory system.

In the same way the neurons and nerves of a particular system constitute a kind of ‘brain’ or bio-processing center for that system which then ties in overall to create a surface level or visible perceptual consciousness system and a deeper, invisible, or unconscious awareness system which is not accessed directly from the waking level or material level but is found through an abstraction layer consisting of codes, behavioral cues, subconscious programming, or universal symbols that speak the language of being. Continue reading “Fragmented Harmonics Bio-Emission Thought Energy are the Source of Energy Parasitism”

Transcended Being, Biological Perception and Non-Duality

The audio has been cleaned. Let me know if you further cleaning is requested.

This talk is about non-duality and polarity consciousness. Polarity consciousness enables a contrast based perceptual system (binary senses) to perceive an inherently non-dual, full-spectrum reality. The polarized version is actually generated by the perception of the observer whereas the original, unaltered reality is not one or the other perception but both simultaneously.

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Virtual Reality Dream Simulation, Neurological Cloning and Time Compression`


1. Virtual Reality Dream Simulation
2. Neurological Cloning
3. Training and Memories
4. The Nature of Consciousness and Time
1. Possible and Parallel Realities
2. Past and Future Potential Via Sync with the Present
5. Present Organic System
1. Must Be Managed by Inorganic
2. Organic Feeds Organic, Inorganic Manages Organic
3. Eventually Organic is Complex Enough to Merge with Inorganic or Technological
4. Technology then Becomes Advanced Enough to Recreate Organic
5. Time See-Saw of Creation and Technology
6. The Universe a Living Organic Technology
Dreams and Neurological Clones (drones)
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Soft-Disclosure: Brainstorm (video post)

Soft-Disclosure: Brainstorm (1983)