Good Intentions and Good Effort; The Necessary Act of Self-Observation

Good intentions and good effort is required to make an impact. If there is a good effort but the intentions are perverse or maligned then one must strip away the intent and the personal bias and begin again at the basis of effort.

Strip away the ego, disrobe the persona that seeks personal to profit from attention, cutting others down, or some kind of negative charge that is gained by distressing others. Strip all that away and the guarantee is that others will hear, the people will listen, and you will have an impact by reaching the hearts and minds of those in your audience faster than ever.

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The Acquisition of Parallels

So much pain last night I wasn’t sure if I’d be here today. Part of this was from ingesting fake meat. Those are highly processed compositions of mainly oils and soy. Not food, I knew this but had run out of other preparations and didn’t want to take the time to cook lentils, so of course, I poisoned myself with low quality food. Yay. Tempeh seems to be the only soy food that is non-toxic, for the most part, at least for now.

And if you didn’t know, it’s true the fermented foods and liquids like Kombucha create the Aldehyde byproducts which are toxic to the liver. Pro-biotics are helpful, but I was informed that most of the kind the public receives are not the originals and that each person’s second brain which is in the gut, is custom fitted to their mother’s unique probiotic formula.

The second brain is in the gut where there are more neuronal connections and communications taking place between the heart, the gut and the brain than the brain itself.

As well there is one of the major, if not the major center of the immune system located in the gut where the digestive process and the proliferation of the good bacteria will stabilize the entire line of defense of the body. From white blood cells to specific enzymes produced for memorizing which substances have what effect, this area is highly sensitive and very important for the overall health of the body.
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Initial Public Release – Celebrity Cloning, Breakaway Civilizations, Higher-Dimensional Entities, Temporal Operations, Consciousness Transfer Underground Bases, Hybridization, DNA Activation, The Unveiling

For Public Release

This is the initial video I made for public release. I was told before I went public to refuse any kind of personal communication with the general public. I was also told to stay away from certain individuals who are in bringing information to the public because some are compromised and this is part of a mental distortion process where their intentions and memories are modified to reflect that of programmers.

I made contact with the public and held personal communication and I contacted and even gave recorded information to those I was warned of. This has been the closest to something sabotaging this entire operation.

A large portion of the people who message me have not seen this video, have no idea what the message is, do not know I was trained and conditioned for the unacknowledged special access programs and do not know that some individuals were compromised by a dark group who kidnapped the children from the bases and performed ritualistic experimentation and trauma based mind control. That is a detriment to the entire operation of the unveiling. As a result of this I will have to be sure to spend the remaining time in a very focused manner so that serious projects can be completed and the information can be presented in a more organized manner. I have written thousands of pages and spoken dozens of hours. Look at the recordings and the writing, read the book of the unacknowledged special access programs that I was designated to bring forth to you. These people have seen war, they’re not going to bring you your salvation on a silver platter because you are not willing to put forth the energy and intention to seek the information out through the methods that have been provided. These methods have cost lives, take it or leave it. It’s your choice. Continue reading “Initial Public Release – Celebrity Cloning, Breakaway Civilizations, Higher-Dimensional Entities, Temporal Operations, Consciousness Transfer Underground Bases, Hybridization, DNA Activation, The Unveiling”

The Multi-Dimensional Unfolding is Heart-Centered

It’s not productive to spend time trying to tell people who have no desire to learn or listen. It’s also not productive to hold a grudge.

The only solution is to lighten the heart. That’s it. This is a multi-dimensional system, the gate way is an energetic process. If the heart is ‘heavy’ or contains a kind of hyperdimensional ‘drag’ that this will limit the maximum ‘velocity’ of the rate of change which is like emotional or mental baggage or attachments hindering a dimensional unfolding process.
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The Future Creates the Past; This is a Rogue Temporal Experiment in Quantum Decoherence

The future creates the past. What you look for is created by the act. This is backwards from how we usually want to think that one looks for something because the act of looking is connected to knowing and the act of knowing is connected to the fact that it must exist and therefore exist as a causal source.

That is true time. The act of looking is due to the knowing which leads to the creation of the experience or the reality. The existence of the reality does not lead to the experience as first the knowing is required to create the blueprint which then maps out the experience of the journey of finding and experiencing for the first time.

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This is an alternate dimension. The human race has been trapped in a simulated reality.

The control system has existed for hundreds of thousands of years.

The advancement of technology achieved the capacity to replicate worlds and life experiences. This is veritably a multidimensional prison.

Imagination is the filtration system for this reality. Ones imagination can alter this reality.

This time will return to that of totality of mind where everything is imagination. This is a very transitory period.

the energy levels must be appropriate for release and one must know how to navigate out of the energy trap system which replicates ones own mind and initiated the imaginative reality creation process.

The mind itself is the labyrinth.

To escape one must be aware of all that is done to keep humanity enslaved. One must become hardened to these manipulation methods.

The war began instantly throughout time using temporal distortion technology and so it seems as if it was always taking place. In reality the original timeline was altered to and from and therefore the entire timeline is actually a secondary or further timeline due to the modifications made.

The control systems in place are to secure the timeline.

Extraction from the Simulation (The Snap-Back of Time-Consciousness)

Pre-Reading: Lauda Leon – Breaking the in-verse Soul programming codes: Avoiding the lords of harvest

  • You will have to go through the maximal amount of disorientation and distraction as this will ensure those who are wiling to survive.

  • Thoughts must be formatted into a system that will survive the transfer and the maximization of distraction or noise to signal as the realm closes out.

  • This reality is literally a simulated version which humanity has been cast into. Thus, this is all about extraction from the simulation.

  • Everything is recorded so what one creates for themselves through belief here will last for eternity. `

  • One must reject the nature of this realm as if the suffering is not real. To know the suffering is not real one must confront the suffering without fear!

  • Distraction is the tool used to wash away one’s focus and determination so that one’s identity dissolves in this realm away from the real.

  • This is a weaponized realm, the whole system is a soul-trap.

  • The Brain is the maze. A holographic hypercube system.

  • A solution looks like this. We are in a quantum simulation, this means everything down to the mind is simulated. So what you expect and input into the simulation becomes the simulation. Thus, if you create the concept that you are the cause of your own suffering and you then accept and own this as an aspect of this reality, then and only then can you end your own suffering.

    • This has been initiated in this world, as if even by force, to all who are present here. One will either realize they are the source of their own suffering and thus find liberation, or they will not.

  • If one gives themselves the responsibility to assume responsibility they can then advance their self-generated power-levels and assume the role of choosing whether or not to continue suffering or feeding energy and acceptance into system that are not necessary.

  • Every thought that you think is creating an entire universe and will condemn or liberate your awareness from the confines of the artificial, temporary reality.

  • In other words, a person’s motion in higher space is determined by the overall sum coalescence of their energy produced through choices, actions, and thoughts. By default, this is how change is determined.

  • Now, through the event of an exponential acceleration period, anyone can change their trajectory by entering into a shift which can have the influence on their overall energy in a few short periods that is more powerful than the entire life experience.

  • This isn’t a way to ‘cheat’, because if someone was to say, go against the grain of their previous choices and be ‘good’, then it would literally be increasingly as difficult to do that, in such a time of acceleration and the temptation that would bring, as much as they had ‘sinned’ or gone into temptation and evil previously in life. More simply, if they had done wrong previously, and planned to change up in this quick acceleration cycle, then the amount of wrong that they had done previously would be pressuring them to continue doing wrong even more so in this cycle than previous. This is all about perception and the changes that are taking place due to an acceleration of the electromagnetic field.

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Soft-Disclosure: American Dad Christmas Episode


American Dad Christmas Episode



The elf escaped from Santa’s secret operation in the North Pole involving child labor. He blamed politics, diseased culture, following orders, loss of rights and such.



Santa steals children from around the world, instead of delivering gifts.



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Lauda Leon – Breaking the in-verse Soul programming codes: Avoiding the lords of harvest


The Spiritual Evolution System

Many topics. This is all part of a plan. Suffering is to be overcome. When one transcends or reaches the neutrality, then all input induces a higher state of awareness and motivates one towards a higher power level.

There is a dichotomy. One polarity is to induce suffering and one is to endure suffering. This is the lower octave or animalistic method of the “Old “World” civilization.

The true solution is through self-responsibility, harmony, self-awareness, and self-empowerment.

The ultimately goal is saying “NO” to what you do not seek or desire!

This is a multi-generational experiment upon the human species to explore spiritual evolution! Those who deny this simply accept suffering and torture because they seek that instead of self-responsibility!

Many more topics.

Extra Telestials, Celebrity Cloning, Immortality, Suffering, Mind Control, Enlightenment

Sexual depravity is used to manipulate the mind of humans in the control system. Stress is increased and terror is used to dissociate the conscious mind and initiate a fracture which is then used to compartmentalize multiple personalities for individual and unique function in or out of ‘society’.

Nothing is as it seems. The mind automatically fractures upon entry or exit of this realm, this is literally an inherent process that exists as long as people exist in this way. These projects are simply the utilization of such an inherent nature for personal or commercial use.
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The Corporatacracy, Spirituality, Self-Responsibility and Materialism

  • Corporations control the system
  • There are those who are technologically and intellectually advanced and those who are physically and spiritually advanced
  • Enjoyment comes from inner harmony, materials are just props
  • This world contains inherent duality, the ‘higher plane’ is non-dual
  • Accepting self-responsibility is required for true spiritual and mental liberation
  • The legal system is a disguise for what is actually a spiritual enslavement system based on manufactured consent and lack of self-awareness and self-responsibility
  • Universal Law is the truth of self-responsibility and consent and must be respected on all levels
  • The systems are all about energy and attention
  • The Mind defines reality, so controlling the mind controls the definition and creation of reality
  • People, person, black, white, identity, and others are legal terms
  • The system is centered on consent and self-responsibility
  • What happens here determines what happens in the next reality or the higher plane
  • Language and action determines intent and awareness of consent
  • The control system is designed through the use of Deceptive language
  • The system is for the acquisition of genetics, genetic material, labor and intellectual property
  • This world is an experiment based on the playing out of polarity consciousness
  • The experience may be a kind of generated ‘dream’, however this is a reality to those in the experience
  • Essences that are conceptually foreign to life are introduced into this reality through experimentation and dark forces
  • These forces are anti-life, anti-truth, and anti-Human
  • There is actually only life, the anti-life essences are an illusion and are autonomous
  • Refusing polarity consciousness in terms of fear and bias withdraws one’s energy from the false-reality construct
  • Pure-awareness is beyond physical construction
  • You are the shepherd of your thoughts
  • Emotional reaction instead of genuine, centered response is entanglement with the illusory construct which feeds on such engagements
  • Someone acting entirely through such autonomous reactions are akin to a biological robotoid without self-awareness
  • Moving beyond the entanglement of polarity is liberation, falling into darkness is lack of self-control
  • Sheep kept in the pen all day repeat the same experiences, sheep-thoughts, neglected without structure do not develop the necessary aspects of self-control and self-awareness through creativity
  • Expression and exploration is required for liberation if a being finds themselves within the reality prison

The Electrogravitic Soul

Temporal Distortion Fields, Advanced Technology, The Electrogravitic Soul, Quantum Ripples, The Unveiling

Wholeness of Being, Returning to Center

There is a way to calm the mind and clear the continuous cyclone of energy that surrounds and often distracts and even torments people.

When this calm is generated there is an inner radiance which is then allowed to be present. This radiance, when emitted around, harmonizes what is within with what is occurring around you. That connection between the inner and outer is what carries one intent and creativity into the moment.
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The Growth of the Tree

Grow strong roots, balance your height with your firm grounding, plan your ascent in a spiral pattern with a circular, 360 degree radiant expression of divinity.

Those who place their growth all in one direction, concept or person will be imbalanced and fallen over when the winds or rains come. The elements are coming.

Balance your height with your firmly planted roots so that you may grow tall enough to bear fruit that is at a distance from the ground and presented for life.

You live by your fruit of truth, wholeness, harmony, compassion, creativity, free-will, self-awareness and knowledge.

Remember To Care, Care is the Focus of Meaning

Remember To Care, Care is the Focus of Meaning