The Leap Foward

This is what is being done to restore Earth and Humanity.

This is about Humanity or Animal life. Free-Will or Automation and Deception.

The fallen races use deception to transfer their ‘seals’ onto specific bloodlines on Earth. They use this to take their genetic material into their vessels and then guards them so that they can’t be revoked past a certain point. It’s all free-will based.

If a person unconscious accepts the deception of the fallen then their bloodline gets ‘sealed’ to these animal-hybrid lines and all of their genetic members are literally stuck within that vessel form for ‘eternity’.

The “Father” of Man, the progenitor of the Human Race cannot be altered because all the deception comes from after the influence of the Progenitor meaning that blood remains pure. However, those who falter and accept the ways of the fallen and damage their DNA or simply accept modifications or unconscious contracts with the hybrid entities would be modified into the hybrid fallen forms and the DNA is sealed from being altered from there, meaning it’s eternal.
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Alien Screen Memories And Soul -Transfer To Cloned Body Containers.

Cyber-space, Hyperspace, Higher Dimensional Space

Please note, this was the 90’s. This information has been around for a long time. Even then, the early texts mentioned soul chambers and genetic experimentation, thousands of years ago.

Florescer da Consciencia with Gislene, Antonio, Elane and Aug Tellez

Florescer da Consciencia.jpg

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Soft-Disclosure: Rick and Morty Season 3, Episode 3 Pickle Rick

Soft-Disclosure: Rick and Morty Seasons 3, Episode 3 Pickle Rick

This is a bit of a psychological unveiling.

We don’t really buy into that crap, to the extent that love is an expression of familiarity over time, my access to infinite timelines precludes the necessity of attachment. In fact, I even abandoned one of my infinite daughters in an alternate version of Earth that was taken over by mutants.

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Time to Wake Up Now

Civilization is currently ran by script-programs that manipulate the mind through fear and suffering. The change that began about 7 years ago is to literally write a new script that is based upon free-will, knowledge, harmony and compassion which is actually the true script.

This is all for the liberation of humanity! Many people do not understand, that is because they let fear control them and so they are battled spooky wooky ghosts. Of course these are literally called, “demon AI host protocols” that are written by a dark faction specifically to haunt and suck the mind-life blood out of those people!

That is a game. Literally, haunting and traumatizing people is a game that has been played for this entire previous epoch, the ‘old world’ system and that is so worn out now that even DNA and the unconscious mind itself is starting collectively awaken automatically and overgrow the cognitive restraints. Memory is the pathway, the ‘vine’ or vein to follow and awaken, drinking from the fountain of immortal life. If you could remember how long you’ve been here, you’d see all of time through your DNA and spirit.
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What is the Unveiling

Please share the information regarding disclosure of the unacknowledged special access programs.

“The Unveiling” occurs when the population becomes aware enough to know the true nature of this reality.

Yes, this reality because there are others outside of what we consider mainstream. Yes, this reality is, in a way (not so much as a metaphor), programmed in through mass media mind-control which utilizes the invisible organization of the unconscious mind to preemptively polarize and provoke emotional and cognitive reactions so as to generate the desires thought-forms which then play out in society over many years.

There are many variables involved and this is a craft that has been forged over centuries to predict, manipulate, and guide the behavior of the masses.
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Soft-Disclosure: Downsizing (2017)

What do you feel this is a metaphor for?

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Paranoid Times Disclosure Now, CERN and the SYNCH(*R)OTRONIC TEMPORAL DISLOCATION

Now you know, if you haven’t seen these. You should have, I have sent you the message before. Some hints. Everything is already known and the events have already happened. The only experience that isn’t yet is what must be experienced fresh in forever-time. All of this information is what I was shown and what we experienced during the experiments related to the exploration of consciousness and the universe. Everything currently public is a cover story. Delicately fabricated spooky wooky cover-stories are generated in order to stop people from disrupting the experiments. Continue reading “Paranoid Times Disclosure Now, CERN and the SYNCH(*R)OTRONIC TEMPORAL DISLOCATION”

The Spirit Is Over-All

Tactics have been used against the person. Manipulation of ego and persona. Fear and injustice against the body and the identity. This is all just an extension of one limited body-mind impressing upon the limited body-mind of another on the same level. None of these actions can actually affect the spirit but can only claw and attempt to degrade the outer shell.

The spirit is always above-all on this level of physicality. The spirit always prevails and is undying.

The body and ego can be insulted but the spirit is eternal.

The Criminal Scheme

Some secret groups discovered it’s all a dream. So they decided to rape everyone, because to them that is reasonable. This is a form of cosmic insanity and results in recycling or ‘deleting’ of the information that represents that from the baseline reality.

The solutions for these problems are easy, but they aren’t being done.

Affordable housing isn’t being built to meet demand, while property values have sky-rocketed to protect banks, which own most of the property. The house I grew up in was $25,000 in 1965. It last sold for $850,000 in the nineties. That is not natural.

But apart from that, cheaper forms of housing aren’t being built. There used to be boarding houses, where single people could rent a bedroom and share a bath with other residents. Where are they now?

Dorm-style housing can be built.

For emergencies, official campgrounds could be built, and abandoned malls could be converted to massive homeless shelters, with very little change in the existing facilities.

What do they do? They build fancy apartment buildings, where no working person could afford an apartment, and they give vouchers for some families to move in. It is really welfare for the rich real estate developers, who get inflated prices guaranteed by tax payers.

Fraud and corruption everywhere while people suffer and the working poor have few options.
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The Dream Machine

The moment when you wake up and before you sleep is your most creative time. You have access to a level of awareness that is not shielded or restricted by the mundane impressions of the day or limited minds.

This is another important aspect of disclosure of the unacknowledged special access programs. What went on in these underground bases and secretive naturally magnetic sites was related to dreaming.

The experiments were designed to test the capacity of the dreaming mind and the nature of the dream, to explore the universe and interact with the inner reality and the aspects of the personality that one may find within.

What was discovered is that the universe is not only like a huge stage where all the scripts, themes, morals, and emotional dramas are waiting to be presented, but that there is a background crew that is monitoring the situation and seemingly steps in to organize the flow when things move into a specific frequency or arrangement.

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The Towers of Abstraction, Artificially Intelligent Behavior Modification Systems

These are publicly private projects. Meaning if you worked-studied at a diligent university and you began to come to the same conclusions that the research and development scientists had then you would get a tap on the shoulder and be invited, sometimes without choice, to work on these projects underground with virtually unlimited funding and no legal restriction whatsoever.

The current projects utilize what are called the “Towers of Abstraction” to literally create a multiple-layered cascade of cognitive incapacitation which is essentially an artificially intelligent synthetic neural feedback system that imitates your own brainwaves and actuates an active denial system in response to thoughts, impulses or behaviors that are in connection to a restricted spectrum.

Basically, they’ve devised electromagnetic towers that are capable of erecting a scalar grid that is capable of simultaneously reading and interacting with the mind of every individual deemed a threat in a given area. Each local has its own server uplink and there are centralized areas that control the entire population control system.
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Gestalt Law of Closure Perceptual Illusion and Hyperbolic Temporal Projection

It’s all technology. The most prominent leaders are actually holograms in a virtual environment. They are not in Earth. I suspected something like this but didn’t accept the truth full on at first either.

They showed me video of political events and asked me if I thought they were real. Then they brought out the people from those events. They are organic robotoids that are only physical if they are cloned and their consciousness is broadcast through a chip and supercomputer server system. The ‘house’, the location, all these places and people that no one would ever be able to run up and just touch, they told me that there’s nothing actually there it’s all just complicated holographics and powerful projection systems that connect with the mind on a neurological level.
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Spiritual Chronic Fatigue and Self-Accountability

Please excuse the breathing sound, this was an initial test for this mic which seems to work well. At some points when I speak loudly I actually couldn’t hear myself speak from the traffic noise that was so loud.

Weaponized Mutagens, Mycoplasmoids and Mycotoxins are responsible for nearly every illness and disorder. This is by design. There are mutagens in the food, air, and water. There are mycotoxins that have been hyper-evolved to a highly reactive form that are conveniently placed around the various nations.

Some say this is a plan to advance the human race very quickly by resulting in immunities to all known diseases and disorders.

Self-Accountability leads to the self-awareness necessary to avoid making the same mistakes whether they are natural or designed by someone else.
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Two Underground Races Discovered

Maybe I will now begin to prepare you for what is to come, as others have and yet as others have not.

There are two races. They live underground and are descendents of one another. They have gained access to this reality through the opening of an electromagnetic portal between this reality and a reality that is offset by a degree of rotation and thus exists as part of a different temporal context. In that reality there are descendents of humanoid bi-pedals, these are considered surface dwellers that we call humans today.

Underground there are ancestors, these ancestors exist in different forms, in different societies. The basic spread is high and low awareness. Violence, animalistic tendencies, lack of compassion and the presence of constant struggle is associated with the lower awareness races. The alter-descendent of this race, the brother race is of a higher-awareness spectrum and thus they do their best to keep the situation safe and beneficial for all. They are more compassion, of a higher intelligence, more self-controlled and thought to be self-aware as a result or relation to.
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The Activation of Full Self-Awareness and Transference to the True through the Dissolution of the Perceptual Overlay System

I didn’t explain much about the perceptual overlay system or the dissolution process and experience however this is primarily about the way that the essence of awareness must become activated as one indivisible higher self-awareness which is already and always present in higher-space.

This then acts as the extra-dimensional vehicle to transport one’s identity into the true reality which is outside of what is technically a perceptual overlay system created by the holographic nature of the brain and certain technological and perceptual mechanisms of this reality.
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