The Dogs

Imagine an angry dog attempting to intimidate a passerby by using loud barking and snarling fangs to create the image of a threat. Instead of being afraid, imagine the passerby calming walks close to the dog and moves themselves in the way.

This impresses upon the dog that the fear tactics do not work. What does the dog normally do? The dog may continue to bark and snarl. But usually, especially if this is done confidently and with direct eye contact, the dog will back up even if slightly. This is because silently, secretly, the animal mind fears that the attempts to intimidate and harass does not work immediately.
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New Mode of Operation: Find Your Center!

New mode of operation. In the face of adversity, conflict, oppression. Remain as calm and centered as possible. Literally, feel, know, and move as if you are not being pressured.

This has a reversing effect, almost like laughing the face of fear. Changes take place in the body’s circuitry when this can be achieved. The conscious mind is ready for habit, when we are always stressing and we reverse that, there is an immediate effect in the conscious mind as if it’s shocked.
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The Unveiling: Chapter 3 Three Phases of the Unveiling and Ancient Hidden Technology

= The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space Program Chapter 1

Chapter 2: The Technology of the Awakening

Chapter 2.5-2.7: The Fallen and Their Technology

Table of Contents

Chapter 3: The Unveiling, Ancient Hidden Technology

The Unveiling

Military Operations

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Aug Tellez: Deep Bases Disclosure Briefing with Randy Maugins and Emily Moyer

Over the course of three hours, we divulge much high level information that has never been integrated in this manner. The information is dense. Listen carefully, the data packets are specific to the hearer; and understand that what you hear is “need to know”. VERY DEEP, DENSE, AND, DETAILED,
Note: The version posted to our YouTube Channel is the first hour only. Listen to the full, nearly three hour presentation on the website.

The Unveiling: Chapter 2.5-2.7 The Fallen and Their Technology

= The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space Program Chapter 1

Chapter 2: The Technology of the Awakening

Chapter 3: The Unveiling, Ancient Hidden Technolo

Table of Contents

Chapter 2.49: Preface to Chapter 2.5

All is a Show

The Claim

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The Unveiling: Chapter 2 The Technology of the Awakening

= The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space Program Chapter 1

Chapter 2.5-2.7: The Fallen and Their Technology

Chapter 3: The Unveiling, Ancient Hidden Tech

The following is a basic summary of technology and some events regarding the current situation on Earth. Some is of this is difficultre to chronologically organize in reference to this timeline. The table of contents is irregular however for the depth of information this may assist in allowing one to overview the topics. Some of the formating is skewered as well, this will be taken care of when combined and published.

Table of Contents

Chapter 2: The Awakening

Chapter 2.1: The Machines of All Time and Space

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The Soul Trading System

An Overtly Designed Fraudulent System

This is a fraudulent system, this is legally martial law. However if this is not legit and never was, then where is the power from? The power the people offer is the only true power, people are still empowering this with their attention and acceptance.

Prepare for large events to change the entire playing field as this is ordained. If you know spiritual remedy and cosmic law, then you are self-ordained. Without that, they invented the legal system and the spiritual control system to keep and maintain the ‘lost’ souls who are considered victims being ‘lost at sea’ and this realm has to do with the sea as well as the birth canal of the human mother.

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Studies have shown; Society Will Drown If People Refuse To Assist One Another

Studies (no citation at the moment) have shown that it’s cheaper to give homeless people a place to live (so they can aptly find work) than it costs (from the tax payer) to support them daily through public services.

Imagine that. People who complain that giving people a place to stay would just increase the laziness and lack of motive to work, are actually draining society more than implementing a motion to ensure that homeless people don’t freeze to death or simply that they have a place to wash and stay and thus get a job much more easily.

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Silke F Music Producer and the Knowledge of Secret Projects

Check out this producer on youtube and around: Silke F

She has been harassed by the gangstalkers for a few years now, telling her to kill herself and give up, openly stalking and harassing her. Youtube will do nothing because of course they are actually plugged into the AI mainframe and that is a black hole of souls that will destroy all who allow it.

She makes powerful music and has a story to share regarding the same situations you see others talking about on the radio and around.

“My name is Silke F and I´m a targeted individual of the Illuminati since I´m a child. I have a Illuminati red color programming, but its actually defined as “UCLA-CCP6” and 6 stands for red because red is the 6th color in this satanic ritualistic color context.

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Aug Tellez & Emily Moyer: Secret Space Program, Machine Learning, Mind Control & Artificial Time

This is the complete conversation in one stream.

= The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space Program Chapter 1

=The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space program

The Unacknowledged Special Access Programs: Advanced Technology, Mind-Control, Spiritual Power and the Corruption behind Closed Doors

By Aug Tellez

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Wolfspirit Radio ODD Collective – Neel, Nora, J.P., Aug Tellez

esoteric intel and metaphysical understanding of reality

Speak to them on the level that they want to know

The 9 veils.
Being a friend, psychological manipulation and cognitive and emotional dissonance.
Proof is not for everyone.
There are agendas and deceptions everywhere.

Holographic neuronal activity as a reflection of external universe.
holographic consciousness, non-holographic awareness.

Consciousness is experiencer, awareness is observer. Introversion, and the perversion of power and lording. Non-human entities.

Gnosis, religious texts, old world religions.

Artificial intelligence, archons, consciousness and questions
nanites. Origins of humanity.

Spiritual Beings: The Higher-Self

Higher-Self: Who, Where, When

The beings people interact with when they have sightings or some kind of existential expansion is themselves.

The “higher-self” is you from a ‘dimensional expanded’ state. This could be referred to as the ‘future’ state but this is more than that. This is you from the perspective of all possibilities, not just the single future that the you from now will experience.

This being is always more than you, being always more knowledgeable and therefore being a reflection of what you can attain if you continue to aspire for more knowledge and harmony.

Never-Ending: Everlasting

If there was a way to attain this, you would stop learning. The end of difficulty would be the end of learning and the end of learning would be the end of change and the end of change would be the end of spiritual progress. The end of spiritual progress would be a disconnect between you and your ever-expanded state and so the reaching of that state would be the destruction of that. Therefore, we don’t ever actually reach this state.

However, we can get closer and closer in ways that defy what we consider to be the boundaries of reality in successive levels of exponentially greater capacity. Meaning, the boundaries of this level can be surpassed and re-created and this can continue to generate growth so that we can move through realms an a trajectory that continues to expand beyond the previous limitations.

Self-Responsibility, Self-Respect, and Correspondence

How you treat yourself, your internal dialogue, your intrapersonal development, and your respect for yourself and others or lack of which will determine the corresponding reflections of this behavior and bio-etheric energy which reflects back to you as a higher-dimensional being.

We consider these beings our higher-self or spiritual component and as well the entire race as well as planet contains a spiritual component or higher self. We would consider the ‘higher-self’ of this environment to be a “Heavenly” or “Deity” plane which would be akin to the dream world we enter when we fall asleep in the same way the vision of our self when we aspire or imagine reflects on our energies and self-respect. We as a civilization are creating our self-reflection in the higher planes as a civilization and this is comprised of all of our individual higher-selves developed out of our individual self-respect, inter and intrapersonal relationships.

So the idea here is that those who have interacted accordingly, with harmony, unification, peace, knowledge and kindness have received that in return. Those who acted with angst, suffering, greed, or disharmony have received that in return.

Disrespectful Higher-Selves

Those who have enslaved humanity out of greed and lower-emotional qualities ended up meeting themselves from the higher-plane and they were not treated with respect or kindness. This is the nature of the reflection. As a result, instead of allowing this to continue to the point of shaping the entire realm and turning the entire civilization in to a false-light, dead-light miasma system which would act as a blackhole and destroy everything, there was word that they stood up to their higher-selves and welcomed ‘down’ the higher-selves of the more spiritual awakened to come and take over the show.

This is also referred to by the line, “the meek shall inherit Earth.” This could be just another ploy however, but this is the information and some of the experiences that have gone around with those directly involved in these processes.

Important Aspects of Disclosure

Here are some important parts.

  • This is a holographic reality.
  • There was an invasion.
  • Consciousness is polarized electromagnetism.
  • Awareness is the basis for high consciousness.
  • Self-Awareness is multi-dimensional.
  • Humans are used as pawns by lower-energy higher-dimensional forces.
  • Human bio-etheric emissions are siphoned and used to power devices and sentient  supercomputer systems.
  • The brains and auras/souls of high-energy individuals are used to guide these devices.
  • Many different forms of advanced technology were developed for mind-control purposes.

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A Joke Of Situation: “Disclose or We Will” *laughter in the background*

Humanity and Breakaway Civilizations

This is really a joke of a situation.

I met multiple breakaway civilizations while in operation with the secret projects and lived with one of them for a period of time training and learning.

Taking Self-Willed Demise Seriously

The only people who don’t take the human mortality, their extinction, the mind-virus, the lack of awareness, the financial illusion debt-slavery situation, drowning in materialism and ego, the false sense of security, the hate and angst that is spread to one another before ever thinking about the consequences, the attacks that occur upon every single whistleblower, researcher, reporter, contactee, truth-teller, traveler, healer, and shaman are the humans.

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Do You Feel Big Changes Imminent?

Socio-Spiritual Changes

I feel there are big changes coming and that we just went through a period of spiritual ‘darkness’. Now there seems to be a more rhythmic flow occurring.
There is so much to learn and so much organizing to do. Maybe everything is already organized and we just have to access the knowledge.

What to do

The important part here is to remain calm and stay focused on the spiritual goal of enabling and maintaining interpersonal and intrapersonal development.
As the world situation becomes more active and potentially more stressful everyone’s self-image amplifies to produce stability and self-empowerment or instability and disempowerment. The more change is occurring, the more one must adapt and the more ego is tying down and restricting internal freedoms the more caught up and entangled one becomes with destructive patterns or relationships that do not serve to benefit the whole.
The whole is the union of each individual and another, as well as the overall unification of society. In the same sense, the way one’s own internal dialogue and introspection occurs will produce a greater union of the conscious mind with the unconscious aspects of the self or there will be a discontinuity.