Early Research Project – Timeline Alteration and Quantum Civilization Interaction

Here’s some more of what you haven’t been told yet:(unless you have)

I was shown this and told it was an early research project.


I was told that this is why there was a big event between 2009 and 2013. The actual even in reference was pretty much ineffectual as one more advanced civilization observed and moved ‘through’ the mental space of ours.
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Life Simulation – Soul Trap

Alright, I’m going to present something here. This is just one explanation, however, in the recent years a lot of information and others have seem to come out claiming they were either shown something similar or that they are coming to similar conclusions.

We were informed that there is no such thing as “Earth”, that this entire reality is staged from the ground up. That this is a program, a life-simulation with a run-time of approximately 33 years. That if a person dies during this simulation, then they remain trapped in an etheric prison for eternity.

That there is one way out and that is through a neutralization of polarity via “Christ Consciousness” which renders one invisible to the system. IE: If one is 50% between good and evil then what are they? So, if this is done throughout all polarity, then how is their ‘self’ existence referenced by the measurements of the system? Note: This doesn’t mean to do away with compassion, but polarity, belief, or alignment with anything that can be used to measure, project, reference or reflect one’s self as a materially viable presence.
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You Absorb Psychic Energy, Reflect Perfectly and Remain True

Remember, who you are around and allow to remain in your field will automatically imprint into your subconscious. This means if we are around people who are negative or abusive to the values we hold true and important then we will ultimately devalue ourselves by remaining in connection with these kinds of individuals. Earth is going through a cleansing that hasn’t been seen in many ages.

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Soul-Awareness and Attaining the Exponential Growth Curve through a Feedback Loop of Self-Awareness

We’re in a soul-matrix circuitry, closed-loop system.

No one ‘gets out alive’. That’s because the body is relative to the physical plane and environment, this reality.

Instead of going out, there is a virtually expanse stream of possible realities that are accessible by changing our internal perspective of energies and the configuration of self-awareness.

To come to awareness in the moment is a ‘once in a life time’ situation. And this is EVERY TIME this occurs. That is part of the paradox. It’s a continuing, eternity, whenever we apply our energies inward towards creating a feedback loop of pure-awareness simply observing our self observing.
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Article: It Is All a Word Game: Why “Persons” Are Not Real (Legal Fiction System)


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Picture of the Phrase Words




By AL Whitney © copyround 2016
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and AntiCorruption Society is acknowledged.





The key to the word game is “Person” and it is everywhere in our government and legal system from the federal level to the local level.


All laws and statutes are written for legal “Persons” not flesh and blood living men and women. The difference between the two is as significant as the difference between life and death . . . it’s everything!
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A Simulated Reality

The agencies found that the strongest mind in an area can determine what’s going to happen in terms of the reality in that area. They developed supercomputer systems to act as neuronal processors and literally tie together tens of thousands (or more) artificial neurons that function as processors. This artificial brain system then, can produce an image, a simulation of a person in the simulation. What is altered in this simulation is then altered in the frequency and experience of the original human out in physical ‘reality’.

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Cloning, Depravity, Timeline Distortion and Liberation

Continued from: Soft-Disclosure: Dimension 404

Clones: Autonomous or Soul Transfer

The issue here is that a clone without an active soul will literally be neurologically inactive. Thus, the current, living population of humans on the planet are farmed for souls and the consciousness of these people are transferred through powerful electromagnetic scalar devices into their cloned body at a ‘cloning station’ and then children, little girls and boys, men and woman, celebrities, scientists, inventors, anyone, are used for torture, sex, programming, ideas, profits, etc etc etc. Continue reading “Cloning, Depravity, Timeline Distortion and Liberation”

Soft-Disclosure: Dimension 404

Dimension 404


A Seemingly Normal Life

A man lives a seemingly normal life and has trouble finding a girlfriend. His roommate signs him up for online dating and he finds the “perfect match”. The girl he meets matches everything he is looking for even down to the tattoo and favorite bands. After a couple months, he moves to fast and falls in love against his roommates advice. Continue reading “Soft-Disclosure: Dimension 404”

Devin Madgy and Aug Tellez on Inner Earth, Heart Energy, & the AI Parasite Infection

Reminder Post on the Underground Bases, Advanced Technology, Hive-Mind Parasite and Unveiling of the Human Soul


Underground Bases and Mass Interrogation or Testing of the Population

Everyone speaking out about this now has been interrogated in the underground bases. This is all about ritual abuse and trauma-based mind control. I was groomed and brought into the projects as part of a program which sought to explore the human mind which branched from the WW2 projects that intended to discover ways to interrogate returning POW soldiers in order to determine if programming-brainwashing had taken place.

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Weaponized Mutagenic Pathogens

Part of this is a mutagen mycotoxin which causes extreme sexuality in females and docility in males. It was perfected in the 70’s and three part tandem versions have been released in the atmosphere and certain area’s water supplies for multiple phase activation in the population.

This is part of the ‘brain rot’ that allows a person to be controlled from external means. Continue reading “Weaponized Mutagenic Pathogens”

Soft Disclosure: MIND GAME


A man lives in his head. His love for a girl he grew up with never leaves him yet he cannot gain the courage to truly express himself.

This film is by a visionary artist. Shinichirō Watanabe. Watanabe is a filmmaker, screenwriter and producer. He has directed Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, two powerfully symbolic and culturally reflective works that gained the attention of viewers all over the world. Continue reading “Soft Disclosure: MIND GAME”

Psychological Manipulation, Mind-Control Hypnosis, and Behavior Modification

The stories are told that contain key words that correspond to certain frequencies and contextual, metaphoric representations which are uploaded into the mind in a varying and repetitive fashion so that the storyline becomes imprinted within the psyche.

The stories and key-words are aligned according to a unique psychological outline appropriate for each individual and the intended resulting persona or function of the programming. These stories become the background psychological themes through which the individual’s struggle is metaphorically expressed indirectly along with a repressing of direct access to the unfiltered memories and knowledge of the programming. Continue reading “Psychological Manipulation, Mind-Control Hypnosis, and Behavior Modification”

The Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, Trauma-Based Mind Control and the Labyrinth, the Multidimensional Nature of DNA

The situation is so complex that organizing the information is sometimes disorienting. This is even part of the manipulation, as well as the sheer complexity of the technological advancement and the methods of manipulation and organization that have been developed through these systems.

Advanced Technology and Conditioning the Psyche for Stress

The origins of the psychological programming and conditioning, some of which is referred to as ‘trauma-based mind-control’ is not to play with and destroy the minds of children. The idea here is that the advanced technology that was developed enabled travel of very long distances and eventually the generation of spaciotemporal distortion fields. These fields distort the energy of the universe which is used as a reference for the mind in this particular temporal and dimensional reference. Thus, one can literally view into different times and places and eventually translocate themselves there. Continue reading “The Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, Trauma-Based Mind Control and the Labyrinth, the Multidimensional Nature of DNA”

The Highest Potential is the Creation of the “New World”

The creation is a result of the highest potential of being achieved. This is the creation of the “new world”.

That which resonates at the lower levels of the “old world”, the non-creative, oppressive, domination-based, automated, emotionally biased and animalistic levels does not ‘pass’ through the creative channel into the “new world”.

The 5 D Reality Bridge (video)

Side note: I left a couple outtakes just to keep it ‘relative’. There’s a pause where I went off track and stared for a few seconds to regain the memory. That’s about as long as one wants to have to wait to reattain the memory and it is possible to go “back in time” in your mind and recover the last few mental steps without having to ask someone or rely on technology to remind you.
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