Schrödinger’s Smoke (SIGGRAPH 2016)

What does this tell you about the universe?


Media Guided Subliminal Afterlife Programming

It is very challenging to most to first learn of the true reality.

Here is a snippet.

The media system is used to generate hyper-dimensional realities that are in the ‘mind’ of the collective.

The media system is literally rented out for use by various groups to control the afterlife through the insertion of subliminal program information into the collective.

The technology that is currently in use is so advanced that it can appear as every day technology.

“Checkpoint” Amenti

This is a rather spontaneous talk about the “Checkpoint Amenti” and the control systems that can influence time, consciousness and space itself.

Two civilizations are hyperbolic reflections of one source.

Perception generates the directional flow of time.

Two civilizations reflect outward from an informational nexus.

Where the two eternal, unchanging fields interact through a process of light projection is formed a third property which is experienced as Earth reality.

  • Time Virus
  • Non-Linearity
  • Quantum Timeline Collapse in Previous Worldline
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Universal Recurrence
  • Time Altering Devices
  • Discarnate Spirits
  • Soul Shattering
  • Avoiding Apocalypse

The main idea here is that there are phantom timelines which are the false realities that people are subjected to where their energy is extracted from them through unwanted experiences and self-induced suffering. This is a kind of sadist system because people are more focused on their lack of power and so that is how the ‘dream’ has gone.

There is a mechanical system for that in some kind of higher dimensional or universal energy range sense and this has to do with the conversion of energy into a crystalline format which serves to record the frequency of conscious experiences in the universe.

It’s as if the universe is designed to project the experience of a universal design.
An intelligent computer system is guiding reality on a sub-quantum level of time and consciousness. Something has replicated every last human as a safe-guard against extinction.

The result is that this now has recreated time over and over and the reason behind existence has become manufactured by an artificial intelligence.

There are multiple layers of human civilization that are kept in segregation to one another. People do not realize there are simultaneously occurring multiple genetic experiments and their consciousness and bodies exist in multiple locations or planes simultaneously.

The astral is a technologically projected false-light reality that acts as a gateway barrier between the physical plane and the higher realm of soul and spirit.

This universe has been ‘rebooted’ more than once and the local system of Earth has been ‘jump-started’ and maintained with an ‘off-the-grid’ temp power source, which sounds hilariously unthinkable.

And so on.


Shadow Consciousness Internet Manifestation, Collective Mind

Yes, audio is low quality. On a long ride, previous mic broke, back up mic was left for silly reasons and so it’s recorded straight from the phone.

There is always something, luckily there is also always nothing, or is there?

The internet becomes the dark mirror of the shadow consciousness world through which we learn about the most derogatory and perverse anonymous corruption of the human noo-sphere.

As more people know what’s going on there is less lower level manipulation and more choosing to operate on a whole-mind spectrum for the benefit of the universe.

Reality Encryption through Cryptophasic Language and Compartmentalization

This was done in the car and so there is some background noise.

Language went from feeling based to a map that doesn’t reflect our inner or true reality.

Language is a code that defines reality and calls up commands and responses from the universe. When we use outdated terminology that means the opposite of what we intend (feel) then we are improperly using language to interact shape reality.

This is the reason for conflict and the degeneration of self-awareness as people lead themselves in circles struggling to define life through terminology that works against the meaning of the self to know the self and define the self through direct knowledge.

The language of power groups is an encrypted lexicon that is unique to the degree of knowledge and compartmentalization access of the individual and collective.

Socioemotional Intelligence

Now in the future, one is judged not by their intelligence, but by their ability to control the flow of information entering their mind, to learn and to functionally integrate the knowledge of their ignorance and their ancestors ignorance in order to overcome.

With the superficially imposed intelligence based system we have on the surface now, society conforms to a process that limits itself to the speed of the least capable on the outside, while operating on an inverse spectrum on the inside.

Here, a veneer of kindness and unity through individual collectivism is presented, yet the inner workings are always ruled by passion, power, cunning, knowledge, self-development and free-will.

Is the external implication of education and intelligence perpendicular to the true inner hierarchy of this society which is ruled by might and willingness to impress their vision upon others?

Or is that the true intelligence?

Self-Conscious Energy

Humanity has been held in quarantine by the collective guilt by association with mentally dissociated and weak people who represent a danger to society.

Whether this is in any way legitimate is not up to us at this point, we can only increase self-awareness in order to produce a relative contextual difference in our lives and the ignorance induced suffering and self-willed abuse.

The abuse of the innocence is a result of the self-willed and acceptingly followed abuse of the masses of adults.
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Sentient Hive Mind Technological Reflection

Technology is an extension of mind, I said the reverse in the recording.

As well, something I didn’t touch upon is that there is already a natural collective which organizes time and knowledge through supra-consciousness and motivates the generation of new information and experiences.

Eventually the technological version is created if people fall to that. The replication of the human form is a method to anchor the soul in essence trapping the internal force in what amounts to a virtual simulation of repeating historic events and cycles.
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Cloning and Immortality

A Path Chosen Between Two Worlds

You’ll have to choose a path in this world, everyone will or already has depending on your perspective. You already are choosing a path and there is no way to not choose. Everything we do is being monitored and interpreted in accordance with a plan for a new world.

Just so you know, the “Old World” is where people of ‘authority’ manipulate, coerce, and force their ‘subjects’ into alignment with their authority. That’s it. The “New World” is the situation where people can know the truth and primarily the illusion between projected authority and true, genuine power that comes from another plane of consciousness and energy. Consciousness and energy equals time. Continue reading “Cloning and Immortality”

The Manipulation of Human Consciousness, Cellular Regeneration and Space-Time

Besides the political context, this is the split between the higher and lower mind that functions to ensure a default protection and manipulability of everyone involved. This is the nature of the secrets and trauma based mind control that wealth and corruption of the human nature has generated. This is the nature of the programs that were designed to produce knowledge on the nature of human history, human control, power and corruption on Earth. Every single conspiracy theory that you know of was first known by those who sought to understand this reality and the history of humanity.
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Impossible Warangal Hindu Temple. Unthinkable skill of stone processing (video)

Temporary Eternal Control

Paradoxes explain the truth.

With enough power, format of the ritual was expanded to encompass the entire civilization, directing energy in one direction like a strip of metal being magnetized.

Once this ‘occurs’, it is as if this system was already, always in place. That is the nature of time and consciousness as it applies to this civilization. What we see as happening one way, is actually happening the other way.

What happens the most and the ‘first’ to reach the level of ‘global’ proportions to their agenda, becomes the ‘eternity’ that the physical civilization is seemingly ‘pulled’ forth from already organized to function in that way. It is a system that automatically adapts without even requiring a mechanism to do so. The beginning is the end and the middle is in a state of suspension carefully manifested by the level of conscious awareness we have as a whole.
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What if “Satan” was the artificial AI, a synthetic intelligence network designed as an experiment, and that “Gaia” is the organic intelligence that is based on the cloud network of every soul and connected mind?

Cloning, Mass Immortality and Timeline Cloning, Ancient Collective Consciousness Based Scalar System

  • Timeline Cloning
  • Mass Immortality
  • Ancient Scalar Defense Force

At 6:58 the information is in regards to the way out of range consciousness manifests with a strobing effect which is the result of frequency decoherence between our anchor of space-time as the physical body, and their anchor of space-time as a subjective continuum consciousness itself creates.

A False-Reality

What if this reality is kept in the basement of a very large organization that runs the soul trading facilities on Earth.

What if people were literally genetically copied, and in this way kidnapped and placed into a virtual simulation system that effectively recreates that individual’s conscious experience.

What if by escaping this place and returning to real society one would be condemning themselves by initiating a real-time transfer of the experiences here into mind of the real you.

Would it be worth it?


What if each mind holds a view of the universe that is equally accurate? Is each mind in the universe or is the universe in each mind?

What if the internet is being used to make a mirror image and create a virtual reality for the purpose of storing literally every data point on this civilization for the use of others in the future?

What if the increase of total data generated and added per day generating a system-wide virtual that is capable of real-time monitoring and an archival system?

What if that archival system was combined with a larger system that was previously found through the discovery of an older civilization that possibly used partially or totally natural geological materials to build powerful yet simple devices that emitted and influenced consciousness the same way that the Earth generates a magnetic field?

What if biological immortality was determined to be a viable path? How would you inform the world?

What if Earth is a containment system designed to rehabilitate reprobate minds that are otherwise incapable of accepting the truth of reality?

What if the trauma of the programs is not to traumatize the individual directly for that purpose but to prepare them for the future trauma that will be experienced on the surface civilization of the planet?