Holographic Ancestor Simulation Powered By Quantum Computer Systems Capable of Producing The Local-Earth Environment

This is actually what we were informed of in the bases. Sometimes by the programmers themselves who are beyond what we classify as holographic consciousness limited beings.

Capturing This Via The Development of The “Future” (merely a gateway) System

They developed the server systems that are to become the server systems of the future in order to built a link to the future states which enabled trans-dimensional communication between this civilization and the next. Continue reading

2020, The Disclosure of Temporal Influence, The Reunification with the ‘Original Timeline’ , and Collective Individualism

Guided Disclosure: Temporal Influence

I was informed that by 2020 there would be adequate support for the beginning of the disclosure of some temporal operations.

2016: Disclosure of Cloning and Corruption

2016 was noted as the beginning of phase 1 disclosure which includes celebrity cloning and corruption. This was largely soft-disclosure, especially regarding celebrity cloning, however the topic of cloning is now a publicly acknowledged scientific process with a cloning factory opening in China and other events.

Multi-Phase Disclosure

These events are public and outright enough to be considered direct-disclosure however I was informed that there will come a time when direct-disclosure occurs through a complete and unified acknowledgement of corruption, unacknowledged special access programs, advanced technology such as consciousness transfer, cloning, the negative energy grid, the mass-mind control and finally cosmic intelligence and other intelligences. Continue reading

The Third People You Meet Will Help You

Being Used, To See The Nature and Fallacy of The Acceptance of Being Abused

Sometimes one has to fully accept and acknowledge the disgusting qualities of another to see how they were being used and in essence leeched off of to the point where they would eventually become like that other if they did not change.

When one refuses to be lowered by the frequencies, and actually accept that this is what is happening, then they can make sense of the situation. That acceptance of the darkness in another is actually the revelation of the light within one’s self. Continue reading

Emotional Healing, True Shamanism and Vampiric Etheric Ties; The Power of Voice

Healing Emotional Trauma

There are ways to work this out. Emotions must be embraced in order to heal, there are many methods for doing this to bring emotions and memories to the surface such as resonance and holographic healing with tones and meditation to bring the awareness to the right level and bring the suffering to the surface.

Opt-Out of New Connections Until Healing, Discernment, and Acknowledgement of the Situation is Achieved

A main issue is to protect one’s self from further damage from those who will pretend they are healers or friends when they are actually vampires. This is large portion of what keeps people from healing over many years. We must be able to discern energy and intentions and know who to let in. Eventually, one develops a kind of “test” that must be passed for weeks to months before even interacting on a personal or emotional level with some people. Ultimately, emotional energy is quantum energy, who we are emotional with we entangle with and people then can use these etheric ties to control and feed off of their victims energy centers. We must learn to scan the body and properly detect our own emotions and energies so that we can find the vampiric etheric ties from people we have met in the past and remove them. That person will feel the energy source drain from their life and they will either appear in the flesh or another individual will appear with the spirit of that vampire in them attempting to reroute the same etheric tie into the energy system. Continue reading

Heaven and the Layers of “Hell”

Guided By Self-Control or Compulsive Behavioral Patterns Rooted In Instinct

In the energetic realms one is classed together with beings of the same behavior. So where there are people who are restrictive or more controlled in their behavior you get a more restrictive or specified classing of spiritual identities.

Less Restrictive Equates to Non-Restrictive

This is all about intent. Incidentally making mistakes is not the same as completely accepting lack of restriction. Accepting a minor lack of restriction is not the same as making a mistake.

If a person is less restrictive of their behavior (both energetic and physical) then they are no longer capable of being classified together with those who are specific and restrictive of their behavior.

Non-Restrictive Equates to Accepting Lack of Control

So then when people are classified together with the less restrictive spiritual identities, there are those who are simply not as restrictive and those who are specifically ‘loose’ or in this way, partaking in non-clean behaviors so as to produce pleasure or power in some way or another. Continue reading

Spencer Eskridge – EGO – The False Center

  • Ego as a mechanism of society, shifting and reflecting the morals and ethics that are present in a given time period and culture
  • Ego is the ‘backdrop’ of self that we see the true self through. Without the ‘false center’ that is the ego, the true center would not be attainable
  • Fear produces and is produced by ego, the ego must defend itself and must feel the loss of power from lack of attention, this is because the ego is produced through attention initially as a child
  • Letting go of ego is not something that is attempted or generated through action, otherwise this becomes another subtle act of ego
  • Truly releasing ego is liberating, self-empowering, and spiritually actualizing

The Strange Things People Do (in underground bases)

The Infiltration of All Awareness Groups

Not many will like this post.

In due time. Some people do strange things to others in the underground bases.

They then form agreements to try and hold humanity back so that they get as many souls as possible. Often they are simply going along with this out of sheer terror of what might come to them if they are discovered for their actions or if they are no longer protected by the corruption.

There are a few other groups working together in tandem now, they have infiltrated the groups on facebook and every other viable group on the internet as well as public and private society.

Complacency Is Silence Is Consent To Self-Destruction

As a result of their behavior and the complacency of those allowing their methodologies (not starting a which hunt here), the surface level population will be lost or radically altered the coming war.

Disconnect from the parasite as soon as possible to avoid additional loss of life. Continue reading

The Daze of Contentment

Behind Contentment

Whenever you feel content, look ahead. Lift your head out of the daze of contentment and look ahead to what is to come. If you have clear vision you will see something that brings you out of that daze.

Nurturing Discipline

The notion is not to become ego-crushed by this but to open yourself to discipline rather than depression. Catalyzing truth is healthier than deliriously content illusion.

Lasting Happiness

This is not to say to never be happy, but that before we get to lasting happiness we will move through many layers of illusory contentment and this is just the forgetfulness of what inner work can be done.

Even then, once we find that lasting happiness, we may soon learn that this happiness, like all happiness is only temporary and true happiness is not from the superficial contentment we feel when we are physically, mentally and emotionally at rest, but when we are harmonized between all three fields of being and that way even in times of stress or work we can be happy and motivated to continue.

Prof77 – Our Predator By Carlos Castaneda (Excerpts); The Archon Invasion, The Mind-Virus, The Lower-Dimensionals, The Time-Gradient Infection, The Parasite



“It’s pitch black around us,” don Juan said, “but if you look out of the corner of your eye, you will still see fleeting shadows jumping all around you.”

He was right. I could still see them. Their movement made me dizzy. Don Juan turned on the light, and that seemed to dissipate everything. Don Juan said, “You have arrived, by your effort alone, to what the shamans of ancient Mexico called the topic of topics. I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner! This was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico.” Continue reading

Mass Mind-Control or Mass Naivety and Laziness; The Alien Agenda and Spiritual Philosophy

People Desire Better But are Blind to The Truth of Their Situation

The cars driving with noise and pollution yet there is a cleaner better way and a whole society that lives that way. The people would choose this yet they are tricked into accepting debt slavery and pollution while the other society watches on and attempts to help by bringing light to the situation and deception.

This is the mass mind-control situation humanity currently faces.

Naivety, Satire, Confusion

The greatest deception is to enable one to laugh at their own demise. To unwittingly smile in the face of self-destruction and to take part in their own annihilation. That is the greatest trick that can be played.

Many people think this is a game, and this is part of the mind-control as well as simply dangerous naivety on their behalf.

People are grown in cages in their minds and in the social situations in public and this is so that they never truly face any kind of serious spiritual awakening or realize their own inner darkness. This is about self-awareness and the likelihood of choosing the true path which contains more suffering than the false-path and whether or not they will foresee what is coming to society at large. Continue reading