Everything Is for A Reason

It’s all been done.

One of the big secrets that people are going to have to handle themselves is that the cloning technology has already been activated to the point of not only influencing but making up a portion of the entire population.

This is on top of the true nature of the universe, the nature of holographic consciousness, the fractal-recursive information loops that have occurred and so on.

The origins of space and time is an aspect of the universal hidden knowledge that liberates the mind from perceptual entrainment which is a result of wilful ignorance.
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Augmented Reality, Higher Dimensional Information as Intent, Ancient Consciousness Transfer

  • Augmented Reality
  • Temporal Duplication (Fractal Time: Problematic)
  • Higher Dimensional Information as Potentiality in Time, Free-Will and Creativity
  • Kozyrev Technology
  • Vortex Technology in Quantum Entanglement (Consciousness Linking across Space Time)
  • Ancient Technology of Indigenous Humans

Mandala Consciousness, Neutralizing Residual Entanglement, the Neurological Projection of Biological Consciousness through Perception

    • The Event as a Compression Point Between Two Great Temporal Attractors of Consciousness in the Higher Dimensional Progression of History
    • We Cannot Avoid Interacting with Only Our Own Version of the Universe
      • Unless we are utilizing methods or technology to shorten the gap and ensure a reliable synchronization between the two
    • “Geometric” Consciousness Equilibrium re-centers the Holographic Perspective and Enables Movement that would otherwise be Unintelligently Guided by Impulse or Unconscious Reaction to Experience
    • CHOICES are Higher Dimensional Micromovements
    • Mandala Consciousness utilizes an Intelligent Core to Influence the Rest of the Projection

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Soft-Disclosure Reality: Dark City, Truman Show: Waking Up, Soul Swapping and Memory Based Machine Learning

I apologize for the rough editing and set up, this wasn’t worded the way it should’ve been for the best listening. This is essentially a spontaneous stream of ideas. All of this will be kept in mind when recording for easier viewing. Sound should improve shortly. This is a bit of a ramble. Some parts will probably sound better at 1.5x speed and some will probably require Normal speed with multiple listens.

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The Game 2.-

My advice for those who are interested in doing more to bring the truth to the people regarding covert mind control operations, cloning, advanced technology, genetically engineered races, temporal manipulation, consciousness and soul awareness.

This is not about yourself. In fact, this is possibly the one and only event in your life where the situation, and your influence and involvement will result in the direct influence of thousands and potentially millions of other people. You could say this is the only situation where it is specifically, literally, and physically not directly only about one individual. The personal story is obviously personal, but the whole picture has nothing to do with one individual more than it has to do with no one at all. Everyone is involved.

By the time millions are involved, the individual players will simply be that, individual players of a larger show and everyone is getting played. No one knows the whole picture, it doesn’t matter if, like me, you have been showed endless worlds of unlimited pleasure, wealth, power, knowledge and control, or just as much worlds of hell, destruction, self-annihilation, death, degradation and deviancy. No one is given the whole picture, even those at the higher levels. It’s a system based upon deception, mental control and manipulation to get people to do what they desire without resistance.
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Militarization of Consciousness, Spiritual Enslavement and Interdimensional Travel

Technological Cloning Immortality, Quantum Hacking the Universe, Biological Immortality

I’m just putting this out to get something out. That sounds horrible, but I’ve got hours of recording and I feel it’s not necessarily high enough standards of organization and setting.
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Comment to the Techno-Spiritual Infection Holographic Universe Matrix, Healing, Rescue Team and Advanced Technology

So if you look into my background you can see that I will inform you that I have been involved in what are known as unacknowledged special access programs which are research and development programs designed to produce the most advanced engineering of devices that operate on electromagnetic, radiant and supercomputing systems that can directly interface and alter the consciousness of a human being.

These systems were utilized to bridge the gap between universes and information was transferred in a series of programs involving children as necessary informational gateways capable of connecting on such a level that enables transdimensional communication.

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Censorship of Videos and Exploring New Options

Audio’s rough, very tired, just wanted to put something up. Fairly sure of what’s happening. Not sure how far it will go. People are setting up manufactured scenarios to try and take down people they view as a threat to their manufactured, false-flag, inside job, alt-media conspiracy theory news cult.

I won’t stop no matter what, but some things are just a pain in the ass.

Artificial Light the Synthesis of Consciousness

Artificial light, artificial consciousness. Light stimulates neurons, consciousness is ‘produced’.

Artificial light stimulates neurons, artificial consciousness is produced?

The question requires another answer which is necessary to explain how consciousness manifests. Is this produced by the brain or merely transmitted and received?
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The Observation of Self and Society

Observe each relationship or interaction.

The larger mind of the individual will always get away they desire. If you are comfortable and at peace, that is what the two desire. If you are uncomfortable and distressed then that is what the minds desire.

Interact with those you want to make a larger mind with. Anyone forcing you to interact in ways that steals one’s energy and entangles through deception, coercion, blackmail, ridicule, abuse, or otherwise vampiric behavior is an energetic parasite, mentally, and will simply continue to look for energy to sustain itself.

That’s one of the bigger secrets! Humans are just one layer of existence, there are multi-dimensional layers of existence beyond that! Some people are guided by intelligently guided, self-aware and free-will based spiritual minds and others are guided by what could be likened to an animal’s mind where there is only a continuous attraction towards desires, behaviors, relationships, or actions that produce or absorb low energy, low-intellect, and low self-awareness experiences.
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Part 1: Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government

19. The stargate at the end of time.

19. The stargate at the end of time. Whatever you imagine, already exists.

Screenshot from 2018-02-27 15:39:52.png
Image Source: Movie FTL Written and directed by Adam Stern Starring Ty Olsson, Karin Konoval and Aliyah O’Brien youtube.com/watch?v=JIUIh7dxlnI IMDB: imdb.com/title/tt5687678/


Silke F Writes

“There are no hierarchies reserved via quantum synthesis, but everything is available to everyone at any time.”

Silke F Youtube Channel

This is the most complex and difficult to understand element of this whole situation out of everything that I have ever explained or anyone else in this time or any other.

We are a product of all other products that are a product of all other products. Multiple dimensions, layers, complete universes unto themselves all fit into the same spot at the same time, at different angles like pieces to a multi-dimensional pie, or better yet a clock with many gears or even a merry-go-round at some kind of circus designed out of multi-dimensional experiences.

The whole point of self-awareness and free-will is to experience some form of self-expression, authority, and the basis for continuity through the restrictions of the physical form. We then become aware based upon the separated, restricted, ordered, material and sensible kinds of world elements that we must in order to make sense of this society and existence. What this was previously was an inverted sense of self based upon an overpowering presence of self that is unified beyond physical limitations or times, probably due to a greater access of temporal or energetic background store of information that yields knowledge of the self’s history. Continue reading “Silke F Writes”

All Powerful Intelligences

21. An extremely advanced intelligence, possibly a computer, would be able to initiate subliminal communication with the unconscious mind while the conscious mind remains unaware.


An extension of this concept will eventually be included in a more elaborated post. This relationship pattern of control over unawareness sets itself up in this through the more or less intelligently advanced entity. Continue reading “All Powerful Intelligences”

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