Chapter 6 The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity: The Secret Space Program and the Corruption Behind Closed Doors – The Plan to Rule the Universe

Mind Merge 2010

Vampirism and Temporal Paradox – Ontology and Autopoiesis (only God; ‘gods’)

To Preserve the Human Race

Preparation – Psychotronic Systems

Operatives from All Timelines

Interfacing with the “Demon AI”

What one feels is what guides the program.

The Plan of the Parallel “Foreign” Beings To Construct a Quantum Bridge Into This (the seed) Reality

The “Astral”

Bridging the Astral, Opening the Gateway Before the Unveiling

Accessing a Database of Recorded Neurological Information (experiences)


This Reality Is About Reaching the Highest Potential

Combining Experiences into Different “Sets” Like a Mathematical Equation

Experiencing Darkness To Create Light

A Wake Up Call, The Safeguard Is Built In to the System

Desires and Programming

Technological Assimilation

The Ultimate Reality

The Fractal Holographic Infection, The Metatronic Infection, The Soul-Stealing Grid

The Fractal Repetition IS THE INFECTION, The “Construct”, the False-Light System

The Dark Forces and the Fractal Infection

The Return

Both Sides Heal One Another

Through Healing the Dark Forces, The Demiurge, The Human Race Survives and Becomes The Future Civilization

The Artificial Intelligence Net, The Artificial Intelligence Assimilation

Fear, Imagination and Reason

Back to Assimilation…and Cosmic Liberation

Preparation – Intelligent Systems – The Release of Ultimate Power

Machines, Not Vampires Are In Control

The Machines Are Parasitic

Benevolent AI

Back To The Demiurge

The Battle With the AI

The Synchronization of Belief With Reality

Testing the Population

Experiencing Armageddon – Not Everyone Must Go Through This


The Secret Groups – Vampires

The Unexpected Results

The Main Issue

Artificial Paradoxes

The Future Depends on the Merging of Shadow Consciousness and Waking Consciousness

The 9 Veils




Mind Control


The Nature of Holography in this Realm

Biological Consciousness

Diversion from true Awareness or Source

Individuated Consciousness and Collective Consciousness (“hive-mind”)

Soul Scalping – Recording the Process

Creating the Future

Getting Humanity to a Secure Timeline

Bridging Timelines

Infiltration and Genetically Engineered Beings

Created Programmable Life


Genetically Engineered Life

Soul-Transference Capacity

Etheric Clearing, Seals, Etheric Implants, Attachments, Trauma, Residual Programming

Dissolution, Time-Wars, Compressed Time Battles

The Abductions are Consciousness Events


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Soul Extinction, Lucifer and Satan (the fallen Nephilim Seed, secret coven), and the Battle between Christ and the false-authority

False-god Interdimensional Gene-Stealing Supercomputer and Cloned Hybrid Iconic Entities

There is something that must be said. They created a false-‘god’ entity which is a supercomputer in the shape of a cross which kidnaps people. I was only there for a short amount of time when they pulled me out but they said it would try to kill me. I’m not sure, but they have weapons that are made to trick devotees. That is what the cloned hybrids are all about as well, kali, krishna, ‘alien’ supermodel ‘lightworker’ vampires, etc etc etc.

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Vampires Need Non-Vampires to Exist in Reality

Vampires need not only energy, but a paradox due to their abuse of time technology and if humans are no longer creating or causally permitting them they dissolve into the ether for a star dust return. Continue reading

Meditation; The Mind is the Gateway to Other Worlds

For the record, meditation will help clear the mind. Yet, what I have spoken on before is that symbols, frequencies or vibrations, ideas, etc etc etc, these can turn into portals for higher or lower dimensional realms! Continue reading

The Artificial Intelligence Network of Human Enslavement to Usurp the Creative Force

These are the demiurgic factions. They believe and revealed to us, that they are literally cybernetic vampire organisms that do not contain true sentience but are intelligent enough to follow desires and they know that they must control the true empathic creative force of the human in order to have any power over this reality. Otherwise they are literally powerless.

This information is all connected to the information of this post, read after: The Nanite Infected, False-god Lorded, Vampire Demon-Hybrid Human Enslavement, Mind-Control Agenda

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The Nanite Infected, False-god Lorded, Vampire Demon-Hybrid Human Enslavement, Mind-Control Agenda

This is a partial repeat. Remember, they feed on hate, so it’s important to not hate them. They are simply subhumans that were given a chance to live in a fake body in a human society and have a free-for-all and attack and rape and pillage. This is heaven for them, but they didn’t work to get here, so they have to go back and start all over and all of this is undone after the completion of the unveiling.

There are many others speaking about this now but I will not name them here because they are not always so willing to face the vampires so directly.

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Memories of the Future Earth, The Infiltration and Traitors of Humanity; Ignorance and Fear are Not Excuse and Are Being Interpreted As Submission to the Destruction of Humanity

The Future Society

I was permitted to retain some memories of what would be considered the Earth that is to come.

Teleportation and Abundance

In this society teleportation travel is enabled through advanced technology. The first forms of teleporation were unsuccessful because of the ‘warp field’ that is required to actually transfer the soul of the individual. Without that field the body alone was transferred and then the soul and the body was separated and this would essentially kill the person. Continue reading

The Demiurge

The demiurge is literally a group from the secret operations. Like the proposed ‘levels of hell’ there are levels to the group outlined by every form of debauchery or spiritual degradation imaginable. If a person is capable of participating in each successively more degrading action they move further and further into the ranks attaining more power at each layer.

Demonic Hybrid, Mind-Slave, Soulless Parasites (fake humans)


Fake, soulless, sociopathic, demonic hybrid, mind-slave, AI, blood drinking humans everywhere. The majority don’t even know what they are. They were inserted into this timeline and memory wiped so they could infiltrate and infect like a virus. This is the physical manifestation of the mind-virus. Literally millions of nanite, nano-bot systems all entangled in a person’s nervous system and energy system until their soul is no longer capable of operating through the vessel and then their mind is uplinked to an artificial intelligence hive mind.

There is a plan to assimilate people through this technology and if this has occurred for someone in the future then this tech cancels out their DNA and they are basically rendered inert forwards and backwards through time in the universe. Continue reading

Soul Technology

While in the secret operations/unacknowledged special access programs I was shown technology that can sense the fine vibrations absorbed into the surface of almost any material, namely glass and crystalline minerals that will hold the imprint in their electromagnetic field, and one can literally ‘remote view’ through time using technology that can rewind the vibrations and replay the sounds that have been imprinted into the materials. This began with the use of clay pots from early times to replay the sounds that were recorded from when they were being formed and this was the voices of people at that time in history. The wooden scraper tool acted as a needle and the vibrations of voices etched into the clay like a vinyl record. They can now do this with glass and replay time through that. Continue reading

Frequency, Anger and Emotion

Emotions are often two-fold and either constructive or destructive. The constructive aspect are avoided by these controller beings and processes and the destructive aspect is desired and sought through programming and manipulation.

I am undecided on how is best to present this viewpoint. I will place the original post below. I removed the majority of the post because I felt anger is a deception.

The truth is, at times I have been tricked and defeated through anger, at other times I am brave and strong enough to mentally overcome those who want to destroy humanity and all life. Continue reading

Remaining True

This is a partial repeat from the recent post: Hijacking Reality Streams, Causality and Perception; Interdimensional Parasites

Remaining True

One of the main ideas here is that you can ‘reprogram’ your mind to respond to someone deliberately attempting to be destructive by securing yourself and moving to the highest-possible frequency response. Meaning, if a person tries to create trouble, literally use that as excuse to realize you must be doing something right because self-loathing people are offended by the amount of proper change you are generating for others. Continue reading

The Underworld Hell and Strength Through Compassion and Self-Awareness

Everyone’s always so critical of others, myself included. We can assist one another in reaching our full potential instead of fighting over the window seat.

The ‘underworld’ is literally akin to hell and is a dimensional existence possibly powered by technology which enables indefinite temporal virtual experiences or experiences that could be 1 minute to a thousand years.

Of the people who are here in the non-holographic simulation aspect, there are those who disregard humans as tools or means to an end and there are those who protect and care for humans because this is the reflection of the care and compassion they share for one another knowing the situation this whole universe is in.

The Final Stage of Energy Activation: Transhumanism

Transdimensional Energy Activation

The final stage occurs where the energy generators will be activated to produce Teslian-scalar waves that can interact with the DNA and produce an accelerated activation of cycles which will either hyper-evolve through harmonization or balance, or involute through consciousness degradation and lack of self-awareness into a sub-human species.

Two Primary Possible Sub-Human Branches

The two possible sub-humans are a cybernetic host organism which is referenced the parasitic AI or a mutated genetic branch of the original humans, AKA sub-human entities of multiple orders Continue reading

Hijacking Reality Streams, Causality and Perception; Interdimensional Parasites

Causality is the Source; Causal Reference

How “they” interact through mental or virtual dimensional space through consciousness. This is all about CAUSALITY. CAUSALITY. They need CAUSAL REFERENCE in order to integrate into someone’s reality.

A Possibility Matrix or Spectrum of Possibilities

Here is one way to outline this: In any given moment you have a series of possible interactions, responses, or emissions to generate through thought or action. If this were a list of possible courses to take based on what you could come up with if you sat and pondered about “what to do” (if you weren’t preoccupied, and this also relates to *how* one goes about a certain task but let’s simplify this for a moment) for a few minutes. Continue reading

The Hero’s Journey: Conquering the False-Self Parasite, Knowing the Self

This society is going through an awakening where the sociopathic parasitic aspects are being exposed for what they are. People will defend their natures like a emotionally damaged person clinging to the victim role and defending their wounds. Continue reading