Humanity: The Ghost in the Machine

One could say this phrase relates to the human consciousness which is, here, inherently coupled with the mind-body duality in which the mind is separate yet intrinsically combined with the body. Which is the real “you”? The “whole”? Will technology bridge this gap by stabilizing human consciousness in synthetic dimensions?

We found that the largest observer of reality is a conscious mind the size of the universe. The projects were as much the discovery of the universe as well as the discovery of a genetic degradation that threatened the continuity of the species.

Everybody already exists in a technologically facilitated universal domain. You already know everyone else and have lived lives with them.
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Transdimensional DNA

Imagine that technology and knowledge become so advanced on Earth that it is commonly accepted as fact that there are multiple realities simultaneously occurring and interlinking between the observer aspect in each of us.

Imagine that switching between these realities becomes as easy and common place as dreaming or going on an adventure in your home town as a child.

People could live an ancient existence in one reality, and through some methodology or another (we already experience other existences here, it happens all the time, the advanced aspect would simply be the control of that) people can return to a future aspect of the same civilization or a multi-dimensional aspect that goes beyond time and influences all others.

Only movies have come close to offering what is truly out there (guided by what’s “in here”). There could be multiple civilizations worth of experiences right here and now, all linked together through a faster-than-light communication capacity of DNA.

The Most Powerful Force

The most powerful response one can give, the most in depth level of change, the truest and most reality altering choice one can make, is to carry compassion and truth in a world of darkness. To love in a world of hate…

Is the goal to love the world even though the return is hate? I would say the goal is to love, however that this world may be corrupt to the core at the current time. Notice how that paragraph is put together.

Soul Swapping Technology

Question: “Instead of putting a person in a it possible to put someone else in another person..swapping bodies soul spirits for example. .do they do this? And w out either person knowing? Is this happening”

Yes, this is called soul swapping. This is also why most people have the situation incorrectly understood. When an operation is carried out where the souls of two individuals are swapped, only the very self-aware will even know what happened.

For those who don’t know, I worked with this technology for over 20 “years”.

Realize there is a difference between reading something on the internet and actually being drafted into a “volunteer” program where one is assigned a progressive task at a facility and having technicians train you on equipment, going through test runs to ensure someone’s mind doesn’t immediately fracture under the stress of the machines, being trained to program memory and programmable behavior without being detected and an innumerable amount of other activities based on similar directives.

There was a shift of power, a slight power struggle and now this information is being disclosed to the public so humanity can protect itself and achieve liberation from the mental manipulation which has literally altered history.

Virtual Reality, Language, Self Hood and God Consciousness

Language is the programming code of the consciousness of this reality. Mind is the awareness before it is shaped by cognition.

If we can understand the language we can overcome distortions that are inherent to the collective belief or what has been called ‘social constructs’ in the past.

Technology can be used to better understand reality both metaphysically through allegory and through direct examination of conscious experience, physics and matter and biology.

Illusion is built into the distortion of consciousness through corrupted or double-speak through multi-faceted language. There are multiple uses and meanings to derive and at the highest contrast there is one language used for one world which is entirely controlled within a false paradigm and there is the true meaning of what is happening which unveils reality as it truly is which, when understood, frees the mind from the spiritual enslavement system.

Humanity on Life-Support in an Alternate Dimension

Compassion, self-awareness, truth and free-will is the answer because all one can do when they’re on life-support, experiencing endless day-dreams and false awakenings is turn to their internalized partnership within the dream and tell them that they love and them and continue forward.

Oh and a lot of people are actually drones that are vehicles for the pseudo-reptilian, hive-minded, spiritually degraded computer program from ‘hell’ or simply ego without sensitivity for the regards of others or ‘feelings’.

Once one is in that life-support situation with endless dreams eventually finding out what actually happened, where they are, and who they are is the challenge. We often resort to default, ‘spy-drama’ dreams which are invented as a way to make sense of the struggle of the situation. The mind invents new realities as a means to cope and bring purpose and, ironically, this then seems to be the purpose but is just a creative reaction to stress, curiosity and confusion.
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Soft-Disclosure: Infinity Chamber (2017)

This movie depicts the interaction between artificial intelligence and the human mind.

There are many hints at actual research projects as well, if not the entire movie being entirely soft-disclosure based. The devices used to knock the subject out connect on the back at two points which is how the post-initial chairs would connect to the neural circuitry of the body. Many methods were developed and now this effect can be generated across the air.

“Some things are not meant to be computerized”

This line encapsulates the threat level of the computer to the replication of human emotion and consciousness. Imagine a computer attempting to mimic human consciousness. It would be poorly done, right? Now imagine a computer 1,000’s to 100,000’s of times stronger than any computer you know of. Even if it was poorly done and the ‘computer’ was discovered, whatever tactics were used would still likely work unless the individual was trained to guard against psychological manipulation.

The story in the movie is one I have lived, albeit only for a few life times.

Later in the movie, drones scan and pick people up from the sky. This is an automated system and depicts the loss of human control over the process of policing the population.
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Direct Experiences of Cloning, Advanced Technology, Deep Underground Military Bases

For the record, no one is going to have as close of a view of how things really work than those who have been directly involved in the programs. The release of the information is motivated by the process of liberation. If people were to be ‘enslaved’, then guess what, it already happened. You really don’t get it, but that is why this is being shown.

The ‘clone conspiracy’ has existed since the beginning of civilization. All your greats are cloned. Each bloodline carrying the mark enables the transfer of information backwards through technology. Each life they are given foreknowledge of what is to come and some even personally tailor their clones to a certain look or clique. Gender switching happens as a result of psychological inversions and race switching often happens to infiltrate other societies.

This has been happening since the beginning. Advanced technology was hidden, and multiple secret groups became what they were through their discovery of ancient advanced computer technology. Computers were not heavy calculating machines. The mind to machine link was already achieved earlier on and this was through the combination of an exotic black ‘goo’ nanoliquid material that functioned as a sentient inorganic intelligence and communication network.
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The Ability to Recreate Time

Imagine there is a future advanced enough to gain the capacity to reproduce matter from an atomic level and to a degree of complexity that could recreate any moment.

Would that not necessitate the assumption that this technology could have been made before and could be the source of this universe?

If you could see that everything is on a kind of tape being played out by a very complicated, yet virtual system, would anything ever really lost? What is there to gain?

satanic cults and child sacrifices explained. Rudolf the tall white alien. No. 381 (The Unveiling of Corruption)

Did you ever wonder how black magic works, why secret cults perform human/child sacrifices? Rudolf of Germany gives you the answer

The universe is created out of the energy emission of intent. Humans have this energy.

The fallen races are a breakaway temporally dislocated portion of the civilization that has no capacity for emotional intent. Humans are milked through many programs that designed methods and technology to provoke the human system into releasing the hormones and energy emissions necessary for mass production of farmed energy. Continue reading “satanic cults and child sacrifices explained. Rudolf the tall white alien. No. 381 (The Unveiling of Corruption)”

The Process of Controlled Disclosure and the Awakening of the Human Potential

The true nature of consciousness.

The holographic electrical brain.

The mind and the universe are one.

Military research projects have determined there is a world beyond this one that is currently invisible to the body’s senses.

There are corrupt wealthy individuals hiding the truth of worldly and non-worldly power, technology and the true history of this civilization and other countries.

Unaware people are troubled by the truth of how things are. Telling the truth is not how things are usually done and people have become accustomed to the carefully planted illusion that enables this society to function how it does now.

Everyone who is speaking with a controlled clearance for public disclosure has been prepared and cleared to ensure the safety of the population, to avoid the worst case scenario, to avoid violence or panic, and to ensure the safety of those in active military operation. That is the meaning of controlled disclosure regardless of what those on the outside can imagine.
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The Entity Known As Molech Does Not Support the Illuminati

Great, the Devil followed and wants his cut in blood. Do I slay or stay? Repent or repeat? Change or forget?

This is the mother fucker that followed me to Chicago. No he doesn’t wear a red suit, that’s the blood of the innocent he’s bathing in. I’m not mad the UN is going to take over the streets in a short time. They’re going to remove the blood suckers or at least de-fang them.

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The Heart-Mind Link

I want to record every conversation that is relative to the information but it’s difficult and it is windy with either a slight breeze or a gust literally every second. There have been many meetings and alignments that prove this is an intelligently guided journey, guided beyond mental capabilities. The heart is the center. Humans are inherently ‘evil’, ‘corrupt’ or simply just ignorant of the truth of one another.

We cannot know one another’s mind! The mind is akin to a dial in the dash-board of the car. They simply point in directions or report on values and differences. The mind itself is an analyzing system but cannot actually make any choices.

The living man, woman and child is life comprised of multiple components that are interdependent as if they are weaved together. There are a series of energetic perspectives and the physical body. If one system either energy or physical is disrupted then this will result in eventual disruption of the whole system.
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Cult Mind Control Technology

Everything else requires too much editing to publish yet! It’s almost 4am in a communal area of a hostel and I slept from about 5 to 8 or 9ish last night and walked for miles both days. Exhaustion, sleep, vicarious sanity and the illusion of death.

Fear, desire and illusion. The cult members cannot move outside of a cube designed to entrap their minds.

There is One True Source of the heart and spirit of humanity and this is gifted through intelligent compassion.

The One Truth is finite yet it is at the top of all other truths!

This civilization is being prepared for the unveiling of the ages!

Gender swapping, new age witch craft, the power of love through the awakened heart.

Knowledge, Myth and Magic, Consciousness and Virtual Reality

The knowing of things has been corrupted and inverted. The more one sees the more there is to see because reality is extra-dimensional and expands with observation. I have learned things from my experiences and from the awakening that are applied everyday. In that sense, we all learn from these experiences and the intended goal is to enable one to better navigate reality.

This information is the hidden cause and mechanism that enables conscious experience. There is an occult or invisible layer of information and there is a visible layer. This is easily comparable to a computer system and the graphical user interface and the hard drive with the hidden, ‘pure’ informational aspect.
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The Indigenous Fraud

During the 2010 awakening where the entire universe is unveiled to one individual by a collective that has been here since the beginning, ‘Native Americans’ are indigenous tribes on the North and South American continent and were not only sacrificed but converted into ‘legal slaves’.

Only a very small percentage of dark skinned people came from the ocean faring ships. This is one of the biggest frauds and every blood group has some form of longer term spiritual and intellectual fraud perpetuated against them. These are called generational curses.