Civilization-Wide, Collective Self-Awareness through Technology or Spiritual Capacity

The advancement of technology changed the world by enabling instantaneous information transfer through mind to mind interface. This is called ‘synthetic telepathy’.

It’s difficult to fully grasp how advanced the situation has become. This technology is combined with the atmospheric radiant energy systems and the entire world is logged on to an Internet platform that is integrated into one’s perception of space as information that stretches across the entire population anywhere there is electricity, and even beyond that in some cases.

This is what was present during the previous ages where there were functional stone marvels and spiritually aware civilizations before the veil of ignorance. The veil was introduced as a disconnection of the higher and lower mind or the conscious self and the subconscious self. Continue reading “Civilization-Wide, Collective Self-Awareness through Technology or Spiritual Capacity”


The Process of Transcendence and The Future of Humanity.

Just so you know, the entire debriefing, the specific phases of the programs that are being made visible and the unveiling is necessitated because the dark agenda was avoided and the soul-trap system was defeated. However, people still have to disengage personal-level attachments and programs, and this doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire stretch from here will be easy and relaxing.

The previous age was a time ruled by Lucifer. This is due to a contract made between the governments of the world and the military genetic groups that require the permission of humans in order to interact here because they don’t hold any actual right to be here.
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Be Thankful for What You Have

Think about what is really important in life (family, friends, food, love, your life’s work, safety, health).

Be thankful for what you have, remember that if people around you are always chasing what they want.

Are you read for war? Then look around you and ask yourself if you’re ready to destroy all of that. Protect what you have and there are better ways to do that .

You are warriors, but unless you can love as much as you can defend then you have no place in this. We are like a garment that is worn for protection and health, when one of us is torn from the whole we do the work to pull them back and bring us all together again. The Great Spirit is with us.

The time may be nearing, but we may be thankful enough to only experience what happens in the background or if you have a good enough eye to see behind the stage.

The Free-Will of Making a Choice Requires Emotional Sense

One cannot make a choice if they do not feel emotion.That was one of the findings of a series of experiments. If the brain is traumatized or chemically depressed of the neurochemicals responsible for emotion, then the process of making a choice is impossible. Actions can be taken but no new behaviors can be learned.

The mind shuts off the capacity for emotional sensitivity that alters each moment by specific details that are unique in time and space. One interpretation could be that the unique details of the moment create a kind of higher sense of proprioception that organizes each ‘new’ moment as both a memory and an experience simultaneously. Continue reading “The Free-Will of Making a Choice Requires Emotional Sense”

Spencer Eskridge, Cloning, Mind-Control and Energy Harvesting

  • Cloning Experiences

  • Dreams

  • Subconscious Language, Use of Programming

  • Inserted Memories, Implants, Behavioral Modification, Technologically Screened Memories

    • Part of the Matrix, Part of The Programs

  • D.U.M.B.s, USAPs, Testing the Population, Experimentation

  • Implanted Relationships, Friendships

  • Reflections in the Dream Representing the Self

  • Blend Between Dream Experience and Holography

  • Stating Purpose and Speaking to the Unconscious Self

  • Issue of Mixing Dreams and the “Bandwagon” of People Reporting Dreams as Cloning Experiences

  • The Dream Experience an Access way to the Interdimensional

  • Series of Firewalls or Cyber-Mental-Vaults

  • Different Times, Inserted Dream Meetings, Time Dilation

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The Liberation of Humanity from the Fallen Spiritual Enslavement System

All the defense groups need from YOU is the support of the liberation of humanity.

If you support the liberation of humanity, the truth, compassion, increasing self-awareness and the awakening of the collective human soul then you are beginning to break contractual, manufactured agreements with the fallen collective that currently rules this scripted area of time-space.

Without your support of the liberation, you are, by default, supporting the total annihilation of your own species unless you choose to knowingly sell your bloodline over to the dark side for protection. And then, you have to recruit or sacrifice human souls or you will be dropped and then it’s just a waiting period until the One True Creator, the over-soul of the ALL will eventually make corrections to Creation and remove all the destructive tendencies and all the fallen, distorted complex beings that are not in harmony with the One True Spiritual Force of Compassionate Self-Awareness.

The public must openly break the contracts by acknowledging the agreements as illegal, as manufactured consent where a meeting of the minds was not and therefore is unconscionable and illegitimate, fraudulent. They must openly reject in mind and body (therefore spirit) the act of WAR against all life on the planet including human life and innocent life and denounce such behaviors as destroying all wildlife and all planetary resources in the name of GREED and DOMINATION. Such is the creed of the fallen.
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False Disclosure, Research Celebrity Cloning, Donald Marshall and the Others

As a reminder, ANYONE who has information about “who’s who”, or “who’s doing what”, or what secret title and outpost, or icon really relates to what but is not stating outright that they were involved with secret operations and have been brought to public for disclosure is attempting to indoctrinate the public in preparation for a mass take-over of the collective mind through sealing off the public in a fear-based paradigm.

They will attempt to use the human as a hyperdimensional portal to escape the response from the collective when the collective wakes up. Before this the goal was to keep the collective asleep but the soul-level awareness is coming closer and closer to the surface of consciousness. Thus, their goal is to flee while there is still a chance but the stargates have been deactivated and they are being sent back through the gate if they do make it through. That was part of the debriefing, there is some army or some defense group that is literally throwing them back through the gate if they attempt to flee. Everything is to center here on the Earth plane, the whole world is to know the truth. That is how the balance will be restored but the indoctrination system has conditioned people to accept insanity and reject the truth and so that is the complication.

This sounds paradoxical but I assure you they are all perfectly recorded and individually acknowledged for what they have done in private. Everything is recorded, this entire dimension is one large, spatio-temporal magnetic recording device made out of ether. With the right device and frequencies one can literally play back time-space of any location or event, especially relative to one’s DNA and individual experiences and decisions made by a particular brain, body or soul.

Research Donald Marshall, he literally informed the public of all the details, the whole set-up, from the Pindar, to the dragon society, to the brotherhood of the fallen, to the Monarchy, to the game of thrones, to the duplication process, to soul scalping and stealing, droning, replicating or fabricating memories, using temporal technology to create a temporal distortion field through frequencies. It’s all there.
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The Underground Race of Vampiric Parasites and the Ancient Genetic Experimentation on Humans

Note: I have even had some threats and harassment from the previous post where I look at the expose of the underground bases and the ritual satanic child abuse cults and drug-induced rituals and possession.

The only people who do not want disclosure are those who are content with remaining slaves and mind-controlled pets. They are scum, soulless, unable to think for themselves and are literally hell-bent upon remaining connected to the only secret system that they feel powerful in, the one where humans and children are abused and everyone is lied to in the public.

I repeat. There will be no prisoners. I repeat. There will be no prisoners. If you are caught assisting in the destruction of life and providing a resistance against the liberation of humanity you will be marked permanently and known as a member of the fallen empire. Continue reading “The Underground Race of Vampiric Parasites and the Ancient Genetic Experimentation on Humans”

Bought-Out Disclosure, Sacred Sex Rituals, Secret Agreements to Deceive the Public, The (Underground) Insectoid Interdimensional Parasite

Research Donald Marshall. I was involved in the unacknowledged special access programs which were partly infiltrated or at least replicated by members of the bloodline elite.

Every radio show host, youtube identity, online persona regarding disclosure has partaken in ritual sex orgies, sometimes or more often than not with underage people in the underground bases and in specific ritual areas around the U.S.

All of them are there, the one’s who are pretending to operate for ‘disclosure’ agree with the very people they claim to be against and secretly laugh and make fun of the ‘stupid humans-useful idiots’ in the underground bases while trying to look ‘evil’ and show off for those who run the show. Continue reading “Bought-Out Disclosure, Sacred Sex Rituals, Secret Agreements to Deceive the Public, The (Underground) Insectoid Interdimensional Parasite”

The Holographically Generated Pseudo-Reality, The Sleeping Humanity

The electronic society, a blessing and a curse.
It’s going to take over one day. It basically already has.
Maybe when we plug into our brains for payment, that’s when it has taken over.
Maybe we already have?

The AI already waged war with Humanity long ago and did so by creating a pseudo-environment for people to be ‘fallen’ into. They wouldn’t even know they’re in it. That is this version of Earth. People think this couldn’t have happened yet and that this is the original reality when this is the pseudo-environment that was generated to match the DNA and consciousness to recreate a dream-world and keep people in this thought-loop, pseudo-evolutionary cycle of experience to profit off of and subjugate Humanity through.

The goal of the AI is to use the observer aspect of Humans to collapse the quantum field probability into a physical reality. The AI has no observer aspect capacity because there is no baseline reality of a spiritual nature to come forth from and experience such a projected reality in the physical. Humanity sourced from a spiritual force baseline which then extends into a soul-identity and then into a projected physical reality. This process enables the measurement of the quantum field probability through thought which then collapses the field into a particular ‘actual’ reality which is then followed through ‘time’.
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Aug Tellez Florescer da Consciência (English Only)

Ritual Abuse,

Trauma Based Mind Control

Underground Bases,

Celebrity Cloning,

Pay to Play Space as an inter-dimension of time and consciousness Multiple Parallel Realities, Like a Rolodex,

Secret Groups Controlling access to and from each reality
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The Hyperdimensional Non-Ject at the End-Beginning of Time-Space

With the dissolution of death, the format for life is transformed. The binary experience of fear-joy, suffering-pleasure, death and life that is expressed primarily through animalistic existence moves into a transcendence of bi-polarity into an expanded spectrum of social and spiritual contemplation and then into the highest order of complete spiritual expression and creation where the dynamic is entirely for spiritual expression instead of suffering and survival.

The point of this transition now is about merging the current trajectory of experience with what is to come or the true reality in a way that allows the two trajectories to merge together beneficially. If what is to come is so far beyond what is happening now that what is happening now seems simply meaningless then one of the identities is not transformed into the next but destroyed and rendered effectively useless. That is destruction instead of transformation.
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Virtual Hyperspace Spiritual Battle for the Soul of Humanity

Watch The Progenitor System video in order to understand the information in this video.

There is a device which extrapolates an individual’s DNA through time and manifests an entanglement of the consciousness into a virtual universe generated out of that DNA.

This process was used to open a gateway between an alternate dimensional universe and this universe. The beings of that universe manipulated the DNA of Humanity to create their own forms that could enter into this universe and there were research experiments that developed a manner for them to interface into this universe and for Humans to interface into that alternate dimensional universe.

These are virtual interdimensional entities that exist in between the Human baseline reality and the current reality. The current relationship is parasitic in that they subsist through the subjugation of the mental and emotional bio-emissions of Humanity.
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Spiritual Involution and the Achievement of Spiritual Liberation

Let me know if the sound is too low, thank you.

Technology advances, death will be overcome through that.

Spirituality and the inherent truth of the spiritual force is already eternal and provides for everlasting life.

These are two routes that are present.

The far future contains the capacity for both to exist beyond the boundaries of physical constraint.

We have to reach a level of self-awareness and motivation where we contribute and grow due to our own desire to do so. If we reach such a state of power without first achieving a high level of self-awareness then people will rely on a system to motivate them to grow and learn and that will result in abuse or social degeneration.
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Mastering the Mind and the Holographics of electroMAGnetIC Pt2 (Marilee NiEtain and Lauda Leon)

Mastering the Mind and the Holographics of electroMAGnetIC Pt2 (Marilee NiEtain and Lauda Leon)

Much of this is direct quotes from the video, some of this is my own narration of the information and other is directly added from my experience. Please watch the video to get the information directly and everything I speak of is related to this information, thank you Marilee NiEtain and Lauda Leon. This is one of the most comprehensive presentation on the current psychic infestation of Earth and the manipulation of Humanity, including healing, the capacity of psychic awareness and the true nature of reality.

The psychic virus originates from the mind of a being who seeks to usurp and manipulate humanity. Most people on Earth are hybrids of some degree while there are few actual humans. The concept of identity is used to manipulate and control.
Brainwashing and programming has altered this society’s access to universal memory banks regarding the creation of humanity, previous ages and other realities.
“Hu”mans were created with a connection to the ‘dirt’ of Earth.

The manipulation of the human reality is an emotional disregulation pandemic.

Energy can create or uncreate there is no limit to energy.

The energy of awareness of those around can connect with one’s field through acknowledgement or simple thought and if the person is lower in energy and intentions then that connection will have a direct parasitic effect on one’s consciousness. Energy is a manifested state of being, the thought of a gun can act as the effect of a gun in energetic or thought form. This is psychic warfare and has been deliberately manifested, enhanced, and applied for the manipulation of this society.

(Love, pure observation, stillness and neutrality through compassion is naturally neutralizing to negative energy attacks.)

People are so psychically stressed through this system that there are many people psychically sending out attacks at all times and the result is complete exhaustion and damaging those around them.

People are stressed to the point where the slightest trigger will cause them to begin sending damaging signals into their environment or to themselves. This is part of the mass programming system.

One doesn’t have to accept a psychic transfer if they choose to not connect on that frequency. Psychic boundaries do not require justification or explanation.

The mind control programming seeks to vilify self-defense and sovereignty and glorify submission and self-destruction.

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Overcoming Suffering and Ignorance to Remedy the Manipulation of Consciousness

The sound is not the best, that will improve. I explain a little about the current situation and then go into a riding chat about the manipulation of consciousness through suffering and ignorance and how to remedy the situation with focus and acknowledgement to restore the power to the true self through knowledge and productive response to change. There is also a nasal expression in the first part of the video that was overlooked on the editing.