Truth, Perception and Consciousness

Truth changes perception which alters the consciousness experience of time.

This is part of how thought-based methodologies and distortion of perception combined with advanced technology to generate a controlled mind to machine system that can pull information from the universe by amplifying human perception.

There are also drawbacks and the system should not be relied on entirely to maintain a communication link with the human civilization as the technology will alter perception with continued use.

Energy can be sent ‘back’ and so information can be not changed but altered through perception. This changes everything.

  • When one remembers the material plane, they forgot the higher plane. When one remembers the higher plane, they know the forces behind the material plane.
  • To improve your memory, rely on it more.


  • Two minds cannot share the same path to eternity. Both will end up with a temporary day-dream.


  • Everything is true, if you condemn yourself in mind, then it is true.


  • Boys will be boys, men will be men, it is what it is. Stay above the squelch line.


  • Don’t get involved in BS. Ask questions, be thorough, be specific, be mature and direct. Everything is according to a different system now, that was part of the set up of the dark. Instead of it being ‘just what people do’ to fight and argue it is recorded and not acceptable.


  • The meaning of the holographic consciousness system.

    If a person dies, the entire universe ends with them, from their perspective.

    This is the meaning behind the adage, “If you save someone’s life, you’ve saved the world.”


  • The ‘space station event’ is another check-point. Research the secret space program. All the dark stuff has been made as a distraction.


The Nature of Duality and the Human Mind

What if animals live in two worlds of day and night while the human can see far enough for their concept of reality to exist beyond their perceptual boundaries. Thus, what is two things from a limited perspective becomes one continuous occurrence from a higher one.

Everything Is for A Reason

It’s all been done.

One of the big secrets that people are going to have to handle themselves is that the cloning technology has already been activated to the point of not only influencing but making up a portion of the entire population.

This is on top of the true nature of the universe, the nature of holographic consciousness, the fractal-recursive information loops that have occurred and so on.

The origins of space and time is an aspect of the universal hidden knowledge that liberates the mind from perceptual entrainment which is a result of wilful ignorance.
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The Spirit Is Over-All

Tactics have been used against the person. Manipulation of ego and persona. Fear and injustice against the body and the identity. This is all just an extension of one limited body-mind impressing upon the limited body-mind of another on the same level. None of these actions can actually affect the spirit but can only claw and attempt to degrade the outer shell.

The spirit is always above-all on this level of physicality. The spirit always prevails and is undying.

The body and ego can be insulted but the spirit is eternal.

Nothingness and Something, The Death Machine

Plot-twist, if death is nothingness and life is something that would mean that before life there was nothing but then something can come from nothing.

: D Impossible! There must be something, but then this something is not on the same physical level of interaction as is the ‘pre’ or ‘post’ life phase that is actually simultaneous. This layer is not ‘beyond’ nothingness or ‘pre’ or ‘post’ life, it’s simply energetic! It is a non-physical containment of energy and information that represents all that takes place physically and in that sense the energy can exist throughout all of the time that the physical projection is sustained in its temporary existence. Thus, first is energy, then is the material projection which takes place in “time” and then is always the energy. It’s not ‘before’ or ‘after’, it’s literally a simultaneous occurrence of all that always is.

Unless of course the laws of physics violate themselves to create themselves! In which case, woo-hoooooooo! You can FLY! : D (you can fly anyway)

You can fly anyway because energy is not limited by the same parameters that the graphical projection is! The graphical, physical projection is still, simultaneously, always and forever just pure energy seen from a different perspective! Thus that fundamental layer is always present and so if you can access this layer you can access the information that would require flying to access (moving outside of space-time, beyond the boundaries of your physical being using your mind).

Yes, this was discovered in the secret experiments! Everything is forever, except the perspective that it isn’t! Everything is literally encoded as energy, pure information, and this information can be accessed through technology that can manage power levels and very refined or accurate frequencies to detect and view into the information field.

This is the nature of life itself, that death is the illusion! In that sense, life is equally an illusion! Not because it’s not real, but because what is seemingly lost through death is never really lost! Another way to look at this is to see that the ‘you’ that began reading this, that slightly more innocent or earlier version, is not actually ‘gone forever’. That you still exists in time-space right where they’ve always been! It’s not that ‘you’ that’s moving at all through time space, its your perspective of you that is!

The perspective is non-physical, it’s immaterial, you can’t weigh a perspective! You can capture the object, but then you have an object that is separate from the observer essence! This is part of the previous talk that I haven’t uploaded because the traffic noise was too loud, I have the second part of that here.

You are the part that remains, you are the aspect that never dies! It’s a paradox, but perfectly so because it only results in continual opportunity for more, which is the only option other than a continual collapse into nothingness in which case we would have already zapped out already! What we have here in this particular perspective is a very carefully crafted illusion where the previous phase is ‘wiped’ out of view rapidly so as to induce a contextual panorama of decay or entropy! That is an act! A show! It’s a play, big generators and teams of individuals are required to keep that act going!

One explanation is that the universe shut down as a result of some mistakes earlier on! Another explanation is that a cosmic mishap initiated that shut down and the universe was re-installed through teams of individuals that found their way in the dark using advanced technology and spiritual knowledge! Another explanation is that this is simply how this universe was created, that the recreation was the mishap, which was the creation and that was the error, in that teams ran experiments that resulted in the recreation of this universe with an accidental contamination, a perceptual overlay of their own mind-states during the process which then became the orientation of this universe!

Ultimately, the same amount of distortion that was applied to create that shift into perpetual entropy is corrected through secret operations that realign the information field of the universe with the correct propagation using the DNA of Humanity! If ran through the Human DNA spectrum, then the universe reflects the perfect balance!

Currently, these devices, or at least ‘previously’ (research other areas, we were informed these machines were shut down and relinquished from these dark factions who realized the entire universe would eat them if they didn’t stop) were literally attached to and filtered through bloodline elite families who’s unconscious mind was then programmed in a specific process to encrypt and sadistically entrain their mind, the machine and thus this reality in a feedback cycle of death and destruction!

Thus, they bio-hacked the universe and the Human race through the manipulation of the mind through symbolism and spiritual knowledge, deception and a literal interaction with the universal projection system by filtering the information field of the local network through their bloodline families who each programmed one another to only feed into, submit to and propagate that which is the plan for total domination mental, spiritual and emotional!

This technological system and the information fields are clarifying now and this is usually regarded as a kind of higher working order of some kind of overarching management that truly controls what happens with the Human race and will not permit complete destruction! However, those who do not align with compassion in the direct sense of how they interact in this society and universe will be seen as part of the infection and adjusted or removed accordingly!

Stranger things have happened, just look in the murky waters of a swamp!

Good Intentions and Good Effort; The Necessary Act of Self-Observation

Good intentions and good effort is required to make an impact. If there is a good effort but the intentions are perverse or maligned then one must strip away the intent and the personal bias and begin again at the basis of effort.

Strip away the ego, disrobe the persona that seeks personal profit from attention, cutting others down, or some kind of negative charge that is gained by distressing others. Strip all that away and the guarantee is that others will hear, the people will listen, and you will have an impact by reaching the hearts and minds of those in your audience faster than ever.

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The Highest Potential is the Creation of the “New World”

The creation is a result of the highest potential of being achieved. This is the creation of the “new world”.

That which resonates at the lower levels of the “old world”, the non-creative, oppressive, domination-based, automated, emotionally biased and animalistic levels does not ‘pass’ through the creative channel into the “new world”.

Agendas, Legal Fiction and the Prevalence of Cloning and Genetic Engineering

If You Refuse to Bring The Truth In Harmony, What You Refuse to Bring Will Be Used Against You

If you refuse to show your truth in a harmonious manner then what you refuse to show will be used against you.

All the hate that can be projected onto another is what we’ve at one point felt projected at ourselves.

The worst thing a person can feel is unheard or intentionally misinterpreted.

I have said so much, and I feel I want to unsay more.

The 9 Layer Dimensional Veil of the Soul

We’re basically encased in a layer 9 of reality bubbles called “veils” which are each a kind of dimensional gateway for the soul. Continue reading “Agendas, Legal Fiction and the Prevalence of Cloning and Genetic Engineering”

Sci-fi is Soft-Disclosure, This World is a Techno-Spiritual Illusion

Here’s the deal, all the “sci-fi” TV shows, books and movies are all actually documentaries on the very secret operations that shaped ‘his-story’ and reality.

This world is an illusion achieved through a combination of spiritual knowledge and technology.

All the actors are briefed or one way or another involved with the background society, the secrecy or the true reality. Often, these very actors are operatives and agents themselves having participated in these missions. Some of the actors themselves are literally beings from other times or dimensions parading right in front of people’s vision.

Many people throughout history are just “actors”, but not “just” because that’s the deal, their “act” is the real thing, as real as this life.


Etymology and Phonetics of “Morning”

mourn (v.)Look up mourn at
Old English murnan “to mourn, bemoan, long after,” also “be anxious about, be careful” (class III strong verb; past tense mearn, past participle murnen), from Proto-Germanic *murnan “to remember sorrowfully” (source also of Old Saxon mornon, Old High German mornen, Gothic maurnan “to mourn,” Old Norse morna “to pine away”), probably from PIE root *(s)mer- “to remember” (see memory); or, if the Old Norse sense is the base one, from *mer- “to die, wither.” Related: Mourned; mourning.

shivah (n.) Look up shivah at Dictionary.comseven days of mourning in Jewish religious custom, 1892, from Hebrew shibhah “seven,” short for shibh’ath yeme ha’ebhel “the seven days of mourning.”

morning (n.) Look up morning at
mid-13c., morn, morewen (see morn) + suffix -ing, on pattern of evening. Originally the time just before sunrise. As an adjective from 1530s. Morning after in reference to a hangover is from 1884; in reference to a type of contraception, attested from 1867. Morning sickness as a symptom of pregnancy is from 1793 (Old English had morgenwlætung). Morning glory is from 1814, in reference to the time the flowers open. Morning star “Venus in the east before sunrise” is from 1530s (Old English had morgensteorra “morn-star”). As a greeting, short for good morning, attested by 1895.

According to Old English, morning/mourning is the time (7 days) of grief after death or just before the sun/son rises.

It’s going to be alright.

The best thing you can say to people who are stressed is that it’s going to be alright. People usually have an aversion to such news, focusing on the details that are sometimes fairly important. Often times, if a person is alive to learn, then we learn from those set-backs.

Yes, often times this is related to health or some other aspect of the equally relevant issues of life. Even then, the experience is capable of giving us something to walk away with.

There are beliefs that this world is a trap and that any negative experience is the bad end of a deal we were spiritually suckered into accepting through soul-contracts.

To this, there may be some validity, especially in what has been *created* of the current (and previous) civilizations. If consciousness and reality are inextricably linked, then what we make of the situation influences the outcome just as much as what we are told the situation is.

Think about this and the next few ideas deeply.

See what any concept is in connection with every other concept. Do this
in the moment and continually build a referential detail of your
perspective in reality.

The world learns how tight the ‘devils’ grip is once they learn to resist the illusion of choice. It’s all a mind game

Continuous anger is extremely destructive. Reducing anger and stress and converting into productive creative channels is important as the catalysts and psychological pressure builds.

Is the goal of life to sense with greater clarity, or to become numb to the pain of sensitivity. Do we know the truth, or forget the deception and illusion.

To come to reality is a measure of performing both an extension into a collective surrealism and a delving into a hyper-reality of our own making. We can’t escape this with the current format for reality.

This is part of why the universe is organized very similarly to a perspective simulation.

Mass Mind-Control or Mass Naivety and Laziness; The Alien Agenda and Spiritual Philosophy

People Desire Better But are Blind to The Truth of Their Situation

The cars driving with noise and pollution yet there is a cleaner better way and a whole society that lives that way. The people would choose this yet they are tricked into accepting debt slavery and pollution while the other society watches on and attempts to help by bringing light to the situation and deception.

This is the mass mind-control situation humanity currently faces.

Naivety, Satire, Confusion

The greatest deception is to enable one to laugh at their own demise. To unwittingly smile in the face of self-destruction and to take part in their own annihilation. That is the greatest trick that can be played.

Many people think this is a game, and this is part of the mind-control as well as simply dangerous naivety on their behalf.

People are grown in cages in their minds and in the social situations in public and this is so that they never truly face any kind of serious spiritual awakening or realize their own inner darkness. This is about self-awareness and the likelihood of choosing the true path which contains more suffering than the false-path and whether or not they will foresee what is coming to society at large. Continue reading “Mass Mind-Control or Mass Naivety and Laziness; The Alien Agenda and Spiritual Philosophy”

What if “Heaven” Is a Secure Etheric Location In The Universe?

What if “Heaven” is simply a higher-dimensional midway realm outside of the physical plane timegates that allow the souls of people to exist free from the influence of the archon invasion of the lower-dimensional realms? People can stay there indefinitely, but they have no body and no way to procreate or heavily develop themselves unless they come to Earth, which is essentially a spiritual battlefield

Frequency, Language, Attitude

Your attitude, the words you use, this will reflect your state of mind and being. Use the words you want to represent your attitude that you want to reflect unto your state of being through out each day.

This process is the same for those who manifest power over the masses. The same process is how you can and will manifest or exhibit a lack of manifested power over yourself.

This also indicates that we can learn from everything, even the manipulation that is cast upon the masses.

This universe is literally for learning, this is the reflection of the school of nature.

The Time-Gradient Shift Upon Upload Into The Simulated Realm, The Rescue of Humanity, The Most Important Information In Human History, The Start of the Distortion of the Originating Consciousness and the Safety Systems In Place For Restoration and Rescue

This is possibly the most important post I have ever written in the history of thousands of years of contact, travel and operation within the Unacknowledged Special Access Programs carried out by secret societies, the universal containment crews, the rescue initiation teams, the containment protocol systems, the revitalization and restoration programs, and so on and so forth.

We are not alone, we never have been, and within this exists both a problem and a solution.

In the simulation, when the simulation begins, one does not interact within the parts of the simulation between other layers of awareness or “time-scale”.

This is impossible and what happens is a time-gradient curve where one consciousness overlaps the other and we get a relative distortion pattern based on the resulting frequencies mesh.

So parts of the simulation, observers, agents, actors, observers, must maintain self-relative, self-referenced local time observation without interacting or intermingling time-relative matrix platforms with each other observer or the consciousness interference pattern generates an exponential gradient shift curve which results in the distortion of one pattern or the other.

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